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The ACE Family
The ACE Family - Month ago
Lee Webb
Lee Webb - 8 days ago
I subed
belisa vasquez
belisa vasquez - Month ago
Not to be mean but that name doesn’t sound right
Wilma Dean
Wilma Dean - Month ago
How dare you to ask for money from your true fans! You just said it. The ones who joins the club are to you the real fans. Well i've been folllowing you since you were living in that small apartment years ago, si i am a true fan! But i think we've brought you enough money, i'm so disapointed, you're gonna lose your real fans if you keep chasing money!
Lila's Family
Lila's Family - Month ago
Love the ACES family now 😍 just as big and adorable as my little family too ☺️❤️
Helena Froesse
Helena Froesse - Month ago
$20 a month what thats to bad but good luck two those that can afford it you're really going to make a difference for so many people's lives and you already have done so much for so many people like i said in the comments God chooses people to help others and he shows you and you're helping others you're doing the right thing and your reward will be bigger thin you can ever imagine at the end don't let anybody bring you down keep doing what you're doing you are amazing God bless you 💙💗💓💓💙
SHELBY HERNANDEZ - 3 hours ago
Hey my names shelby👁👄👁
Katelyn Brooke
Katelyn Brooke - 4 hours ago
um 😶 i have no words for this name- but u will support yalls choice 😌✋
SPL4T - 6 hours ago
I’m gonna cry I’m broke I have no money to join the ace club Btw luv u can u answer to this
La’Nyiah Allen
La’Nyiah Allen - 8 hours ago
Steel ? What happened to “ACE FAMILY” ?
RaRa YoU nEeD GpS tO fINd Me
Y’all scarred that baby for life smh. Who the hell names there kid Steel wtf 😒🙄
DisBeJenny - 13 hours ago
POV:me thinking what could his name be
Wijiliu Awungshi
Wijiliu Awungshi - 16 hours ago
Joanna Brewer
Joanna Brewer - 21 hour ago
That would be a dream come true but I’m not allowed to be a member but I’ve been here since Elle was 1
Vivian Adajie
Vivian Adajie - Day ago
How do I join the ace club?
Hello there am from kenya and i truly love ur videos alot Big up to ACE Family kisses
Shae Fitzgerald
Shae Fitzgerald - Day ago
The can name the group The ACES
karlani hanson
karlani hanson - Day ago
u should just name him ace instead of steel mcbroom
Madisyn Hunt
Madisyn Hunt - Day ago
Literally 1% will see this but if u do god bless u and stay safe blessings to u ❤️
kadiatou drame
kadiatou drame - Day ago
I and my children have been watching your video for well now you always make our day my little girl who is 4 years old ask me to start channel like this so I did please don’t forget to check us out we have a lot fun video
dyjtu5sdf - Day ago
i love that name
Shoaib Banaras
Shoaib Banaras - Day ago
I love the name steel I'm gonna name my kid steel too and change mine to steel
FaZe_Shadow_ YT
FaZe_Shadow_ YT - Day ago
The name suckssss sooooo badddd change it’s to a jr
princess. elle
princess. elle - Day ago
Ok wait! How can yall feel i will say that YOUR name is super ugly like if he’s name Steel and he’s parents give him a name you dont have to hate him! Fr- comment ur name i will hate your name :) i dont thinks so that you will be happy🥺(i love you Steel💙)
Pudding! !
Pudding! ! - Day ago
13:33 - name reveal for the lazy people
Anni Miano
Anni Miano - Day ago
Everyone be hating on his name and I’m over here like 😍 I love his name so friggin much!
Jacqueline S
Jacqueline S - Day ago
I'm a single mother to a 3yr old autistic boy and we love to watch your videos especially my son he loves watching the girls and Austin do their silly moments. I think you guys are amazing and brave to be where you guys are at and how you build this loving and positive life for your family. I pray for that myself since my family isn't really in my life due to some personal reasons and my parents are in two different states so it's just my son and I and a few friends.
I honestly love that you also do these giveaways to give back to others. And it's like big giveaways: money, cars, and a house. I hope and pray that I can win one of your giveaways especially a house since I have never had a full on house of my own we are currently in a tiny RV since I'm unable to work since I'm going to school and my son have therapy 25 hrs a week and that's just one of them but I barely make it work with benefits and my son's disability.
Denisse Alejandra
Denisse Alejandra - Day ago
Jose amparo
Jose amparo - Day ago
Ace is for Austin catherine and elle
Amaani Mohamed
Amaani Mohamed - Day ago
I did not just wait 4 vids for the name steel
Ciara Gaines
Ciara Gaines - 2 days ago
Who else always laughs at Austin’s face in the thumbnails?
Dasauce - 2 days ago
Y’all really thought this out huh lmao, Aces headass
Grace Lee
Grace Lee - 2 days ago
How much is the ace club
Zhane Robinson
Zhane Robinson - 2 days ago
Steel! Such a good name!!!
Debbie Martinezz
Debbie Martinezz - 2 days ago
God bless y’all beautiful family🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ACES🙏🏼❤️
Jasmine Mathis
Jasmine Mathis - 2 days ago
Congratulations I hope y'all have a wonderful day with your new baby boy lovey Ace family
Zsolt Pèntek
Zsolt Pèntek - 2 days ago
tucker carlson
Hailey Carter
Hailey Carter - 2 days ago
Caleb for the name
Ахана Толеген VLOG
OMG Baby Boy 😙😙😙
Irelis Rivera
Irelis Rivera - 2 days ago
When are u gonna tattoo steels name
Corinna Spicer
Corinna Spicer - 2 days ago
hello beautiful people 🌼 i just posted my very first youtube video all about my pregnancy! any support would be greatly appreciated ☺️
SEBASTIAN REVI - 2 days ago
I thought the name was going to be ace
Cherry Baguio
Cherry Baguio - 2 days ago
Steel nicolai would be a great name 😊
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn - 3 days ago
It doesn't matter you liked it or not it's their choice not yours...
Cloud Roblox
Cloud Roblox - 3 days ago
Sadly I can’t afford (I do have the money just not for YouTube)
Kelly R
Kelly R - 3 days ago
why do ppl make social medias for there babies its weird
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn - 3 days ago
It's not weird 😒
Lioba /Elena Matos Blair
I want to add baby boy in it y'all intro
Jacob McCain
Jacob McCain - 3 days ago
I love that name actually. There are so
Many crazy names but this one makes so much since, it’s beautiful and a true testament to who he can become and what he’s made of
Psycho_2ez - 3 days ago
I'm an og I've been here sens ell was like when she was 1 years old
Caroline Oromchian
Caroline Oromchian - 3 days ago
This poor child is going to hate you all and is going to be bullied. Why STEEL?!! Out of all names...
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn - 3 days ago
This child is not gonna hate them It's not your decision you liked it or not there are WAAAYY weirder names out there it's their decision they liked it then it's their choice not yours
Ellis Norma Abdul
Ellis Norma Abdul - 3 days ago
They never mention Steel's middle name
Dyl Duke
Dyl Duke - 3 days ago
Okay but like....
They make that name work like steel I was thing...
Carter bcs just look!
A. C. E
Austin Cathren Ellie
Audrey Wilson
Audrey Wilson - 3 days ago
That is a great name
Audrey Wilson
Audrey Wilson - 3 days ago
I love you
eoin lindsay
eoin lindsay - 3 days ago
Is it lai lai or alaia
Queen Lil G
Queen Lil G - 3 days ago
In tears again😭😭😭
Materialgurlyy Beckley
Materialgurlyy Beckley - 3 days ago
They names there child steel …oup
Rochelle Senwana
Rochelle Senwana - 3 days ago
I love his name
Carly rose
Carly rose - 4 days ago
Aylin D
Aylin D - 4 days ago
I don’t have the money to join the club, but when I have it I will join✨❤️
Pretty girl Lisa Gaming
I thought amari
Efrain Zaragoza
Efrain Zaragoza - 4 days ago
The s from ACE family store
Aubree Wood
Aubree Wood - 4 days ago
i was not expecting it to be STEEL
Crystal Rodriguez
Crystal Rodriguez - 4 days ago
why don't you read the comments? is it that you don't have time or what
Don't Dish It, If you Can't take it off
Great story to Steel💕💕💕💕💕💕
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