Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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R. Ive
R. Ive - 19 minutes ago
Arnold is the epitome of the American dream. Plus being a Republican, makes him even more of an inspiration. #MAGA
Darkizer - Hour ago
most people on the gym : "don't eat egg yolk, don't do cardio , don't cheat your meal ." and their body still look bad.

arnold : wait , you do that ? .
Stefan Trajani
Stefan Trajani - Hour ago
A lot of BS coming from the Old Arnold. And he looks very tired. All this steroids he was taking a having effect now. Not impessed
Quill Inkwell
Quill Inkwell - 2 hours ago
That guy even looked just like arnold. Great graphics nowadays
Allen Han
Allen Han - 3 hours ago
Get to the Blender if you want to live!
C 7eci
C 7eci - 3 hours ago
At any bArr 🤓😁
SupremeBoss A
SupremeBoss A - 4 hours ago
Can I get a good Gaugggg
Mathew V
Mathew V - 5 hours ago
Army drinks shandys hahaha
Mateusz Antczak
Mateusz Antczak - 6 hours ago
Arnold You Rock! Wonderfull Person!
MY _ DIXIE _ RECT - 8 hours ago
The only thing he’s wrong about, is not eating animal products.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez - 8 hours ago
Imagine his bathroom full of protein.
makepeaceu - 9 hours ago
Mmmm steak! Good heart clogging food. Follow the leader. Hey we’re all learning.
Nima Nakisa
Nima Nakisa - 10 hours ago
Keto is king not vegan
Bharat Ingale
Bharat Ingale - 10 hours ago
exzses - 10 hours ago
Just a little bit of Almondmilk, not much. *pours in 500ML"
NathanaelB - 13 hours ago
*When your here after a impression of arnold...*
Darren Tartaglia
Darren Tartaglia - 15 hours ago
The blokes just simply a legend
Blue Bolt Strike
Blue Bolt Strike - 16 hours ago
You ever see Star Trek II-Ricardo Montalban's chest? He could have snapped these guys.
Babala Habala
Babala Habala - 20 hours ago
Arnold ate tons of meats all through his active years, but now he advertise almost a vegan lifestyle. Ohh come on! Arnold you're and always were a fucking weathercock. You smoked those Cuban cigars meanwhile you forbidden to others by law as a governor of California. You showed the picture of an honest and reliable family man meanwhile you fucked with the maid. You ate meat because you know that well, bodybuilders and young sport-men need it and now you speak about fruits and vegetable. When will you stop pretending and lying??
Babala Habala
Babala Habala - 20 hours ago
"I want to be an inspiration to so many others" - Yeah but not to those who wants a faithful and long marriage...
Youtube Fanboy
Youtube Fanboy - 21 hour ago
He’s gonna hate it that they leaked his daily gym, but the gyms gonna love it
Nemesistyx - 23 hours ago
Arnold... the guy who use to be somebody is now a backwards nut who thinks meat is bad for you... amazing. Hollywood is full of stupidity
Brian J. Carnevale
Brian J. Carnevale - 23 hours ago
He looks fantastic. You have inspired generations and it is still happening.

Great Presentation, many thanks, so happy to see you, i hope you live forever!
Corey Laurent
Corey Laurent - Day ago
Just invites us to come work out at the gym with him
Yung TriHxrd
Yung TriHxrd - Day ago
Goddamn I love Arnold.
Karl Burnett
Karl Burnett - Day ago
I absolutely love this guy.
Billy JEAN
Billy JEAN - Day ago
Nobody likes arnold anymore. He is vegan pussy now.
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa - Day ago
Fix California
Randy Vines
Randy Vines - Day ago
I’ve always wanted to have Arnold Schwarzenegger in my fridge
Jens Esben
Jens Esben - Day ago
Living legend!
Akash D
Akash D - Day ago
Don't say "I'll be back" .. Okay.

Obviously not! It's your line.
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman - Day ago
An egg doesn't seem very vegan...
Alvulnax - Day ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger: What do you want?
Gordon Ramsay: Show me your fridge.
Monsanto Fungaro
Monsanto Fungaro - Day ago
Close the dang fridge! You're wasting energy!
Dubstepshots - Day ago
Should have knocked to the rhythm of the terminator beat.
dudinha veloso
dudinha veloso - Day ago
adoro ver um homem bem cuidado como vc
Marcus Greer
Marcus Greer - Day ago
That moment when you realize that Arnold is a such of drunken 🥴 every recipe he puts on alcoholic drink 🤣🤣🤣🤣
godismylife 162708
godismylife 162708 - Day ago
Why i put the whole egg in t bulit blender??? Is the shell of egg will digest to your stomach?

Sorry i forgot. Arnold is a robot ehehhe
Primus SL
Primus SL - Day ago
Radler ist kein Alkohol ☝️
Tee Mill
Tee Mill - Day ago
He did not just chuck the entire egg in and drink it! Arnold hard AF! 🤣👍🏾 absolute legend!!!!
Rowan B
Rowan B - Day ago
Arnold should come out with his own birth control called 'Terminator'
CooManTunes - Day ago
That's so fake. His fridge was literally prepared for this shoot.
CooManTunes - 10 hours ago
@Josh Schumacher r/you're a moron
Josh Schumacher
Josh Schumacher - 10 hours ago
Nick Whitehead
Nick Whitehead - Day ago
Health conscious but stays away from the only true natural form of food... meat...
Beduin71 - Day ago
Sudhanshu Rasal
Sudhanshu Rasal - Day ago
Why everyone in the gym is working out so hard.
Look around guys Arnold Schwarzenegger is there, i would go fucking crazy if see him in my gym
milkbunnies - 2 days ago
Erick Trejo
Erick Trejo - 2 days ago
Woooow, is me or when I'm at the gym and I put a good playlist I smash more easily PRS?? What type of music do you like to listen???
kevin ponza
kevin ponza - 2 days ago
He wash his hands but he puts an entire egg (don't want to remember where is came from) into the smootie
Chris Piper
Chris Piper - 2 days ago
I bet if Arnold yelled in this video looking straight into the camera
TO DA CHOPPA'!! NOW!!........I SAID NOW!!!
People at home watching would get up and run outside looking for a helicopter, i know i would.
john metyk
john metyk - 2 days ago
The best thing he learned in his career is, steroids work.
john metyk
john metyk - 2 days ago
Of course he dosen't eat meat. A he lives in California and B he's not big and strong anymore.
D G - 2 days ago
he became Jampion becuse he dhrenk all the CHooses
watch this 364
watch this 364 - 2 days ago
Lemonade and beer ? German drink thats shandy mate
Kaz Miller
Kaz Miller - 2 days ago
fuck vegans
alexatru92 - 2 days ago
Eggs aren’t vegan
Benjamin Bright
Benjamin Bright - 2 days ago
His watch games on point!
Sarah Dell
Sarah Dell - 2 days ago
With each passing year, he gets harder to understand. 😂
MR FREEZE-98 - Day ago
Sarah Dell not really
César Valle
César Valle - 2 days ago
Wow arnol es el maestro del gimnasio y será por siempre el maestro del gimnasio MR ARNOLD Swarsenegeerr HOY ES ENERO 18 2020
Anil Kemal Cebi
Anil Kemal Cebi - 2 days ago
ı hope arnold lives long and peacefull .. what a great personality..
(K12_HN) Bui Anh Tuan
(K12_HN) Bui Anh Tuan - 2 days ago
0:08 Dude sneaked at the back
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