Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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s4tanas - 7 hours ago
Did he really put the *WHOLE* egg??
Nick Meale
Nick Meale - 7 hours ago
So he still eats meat, but now he eats a lot more vegetables
boy of India shailendra
boy of India shailendra - 10 hours ago
Over there is the exit, and don't say I'll be back okay 😂😄
Djay Ventures
Djay Ventures - 11 hours ago
Wait eggshells?
cmelak007 - 11 hours ago
I don't think people will understand some jokes like with egg, dirty hands or animal products but Arnie is great and fun as usual. :-)
Mellon - 14 hours ago
Cause everyones fridge is as organized as Arnolds is.
puffed doto
puffed doto - Day ago
for a 73 year old man.. the guy looks hella fine damnnn
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata - Day ago
mmmm eggshell smoothie
SaintaNick - Day ago
The Radler...ahaha...EYE LUFF IT!
Matt H
Matt H - Day ago
"If you could work out with anyone in the world."
The Rest of the World: Arnold!
Plocký - Day ago
He backed off from meat and he lost muscle! Coincidence?! I think NOT
Hanno10 - Day ago
6:35 check out the form of the guy with the green top in the back 😅
Sean Ajamy
Sean Ajamy - Day ago
I do front raises like that :(
CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine
The legend! Thank you for sharing.
Baskets - 2 days ago
What Breaks The Silence
Puts whole 'RAW' egg into the blender...
*Salmonella knows your location*
alejandro6404 - 2 days ago
Arnold you are my inspiration OK .... from Colombia ... regards ... for you ... and anybody who else look this message ...
SoftLight - 2 days ago
He looks like such a nice guy
Nikolaus Ioilev
Nikolaus Ioilev - 2 days ago
кто поверил, что он реально яйцо со скорлупой замешал?
boibio964 1
boibio964 1 - 2 days ago
Arnold is the ultra chad
douglas hagan
douglas hagan - 3 days ago
The guys like 75 years old and looks like it's got a 40 year old body looks like a dam powerhouse
douglas hagan
douglas hagan - 3 days ago
Disguise packing some serious what is this set us
Suresh KUCHEKAR - 3 days ago
6:23 his biceps are of different is more round and other is flat
Beeah Robinson
Beeah Robinson - 3 days ago
Goals ....he's an over achiever
Ali Al-Ali
Ali Al-Ali - 3 days ago
Catty Boo
Catty Boo - 3 days ago
LOVE IT!!!💪💪💪
Kurt Rustle
Kurt Rustle - 3 days ago
He refers to Muhammed Ali as his inspiration then goes onto whining about nationalism on his social media, even though Ali was an ethno-nationalist and redpilled on the Jewish Question. Arnold please, you were a legend but you might be going senile in your old age.
Llib Olaffub
Llib Olaffub - 3 days ago
I thought he was vegan, so why he is eating eggs? He is not vegan! He is vegetarian.
Viriathus - 4 days ago
stay away from meats. In the fridge he have some meat xD
Also this maybe it's the wife fridge xD
_Chemo_ - 4 days ago
0:42 Karl Smallwood, CEO of Big Wangers Inc, approves
Joey white
Joey white - 4 days ago
I dont believe what he says sometimes lol. He's known to give bad information on purpose.
Geoff Fischer
Geoff Fischer - 4 days ago
Hard not to like Arnie . He's such a dude
chae 22
chae 22 - 4 days ago
YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF A LIVING LEGEND, GOOD SIRS! Entschuldigung, mein Herr Schwarzenegger, es tut mir leid.😍😍😍😍😍💪💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤❤
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson - 4 days ago
What's the beer with lemonade didn't catch the name
chess747 - 4 days ago
Love Arnold, his so honest, and up front. And his very funny, when he gets stuck into the vegans.we are lucky to hear this man talk. You can always tell, he was going to be successful, his so smart.
Springteen - 4 days ago
Arnold saying that complete protein comes from vegetables, where is he getting all these information from?
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh - 5 days ago
He's so cool
Arnas Silva
Arnas Silva - 5 days ago
His an Inspiration to me !
ColorCodeTrader - 5 days ago
He doesn't keep his TRT in the fridge?
Franck Yan
Franck Yan - 5 days ago
That egg 🥚 has salmonella 😂🍳
Santosh Nongthombam
Santosh Nongthombam - 6 days ago
I have never seen anyone put the whole egg with the shells in a shake 😂
Hades Cursed
Hades Cursed - 6 days ago
In the film the game changers he said that hes a vegan. Now im seeing him doing a smoothie with an egg.
Jesus christ
Jesus christ - 6 days ago
Where da Arnold milk!?
Jesus christ
Jesus christ - 6 days ago
Where is Arnold milk?
Alpha Ridh
Alpha Ridh - 6 days ago
The world legend iron muscle man
Bill Bored
Bill Bored - 6 days ago
He was so much cooler when he had muscles. Now he's just another vegan liberal douche
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen - 6 days ago
I HATE cow’s milk.
What do you hate?
I hate nothing 😂
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen - 6 days ago
I HATE cow milk.
What do you hate?
I don’t really hate anything😂
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen - 6 days ago
That moment when he threw the whole egg in his smoothie😂 badass asf. Respect man
Cam Par
Cam Par - 6 days ago
"theres a misconceptions about eating animal proteins" 10 seconds earlier puts an egg in a protein shake
Joe N5000
Joe N5000 - 6 days ago
I like his style, but saying he's 100% vegan, while consuming eggs is a bit wrong.
i have to wait 90 days to change my name
Literally states not being entirely vegan in the first seconds of the video. Dear god i have ADHD and your attention span is sh!ttier than mine!
DriftZ TwoSeven
DriftZ TwoSeven - 7 days ago
Remember when he pretended to be a vegan for that film hahahahahaha oh how we laughed
Peter Müller
Peter Müller - 7 days ago
You can hang your wristwatches on the wall in the kitchen, they are big enough.
Sir Ian Of Essex
Sir Ian Of Essex - 7 days ago
RIP luis Santos
Gl Gl
Gl Gl - 7 days ago
I know is it bad when the guy said do you have a cheat day I thought about the maid
Ryan Rothschild
Ryan Rothschild - 7 days ago
Don't forget, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one who decriminalized marijuana! He allowed a sacred medicine into society that governments wanted to ban!
The Dark Dwight
The Dark Dwight - 7 days ago
Almond milk? Milk is for babies - Arnold Schwarzenegger
rubel vhat vlog
rubel vhat vlog - 7 days ago
Pika_Kika - 8 days ago
Bro, the entire egg
King Krishnav
King Krishnav - 8 days ago
this man is a legend
jose joseph
jose joseph - 8 days ago
no im not be back....ASTA LA VISTA BABY
Hyper Horse
Hyper Horse - 9 days ago
This video is such bullshit. I don't believe for a second that he's not eating meat. Some PC prick put all that "food" in the fridge... And almond milk?? GIMME A BREAK... If you're living in California or anywhere else in the world where you can buy real milk, it has to be raw cow's milk... All the celebs drink it, that's why they all look so youthful.
J Lim
J Lim - 9 days ago
does a vegan eat eggs?
STEVE MARSHALL Funny - 9 days ago
Excellent - both of you
TAGORE'S NATURE - 9 days ago
anjana dilshan
anjana dilshan - 9 days ago
his accent is fucking awesome !!!!
TheMightyOdin - 9 days ago
4 decades, nothing but net.
itstherevolution - 9 days ago
Still a charisma machine and wealth of knowledge.
Jamie Shannon
Jamie Shannon - 9 days ago
His office fridge is bigger than my house fridge. And another question "how do you milk an almond?" And how many does it take to get a litre of milk from them?
sweetsilage - 10 days ago
Only 6 grams of protein in that drink, not near enough.
yojo mojo
yojo mojo - 10 days ago
Life long idol. An ispiration to entire nation 💪👍
Michael Donald Llewellyn
Michael Donald Llewellyn - 10 days ago
You don't need protein.... just steroids
honey butter falcon
honey butter falcon - 10 days ago
1:15 (seeing an egg in the background) Please don't please please please.
1:35 (he puts it in)(THE WHOLE THING) There you go. I knew his diet would be a little different.
ADMIN - 10 days ago
Whole egg yyyuuukkkk🤮🤮🤮
BaronessStrange - 10 days ago
keto, a fad diet? LUL that interviewer needs to do some reading.
i have to wait 90 days to change my name
Who ever said that fads don't work? For example wireless charging and headphones, a fad but it is legit and works.
John Puplic
John Puplic - 10 days ago
"poor...old...mannnnn....ha ha ha"
Heba Hamdy Salem
Heba Hamdy Salem - 11 days ago
ارجو ترجمة هذه المقاطع
361Degrès svr
361Degrès svr - 11 days ago
eggs are very dirty if you dont wash them
Tari - 11 days ago
There's a whole egg in there?? Omg
Brahim AHMED
Brahim AHMED - 11 days ago
The best video I’ve seen on YouTube! Really I was thinking about the human being and his whole life’s journey! This man was powerful the most one! Know he couldn’t lift heavy weights! Anyway his speech and answers are inspiring to me! 👌
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav - 11 days ago
yes..all that fat in keto kills your liver ,gallblader and creates astrogen in man an woman , saturated fat causes heart disease , cause high homocysteine ( plaque in the arteries) ....and bad for your thyroid T3 and T4 hormones . Keto another fad diet .
English Orchard - Haze
English Orchard - Haze - 11 days ago
I had a little laugh when he said mother theresa was one of his greatest inspirations,Christopher Hitchins would of been turning in his grave.
Mark Letts
Mark Letts - 11 days ago
What a nice bloke...Respect..👏🇬🇧
M T - 12 days ago
sugar, sugar, sugar, oxalates, antinutrients, sugar
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan - 12 days ago
Thought he was vegan??
mp7925 - 12 days ago
When you invest hundreds of millions into vegan industry (proteins and so), .... Business first. I have no doubt he has another fridge in basement he did not show in video that he actually still uses. :-)
Getaway Dreamer
Getaway Dreamer - 9 days ago
Exactly and full of Vitamin D milk too.
EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides
When he was world champion he ate low carb. Steaks, Hamburger patties without the bun, Eggs, Milk.
And now some how he thinks that fruits and veggies are healthy?
Vegans are sick all the time. Eat Meat and be healthy.
EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides
Cut out sugar but drinks Juice. What happened?
Uatá Lima
Uatá Lima - 12 days ago
Arnold- “I try to stay away from the red meats.”
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne - 12 days ago
This standing interview style is super millennial and compressed, I love it! Extremely refreshing 💎💪
(I think it was started by Vogue, pretty sure, but I'm glad other magazines are doing it now)
Desert-Bay Tan
Desert-Bay Tan - 12 days ago
I eat whatever I want when I want lol
Got Hands
Got Hands - 12 days ago
His picture is still next to his best friend 🥺rip
jay twinontour
jay twinontour - 12 days ago
Arnies Protein drink IE a shandy lager n lamonade lol !!! ...
love u Arnie x
Thomas Chaplin
Thomas Chaplin - 12 days ago
I like how he invites the public to workout with him. He's like I'm here at 7 a.m. come on down.
Sprocket - 12 days ago
What's a fridge without a freezer... Com'on bros..
Robert Villarreal
Robert Villarreal - 13 days ago
Arnold just a little bit of almond milk puts the whole bottle
Robert Villarreal
Robert Villarreal - 11 days ago
BlackMasakari maybe I should try that and then I could look like him
Robert Villarreal
Robert Villarreal - 11 days ago
Ya the American way
BlackMasakari - 12 days ago
Yeah, that one stuck with me also. He's truely an american.
Karin Klosters
Karin Klosters - 13 days ago
I see eggs, their not vegan, still i happy to see that he made this choice.
asdfyxcv1100 - 13 days ago
There's no mushroom... and no brokkoli. You know why...
Ryan Garlitz
Ryan Garlitz - 13 days ago
A vegan who eats eggs and cooks steak 🤣
Jshot - 13 days ago
Is he saying brotein or Protein?
Eric Zambrano
Eric Zambrano - 13 days ago
🤣🤣 ... and don't say " I'll be back " 💪
lakkchina - 13 days ago
He is vegan after the heart surgery? I can show you videos of Arnold eating beef back in the 70s
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