Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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melody Bringas
melody Bringas - 2 hours ago
plant a tree
Darell Arocho
Darell Arocho - 4 hours ago
So he stays away from animal products but his favorite thing to cook is *steak* ???
soulassassin0g - 5 hours ago
Arnold: **picks up cookie**
Arnold's brain: "PUT THE COOKIE DOWN, NOW!"
7zh - 5 hours ago
Arnold is so threatening that the camera guy can't stop shaking
David Powell
David Powell - 6 hours ago
Perhaps the only Republican in America I still like.
XenoNytes - 6 hours ago
He was highkey flexing
Jessus Christ
Jessus Christ - 7 hours ago
I get to the fridge aaa eee yaaa
otoot kol
otoot kol - 15 hours ago
no inspiration for me he was just like any other bodybuilder using roids...greg plitt was the real deal!
Virtus - 15 hours ago
Well, Arnold, you are an inspiration to me.
GATE Mechster
GATE Mechster - 22 hours ago
Don't stay , I will be back, okayyy.
topkek - Day ago
Dante Oporto
Dante Oporto - Day ago
throws in the whole egg, with the shell = more calcium.. hahahah
Randy Fulford
Randy Fulford - Day ago
Fasting has been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS (millions depending on how you look at the world)... the "intermittent" part might be turning into a "fad"... but FASTING is most certainly not a thousands (or millions) of years old fad LOL :)
Other than that bit of quasi-misinformation... this is a great video clip!
Jarek Orav
Jarek Orav - Day ago
Arnold: don't tell anyone alright
Man's health:"puts the video on YouTube"
Tommy Echoes
Tommy Echoes - Day ago
Immune system, he got a good point. I ate mud and gravled trough mud all day long when i was a kid. Theese days kids are almost isolated if they wonder why kids and teenagers are sick..all the damn time.
Sarah Morey
Sarah Morey - Day ago
Why do we not have a Dwayne Johnson one of these too?!
Zee Studio
Zee Studio - Day ago
1:36 What's going on?😁
The Ultra Warrior
The Ultra Warrior - Day ago
Living legend, thee best.
LAST ROAD WARRIOR - 2 days ago
Live legend..!!!!!!! The best of the best....
beanners1 - 2 days ago
I sent Mr. Schwarzenegger a copy of "The Every Excuse in the Book Book" after I published it in 2005. He was governor at the time and sent me a very nice thank you letter. I pointed out that I mentioned him in the book in a section where I explained that people need to be realistic about their exercise/nutrition goals. Look Your best, not someone else's best. A client who was 5'6" told me that he wanted to "look like Arnold."
Luke P
Luke P - 2 days ago
I love how he putted the whole egg
RecklessRenzo - 2 days ago
I thought he’s vegan?
RecklessRenzo - 2 days ago
I watched that whole entire netflix film and now im thinking thats bullshit 😂😂😂
Goshujin - 2 days ago
"I would say that I hate cow's milk"
"What other foods do you hate?"
"I don't really hate much of anything" he's the man
Carl Gallimore
Carl Gallimore - 2 days ago
An absolute icon ,
B3nK4i - 2 days ago
yo everyones talkin about him cooking steak but i’d just like to point out this guy put a whole egg with shell on in his drink
fucking legend
Lissette Sanchez
Lissette Sanchez - 2 days ago
Save yourself sometime. A lot of the comments below are just nitpicking. Have a great day.
Alex Silaban
Alex Silaban - 2 days ago
Did he...did he really put the eggshell, the whole egg, in the glass?
Darius McArthur
Darius McArthur - 3 days ago
Is it just me or did Arnold's arms shrink?
Daniel vaughn
Daniel vaughn - 3 days ago
The best shake he's ever made was in the movie "End Of Days". Lol
Marie Ferreira
Marie Ferreira - 3 days ago
0:52 this is my secret protein shake don't tell anyone, posts youtube video that gets 9 million views
Jake Setterlun
Jake Setterlun - 3 days ago
It’s said because people look up to this guy and will take example from this video. 🤮
Booker T
Booker T - 3 days ago
He warns the guy not to say "I'll Be Back" because everybody who enter the gym shouted "I'll Be Back" everytime they were about to exit...
Unity Unity
Unity Unity - 3 days ago
He looks like Chuck Norris
arde - 3 days ago
well Arnold considered by many the greatest bodybuilder of all time?? well comparing him to the best of today is like "the propeller plane vs the rockets of today" no can do. its just a memory, its gone , back in the days ,yes. today nothing, evolving at every level of life, thats the thing to look forward to. you like him, I like him. best of his time. now ??well who knows. today, we have all the factors that makes us "grow" hormones, artificial steroids, medicine, nutrition, all kind of manmade enhancements, so lets see where we end up.not looking good? "super humans" NO. it will end baaaad. but hey this his just me. lets see how reality goes?
Jason S
Jason S - 3 days ago
6:35 Mr. Swing and Bounce on the far left side of the screen
Alco Goblin
Alco Goblin - 3 days ago
> Says he's trying to eat healthy
> Says he's trying to eat less meat

Are you retarded by any chance?
Noushad Noushu786
Noushad Noushu786 - 3 days ago
Real universal human hero
OptimysticSuze - 4 days ago
hehe, funny guy
Bossman & Fitness
Bossman & Fitness - 4 days ago
The perfect shake made by the Terminator.........💪😜
Sr. Wingtiger
Sr. Wingtiger - 4 days ago
I try to stay away from meat
My favorite thing to cook is steaks
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