Our Fertility Journey: Episode 8

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Leticia Laguna
Leticia Laguna - 9 hours ago
I love how supportive your mom is during your pregnancy 💕
summer h
summer h - 9 hours ago
I know how you guys felt desi I got told my baby is 'not photogenic' at my first scan and it really upset me.
Allison Smith
Allison Smith - 10 hours ago
Okay i just melt every time i watch you guys on this journey🥺 so sweet and beautiful. Congrats for your beautiful family. I pray for a safe and healthy rest of your pregnancy and delivery❤️
serenity/I LOVE K-POP
serenity/I LOVE K-POP - 10 hours ago
Desi really got me in the beginning. I was like “How in the world is that ring floating in mid air?” I thought Desi was secretly apart of the AVENGERS and just didn’t tell us. Lol 😂
jujia7 - 10 hours ago
aww you're not una cicciona Desiiiii!
you guys are so happy and lovey-dovey I can't evennn💚💚💚 (also,that tech needs some manners,I get people are stressed out because of the virus but WOAH try to be a lil'bit nicer )
Stacy Zendejas
Stacy Zendejas - 10 hours ago
Ur mom is everything Desi. Giving Steven the cigars was very thoughtful of her. I love how she said “& congratulations to me too” lol
Elizabeth Del Real
Elizabeth Del Real - 10 hours ago
Mi hizo llorar de tanta alegría! Felicidades!
Su historia me da esperanza de algún día poder ser mamá💕 #ttc2009
💕mucho amor para los tres💕
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur - 10 hours ago
Diana Hurtienne
Diana Hurtienne - 11 hours ago
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - 11 hours ago
Ew that tech was a bitch
Gilyn V
Gilyn V - 11 hours ago
Is normal for there lips to look like that don’t worry I panic too but is normal! He is a beautiful healthy boy desi and that’s all that matters 🙏🏽💙
Rachel Tamashiro
Rachel Tamashiro - 11 hours ago
I’m really surprised the ultrasound tech made a comment like that. Some offices fire their techs for saying things like that. I’m sorry you didn’t have the experience you were looking for. I wish you all the loving fluff in your second appointment! :) Your baby is so beautiful, you’re beautiful, so excited for you!!! 💕💕💕
mrs Ramirez
mrs Ramirez - 12 hours ago
Not everybody has to put you on a pedestal !!! 😳🧐🤣🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️
KristinaLouise Beauty
KristinaLouise Beauty - 12 hours ago
A mommy tip: avoid buttons for their clothes at all costs. Zippers are your friend! Imagine being sleep deprived and just wanting to go back to bed, and you have to sit there and button all those buttons. I also highly recommend halo sleep sacks. My daughter loved them. I brought it to the hospital when she was born and she was so much happier and cozy with it on.
Aliengal - 12 hours ago
I love Desi’s mom! She’s so sweet!
itsaileenn - 12 hours ago
The tech made me so mad 😠
SaritaE84 - 12 hours ago
You really only get that mushy type of appointment outside of an actual medical appointment/medical building. The anatomy scan is rushed and you are behind and ahead of so many other patients they are only there to take the measurements and get the needed pictures for the doctor. I highly recommend a place that does 3D imaging and it is money well spend when you leave with a dvd of all images and movement and a stuffy with the heartbeat.
Tanya Torres
Tanya Torres - 12 hours ago
Loveeeee watching your videos. Just seeing you and Steven interacting you can literally feel the love and happiness radiate out and it’s so beautiful 😭❤️
Miss. Jenn
Miss. Jenn - 13 hours ago
So beautiful! Seriously every episode brings me to tears! 😭 so happy for you! 🥰
Patricia Ronquillo
Patricia Ronquillo - 13 hours ago
I ❤️ you both! Especially that you’re sharing this journey of a very special time in your life. I can’t wait each time for the next video. I seriously watch each time with a great big smile. I’m sure others can say the same. Pure love and positive vibes. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next video 😊
ELLY - 13 hours ago
Forever will be praying for you guys health and happiness❤️🙏🏽
Jenna Saarinen
Jenna Saarinen - 13 hours ago
Love you guys so much!! God bless you on this very special journey ♥️
andrea lacayo
andrea lacayo - 14 hours ago
I don’t see how the tech was offensive lmao. Yeah she talked about the upper lift for a while but it was kind of playful?
Jess_TB - 14 hours ago
I had a bad ultrasound experience too. I had a male tech and he was extremely rough on me to the point I got bruised the next day. My baby wasn’t moving and he said “your baby is not moving, have you been to the doctor yet” my nerves went through the roof and the rest of the pregnancy I feared a still birth. Gracias a dios that didn’t happened and my baby girl is about to a year old in August.
Giselle Huerta
Giselle Huerta - 14 hours ago
Yeah I didn’t like that tech’s vibe either 😒 but the baby looks so adorable 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
April - 14 hours ago
The way Steven stares at Desi when she’s talking about the ultrasound experience 💕💕💕
Diana Medina
Diana Medina - 14 hours ago
Omg that lady!! Aww...sorry Desi, hopefully next appointment is a better experience :)
mara.iara - 14 hours ago
A baby being shy _and_ sucking his bottom lip...
Just transfer your bank account to his name and apply for a job as his accountant; it'll be easier than continually opening your purse every time he does something cute.
noreen geli
noreen geli - 15 hours ago
Yes!!! I felt the vibe change too and I knew Steve asked Desi how she was doing because this was awkward af. Uhg 🤦‍♀️
Holly Ortega
Holly Ortega - 15 hours ago
It’s never as special as those places that give you the teddy bears lol
The doctors are just checking safety.
Definitely go somewhere else , that’s what I did and got like a 30 min view of our baby and it was way more exciting.
Joanne Tien
Joanne Tien - 15 hours ago
they can't spend an hour doing the anatomy ultrasound with you...there are other appointments scheduled you know..
heartstrings unwind
heartstrings unwind - 15 hours ago
Girl, I felt it in my soul when you said your baby was the only thing making 2020 good. I'm 22weeks & 3days pregnant and I totally felt you on that. I just lost my father also and I sadly keep thinking what else could possibly would happen this year. Also, I would have been upset with the ultrasound tech, too! She wasn't thinking, wowww. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ We so are hormonal during this time, saying anything remotely negative needs to be non-existent. Being pregnant during a pandemic is the craziest situation! the anatomy scan over FaceTime is bizarre, too. I wish you had a better experience with yours, but I'm glad to hear you're scheduling another. I love you guys
Congratulations again! Desi... Stay strong in 2020, you got this.
epiphanyloa - 15 hours ago
The technician's comments and professionalism or lack thereof...I dunno about her.
The Lifestyleist
The Lifestyleist - 15 hours ago
Honestly girl I think it’s just a normal thing for the ultrasound technicians to be like that at the anatomy scan because my experience was VERY similar and so many other women I know as well. It’s unfortunate because we look forward to that appointment so much and the negative remarks and energy is really a downer, but I’m glad you had a doctor come in after to kind of lift the mood and reassure you ❤️
Laura Mora
Laura Mora - 15 hours ago
Some people just really shouldn’t be techs. I’m went for an transvaginal ultrasound on time and the tech made me feel so uncomfortable. Discussing my symptoms and telling me what it could be like she was the doctor. I was so confused and worried. She also wasn’t so gentle. 🥴
Christa011 - 15 hours ago
Pro tip from a mom of 2: those clothes are adorbs, but girl, zipper jammies! Those snaps are the death of you at 2 am diaper changes when he’s screaming for food 😂
This is so exciting!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sara Queen
Sara Queen - 16 hours ago
I’m so happy for y’all and RawBeautyKristi! Y’all definitely made my 2020 happy with all that’s been going on with the pandemic and race affairs! I love watching yours and Kristi’s babies develop and grow! 👶🏼💙🍼🌸
simplymeztli - 16 hours ago
her going on and on about the lips was def a microaggression...
Sarah B
Sarah B - 16 hours ago
Girl get use to the experiences being different, with this covid stuff everyone is feeling it. Mine was the same was rushed and the tech was just frustrated. So it wasn’t just you.
Thành Tàu hủ
Thành Tàu hủ - 17 hours ago
Ok Xin chào bạn nhé
IcarusAnderson - 17 hours ago
Ok i agree with her talking a bit of BS on babys lip, but i think she generally was being super nice and the belly poking is absolutely normal, ive had it done almost every time i went in for a scan. Once my bladder was really full and i nearly peed myself when she pushed the thingy into my belly 🤣 i always tried to remember that while for me these moments were super special for them its just their daily job, so theres not too much fluff going on, its all rational. My doc told me "next time were gonna hear the heartbeat!" So next time came up but she kept on scanning without saying a word and i didnt hear any sound so i started totally freaking out and my hubby felt it so he asked if everything was all right with the baby. The doc turned away from the screen, looking at us like we were insane and said "of course, otherwise i wouldve said something" and THEN turned on the heartbeat 🤣 i was like, damn bish you tryna gimme a heart attack?!
gracecic - 17 hours ago
Your baby journey is the BEST thing on YouTube right now. The ultrasound technology is AMAZING and so detailed. I am so happy for you. You are going to be amazing parents. Sending you guys big hugs and good juju always. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!! We love you guys ❤️
Abrianna Nunez
Abrianna Nunez - 17 hours ago
Lol you know your just building his child threw quarantine and continuing to stay safe but I know he didn't mean it to be mean, but guys will never know how it feels lol
Elizabeth Razo
Elizabeth Razo - 21 hour ago
Desi I love the outfits that you purchased for your son. They are so cute! Where did you say you got them from? I know you mentioned it but I didn’t quite catch what you said. Congratulations on your baby boy! I’m so excited for you and your family 🥰😆
Yesenia Arguelles
Yesenia Arguelles - 22 hours ago
your mom said "oooh theyre gonna come for him" lmao
also im a lil hurt that my waist is also 36 and im not pregnant just eatin good 😂
jackie duran
jackie duran - 22 hours ago
made me so nervous when the nurse was aggressively patting her belly ahh, haha but i know she knows what she’s doing
Cindy Sprinkles
Cindy Sprinkles - 22 hours ago
We need the purity of these videos so much rn. Still so excited for you both💙💙💙💙💙
Veronica Adriana Gamboa
Veronica Adriana Gamboa - 22 hours ago
Aww des! You’re more than half way done!!! I wish you can experience the place i went to. I live in the Bay Area tho... My 4D experience was amazing! I got so many pictures, a stuffed animal with his heart beat in it, a CD, we even got to look at the ultrasound on a big screen projector! ! My appointment was like an hour an a half to an hour long just looking at my son and watching him play in my stomach lol she told me to drink OJ and have a chocolate kiss before the appointment so that we can get good interaction with him! It definitely worked! Haha
Happy Place
Happy Place - 23 hours ago
The way she tapped the machine on your belly to turn him scared the shit out of me!!!
Happy Place
Happy Place - 23 hours ago
Why did that lady keep going on about his big top lip
Candy Girl
Candy Girl - Day ago
I also, got ofended with that ultrasound tech. I was like just be quiet. You already messed it up. Comments where not needed. I can’t wait for him to be born 💙
Alexis Montes
Alexis Montes - Day ago
I got a little bothered when she was shading the lips ! He is most likely sucking his bottom lip in the womb that’s what my baby boy did in my tummy the nurse even told me when he came out that he was definitely sucking his bottom lip because it was tucked in when he was born lol he is 2 and his bottom lip is there so no worries ! Haha
Kassaundra Gonzalez
I feel your frustration about the ultrasound tech. The ultrasound tech at my doctors office is so quiet & BLAND. doesn’t explain anything and always seems like she’s in a rush. Ughhhh, they need to train them better. BTW my son had the same looking lip area during ultrasounds & he’s perfect. The most handsome boy everrrrr!! You’re baby is looking adorable! I’m so happy he’s growing & moving around! It’s the best feeling.
Maritza Cubillas
Maritza Cubillas - Day ago
Where did you get the baby clothes from? 😍
Stevie Simpson
Stevie Simpson - Day ago
I love the fluff when it comes to a doctor! It completely makes the experience !!
Mabel Li
Mabel Li - Day ago
Please take care of yourself,I will always support and accompany with your growth.
gen dlc
gen dlc - Day ago
I've been trying for 4 years and I just found out yesterday I'm 7 weeks 😭💕 thanks for putting your journey out there, it's so helpful
Hearherbone - Day ago
Welcome to the real world. It’s not an ultrasonographers job to make you feel super special. She created an ultrasound that was clinically adequate to be read by doctor. You ppl are too much
Jessica Nuncio
Jessica Nuncio - Day ago
Hahaha I have the same reaction to my husband when he says stuff like that “excuse me, growing a human being here, what have you been doing lately?” 😂😂😂
Catherine Santos
Catherine Santos - Day ago
Hi Desi and Steven! This is such a beautiful video! I remember when my mom was pregnant with my little sister and she would always listen to Beethoven when she was pregnant. My mom made her listen to a Beethoven track when she was around 7 or 8yrs old and my little sister said "That sounds familiar." So yes, babies can hear sound even in the womb. Very excited for this journey for you and Steven! God bless!
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez - Day ago
Love this video, so much. I have been crying all day long, because my RN husband was assigned to the COVID section of the hospital he works at and I’m scared he’ll get the virus, but at least for this moment I smiled and I was happy. May God continue to bless you all. Congratulations.
Tasha Wells
Tasha Wells - Day ago
Y’all are going to be THE BEST parents! This series is LEGIT my favorite ever!!!!! Xoxoxo
Lea Faye
Lea Faye - Day ago
IM confused asf. when did they announce the gender?
Kori Alarcon
Kori Alarcon - Day ago
I had the same experience with my ultrasound, the technician was such in a rush and kept saying my baby wasn’t being photogenic and not working with her. I scheduled an appointment with an out of insurance place called baby sightings & I had such a total different experience. I loved it there and they were able to tell me the gender of my baby girl, which my other technician wasn’t able to determine. So i feel your frustration there, especially after going in with such expectations
Lea Faye
Lea Faye - Day ago
so its a baby boy?
Solei Harb
Solei Harb - Day ago
Does Desi mom live with them?
Christy p
Christy p - Day ago
Watching this video as I scrapbook. Y own recent ultrasound pictures 🤰🏻🤰🏻
Carina Deras
Carina Deras - Day ago
Absolutely love watching your journey❤️ My baby girl made her appearance on 6/16 and watching your video just made me Think back to when I first had my anatomy scan and when I first felt her kicks😭💕
Victoria Morales
Victoria Morales - Day ago
the tech: this babys upper lip is HUGE
the doctor: umm no its pretty normal
Anslie Brooke
Anslie Brooke - Day ago
desi wasn’t kidding when she said that the way steven looks at her is the cutest thing 🥺🥺🥺 i’m crying
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn - Day ago
My Son's upper lip was fuller in the sonogram and back then (19 years ago) they were not as advanced as they are now. When he was born he had full lips and still does on both upper and lower💋. Your baby could have been sucking on his bottom lip or something. I think the lady was trying to be cute, but FAILED lol. YOUR BABY IS ADORABLE ❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙
Brianna Muniz
Brianna Muniz - Day ago
Omg she cussed in front of you too so unprofessional!! Your baby is beautiful 💙
S C - Day ago
When you’re used to having people be so doting on you, you feel it more when someone doesn’t ...even when they are just doing their jobs. She is probably used to seeing the faces of the clients and talking is just a way to make it less uncomfortable. Since there are a lot of other women having babies I think understanding someone efficiently doing their job and just being disappointed is better than saying you felt like you were at the DMV. It’s so snobby and self focused. They don’t have to let you record them in there maybe don’t publicly bash someone working. I like watching your journey but some of the stuff you guys say is starting to be really cringey.
Ayana Richard
Ayana Richard - Day ago
If my husband doesn’t look at me or as in tune with me as Steven is with Desi HE CAN GO!
Kate holguin
Kate holguin - Day ago
The cigar thing is such a Mexican/Latino tradition my parents (dad) gave out cigars when my brother was born!!❤️
ramya ramya
ramya ramya - Day ago
steven with his camouflage dad joke alreadyyy
Susie Meza
Susie Meza - Day ago
The ultrasound techs remarks were uncalled for! Very unprofessional!!! 🤔🤔
El diario de yuuki
El diario de yuuki - Day ago
Contorno de chichona, me morí jajaa
Marie Thabault
Marie Thabault - Day ago
have they done a gender reveal??
dollface0119 - Day ago
The 4D luxury ultra sound is the best. Glad you booked it. God bless you both and your precious baby. You all deserve all the happiness. Stephen is so sweet and nurturing!!!
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