Elder Scrolls Blades Switch Announcement Gives Credit to Rumor of 2 Unannounced Nintendo E3 Games

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Rubberman202 - 5 months ago
Nope... but maybe later this year they'll announce these? I'd prefer Wario Land to WarioWare, but I'll take it, and I'll DEFINITELY take a new 2.5D Metroid game!
DarkLink1996 - 5 months ago
According to the leaker:

"I currently don't know if it is going to be revealed at E3 but I know of 'Metroid 5' - the new 2D styled Metroid is in development. I'm not certain the developer. I have heard two different names that could behind it last year, but seemed more speculative so it's probably not worth mentioning.

New Wario Ware game for Switch is another thing that I have heard about for a while that is in development. I don't know if this is being revealed at E3. Not atm at least."

So they weren't lies, but Nintendo didn't want to show Metroid and Wario Ware off this time
Ken Krumbach
Ken Krumbach - 5 months ago
Well good thing I did not watch this then. Way off the mark.
SosusTube - 5 months ago
Hopefully somebody calls you out for your constant stream of bullshit you spew out like this nonsense video.
TheKewlPerson - 5 months ago
How were they supposed to know it was fake at the time
Ukulele Skye
Ukulele Skye - 5 months ago
Well, I didn't need to avoid this.
Still glad I did
Robin Clair
Robin Clair - 5 months ago
HOW is everything on this list accurate EXCEPT WarioWare and Metroid.
DarkLink1996 - 5 months ago
They might've chosen not to show them off. The leak said that Metroid "MIGHT" be shown off, and that he wasn't sure
Randøm Blue Tøad
Randøm Blue Tøad - 5 months ago
Yup, all fake.
IndoSilverClub - 5 months ago
Yeah this was all bullshit
ThisIsRusko - 5 months ago
if this is true it would be a bummer.... ugh
Micbro - 5 months ago
Why didn't you include the source?
Logan Stallman
Logan Stallman - 5 months ago
Metroid 4.5, perhaps. Would probably place after Fusion but isn't a full step forward in the story. Why 4.5? Well this is pure speculation but the easter egg mentioned in Samus Returns "glitches" the image counter in the gallery to initially read "2D/10"(it later correctly shows 11). 2D in hex is 45 and if you read the counter as a mathematical equation, 45/10=4.5. Metroid Fusion is also known as Metroid 4 so this would suggest an upcoming game that takes place after it, possibly dealing with the betrayal of the Chozo- what the 11th image seems to suggest.
Pik Osyris
Pik Osyris - 5 months ago
He never said it would be announced
Pik Osyris
Pik Osyris - 5 months ago
Metroid Dread announcement would explode heads
Akai - 5 months ago
If they show us a new Metroid i would cry, scream and insult everybody near to me.
Mark Schroeder
Mark Schroeder - 5 months ago
Please Metroid fusion
Spencer Calderon
Spencer Calderon - 5 months ago
Do people not remember that they announced that Blades was coming to Switch last year?!?! I mean, it was even on the Eshop's "coming soon" section...
Mr. Mild
Mr. Mild - 5 months ago
Don't get me wrong, I love Warioware, but where is my Wario Land?
Cactus Kid
Cactus Kid - 5 months ago
I love a video from gamexplain! It’s like quality time with my 3 dads
A. T.
A. T. - 5 months ago
Man I just want F-zero
Alexander Edge
Alexander Edge - 5 months ago
Elder scrolls blades sucks ass
Alex Ivanovic
Alex Ivanovic - 5 months ago
I really wish you guys would start showing the leaks you report on instead of just mentioning them...
CARLO MESSINA - 5 months ago
watashi wa otaku desu
watashi wa otaku desu - 5 months ago
I want wario ware switch now
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia - 5 months ago
Vergben was pin point accurately
AlllEchse GT
AlllEchse GT - 5 months ago
This is by Vergeben right? He just repeated what WabiSabi said and added those 2 games, so I don't give it credit yet.
Anonymous Account
Anonymous Account - 5 months ago
The Aki War
The Aki War - 5 months ago
Minecraft Dungeons just got a trailer for Switch....

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH holy hell its true. I guess my head will explode tomorrow. If it’s a Fusion remake that will be crazy. If it’s Metroid dread my head will explode twice over
Some Boi Juice
Some Boi Juice - 5 months ago
WarioWare is a low-effort cash grabbing pile of crap
Cedars - 5 months ago
Can we get a link to this leak, please?
FrostFire5x - 5 months ago
But we already knew that Elder Scrolls Blades was coming to the switch last E3. So this really doesn’t add anything to any leads.
Alfo - 5 months ago
If the next Metroid is 2D, I'd like it to actually be 2D. I don't want it to be a 2.5D game in terms of Artstyle. It would definitely look good, but a hand-drawn style might be nice.
Jordan G. K.
Jordan G. K. - 5 months ago
Give me a Metroid Fusion remake and I’ll loose my shit
Thor - 5 months ago
Super Metroid remaster would be insane!
Aden Juarez
Aden Juarez - 5 months ago
The time travelers are among us!
Renato Ramos
Renato Ramos - 5 months ago
2.5d feels weird. A full 2d metroid would be much better.
Martin Hippauf
Martin Hippauf - 5 months ago
mariochief117 - 5 months ago
Like, get out of here with that noise.
Señor Tequila Purr
Señor Tequila Purr - 5 months ago
Did this really need to be over 10 minutes?
HighScore - 5 months ago
Just want to warn people that Elder Scrolls Blade is NOT a good announcement. The game is choke full of terrible greedy, corporate business practices such as Wait/PAY to Win gameplay, horrible quest outlines, and a lack of imagination that can be found in some of Bethesda's better games.
Jason Mach
Jason Mach - 5 months ago
F-zero is dead!!
Sergio Wolfe
Sergio Wolfe - 5 months ago
Me over here going to cry if San Andreas or Vice City comes to switch, LMFAO or tony hawk series, shit I'll even take project 8
tony mars
tony mars - 5 months ago
I will piss and shit myself in anger if we don't get a new 2.5 D Metroid in the direct
Al3xandrU - 5 months ago
Will there be any Pokemon stuff at e3?
Fire_Tiger OG
Fire_Tiger OG - 5 months ago
I’ve yet to play a Wario Ware, but I recognize at least 3 Smash spirits 🎮
Bakatora04 - 5 months ago
Warioware isn't a surprise, they did the same thing with Mario Party, release game in 3DS as a compilation of past games and later release a new game on Switch.
Bakatora04 - 5 months ago
Maybe they add waluigi to it and release s switch bundle with yellow and purple joycons.
Erik Perez
Erik Perez - 5 months ago
Don't do this to me game explain don't tell me there's a rumor for a new wario ware on switch my heart can't take it
mariochief117 - 5 months ago
What is this, Blocked Content?
thy_savior - 5 months ago
I'm sensing Microsoft doing some cross platform games with Nintendo that's be coolio. Or at least banjo
BoomBoomBrucey - 5 months ago
Pikmin 4, Chibi-Robo 2.
that's all I care about.
thwomp - 5 months ago
Yeah but everybody expected a fallout 76 battleroyale mode
Star - 5 months ago
I can't believe Todd Howard is making F-Zero Skyrim
Lawlard _
Lawlard _ - 5 months ago
Samuel Voltz
Samuel Voltz - 5 months ago
Doesn't the Metroid Fusion logo look like a 5? Coincidence?
ChillyWillie - 5 months ago
Brace yourselves, when this rumor is wrong it will get deleted.
Sinesjoe - 5 months ago
I heard Phedrana Drifts and i thought it was Metroid Prime Trilogy HD😭
Pizzakoe - 5 months ago
Elder Scrolls blades has been announced to come to switch last e3, 2018
Christian Puddington
Christian Puddington - 5 months ago
PLEASE let that 2.5D Metroid rumor be true!!!
Anthony Ranieri
Anthony Ranieri - 5 months ago
Yeah we should believe that after yesterday
Brumski - 5 months ago
Don’t do that don’t give hope
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