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NikkieTutorials - 4 months ago
*WHAT DO YOU THINK?? IS YOUR BRAIN HURTING?* 😅 don't forget there are subtitles available!!!
Hyper Danieee
Hyper Danieee - 8 hours ago
Im not confused bescase...........ik ben ook nederlands =) (lol ik zit je nu te kijken op tv rtl 4 beau xD
Lala Crombie
Lala Crombie - 12 hours ago
Yo, i speak Afrikaans which was originated from Dutch. So some of the your saying makes sense to me and i understand 😅. So my brain aint hurting that much
ovawsm - 2 days ago
Nikkie, you're the best, maar lieverd, the Netherlands and Holland are not the same. Holland is a province in the Netherlands. A province, you, according to Google, don't even live in😂 anyway. Keep up the good work, love your videos!
Lizette Nel
Lizette Nel - 3 months ago
Dutch is so similar to my language, Afrikaans 😂
S!L3NCE 42
S!L3NCE 42 - 3 months ago
Je hebt n mooie stem hoor
Maia Kolbuck
Maia Kolbuck - 2 hours ago
its almost like your not dutch your english is so fluent
DJszczep98 - 6 hours ago
Why does this video contain polish subtitles?
kiki ce
kiki ce - 7 hours ago
Gefeliciteerd met je verloving 💝💝💝💝💝
Brittney M
Brittney M - 10 hours ago
DEPONEREN , I’m laughing so hard
Lennia 2601
Lennia 2601 - 11 hours ago
My German brain understanding „ok now wir gonna pack on milk primer“ hahahahahah
Lennia 2601
Lennia 2601 - 11 hours ago
I‘m German and I understood : „hallo Liebende Babys“ at the beginning hahaha
Soph17 - 12 hours ago
Her voice sounds a little different in dutch😂
Lu Mo
Lu Mo - 13 hours ago
your voice sounds different when you speak Dutch :-)
Kayla Yslas
Kayla Yslas - Day ago
My jaw feel sore ❤️😭😂
Reeta Saarela
Reeta Saarela - Day ago
So what the hell is going on, I hear all the time when you speak english. Although you obviously speak Dutch. I am Finnish and I have never even studied Dutch, so I hear Clearly you speak English. I didn't even put english subtitles
Real Deal
Real Deal - Day ago
That foundation suits you perfect and eyebrows looking good 👍🏼👍🏼
Aic Shy
Aic Shy - Day ago
Am I the only one Russian here? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND A WORD HAHAHAHAHA
Corachia Ockhuizen
Corachia Ockhuizen - Day ago
Ek is van Namibia ons praat Afrikaans.. dit klink amper net so's Dutch... baie interessant. 🤗♥️ we speak afrikaans in South Africa & Namibia... sounds very similar to Dutch
Mette-Rosa Steenland
Ik ben Nederland
Aeternus - Day ago
Aeternus - Day ago
Aeternus - Day ago
Why does she have an American accent though?
Isabel Ferreira
Isabel Ferreira - Day ago
Like als je nl bent!
Astrid T.
Astrid T. - Day ago
I understand a bit coz it's kinda like Afrikaans
louisgirl - Day ago
As a Latin I didn't understand nothing but my leo moon needed to say it
place44 - Day ago
Leuk hoor !!!
MsLucia20 - 2 days ago
Hahahaa dit is te grappig! Zo raar om je nederlands te horen spreken! Wel onwijs leuk!
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 2 days ago
i picked c because it was funny
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 2 days ago
i picked b because it was a long word
Noah Brand
Noah Brand - 2 days ago
Nederland is niet hetzelfde als Holland. Holland zijn 2 provincies samen!!!
Benda-Anne van Niekerk
Benda-Anne van Niekerk - 2 days ago
Afrikaans subscriber here, loved this!
Tina - 2 days ago
Why doesnt she have an accent
Stacey Duijst
Stacey Duijst - 2 days ago
Ik ga stuk!
ღ• Izumi •ღ
ღ• Izumi •ღ - 2 days ago
Ha het was makkelijk for me

Goed gedaan 👐🏻
Syrah de Bruin
Syrah de Bruin - 2 days ago
Di moet je vaker doen!!
Bas Leeuwestein
Bas Leeuwestein - 2 days ago
Nikkie: have you ever bin to Holland...
Me: i live there...
Edit: this for the likes
Lara Seddik
Lara Seddik - 2 days ago
Ik woon in Nederland
Ate Faber
Ate Faber - 2 days ago
Waarom kijken alleen meisjes geen jongens 😓😓😓
Danique van Rooij
Danique van Rooij - 2 days ago
Ik ben gwn nll😂😂
Livi Anarkia
Livi Anarkia - 3 days ago
Ah yes the freaky deaky dutch
Shannen - 3 days ago
Zo leuk dit ! Het is zo gek om je Nederlands te horen praten haha
Fiona de Roo
Fiona de Roo - 3 days ago
Leanne van Gemeren
Leanne van Gemeren - 3 days ago
hahahaha ik gil, love deze video 🤣😍
tm vg
tm vg - 3 days ago
Hè Nikki hoe gaat het ik wist niet een dat jij Nederlands was.
Seana verberk
Seana verberk - 3 days ago
Dit klinkt zo ontzettend raar om je Nederlands te horen praten haha. (Nu even al je video’s inhalen om te kijken😇) ps. Wel echt geweldig in het Nederlands ! Mag je vaker doen!
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