A Scientist Did WHAT?!? | Conspiracy Theory | Wednesday Checkup

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Tracy Thibeault
Tracy Thibeault - 11 hours ago
You are a scorpio, you see through BS, one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac. Know more then they let on, are deeply connected to others, extremely intuitive. I trust your intuition. Thank you for raising these issues.
Liuba Vercella
Liuba Vercella - 2 days ago
Don't worry dr Mike, if we don't start to realize the orribile way we treated and we are treating this planet, in a couple of centuries we will be all dead, humas and superhumans. There won't be any world to worry about
n i n e t e e n
n i n e t e e n - Day ago
StrayPaws - 3 days ago
Oh my goodness, I did a paper on CRISPR for my high school bio class. That shits scary.
M M M H - 5 days ago
Legit,there has to be a hashtag of this to make more people aware of this issues. 😊
Marvel Maniac
Marvel Maniac - 5 days ago
We did a whole debate from multiple schools discussing this.
willum - 6 days ago
man, this just went HALO mode real quick
JB Studio
JB Studio - 6 days ago
dr.chu gonna erase you
Sosa's Steel Strings
Sosa's Steel Strings - 7 days ago
Yooo I legit wrote my research paper on this last semester for Eng 101. I was so intrigued by this topic. Good thing I was taking Bio 101 to help me with the terms
MisterTutor2010 - 8 days ago
The story is most likely bullshit just that guy who claimed to clone a person or the cold fusion guys. It's classic Science by Press Conference.
maximusfattybum - 8 days ago
I thought we had come a long way since WW2. This doctor is just a 21st century Nazi trying to create an Aryan race. Joseph Mengele mark 2 needs stopping now.
Allen B
Allen B - 8 days ago
Wait...we don't want to be able to eliminate some conditions for some people because some people may not be able to afford to get it? That doesn't quite seem right to me... there's always unequal outcomes, we don't need equality of outcomes, but equality of rights, etc.
tvxq X
tvxq X - 11 days ago
Dr.mike is worried? Damn something really bad is happening
Brandon Anthony
Brandon Anthony - 12 days ago
I mean this in a loving way but your remind me of Dr Coop lol
Roger Garrett
Roger Garrett - 12 days ago
No oversight on human trial experiments?! Totally shady and illegal.
Camilla B
Camilla B - 14 days ago
I participated in model UN at the University of William and Mary. I was part of the World health organization Committee. Ty topic was gene modification and bioethics. I am just now seeing this and school is over😭this would’ve been some good stuff
Fake Username
Fake Username - 14 days ago
Ok, but won't it be amazingly interesting to see what's the result?
J Sullivan
J Sullivan - 16 days ago
Wow, it took you that long to come to that realization? I heard about CRISPR and CAS 9 in 2017... you're not wrong. I said when I first saw this breakthrough that it would either be the greatest boon medicine has ever seen or our ruination. Possibly both. But yeah, welcome to real life. Talking about the rich being able to afford the cures... let's talk about the 120k pricetag for the Hep C cure. I took care of a guy who'd been cured 3 times, but he was rich and just loved the IV drugs too much to leave them alone. Some aspects of what we do are ugly, Mike... real ugly.
Courtnay Power
Courtnay Power - 17 days ago
I like hou even more after hearing this
anika shanta
anika shanta - 21 day ago
I would love that future.
Fishnet Divas
Fishnet Divas - 23 days ago
He could read the phone book and I would watch...
HalcyonSerenade - 24 days ago
I heard about this not long after it happened, and I was glad to hear that basically the entire scientific community was so angry about it. Some science fiction stories, like Jurassic Park, often paint the scientists as coldly pursuing knowledge and "progress" without regard to any ethical wisdom, and it's easy to adopt that caricature as our _actual_ view of the scientific community. But really, by exploring the possible ramifications of creating technologies without proper discipline to wield them, these sci-fi books and movies act as _warnings_ against those mistakes, and remind us that there _is_ a slew of philosophical considerations when bringing new ideas to fruition. These lessons and ideas are _not_ lost on the real-world scientists, and there _are_ strict ethical taboos that are condemned by just about everyone.

tl;dr: it's nice to know that real-world scientists aren't at all morally oblivious like many sci-fi scientists. ^_^
Dovus X-Life Operior
Dovus X-Life Operior - 25 days ago
Tip of the iceberg.I bet they doing things we can't even imagine.
Kas Leviydra
Kas Leviydra - 25 days ago
I’m reminded of an episode of Stargate where an advanced civilization call the Aschen gave them the ability to cure all diseases but secretly made them sterile. Stargate Season 4 episode 16. Gene editing could be an amazing prospect but could also be our downfall.
BasicallyADetective - 25 days ago
When you were crushing on Doctor Mike before seeing this... Then realize he's into the same kind of critical thinking as you. 🥰🥰🥰
M Glover
M Glover - 26 days ago
I trusted scientists to come to their senses and now my daughter glows in the DARK
pawprints1986 - 26 days ago
The world already is divided into social/financial accessability.... stem cells for cancer treatment for example... theyre still researching it, but if it does come out as a worldwide available treatment, how much will it cost over the standard chemo and radiation? I anticipate that so many will still be forced to opt for the chemo and hope for the best...
Swastik Kumar
Swastik Kumar - 27 days ago
Why CRISPER is bad ?
We can take out genetic diseases by CRISPER. If we support it . For good
R5211 - 27 days ago
Ahhah people with money and power and being smart doesn't go too well together
B R I C K.
B R I C K. - 27 days ago
This sounds like a super villain origin story
Marisa Casciola
Marisa Casciola - 27 days ago
Geneticists are far away from using CRISPR for editing human DNA. We are still trying to figure out what each part of the human genome does for the body in the first place.
Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf - 28 days ago
Super soldiers!!!!! We gonna see Steve Rogers in the future
Antonio Constantino
Antonio Constantino - 28 days ago
I didn't see the bee woop thing today haha
Connor Skudlarek
Connor Skudlarek - 28 days ago
As an engineer, I can't say that I'm terribly concerned about CRISPR. However, you are the expert more closely related to this field, so you may have insight I'm not aware of.
I think we need to have a serious conversation about this technology, and we need to do a better job,of informing the public and discussing the moral arguments for the use of this technology.
Melissa E
Melissa E - 29 days ago
I don’t understand 😩 can someone explain to me (not being all rude) what all this gene edited crispr mean !!??
Ash Reviews N Lists
Ash Reviews N Lists - 29 days ago
Sadly, I’m not surprised. I’ve been aware of this travesty in the scientific community for a decade now. I first caught word of this research in its infancy in 09. 23andme is the real evil. They’re banking our young DNA to age reverse all of us so we will be over populated, malnourished and living in Hell on earth. That’s where you should be focusing your concerns on at the moment.
J D - 29 days ago
Zombie movies, jurassic park movies, Captain America. I want to be genetically engineered to be a super soldier but if my body becomes stronger, SO DOES Bacteria and viruses.
Flood hanj
Flood hanj - Month ago
Margret Atwood agrees with you
Seattle fire dept firefighter roblox
Can you make a video about the Ebola outbreak in the Congo.
Muscleduck - Month ago
For anyone wondering, Elysium is a movie on the problem doctor Mike talked about.
Catherine Walker
Catherine Walker - Month ago
We will just end up with alot more superbugs and supervirises. The geneticly altered humans will still get the bugs and viruses but they won't get symptoms. While the bugs and viruses are in their systems they will mutate to become super viruses and bugs. So essentially becoming a huge super incubator for mutations. This sounds like a bad zombie movie
Deepthi M
Deepthi M - Month ago
Just a curious soul. At 1:41 you said that HIV is no longer the deadly disease that it used to be. Is it true that HIV can be cured? As I said, I am just curious. I love your content and the way you present them. Good job.
Deepthi M
Deepthi M - Month ago
@Fiona Wohlford Thanks
Fiona Wohlford
Fiona Wohlford - Month ago
As far as I know, HIV can be managed and treated, but was only ever "cured" twice, and even that was debatable. Dr. Mike has a video on this, it's really good.
KnifingCat - Month ago
I thought this was going to be one of those *non Vaccination* people
Damien Burroughs
Damien Burroughs - Month ago
you talked about movies, all I could think of was 'Repo the Genetic Opera'. good movie, musical, I would suggest you watch it.
corpralcobra - Month ago
Doctors and government's don't want cures, they want expensive "treatments". Why cure someone when you can turn them into a cash cow, and milk money out of them for the rest of their miserable lives.
Eon Myers
Eon Myers - Month ago
I hate to say this but chimera's, genetically altered diseases, already have been worked on by the Soviets in the cold war at the biopreparat facility. They had to use cruder methods than we have now but if they could find a way to alter a disease to make it a better bioweapon they did. Ken Alibeks autobiography is a good look into some of the things that they were working on.
Amethyst Orchard
Amethyst Orchard - Month ago
It can go really terrible and I am scared, but I felt we can't get out of this planet unless we do this gene editing.
Spectre 4k
Spectre 4k - Month ago
Ay, I can be the flash now
XAmerican GloryX
XAmerican GloryX - Month ago
Can we please let Mike be Mike, not beg him to turn into Shane Dawson? Thanks.
Thamor Elf
Thamor Elf - Month ago
I think this is a good thing. I mean, even if those kids die as a result we probably learned something from their lives so at least it wouldn't be in vain... Gotta look at the positives...
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - Month ago
Watch this video for more explanation
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