A Scientist Did WHAT?!? | Conspiracy Theory | Wednesday Checkup

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Attie Davis
Attie Davis - 5 hours ago
Thank you! I'm not the only one who sees ethical concerns/issues with gene editing!
sqwerty__ - 9 hours ago
Everyone: "alright guys, editing human genes is a pretty wonky topic and we should keep it strictly serious"
Maram Asa'ad
Maram Asa'ad - 12 hours ago
so basically if a terrorist group gets hold of this and genetically engineers a virus they can bring plague inc. into real life?
Sille Srepa
Sille Srepa - 14 hours ago
In Cyprus is a clinic where you can choose the eye colour, hair colour of your baby.
Juan Swanepoel
Juan Swanepoel - 2 days ago
Hey Doc, but then how do we as citizens help stop this. Because dancing in the street singing songs doesn't make any difference or is it out of our hands and more in the hands of doctors and their officials, etc?
Humaira Amjed
Humaira Amjed - 4 days ago
Just happen to come across this video. Going by the conspiracy, I think the rise in infertility could be related to this gene editing stuff considering it has no limits. I mean this procedure has no chemical infiltration involved.
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger - 4 days ago
As much as technology has improved our lives it will eventually be the downfall of mankind.
Sticker Happy
Sticker Happy - 4 days ago
Dystopia here we come!
Black IS Beautiful
Black IS Beautiful - 5 days ago
It's scary that people are trying to play God...
Werner Steyn
Werner Steyn - 5 days ago
Clickbaitiest title ever...
Izzy Washburn
Izzy Washburn - 6 days ago
Hey dr mike I’m a 12 year old girl and I am wondering about t HIV vaccine. There is a rumor that it will prevent pregnancy in girls is this true?
Just a commenter
Just a commenter - 6 days ago
So a terrorist could create plauge inc in real life
Shreyasi Chatterjee
Shreyasi Chatterjee - 8 days ago
And i just thought they were just edited and prolly dressed...holy molly...
Kiki Ø Pedersen
Kiki Ø Pedersen - 9 days ago
I was born with a gene failure. So for me its a interesting topic you talk about.
Where can I find a link to the interview you refer to at the beginning of your video?
LaurieY. - 10 days ago
This reminds me of the movie Gattaca it's set in the future where genetic editing is the norm and if you're born the natural way you're seen as inferior. It's very good you should watch it.
Eve Axelson
Eve Axelson - 11 days ago
Tu Abuela
Tu Abuela - 11 days ago
Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson??
I only know Conspiracy Theories with Dr. Mike
Tu Abuela
Tu Abuela - 11 days ago
Humans playing God
Clementino Gilbert Tj
Clementino Gilbert Tj - 12 days ago
I LOVE gene editings. It's just like Playing God. Love it! Sorry Dr. Mike :/. With more science, there will be more laws. So i trust scientists and the law to work together.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson - 13 days ago
Well whatever happens, it is going to be big. I am legend here we come.
Anabel Kleckner
Anabel Kleckner - 14 days ago
*cough cough* Divergent *cough cough* Insurent *cough cough* Alligent
Wiki Chibi
Wiki Chibi - 14 days ago
Please review Ayahuasca. Like not take it, but based on what you've heard and if you think it would be ok to take it.
FuzzyPickles42 - 15 days ago
I don't want to make assumptions about you, Mike, but you're not insinuating we should withhold possible cures for deadly diseases in the name of population control, right?
Jhin's Trap •
Jhin's Trap • - 17 days ago
The plot of Tom Clancy’s The Division come to mind when I watch this
Nico Donovan
Nico Donovan - 18 days ago
when there was no upbeat music at the beginning, you know whats up o - o
HauntedShadowsLegacy - 18 days ago
Mike... I get that CRISPR is still an extremely new thing... I get that conditions like asthma are treatable... I'd still rather eradicate asthma with CRISPR.
Treating asthma is not easy or fun. And for some of us (cough cough, points at self) common asthma medications don't do much. My rescue inhaler isn't very effective, and that's a big problem! What if I come in contact with too many lung irritants, have an asthma attack, lose the ability to breathe, and the hospital can't treat me very well because their medications are inadequate? Instead of just medication, I might need more permanent interventions, ones that can leave me weak and vulnerable or permanently and severely disabled! My condition isn't life or death right now, but it very easily could become life or death despite the existence of treatment methods. I'd rather not risk death if there's something I can do to prevent it. Even going so far as to get gene editing. To erase the asthma from my body.
As for your population/politics/poverty concerns, I'm not entirely sure those will remain active concerns in the next twenty or so years. Other fields of research are making headway to solve various population problems (space travel, horticulture, architecture, energy, etc.). The face of politics is currently undergoing some pretty extreme changes. Poverty is a multi-faceted problem that will continue to exist until adequate legal and infrastructure changes are made (which are likely to happen with the current political and research climates). So, give it time. By the time CRISPR is ready for worldwide use, the world it'll be sent into will be much different than the one we know now.
Ahmet Emre Dapu
Ahmet Emre Dapu - 19 days ago
Bro people who cant afford this probably cant afford treatments to their treatment( if you dont count being in debt your whole life affording)
Lakie yt
Lakie yt - 20 days ago
Crispr is good it makes the babies crispy and tasty
carla blizard
carla blizard - 20 days ago
When the gov monitors it, you get the atomic bomb. Just saying. I am getting my BS degree, and we went over CRISPR in my microbio class. It terrifies me as well.
Jonathan Racine
Jonathan Racine - 22 days ago
my teacher gave us the same speech... also gataca!!!
triskalion ,
triskalion , - 23 days ago
I don't see why do you care if the parents and the doctors do not care, I mean ofc you can care but that's not it business, if parents wants his baby with blue eyes, we just have to believe there will be some people who are ethical enough not to do that, just like plastic surgery for some people.
Shadow Digit
Shadow Digit - 27 days ago
If this starts getting out of hand then I'll just jump off a bridge or something.I refuse to live in a world like that
Alexandra And sky
Alexandra And sky - Month ago
Please do more medical conspiracy theories
mister.nimoe - Month ago
Mix a.i. into the problem and
Sunshine Creations and Crafts
Playing God is not a good thing. It's just very, very wrong. I'm on the same page as you Dr. Mike.
Athrun000 - Month ago
Gene manipulation is great...!!
I want to be smarter, stronger, healthier...
We are already doing it with crops, why not on Humans too?
Of-course, I agree that more research is required.
Mitchy - Month ago
Tbh i believe that unless evolution is pushing to change our genes, then what we are doing now works and isn't harming anyone.
Sabrina Torgerson
Sabrina Torgerson - Month ago
Mike I think you would enjoy the show Helix (if you haven't already watched it), it has some of the gene editing for viruses in it.
ShepardEffekt - Month ago
Gen editing and super humans are our only hope against AI and robots.
stanexo_ stanvisuals
stanexo_ stanvisuals - Month ago
Mike being serious scared me for a sec but fr I think they might come their senses too late like what happens with the environment and global warming.
ni ki
ni ki - Month ago
You explained the repercussions very well,
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull - Month ago
Lab Rats will be a reality. Disney prediction of lab grown humans with super powers will come true. Or it will be a Stepford Wives scenario. Or a zombie movie. Or Futurama. Or Doctor Who New Earth episode where a Hospital is run by humanoid Cat Nuns that have found a cure for everything. Star Wars Clone Wars. Animorphs. Remnants. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jurassic Park (some dinos in the t movie may have not been from the Jurassic period. Dinos probably had feathers.) Chimaeras. Centaurs.
Please when have people been responsible with things like CRISPR? It’s going to go terribly wrong. Like when humans bred cats and dogs into what they are today.
SmiieRaiNBow - Month ago
This is sci-fi movies coming true yo
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica - Month ago
Can you please talk about the conspiracy theory about celebrities being cloned? Wouldn't they have to go through gestation, and start as a baby? Like if they cloned Eminem in 2004, his clone would be 14 years old...
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica - Month ago
It's already gone too far, they've tried it.
Rabeh Amir
Rabeh Amir - Month ago
Wait HIV can be xured it's not deadly anymore 1:43
Jessica Henrion
Jessica Henrion - Month ago
I'm actually working on a novel on this very idea of government overreach in gene editing. I would love a medical perspective. Can you contact me?
Vanessa Rivers
Vanessa Rivers - Month ago
And that my dear is how the zombies became a real thing😬
...telling a story in the dark to my great grandkids.
Low E
Low E - Month ago
Oh believe me, if this thing can create zombies it's most likely not the slow and lethargic kind.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - Month ago
The I am legend movie comes to mind....
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones - Month ago
It will be soon revealed that the Chinese researcher is as truthful as Trump.
connie brewer
connie brewer - Month ago
As sad as i am that i have no children I find my self saying thank God i don't .
Kim TaeTae
Kim TaeTae - Month ago
"Governments are gonna come to their senses"
-Dr Mike 2018
Kylee Lyman
Kylee Lyman - Month ago
I highly suggest altered carbon on netflix.. that show shows a lot of future traits that I worry about
Miss K
Miss K - Month ago
I can't believe your argument is that if we cure diseases with this technology that it might be expensive so that not everyone can get it, so let's just not. Seriously? What a ridiculous reason to not utilize something that could potentially cure terrible diseases. Let's just make everyone suffer if the alternative is to cure some, but not all. Wow 🙄
And then you go on to say that we shouldn't cure cancer because then people would live longer?!?! This is some socialist insanity here. "It's ok if everyone is miserable as long as they are all equally miserable."
C Jacobs
C Jacobs - Month ago
@Miss K Your answer shows that you neither understood his concerns nor those presented in a film like Gattaca.
Miss K
Miss K - Month ago
@C Jacobs I have seen stuff with that sort of story line. The thing is, genetically superior people are already doing things that genetically inferior people cannot. There are people who have a genetic advantage that allows them to jump higher, run faster, or master acrobatic skills better than others. We see this with athletes in all sorts of sports. Those are the people that win medals and get picked for the pros. We see the same thing intellectually. Those with genetic superiority in their ability to think, reason, and learn are the ones that end up making amazing scientific discoveries, writing beloved novels, or going to space. There are some people who just aren't really good at anything. Can't do anything about that. So we already have genetically superior/inferior humans. We don't have this weird dystopia where we are checking everyone's genes and making decisions based on that. We have basic equality of opportunity. If you are able to show how good you are at sports or an academic subject, you can get a lot of help paying for your schooling no matter how poor you are. Everyone has the opportunity to show their stuff. Why would the world be any different if we had the ability to make ourselves better humans? You know that there would be an outcry if this sort of thing was only available to the super rich. People would have a hissy fit. What would be the more likely scenario is that everyone would be amazing at everything and no one would be special anymore. If everyone is a winner, no one is. Aside from that, every new technology comes down in cost over time. There was a time when having a TV was a luxury. Now everyone has at least a few of them. When I was a kid not everyone had a computer. I have at least 4 in my house, not counting phones/tablets. The same thing would happen with a technology like this. There is no good reason to not push forward with a scientific advancement that could save millions of lives. To deprive people of the opportunity is what is cruel.
C Jacobs
C Jacobs - Month ago
Watch Gattaca and think about the implications he is talking about.
Miss K
Miss K - Month ago
We have treatments for diabetes, but you wouldn't tell people not to worry and eat themselves to severe obesity. So stop telling people that HIV is no big deal because we have treatments for it. The treatment and virus are still life altering in a negative way. There are bad side effects to the medications, it affects your relationships, and you need good insurance because treatments are expensive.
*Stop making it out like HIV is no longer serious.*
Sam - Month ago
Synzin Darkpaw
Synzin Darkpaw - Month ago
Gene editing is our future and is important to research. People need to wake up and get used to that fact and the fact that one day (if we survive long enough) we will evolve past homo sapiens, likely due to gene editing. All new discoveries are always available to only the rich. Through support from the rich and additional research the cost of producing the new discovery goes down and it becomes more and more available to the masses. All of that being said, this doctor that is skipping over proper procedures and controls is doing nothing but causing problems. He could potentially set us back decades as people panic and go to far in setting limitations on gene editing. I hope we can all keep our heads and learn to move forward with gene editing scientifically.
Adrianna Z
Adrianna Z - Month ago
If Gundam taught me anything, it’s that genetic editing is a bad idea
Mackenzie Rod
Mackenzie Rod - Month ago
We learned about CRISPR-Cas9 in biochem and my forensic DNA & genetics classes. It is such a scary concept to think that we are already capable of genetic editing and we can not only change disease markers but also phenotypic traits. People were up in arms about IVF and being able to choose the gender yet here we are possibly able to make children, taller, thinner, certain colored eyes... someone is going to misuse this and with the ability to increase life spans by reducing generic diseases over population is just going to get worse. This is something that we should be scared of and I hope that governments really restrict CRISPR’s use
Kel Diaz
Kel Diaz - Month ago
Your old videos make me laugh because the thumbnails make you look like a baby lol
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