Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

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F. Callagan
F. Callagan - 45 minutes ago
Brad as a fellow Hairdresser I absolutely love you. You are so so sweet. My kids and I watch you together and we just love your style. I love how you educate as you review videos. Keep living you EXTRA life. Love you
Kale Miller
Kale Miller - 47 minutes ago
Brad’s hook up: so what you wanna do?
Brad:*intense eye contact* Boom! Penetrate!
I hate myself omg 😂
ashlynn Thomas
ashlynn Thomas - 53 minutes ago
poor princess monet lol please save her brad i would love to see that😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Sammie B Real
Sammie B Real - Hour ago
It sucks trying to do anything with my hair, it’s so thick and I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for a while but i know how bad it is to do it at home and I’m too poor to get it done professionally. 🤷‍♀️
Alissia Adorni
Alissia Adorni - 2 hours ago
is it okay if I do a boloygo will it rui my hair
Rachel B
Rachel B - 2 hours ago
This is why I do my own hair. I have a hard time trusting other people. I do a bunch of research on the process and products I use and wrote every step out. So if I fuck up it’s my own fault and not someone else’s because they didn’t understand what I wanted or couldn’t get it exactly right
Clara Louise
Clara Louise - 3 hours ago
You should react to natural hair horror stories
shawty tiny
shawty tiny - 5 hours ago
Brad mando: u make my day I watch ur vids all the time. Ur to tru to urself and I love ur humor, flawless outfits., to how ur not afraid to tell it how it is. Lol
Claire Jordan
Claire Jordan - 6 hours ago
Someone gonna turn 4:20 into a gif?
A M - 6 hours ago
Gay and all i would like to do him is that bad?
cat sniffer
cat sniffer - 7 hours ago
Why would anyone risk going to any lowest rated places?
Kiandra Young
Kiandra Young - 22 hours ago
I'm getting a back street boys vibe
Sydney Poythress
Sydney Poythress - Day ago
These videos take me back to the summer before senior year when I went to a fancy salon to get my hair done as a special treat from my mom. I wanted a blonde balayage as light as possible because I eventually wanted my usual lady to take the ends of my hair to silver. I also wanted a little cut (1-2 in). The lady made me as close to bleach blonde as she could...ALL OVER! She also cut 4-5 inches off of my hair. Less than a month before senior pictures. My mom was furious. It cost nearly 5x as much as our local hairstylist (granted we live in a small town). It sucked and it took me nearly a year to get back to my natural auburn color.
Miss Mystery
Miss Mystery - Day ago
Brad, I remembered when I once bleached my hair on my own😂 if you saw it, you’d be shocked. Later on, I went to a professional salon to get it fixed😅
Shanley Gibbs
Shanley Gibbs - Day ago
okay I need help, I've got in between light and dark brown hair and have blonde highlights throughout it. my hair is up just under my shoulders, im kinda impulsive and Ive been thinking to myself I need to change something about myself. my go to thing is my hair and now I want to bleach it. but my question is or what I need help with is do I need to prepare my hair before bleaching it? and is their any good products they will be good at keeping my hair healthy that I should use? my mums a hair dresser but I just want more options on products and opinions :)
Sandra Elisabeth
Sandra Elisabeth - Day ago
I LOVE watching videoes like this while I wait for the bleach in my hair to fuck me over
Yolandi Bosch
Yolandi Bosch - Day ago
I took my hair down to a level 7 and the hairdresser went and applied a level 5 to my roots now I have this balayage kind of hair that’s pretty much not blended amazingly (they were suppose to be one of the best). Any advice? I realllllly want a nice blonde !
Dixie Rodriguez
Dixie Rodriguez - Day ago
Dang the second hair not that good
Destiny Hunt
Destiny Hunt - 2 days ago
Why do you look more like your brother than yourself in this video 😂
MerMel Vibes
MerMel Vibes - 2 days ago
When you're lightening hair I was taught that it's not a good idea to pull on it or comb it or put stress on it . It'll break off easier I thought.👩‍🏫🤷
jay pen
jay pen - 2 days ago
Okkk... Wheres this daffy duck jersey from . yes please.
Lydia Chuntei
Lydia Chuntei - 2 days ago
He looks like one of the boy group members back in the 2000’s
CrystalSky - 2 days ago
First time I’ve watched you. Now I’m binge watching, trying not to pee myself 😂 (3 kids. Don’t judge) new fav YouTuber!💜❤️
Maggie Stinnett
Maggie Stinnett - 3 days ago
gotta be honest, my stylists are always super talented but I'm usually like, welp my face just ruined this Brad I don't really know what that it feels like to feel "gorgeous" afterward. But then again I am very pessimistic.
P73 - 3 days ago
I like listening to when Brad goes into the technical details
The Chrononaut’s Wifey
I like your B chain ;)
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh - 3 days ago
I LOVE getting my hair done... So RELAXING!
The blow dry and shampoo are my FAV parts 😍😜
jocelyn - 3 days ago
Someone should react to your hair 🤢
Jean Cambra
Jean Cambra - 3 days ago
Your adorable
Renae Campos
Renae Campos - 4 days ago
The first girl’s hair turned out really well. She said she went to school so she should have known that the brown dye she did before was going to get in the way of going blonde.
Nikki X
Nikki X - 4 days ago
You look like an Nsync barbie doll. I'm not hating it.
cecelia trempe
cecelia trempe - 4 days ago
Brad mondo you're so fucking beautiful!
leigh woodard
leigh woodard - 4 days ago
Need hair help in 6 hrs away from NYC in Ticonderoga ny
MrsannakarinB - 4 days ago
I Wonder IF this is even lower rated.. If it even makes The list 😱😱😱. It would be fun to hear you comment this.
Alexus Giamona
Alexus Giamona - 4 days ago
I feel for the second girl! That guy fucked up so bad lol !
Amazing Autist
Amazing Autist - 4 days ago
13:33 Damn she so mad she turned into Feminem
Keeping up with Jacki and Maya
I just got into your channel and I’m obsessed I literally feel like we are friends love you !!!
Television Tracker
Television Tracker - 5 days ago
I loved the second girl’s accent
Noemi Martinez
Noemi Martinez - 5 days ago
Brad: I don’t know how people sit there and record people while they do their hair
Also Brad: If you’re going to ruin your hair please record it, otherwise what’s the point 😂
Lizzi Closson
Lizzi Closson - 5 days ago
I mean you get what you paid for.
Sweet Cookie
Sweet Cookie - 5 days ago
8:26 - 9:12 I had no freaking idea what he was saying
Lylia - 5 days ago
I would literally die if I ever get a makeover by you my godd hahaha
Itz. Kaitlyn
Itz. Kaitlyn - 5 days ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even a vsco girl:
No one AT ALL:

Brad: DiSgUsTaNg
Scar M
Scar M - 5 days ago
I really want a makeover but I’m broke 🥺😂😂💜
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 5 days ago
Hey Brad, roast me. I haven't been in a salon since before I was three. I'm a guy btw, and my mom cuts my hair.
Mackenzie Jay
Mackenzie Jay - 5 days ago
PLEASE react to Jerm Bot’s new video of him dying his hair because he was bored. PLEASE.
johanna bellver
johanna bellver - 5 days ago
BRADDDDDD!!! I have naturally veryyyyy curly brown hair...VIRGIN HAIR!!! What color should I do?? The length is like to my mid-back!
Lauren Emmett
Lauren Emmett - 5 days ago
Ummm... you look hott as fuck w your hair like that! 🖤💣😍
Hollz lastname
Hollz lastname - 5 days ago
The second girl tell them then! Its your hair girl don't let them do this to you. This was painful to sorry girl
Jasmine Port
Jasmine Port - 5 days ago
Brad. Pleeaaase react to Billie Eilish's hair PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASE
Sara-Louisa Marten
Sara-Louisa Marten - 5 days ago
I really want you to react to naomi jon dying her hair all the time
The Real Nyan Cat
The Real Nyan Cat - 5 days ago
0:05 when I’m sleep deprived lol
Alexa Carmack
Alexa Carmack - 5 days ago
Brad I like your other look better but this one feels 90s so I'm down with it
Arely perez
Arely perez - 5 days ago
😂 Every time I go to my stylist I come in knowing every step and she'll ask if I actually understand what I'm saying and requesting. In all honesty I don't but it sounds right.
Aaishah Emam
Aaishah Emam - 5 days ago
Brad always says “hello beautiful “
For once can someone say “hello beautiful “ to him too

We love u so much brad ❤️💕💓💖😍❣️💖❤️😘💞💝
Aaishah Emam
Aaishah Emam - 5 days ago
Brad mondo : hello beautiful
Me : hello
Sister : Hello Ugly
Me : hello *oof*
MsSpunkisam - 6 days ago
6:56 on repeat lmao
gh0st - 6 days ago
getting my hair done is so relaxing, i actually really love it
Daphne Wayendowpanicken
My 5yo: it looks like a banana in her hair. She should stay away from minions
McKenna Rosenberry
McKenna Rosenberry - 6 days ago
Hello My name is
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