Tsu-Surf, Datwon Thomas, Slim 400 & More On How Nipsey Remained True To Himself & His Community

Stephan Payne
Stephan Payne - 3 months ago
Slim got shot up and Surf in jail Damn this crazy Good thing Slim getting better tho
Real Montana
Real Montana - 4 months ago
That’s why they killed nip he was too wise and they wanna keep us dim.. Nipsey was that guy and somebody always wanna tear down tho guys..
806 texas
806 texas - 4 months ago
Slim 400!
Franklin Helire
Franklin Helire - 5 months ago
Ha Ha is it me or bald head look like the man from the white car in a cap and sunglasses! Not to mention Slim 400 in the video and this same dude is with Big U in a interview talking about everyone to come see him if want to get on in LA! Js
dominic franklin
dominic franklin - 5 months ago
Slim 400=Slimmy B dont @me
Pretty boy Willie
Pretty boy Willie - 5 months ago
Slim 400 a crackhead
Quan M
Quan M - 5 months ago
Rip Emperor Nip
DAPPR 323 - 5 months ago
Y’all should interview his inner circle. You’d probably get gems and a whole different perspective out of those interviews
CHICAGO RTV1 STreet NEWS - 5 months ago
Man wtf is this
Rod S
Rod S - 5 months ago
qxeens - 5 months ago
Title’s waddupp!
Angel Fuentes
Angel Fuentes - 5 months ago
Surf on bet jerseyyyyyyyy
Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams
Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams - 5 months ago
Why is it that may be only a small portion see it they are property off of us killing us
Tarsha 73
Tarsha 73 - 5 months ago
T. McGlaun
T. McGlaun - 5 months ago
Ruby Redd
Ruby Redd - 5 months ago
Everything so fake around me its said pac said support the real they changed it to support the real when they dead i dont get if everybody really feels this way why is david banner not getting the support he needs and he’s really HIM!
Lorie Brown
Lorie Brown - 5 months ago
@ Ruby Redd thats a fact!!! Always thought the same thing, just think if David Banner and Nip linked up. D B with the history ( our storey ), and Nip putting you up on game & opportunity all while being an example. Priceless!!!!!!
Jamel Wright
Jamel Wright - 5 months ago
Surf got shot last year July 25th not really recent
Uriel Riley
Uriel Riley - 5 months ago
Lil Nip
Lil Nip - 5 months ago
Darwin Thomas broke that down perfectly 👌🏾 his interviews and just random videos gave you different jewels and put you in a spot where you can complete and move forward with
Khi Söze
Khi Söze - 5 months ago
Long Live Nip Hussle The Great
muscleteam norm
muscleteam norm - 5 months ago
Indigenous Aniwaya
Indigenous Aniwaya - 5 months ago
Yall really believe nipsey was working with the police? Smh naive for anyone to think that, the cops were clearly mocking him
Indigenous Aniwaya
Indigenous Aniwaya - 5 months ago
@Jaffe_Joffer_the_Ruler exactly! Shit wild!
Jaffe_Joffer_the_Ruler - 5 months ago
Indigenous Aniwaya 🤣 shit crazy bro...a couple youtuber channels was talking about that..common sense ain’t too common these days
jspreezy - 5 months ago
R.I.P NIP Salute to Tsu Surf Jersey!
Jean Cross
Jean Cross - 5 months ago
Tye Nitty
Tye Nitty - 5 months ago
I'm looking at two dudes a blood and a Crip that's both been shot in the last 2 months
Shaq Crumpton
Shaq Crumpton - 3 months ago
@Stephan Payne Surf not n jail...just saying
Stephan Payne
Stephan Payne - 3 months ago
Surf in jail now He was shot a yr ago
Shaq Crumpton
Shaq Crumpton - 5 months ago
Surf got shot last yr...
Deonta Farley
Deonta Farley - 5 months ago
Tmc 🏁
AlySkrew - 5 months ago
Tsunamiiiii #JERSEY
Ryan Spates
Ryan Spates - 5 months ago
Legendary Hussle 🙏🏿
Mr. Sims
Mr. Sims - 5 months ago
🗣TSUNAMI WHAT UP!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Bigdawg Monster
Bigdawg Monster - 5 months ago
Tsu surf has no right being up there lol
TaB BlAcK - 5 months ago
Y not?
malleon will
malleon will - 5 months ago
Why? Lol
Tyrique Knowles
Tyrique Knowles - 5 months ago
the irony of this convo is scary #tmc #nip4ever
Kim Bronson
Kim Bronson - 5 months ago
Nipsey's murder was ORDERED. He was assassinated by the LAPD. He was not knocked off by gang affiliations. Too many people should be in jail and are not. This has government officials written all over it. They are not giving out the correct information. That scraggly negro who pulled the trigger was a pawn in a much BIGGER PLOT. He had connections that's why he felt comfortable enough to shoot Nipsey in broad daylight in front of his business. With a getaway driver that DOESN'T GO TO JAIL.....WTF!!
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 5 months ago
Im from 5 duece Hoover in Compton..Nipsey pulled up 1 deep in Jordon Down projects.
World Newz
World Newz - 3 months ago
I thought Jordan Downs in Watts?
Mario McCoy
Mario McCoy - 4 months ago
Kevin Foston Jordan downs is in Watts or Compton??
issachar jethro
issachar jethro - 4 months ago
@D W 😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😆🤣
D W - 5 months ago
Man you’re a troll!
Damari Moland
Damari Moland - 5 months ago
Kevin Foston damn I didn’t know 5 deuce was in cpt as well
Mark Fitzgerald
Mark Fitzgerald - 5 months ago
RIH Rest in Heaven Legendary NIP
2pac run California 2pac run California
Los Angeles crips and bloods gang banging capital everything goes in California
issachar jethro
issachar jethro - 4 months ago
Just say your RIP to Nipsey and keep it pushin...🤦🤦
Sleezo Porter
Sleezo Porter - 5 months ago
I see ya Surf
lando Jr
lando Jr - 5 months ago
jamal willabus
jamal willabus - 5 months ago
Rest in heaven Nipsey 🙏🏾🏁 TMC
Prayers up to slim 400 🙏🏾
Shout out to bet
RastaCrip WGM
RastaCrip WGM - 5 months ago
RAME- BUFFALO - 5 months ago
Surf been that haven’t you heard his music?
NL LuCiano
NL LuCiano - 5 months ago
RastaCrip WGM went industry ? Bruh still battling wat u talkin bout? This ain’t the nineties Cuz.. gaining recognition and status for your music is called success not going industry
Alexander Warno
Alexander Warno - 5 months ago
Slim like a cracked
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