Giving Myself A 90's Hair Wrap

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Masa Popovic
Masa Popovic - 19 hours ago
i have one of those on my head rn!!! In The Middle Of My Head!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎
Edit: I Am 15
NicSun - 2 days ago
I'm about to give myself a hair wrap now omfg
Mini Min Suga
Mini Min Suga - 3 days ago
Jenna and julien talking about their first kisses in 7th grade, meanwhile I’m in 10th and haven’t kissed or dated anyone. I’m so lonely
Chaos - 3 days ago
Jenna is 6 years older than Julien?!
Kaelin Meehan
Kaelin Meehan - 6 days ago
I tend to associate hair wraps with pirates for some reason
absolutely not
absolutely not - 6 days ago
guys, people of the comments, i have an idea
we should tell her to cover her WHOLE FUCKING HEAD in hair wraps
Victoria Puglisi
Victoria Puglisi - 6 days ago
Flashback to when I got a hair wrap on vacation with my Nan when I was 11 and it was white blue and pink. But in all seriousness, y'all please pray for my Nan she goes into surgery for her heart tomorrow, I love her and she really is the light of my life.
Edit: Nan's surgery went well and she is home recovering safely! Thanks 😊
Tiger Cat
Tiger Cat - 6 days ago
A lady once put a massive pink feather at the end of my hair wrap....i loved i realise it was extra af
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I totally ship Jenna & Julian 💘
Red Woof
Red Woof - 7 days ago
This looks like a 5 Minute Crafts braid
captain morgan
captain morgan - 7 days ago
Jenna don't feel bad I'm a 23 year old college student who still REGULARLY puts hair wraps in my hair because I think it looks hip and "quirky."
FIB LSPD LSPD - 7 days ago
I have braces and play the clarinet
Mikhela Lea
Mikhela Lea - 8 days ago
I gave my 44 year old father a hair wrap
20luvable - 8 days ago
Acceptable way go for anyone to wear a hairwrap : say you volunteer at a camp with kids! Literally no one will question you 😂
Bobby L
Bobby L - 8 days ago
Not gonna lie I kinda want to do a wrap now 🤷🤣
sara potato
sara potato - 8 days ago
Julien being shook at how fast jenna is braiding her hair
Georgette - 9 days ago
I want one now.. 😂
Maya Mercho
Maya Mercho - 9 days ago
you should cover your whole head in them!!
alexis smiles
alexis smiles - 9 days ago
I'm a Virgo tooo!!!!
Kirsty X
Kirsty X - 9 days ago
Surprised she hasn't wrapped her whole body like a mummy yet
Madzilla - 11 days ago
One of the girls in my cosmetology class has a hair wrap (with a little elephant jewel that’s actually super cute) and she said on the first day that she’d give everyone one for $5....
Bees ?
Bees ? - 11 days ago
You forgot the exquisite part
TheMags4life - 11 days ago
I really wanted to give myself a hair wrap watching this video, but then I remembered my hair is like 5 inches long. Oops!
Yay Very diverse person
Yay Very diverse person - 11 days ago
Oooo oh my gosh I love the colors she picked!! It looked so cute
Anxiously Awaiting
Anxiously Awaiting - 12 days ago
Seriously Jenna’s videos are THEE BEST to watch when you want a good giggle 😂
Honestly though, I cannot tell you how many of her videos I’ve re watched, multiple times lol ♥️
Honey Butter
Honey Butter - 12 days ago
Love Jenna’s eye makeup like that
Edit : She’s not a snack she’s a whole sack LUNCH (pbj, pudding cup, chips, orange,juice box, goldfish maybe string cheese, or a little pack of almonds the WORKS)
K Bye
K Bye - 12 days ago
My brother has a hair wrap but he has an Afro so it looks VERY weird...
Closet Fudanshi
Closet Fudanshi - 13 days ago
RIP Headphone users at full volume
liv hancock
liv hancock - 13 days ago
I don't wanna be that person but I am Scandinavian and it's called Valhalla that is our religions heaven
Erika Villa
Erika Villa - 15 days ago
This is everything. So nostalgic. Thank you for this
Runa The Wolf
Runa The Wolf - 15 days ago
i wAnT a fOocKiN hAiR wRaP nOw

im 13 and im already questioning wtf i am doing with my life
GalacticNinjaChicken - 15 days ago
I’m 26 and get a hair wrap at every opportunity especially every year on holiday.
There is no age on hair wraps!
Maria Chase
Maria Chase - 16 days ago
It’s my second year making hairwraps for the summer. maybe in a week I’ll do it. Thinking about purple, yellow, black, hm idk what other colo.
Roadrunner Girl
Roadrunner Girl - 16 days ago
Its like buying a coloring book already colored 😂
Jessica Lowder
Jessica Lowder - 16 days ago
How do yon wash your hair w that
Luke Died
Luke Died - 17 days ago
A few months ago i watched this video. A week later my order of twine and friendship beads game in the mail. That night i did what i had to do, while watching this video for the fifth time. Jenna and i were havin' a girls only slumba party but she didn't know. It looked like fucking shit. I kept it in, it took forever to dry one day i was late for school and i was afraid it'd freeze and become a hairsicle. Alas, i cut it out. I'm still growing the chunk of hair that i cut off out.
I invited my friend over who is an incredibly good sport and i think i put the word "owo" in her hair. I did a shitty job, yet again. She snapped me a video of her mom trying to cut it out and saying "what a fucking bitch". What a fucking bitch is right. I told my friend i was going to do it the way where you can take it out whenever you want to. No scissors. At that time i didn't even know if that was a thing. I loved my friendship bracelet.
Sabina Maniak
Sabina Maniak - 18 days ago
tersia - 18 days ago
How did jenna and julien meet tho?
Cake from State Farm
Cake from State Farm - 19 days ago
What the hell am I watching?
Juliana Grace
Juliana Grace - 20 days ago
Dude I’m giving myself a hair wrap too beach
Parker Winstead
Parker Winstead - 21 day ago
i wish she would cover her whole head in hair wraps
Melody Ybarra
Melody Ybarra - 22 days ago
*smiles while watching all of their videos because they make me happy when I'm depressed* I FRIGGIN LOVE THEIR FAMILY
Danielle Podjan
Danielle Podjan - 23 days ago
Yes, Jenna... I too played a clarinet 7-10th grade and had braces. 😭 Not what's up, especially when they would tighten them ...
Flor Padilla
Flor Padilla - 23 days ago
These were in my hair in 2011 2012 lol
Natalie Belsha
Natalie Belsha - 23 days ago
The people at Disney world do this so freaking fast it’s superhuman.
King Vic
King Vic - 24 days ago
I didn't realise they have an age difference
Amber McGihon
Amber McGihon - 25 days ago
“Have you ever read the Bible? It’s a very long book. It’s VERY Madonna.”
Emma McCune
Emma McCune - 25 days ago
Jenna you’re not old I’m literally 13 and I was giving my friend a hair wrap and i thought my shoulders were going to explode
Aurelie Grenier
Aurelie Grenier - 25 days ago
I want to get a hair wrap now ahahah i always wanted one !! Ps: this was the last video i had to watch and now i saw all your videos even some twice !! Ahaha
Edward Jackson
Edward Jackson - 27 days ago
5:25 relatable
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