Giving Myself A 90's Hair Wrap

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Cierra Enke
Cierra Enke - 2 hours ago
Bitchhhh MOOD
Cierra Enke
Cierra Enke - 2 hours ago
"softball player thing" just say lesbian lmfao
Tayla collins
Tayla collins - Day ago
5-year-old me messed with some hair wraps in the front. wraps ... plural
Kaitlin MacLeod
Kaitlin MacLeod - 3 days ago
I remember having a hair wrap in the late 90s, and then in like grade 9 the feather trend came around so I got one of those but it fell out like immediately lol
SmileDoggy - 3 days ago
You know you're an aries when julien starts talking about pulling on the hair wrap and you get the urge to pull it too
Lily MacPhail
Lily MacPhail - 5 days ago
Being not old enough to have had this in my childhood I really wanna do this
pandeia - 5 days ago
HAHA "who are you playing next week for your double header" she said "Pittsford"!! I'm dying
Claire Campbell
Claire Campbell - 6 days ago
Hi, I was just wondering if I could have a minute of your time, I work in a primary school in London and we are attempting to break a guinness world record to coincide with Anti bullying week and friendship week, and then selling the bands we make on to a worthwhile cause.  If I could have a minute if you could message me back I would love to ask you a mini favour which you can do from the comfort of your home and your phone :) Thanks for reading :)
5sosxhoney - 10 days ago
9:53 'please be my friend' ... this is where it started y'all
Carolyn Oneal
Carolyn Oneal - 12 days ago
as a summer camp counselor, I put like three of four hair wraps in kids' hair literally this past summer
Lil Ramona
Lil Ramona - 15 days ago
Jenna: “I was *12* in 98...
Me: *Looks at my 1998 tattoo in disbelief*
Lauren Arigo
Lauren Arigo - 15 days ago
Oh my god every time she says something about Rochester. It takes me a second to relise that everyone doesn’t know it. I live in Pittsford but I don’t go to Pittsford. I go to a school in Brighton. Let me tell you driving through Brighton after school is painful those Brighton high schools walk out in to the street and don’t look with headphones on.
Elijah - 15 days ago
I've always wanted to make videos like Jenna. But I feel like it's too late to start youtube and I also dont wanna feel like I'm copying. Even if its different content
Phil's Eyelash
Phil's Eyelash - 21 day ago
As someone who was once a twelve year old *softball player* , I can tell you;

*hair wraps are 100% a softball player thing*
Rachel Porter
Rachel Porter - 22 days ago
ThatOneGuy 2006
ThatOneGuy 2006 - 22 days ago
5:16 that is me right now lol
Jayleen Juarez
Jayleen Juarez - 22 days ago
Can you cut and color my hair 😂😂😂 but for real 😳
A F - 22 days ago
I played softball. And had a hair wrap. One tournament an @sshole umpire said it was “jewelry” and made me take it out. I cried the whole time my mom was trying to get it out lmao. I was supposed to be the starting pitcher and the other pitcher wasn’t even warm yet so we had to delay the game 😂.
3 Dogs And a Kitty
3 Dogs And a Kitty - 23 days ago
Didn't know Julien was 6 years younger then her... never woulda guessed
Ana Does random things
Ana Does random things - 25 days ago
my friends and I had hair wraps that were exactly the same except for the main color and it really was like a friendship bracelet coming out of your scalp
BrittanyLouise - 26 days ago
Why don’t I hate it
Jay Ar
Jay Ar - Month ago
shut the fuck up
heather lacourse
heather lacourse - Month ago
best tutorial i have ever watched.
my type of woman(no homo)
Lyricalheart Yvol
Lyricalheart Yvol - Month ago
Ass a 31 year old i did these aswell, because of this video i remembered how awesome they where, put in 4 had to cut and grow out 2 of them. Which a year later did grow back to normal length hair!
RedVelvetWaffles - Month ago
I never went to camp 😭
Kristina Zlaya
Kristina Zlaya - Month ago
"From zero to a beautiful lady in no time
- About four hours"
Chelsea's Creations
Chelsea's Creations - Month ago
I love this cause I am literally 30 years old and wanting to do this to my hair. Hopefully society doesn't shame me. HAHA!!!
Toxic Girl
Toxic Girl - Month ago
Wait how the fuck do I do this?
Antoinette Chaton
Antoinette Chaton - Month ago
I used to have the conair hair wrap thing
Judie G.
Judie G. - Month ago
I went to a few magic shows....
Foosh Girlforever
Foosh Girlforever - Month ago
Full head of hair wrap? 🤔🤔🤔
iyan manzano
iyan manzano - Month ago
jenna: *its not a softball thing!*
also jenna: i did it when i played softball in middle school.
Mally Welch
Mally Welch - Month ago
next step is to get a kid and wrap little sections of their entire hair like this :D
Samantha Sabel
Samantha Sabel - Month ago
So I am binge watching all your videos. And....... where is the video of you putting a hair wrap in Juliens grandmas hair????? I need this! Lol
Jackie Jones
Jackie Jones - Month ago
As someone who played softball for fifteen years... can confirm, it's really not (at least not in my experience) XD
Yer a wizard Harry
Yer a wizard Harry - Month ago
Dude playing clarinet with braces is actual hell
Paige Anstey
Paige Anstey - Month ago
"who are you playing next week?" "Pittsford"
As I sit in Pittsford, NY
NoThing Sacred
NoThing Sacred - Month ago
Julien was BORN the year I graduated high school. Shit I feel old lol.
Anthony Fox
Anthony Fox - Month ago
damn Julien was 6 in 98 I was born in 98 almost 99 for that matter but I thought he was like older than Jenna also I thought by hair wrap you meant like a silk head scarf for some reason lol
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton - Month ago
Hairwraps around a dread would be dope
tedd cruz
tedd cruz - Month ago
OMG, I had a jade turtle at the end of mine. I still have it, Wyoming jade bitches!
Owen Greene
Owen Greene - Month ago
As a fellow Brighton High School alumnus, FRICK PITTSBURGH
Finley Coleman
Finley Coleman - Month ago
I got one of those in like myrtle beach in 2013
It was orange and like dark green and yellow I thought it was so cute but it wasn’t and hurt really bad to take out. I like it a lot
Chrystina B
Chrystina B - Month ago
Sometimes I worry about Jenna... and other times I admire her... today is a mix of both
AudOldEnds - Month ago
I used to put strands of beads in my hair.
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt - Month ago
JENNA DO ANOTHER DIY BUT ONE YOU WOULD ACTUALLY LIKE, I’ve been dying for room decor and to broke to buy I wanna see what you can do... cause then I can to. (Not saying you broke or dumb cause honey I love you.💕)
lemon avenue
lemon avenue - Month ago
can you do your whole head. or like half your head. in hair wraps? thx
Jaci Babiii
Jaci Babiii - 2 months ago
I had one and it and my hair fell out the next day in the pool when I was in Florida on vacation 🙃
maxine schultze
maxine schultze - 2 months ago
the 2000s kid version of this was the feather hair extension
Claire Van Hofwegen
Claire Van Hofwegen - 2 months ago
Julian talking about Johnny Ace Palmer blew my fucking mind because he lives in my neighborhood and I went to school with his daughters. He would perform magic for our school all the time lol. He's the sweetest man of all time!
LeeAnn Stumpff
LeeAnn Stumpff - 2 months ago
Literally me: no I don’t wanna go to dinner.
Fantastic 2
Fantastic 2 - 2 months ago
Omg It is the hardest to play the clarinet with braces!🤐
Kayli pippeger
Kayli pippeger - 2 months ago
You fucked up
Lil Moop
Lil Moop - 2 months ago
I’m a ViRGo !!!!!~Jenna being done with life
Masterful Megs
Masterful Megs - 2 months ago
I love all of these videos! They make my graveyard shift go by so much faster :)
Denise Wallace
Denise Wallace - 2 months ago
You look like a Obi-Wan Kenobi
Wonder Kiera
Wonder Kiera - 2 months ago
I always wanted to do this but never had the skill!
Higuy333 - 2 months ago
Don't forget you messed it up Jenna ;)
Jessica Darden
Jessica Darden - 2 months ago
Go to craft stores, it's just embroidery thread.
macey jo
macey jo - 2 months ago
Yea I was gonna say I have tons of that stuff
Mars Nicole
Mars Nicole - 2 months ago
I will tell you something you regret doing to yourself. Making that damn jeans chair. 👖👖👖👖I'm sorry for reminding you. I will also do a hair wrap to commence our friendship, Jenna. Lookout!
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