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Lokio94 !
Lokio94 ! - 6 hours ago
Hey, i have a question for YOU, yes YOU!
Why did he lift his hands up?
• Mocha Drawz •
• Mocha Drawz • - 11 hours ago
Jack will be having a massive field day when halloween comes
yikes - 11 hours ago
I'm a simple man when I see Jack Stauber

*I C L I C K*
BunnyWolf - 15 hours ago
My Theory about this is that the old man’s wife has passed away and the scene of the old objects and children eating apples reminds him of when he was a child with his wife. They were friends..
leathery foot
leathery foot - 16 hours ago
I'm sorry is everyone gonna ignore how brandon Roger's and lazy purple commented on these videos
// ZᴜᴋɪCᴜᴛᴇ //
// ZᴜᴋɪCᴜᴛᴇ // - 22 hours ago
*a r t e*
Your lost sock
Your lost sock - Day ago
This man just drops banger after banger
SpiderGuy - Day ago
Theory: This is a sequel to "Good Morning Blondie".
Minimus Maximus
Minimus Maximus - Day ago
This reminded me of my grandma who died a few years ago. I will always remember and love you Grammy.

... i miss you
Cakey ツ
Cakey ツ - Day ago
My theory is well kinda bad: He had a grandchild who passed on. Yup that’s it
Kurta clan's ashes Leoroeoeoeeeoeo
Not even joking, These videos/songs makes me happy
Axolotl_Empress - Day ago
I just realised its the same song as the other goldie
s0keses - Day ago
don't we just love his videos
Almina - Day ago
Bu hesaptaki videoların hepsi korku filmlerini karşılıyor nedense çok rahatsız edici
And... He’s gone again
Oztron 6
Oztron 6 - Day ago
would you be willing to look at a script that i wrote? i would pay you to animate it
Devil Ops
Devil Ops - 2 days ago
upload good sir
retro katt
retro katt - 2 days ago
Tik Tok ruins these songs.
황준웅 - 2 days ago
I love you Jack!!
P1nky Th3 W0lf
P1nky Th3 W0lf - 2 days ago
Jack is best
GabbyEnglade - 2 days ago
does anybody know what program he uses to animate ?
Maddox Moody
Maddox Moody - 3 days ago
I didnt know that hank hill was a sad old man
MZD5 - 3 days ago
Actions bolder than a 6b pencil
Only torch
Only torch - 3 days ago
Idk why but there’s something really special to me about Jack’s work idk it just hits home
Korbee Shreggy
Korbee Shreggy - 3 days ago
That curt "dope" from the old man is my drug
Powerlevelcuck64 - 3 days ago
I wanna hear a full version of this
Carl H.
Carl H. - 3 days ago
I want to have a conversation with Jack.
Potatoesarequee UwU
Potatoesarequee UwU - 3 days ago
Plot twist: dinner isn’t ready
Cohenpotter Bassfishing
Jack stauber is coraline in real life
Nervu Madmin
Nervu Madmin - 4 days ago
This is the last boy from 30 boys at chilli's
Serious Lulu
Serious Lulu - 4 days ago
Honestly right now I just want to know how’s Jack. This video reminds me a lot of my dead grandpa and for some reason I’m worried about Jack.
Memes Memer
Memes Memer - 4 days ago
Are you ok I’m not but it’s ok
LilShawnie - 5 days ago
Every time Jack comes back a chill goes down my spine and then when he leaves between videos I feel a little colder inside and the warmth comes back when I see a new upload, something about his videos are just so special and I really can connect with almost all of them, anyways Jack if you are reading this we all love you and keep making these beautiful videos.
Front-Facing Doof
Front-Facing Doof - 5 days ago
Good to see that jack is finally back
MrMcYeet - 5 days ago
"oh, dope"
FêrJetta Asīm 68.1
FêrJetta Asīm 68.1 - 5 days ago
Jack is one of the legendary meme creator...or the unique ;)
john is ded
john is ded - 5 days ago
Last time i was on this channel it had like 100k subscribers look like buttercup really blew him up
Toxic.original _
Toxic.original _ - 5 days ago
this video makes me want to miss someone i dont even know
Drawtastic Art
Drawtastic Art - 5 days ago
No one:
The comments: **theorising intensifies**
MineSlimeTV - 5 days ago
I noticed that that was Jack that was
there behind Goldies door
and its interesting how he expressed his sadness and or sorrow
but at the same time
he appears to be passed with it.
These showcases that even in moments of sadness however,
one can get inspired to even make a song
even if it is to commemorate and remember someone that ws sad.
that happy moments can come naturally especially if you look past the accident.
As how the childrens were happy and joyous and smiled.
Perhaps they do know what happened to goldie or try to cope with it with joy
as he took a romantic approach to it by making a sort of srenade
I enjoy Jacks work and its intriguing and almost personal levels he can put on care from such simple ideas
darkgon el dragon argentino
More edgy channels yaaaaay
I am edgy too
Waika _
Waika _ - 5 days ago
I see a baby with fat checks on the right of my screen.
_ chairespeanut_
_ chairespeanut_ - 5 days ago
My kitty was named Goldie but she passed away this january😭
i miss her so much :((
Chara-uwu - 5 days ago
Canned Water
Canned Water - 5 days ago
*_oh, dope_*
That Guy
That Guy - 5 days ago
“oh, dope”
Spencey Stewart
Spencey Stewart - 5 days ago
Oh my it has that effect where it feels like it's coming from out the headphones effect.
lover banana
lover banana - 5 days ago
0:22 & 1:04 MUSIC TIME BABY
LinPlays - 5 days ago
The sequel to blondie
Nicole Moura
Nicole Moura - 6 days ago
Finja que tem um nome aqui
Seus sinais me encontram diariamente Algo para ser feito Você está achando mais e mais difícil Já fazem anos desde que você venceu Preencha meu estoque, é tudo seu-que Frio, quente, mingau perfeito Preencha meu estoque, é tudo seu-que Goldie, goldie, goldie oh
Scripting tutorials And others
Lizzy - 6 days ago
this is so cute
why tho
why tho - 6 days ago
Love the word your'ege
Jeff 4 the Raid
Jeff 4 the Raid - 6 days ago
Yo jack, I have 2005 digital cameras, how can I make such a cool sound sight story of my own? Your viewer on most recent video, 09/18/2020
Jeff 4 the Raid
Jeff 4 the Raid - 6 days ago
Like a sponge that soaks up the color out of everything it touches and paints it differently like a copycat, but noone would suspect that he could, like porous picasso
Pancake_ Paws
Pancake_ Paws - 6 days ago
Doggo :D
Lokio94 !
Lokio94 ! - 6 days ago
Today, September the 18th of 2020, is Viator's launching 5 year anniversary!
Big Man 50
Big Man 50 - 6 days ago
Hey Jack im just letting you know you can do this. if life hits you get back up and hit it harder.You are gonna make through you fans and I love you man.
Lord Salty
Lord Salty - 7 days ago
This channel is a fever dream
Really? Really?
Really? Really? - 7 days ago
What if he was singing about his daughter, then realized the was right there and said "dope?" (Lol)
Azurite Kitsune
Azurite Kitsune - 7 days ago
*"Oh dope"*
Luca Scopigno
Luca Scopigno - 7 days ago
It's not that kind of "irrecoverable sad"
It's more "sad but lifes goes on"
LatinaKamilla - 7 days ago
Jack come baaaaaackkkkk, you’re awesome!!! I m so glad I discovered you from TikTok ❤️
Cyrus Brother
Cyrus Brother - 7 days ago
I like the part when he holds the guitar
video man
video man - 7 days ago
Sir Cookie
Sir Cookie - 7 days ago
This is the bad ending of PBJ
Sagittarius._.H - 8 days ago
"Hey dad dinners almost ready "
Him:oh dope
Kopit Studios
Kopit Studios - 8 days ago
Its benny worm
Ben Drowned
Ben Drowned - 8 days ago
Like cute
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons - 8 days ago
No one is talking about raindrop the dog.
Precious pooch
GabesMute - 8 days ago
its weird seeing disturbing animations and then jack just puts this out.
Half Full Podcast
Half Full Podcast - 8 days ago
When he said "Its all yourage," I felt that.
999 subs before next year
Can you a, I like your cut JS
Sadie Walker
Sadie Walker - 8 days ago
If Jack gets canceled I’m committing arson
Kyoko - 9 days ago
Who remembers baby hotline the suicide song
Pancake_ Paws
Pancake_ Paws - 6 days ago
Kyoko me I think it’s about a suicide hotline
maniacaI - 9 days ago
oh, dope.
Mister Evro
Mister Evro - 9 days ago
Lemon Head
Lemon Head - 9 days ago
Someone should start a petition to get jack stauber to just interrupt a random show on mtv and sing one of his most popular songs
you never saw me
you never saw me - 9 days ago
My interpretation
I think the girl who said "dad dinners ready" is actually Goldie and when he's saying I miss her be means he misses her being a happy little kid and that's why it shows little kids
vv Younanni
vv Younanni - 9 days ago
Jack has mastered vintage video type and songs
MERT KAYA - 9 days ago
Plase post buttercup already
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons - 7 days ago
@MERT KAYA oh, ok
MERT KAYA - 7 days ago
@Uncrowded Reasons Jack stauber didnt post buttercup officaly yet
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons - 8 days ago
@MERT KAYA of course i know the song buttercup, I didn't know what you meant by wanting him to "post it"
MERT KAYA - 8 days ago
@Uncrowded Reasons you dont know it?
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons - 8 days ago
What do you mean by that?
sam - 9 days ago
Based on the themes of Jack's vids from 2019-2020, I get the impression that his mom passed away. I hope he's doing alright, if that is what happened, or whatever happened in his life.
Whoops - 9 days ago
I don't like what you become, jack.
Pancake_ Paws
Pancake_ Paws - 6 days ago
Whoops what has he become? He’s still a cool dude.
PurpleWolf - 10 days ago
it's been a month since his last upload
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons - 8 days ago
Isn't it usually around a month or two? Animations can take time, don't want to rush him :V
Maila ali
Maila ali - 10 days ago
Keep going jack
Your doing great 👍
Yudi 0
Yudi 0 - 10 days ago
Im from Brazil, I Love that style music
HERE! HAVE SOME CANDY! - 10 days ago
Jack Stauber is weird
aloh ehk ecah •w•
aloh ehk ecah •w• - 10 days ago
Esto da miedo ._. .....

TENGO MIEDO¡¡¡¡!!!! 😨😨

._. :>
Hadi Zain
Hadi Zain - 10 days ago
So like who is this guy?
cryz:11 heart
cryz:11 heart - 10 days ago
His daughter comes and arumtene him * hey dad * dad * ....GET OUT-
epicLaserSharks - 10 days ago
this is the perfect youtube video
Poxium - 11 days ago
It's almost ironic because my great great grandmother died a few days ago, her name was Goldie
Cheryl d Moody
Cheryl d Moody - 11 days ago
Yay he posted in 2020
Miyona - 11 days ago
Catherix Doodles
Catherix Doodles - 11 days ago
I want to hug the dog so much :0
Jomana Layth
Jomana Layth - 11 days ago
Video: goldie

deleted account
deleted account - 11 days ago
jack posts the weirdest shit

Cat Whisk
Cat Whisk - 12 days ago
Has anyone noticed how Jack Stauber is improving his art style a lot? It's kinda cool to see this wonderful man's progress through a bunch of years.
Pancake_ Paws
Pancake_ Paws - 6 days ago
Cat Whisk ikr
pennywises lipstick
pennywises lipstick - 12 days ago
i really like that all his short animations have deep hidden meanings that can be interpreted in almost any way.
haha not so much
haha not so much - 12 days ago
jack are you ok like mentally and physically
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares - 12 days ago
**Oh dope **
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