Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim

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TheAndredal - 20 days ago
Too bad he is pro red flag laws that are unconstitutional...
Juan Carrillo
Juan Carrillo - 23 days ago
A lot of Americans don’t follow politics and so they vote for a popular name and ex VP. Bernie needs to invest in a “Eco-Bernie Friendly-Super-Pac” and win. Now is the time to target market smartly to “Counteract the Biden Ex VP Image Association With Obama”.
shmbbrkr - Month ago
Politicians will do anything for votes. Bernie trying to get Latino vote is just like Trump trying to please his base. Let's face it. The illegal immigration issue is 99% Latinos.
krrrruptidsoless - Month ago
yeah you figure that you could just take the excess carbon dioxide and suck it into a bottle But they say it's not accessible like that
sarsonrock - Month ago
The Dumocrats are very sick peoples. They want Barr to resigns because of what’s coming there way. I thought the GND was a joke like the flat earth.
Janis Whipple
Janis Whipple - Month ago
44 CO-sponsors for a bill like this is horrific!! There’s the best case ever for term limits. Yes, experience is important, but entrenched lifers don’t necessarily bring the kind of “experience” we value as a country. Congress members are up for re-election alternately from one another across the board - we wouldn’t be wiping out the whole Congress at once in election years, which would meet both needs - fresh recruits balanced with experience.
rutniktrainer - Month ago
Most green proposals are more show than go. In NY we can't get plastic grocery bags at the store because they aren't green. So we need to buy cloth bags to carry home our plastic jars, bottles, packages and our electronics protected by styrofoam. It is like spitting on a forest fire. Yeah you can say you are doing something but that something is a joke.
rutniktrainer - Month ago
Back in the 70s people tossed around ethnic jokes like rice at a wedding. People were more comfortable with their personal identity. Now people go 7 layers deep to find the insult in even the most benign statements because they want to be the victim. Who ever is the most outraged wins the prize.
Christopher Wick
Christopher Wick - Month ago
Steve McFarland
Steve McFarland - Month ago
Isn’t that patch on the wrong eye?
Sunshine MishasMommy
Sunshine MishasMommy - Month ago
I like that Dan Crenshaw,he's very articulate and to the point..he made alot of good points in this interview..that ridiculous "Green New Deal" is akin to exactly what he said,a 3rd grade science project,it has no real solutions..I like when he went on SNL and instead of bashing Pete Davison on social media he was a man and went on the show and made fun of Pete to his face..and then at the end Pete shook his hand and told him "you're a good man"..we need more people in government like him,not just Republicans but Democrats and Independents too..if we vote these scuzz bags out of office who do nothing but warm their chairs we might get something done..and if the Democrat "leaders" would cool it on harassing the president maybe this government could actually do their job and think about things that matter,like real solutions to these issues facing this country
Wil Boersma
Wil Boersma - Month ago
Term limits sounds good, but what about the fact that there are congressmen who do great things after years of service? There is something to say for experience! hard to pick a side...
Daniel - Month ago
Sadly nobody mentioned his unconstitutional red flag laws he's proposed.
Jim A
Jim A - Month ago
There are no downsides of term limits. Cap it at 12 years.
Matt Swift
Matt Swift - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw is the epitome of badass.
thebardpedal - Month ago
Big Boss for President 2032.
R C - Month ago
Our next president.
North South
North South - Month ago
If the government or any politician cared about the environment, they would simply start giving the taxpayers subsidies to put solar panels on every home in America. That’s a no brainer . But they don’t care. They care about having all the control. If each home was energy independent, or even fifty percent energy dependent , that would be putting more power (no pun intended ) into the hands of the people
James Friday
James Friday - Month ago
I have inspected many zero emissions plants. The warming fools will not talk about those sorts of plants.
Cal D
Cal D - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw 2024
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung - Month ago
In this world of the blind the one eyed man is king.
S. Johnson
S. Johnson - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw for President in 2024!
Shon Thomas
Shon Thomas - Month ago
Got to love how Bloomberg's campaign is all about defeating President Trump not about doing anything for the Nation but all about defeating our Great President... No thanks Bloomberg.
alan stepp
alan stepp - Month ago
Representatives Term limits should be set to 16 years. That would give 4 presidential terms with the same representatives.
Jon Rarmey
Jon Rarmey - Month ago
Crenshaw is another great patriot who would make America a fine presidential leader one day! 👍🇺🇸
cave digger
cave digger - Month ago
ah yes dan crenchaw, the guy who wears a pirate patch and not a glass eye like everyone else, just in case you forgot he was a veteran
Big Bear Clips
Big Bear Clips - Month ago
Dan Crensharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Answer the question. What happened to the USS Liberty?
Lou - Month ago
Used to love Crenshaw... but I really don't trust him much anymore. Way too loyal to Israel, pro red flag laws, and was critical of Trump pulling out of Syria.
He just seems like the perfect model for someone that conservatives would admire, and it feels manipulative..
suzNcali 67Sprkz
suzNcali 67Sprkz - Month ago
YouTube is B's, with all the ads....no song would have these ads
Patrick Gjorven
Patrick Gjorven - Month ago
Good point about term limits!
Naughty Boy4Fun
Naughty Boy4Fun - Month ago
Dan, you're the best. Keep up the good work!
PBPP - Month ago
Dan remember gun control laws are unconstitutional. TAP ACT 👎
Omid Reza
Omid Reza - Month ago
Bernie has spent his life looking out for the working class.
Thomas Eidson
Thomas Eidson - Month ago
Omid Reza you can’t be serious? Please give specifics. So far anything that man has proposed actually punishes the working class through higher taxes and limited choice. Unfortunately he thinks that if he uses emotion to promote his flawed proposals, then the working class will remain ignorant and not actually look in to the details. The devil is always in the details and the fine print.
Neightrix Prime
Neightrix Prime - Month ago
What's this hack doing on TV? Dan Crenshaw is a fake conservative and need to be voted out.
SylentEcho - Month ago
Glad you don't support the green new deal not glad you support red flag laws
Kat Y
Kat Y - Month ago
Excellent point on term limits. I honestly had not thought about it that way. This leads me to another approach, which is the real problem of corruption. How can we combat it?
Daniel Leonard
Daniel Leonard - Month ago
2024 Crenshaw for President
John Johnstone
John Johnstone - Month ago
Bernie is the man, regardless.
AtomicDog - Month ago
this guy supported HR1044 to bring in hundreds of thousands of low wage tech workers. He doesn't care about the American worker
Victor Bravo
Victor Bravo - Month ago
Feb 20, 2020
I am Victor J. Bravo
I served this nation with honor as a U.S. Marine and Police Officer.
I wrote a report [located at: vjbravo.com] titled “The Smollett Hoax”... and that documents criminal acts committed by the California court system... to falsely imprison me, when I
attempted to force an investigation of criminal acts committed by wealthy/influential individuals.
Please read my “report” (book - located at: vjbravo.com) and support my Petition for an investigation of the criminal acts committed by California Court officials.
Thank you.
Victor J. Bravo
Jeremy S
Jeremy S - Month ago
Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adm Schiff, and Chuck Schumer should all be prosecuted for abuse of power as well as lying to Congress and all citizens of this country!
Ekklésia Gigapanography
Get that Neo-Con Zionist shill off the screen !!!!!!!
Cam Conlon
Cam Conlon - Month ago
Dan “red flag laws” Crenshaw
Tom Cat
Tom Cat - Month ago
Yeah I don't like it when people cave either but it's all thanks to them keyboard warriors during Charlottesville who soullessly defended those white supremacists out of spite which is why it's such a liability to be a conservative Republican these days.
Dick Chappy
Dick Chappy - Month ago
Zio-Clops! Stop supporting red flag laws you neo-con loser.
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly - Month ago
Mini Mike, Old Hippie Sanders, and Pocahontas. What the hell is this world coming to?
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds - Month ago
I'm a patriot more than most but a big stupid wall is a total waste of money and completely impractical.
Mike Lomsak
Mike Lomsak - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw has the potential to be our next president. I would like to know a little more about his book. Seems like he got bait and switched by Fox on that one.
Patsrthebest - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw posted about how much he hated trump and trump supporters. How is he a rising star in Trump's conservative movement?
Tral Fazz
Tral Fazz - Month ago
Crenshaw is a RINO
ryan Hols
ryan Hols - Month ago
Crenshaw the turn coat. No I dont trust you. Semper fi oath breaker!
C S - Month ago
Hey Dan, carbon dioxide is not a “waste product” and there already is a market for it, they’re called trees.
Gwynbleidd Roach
Gwynbleidd Roach - Month ago
What an incredibly stupid thing to say. We all knew what he ment, and I bet you did too.
Jim A
Jim A - Month ago
Hey CS, carbon dioxide is a waste product of humans. That's what that means, not saying carbon dioxide is just waste.
Ziul Zelev
Ziul Zelev - Month ago
Bloomberg a REAL MILLIONAIRE, not a TV millionaire like cheeto molester.
SuperGaleford - Month ago
4 years after Trump is out of office, whether 2020 or 2024...Dan will run
Aaron Thorhammer
Aaron Thorhammer - Month ago
Don't mess with Bigg Boss
Tony Canniffe
Tony Canniffe - Month ago
Shouldn’t voters decide on the limits of a politician’s term? Seems odd to need them when people can ‘vote out’ the representative.
Carl Jensen
Carl Jensen - Month ago
Every single candidate for President cares more about billionaires than they care for working Americans, EXCEPT BERNIE.
democrats are tyrants lets keep America great!
demigodzilla - Month ago
I just checked, and he didn't shut down Sanders in any way, shape, or form.
ty o
ty o - Month ago
Why does this man look like big boss, like he’s gonna make a bipedal nuclear tank or somtin. Probably gonna be president and establish the La Le lu li lo
ty o
ty o - Month ago
travis lee ya know, the patriots
travis lee
travis lee - Month ago
La lay lee lay lou ?
Chef Fluff
Chef Fluff - Month ago
Crenshaw is an anti-second amendment shill
Nick C
Nick C - Month ago
Rep Crenshaw = Real World Nick Fury
Nicolaitan - Month ago
Kosher Snake: a zionist shill
Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez - Month ago
Dan Crenshaw is a wolf in sheep’s clothing he wants red flag laws to confiscate your guns.
Nastia - Month ago
Love this guy.
Jerry McMenamin
Jerry McMenamin - Month ago
Crenshaw 2024!
JPD - Month ago
God I'm tired of seeing that skeleton Nancy
rockandlock Gunsmithing
A real America unlike all the dems And John McCain
Scott Witkowski
Scott Witkowski - Month ago
Zionist puppet Crenshaw. His allegiance should be toward the United States, not foreign countries.
andrew burton
andrew burton - Month ago
What we have to understand is that what ever they say Trump is doing, they are doing, is called projectionism, so if they say he is doing it we know that is what they are doing. They also forget what they have put out in fake news, the elite own all the papers, news channels and film companies, they say one thing that he is doing forgetting that they have put it in their papers and on tv before, then say he is doing wrong, I live in England and the fake news is always saying that the pound is not doing well but when I research it I find that it has not moved or it has gone up, they are trying to scare us into doing what they want, which is killing each other so that they can have the whole world as their private paedophile play ground, if you look hard enough, you can find out their plans, it takes time but you can find it. I am disabled so I have a lot of time to do this
Radu G
Radu G - Month ago
Global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese.
Radu G
Radu G - Month ago
Why an eye patch?
ihateurmom - Month ago
Crenshaw needs to do his interviews with a cigar in a dark bunker via video stream from Outer Heaven.
Timothy Swag
Timothy Swag - Month ago
Just have a Congress term limit of Six terms for the House and Eight for the Senate.
Ben Krause
Ben Krause - Month ago
Trump 2020, Crenshaw 2024
Linda Westfall
Linda Westfall - Month ago
Shame on you, Pelosi. You are so angry and deceptive. You are sickening to lisyen to. So negative!!
pantera Nineteen
pantera Nineteen - Month ago
10,000 years ago while humans walked this earth the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere was 1000 plus parts per million. 350 years ago it was around 400. Today it's under 190, and if it drops below 150 the collapse of the climate will actually happen, it's called an ICE AGE. But let's just keep thinking we know everything.
Eric Paul Goldie
Eric Paul Goldie - Month ago
Why isn't Mr Crenshaw running for President?
YourPalHDee - Month ago
Solid Snake strikes again.
3dcad - Month ago
We need to write a folk song about this guy. As far as I can see, he's in it for US, not himself, and I think everyone should appreciate that. So, which of you wants to write that folk song?
Tarik Warren
Tarik Warren - Month ago
Snake Pliskin
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