Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota | Official Trailer | Abhimanyu D, Radhika M | Vasan Bala | 21st March 2019

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vikash singh tanwar
vikash singh tanwar - 2 days ago
Awesome moive ..... kal hi dekhi mne bhot shi moive ha ❤👌
Ratnesh Yadav Official
Ratnesh Yadav Official - 6 days ago
Are apne gaitonde bhau ki nyi kuku ko hamara naman🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aar Kay
Aar Kay - 17 days ago
*How did I miss it? It was a movie you watch in cinema* 🙄
Truth Striker
Truth Striker - 28 days ago
Yaar ye mst movie hai. Pls watch this.
Vijay Justin
Vijay Justin - Month ago
Toooooo good movie
Simple Guy
Simple Guy - Month ago
Arey itna slow motion nahi karne ka re baba
anuradha anoo
anuradha anoo - Month ago
What did I just watch????
Vishwajith Madushan
Vishwajith Madushan - Month ago
love radhika
Adam Swapno
Adam Swapno - Month ago
Kickass Bollywood Version?
Anshul Thakur
Anshul Thakur - Month ago
This movie is so much fun to watch. Top notch cinematography ✌️✌️✌️. Cannot understand why is gulshan devaiah so underrated? He deserves to be in the limelight.
Mr chow
Mr chow - 2 months ago
Feel bad ache 😷 flim kamti nahi bakwas movie chap leti h pese
Priyanka Mondal
Priyanka Mondal - 2 months ago
Seriously i love this movie..concept,cast,acting was fab...
Moa Mlee
Moa Mlee - 2 months ago
Awesome movie. The comic lines are like Andaz Apna Apna, silly yet very entertaining... and not forgetting awesome fighting . 👍👍
GAURAV MADAN - 2 months ago
Movie achhi hai par galat tym par release hui thi
Pankaj Barman Official
Pankaj Barman Official - 2 months ago
Awesome. A new genre. ❤❤❤❤
Troubles Valli
Troubles Valli - 2 months ago
budget tang par trailer bulund!
LALI 1080
LALI 1080 - 2 months ago
This is a mind-fucking-blowing movie. 🤩
Sadashiv Naik
Sadashiv Naik - 2 months ago
Good movie after long time... thanks to Netflix
Vinit Keshwani
Vinit Keshwani - 2 months ago
I just watched this movie and I really don't know how to express my feelings towards this type of movie really it is best Bollywood with new concept, unique stroy narrating line up, new cinematography with full of comedy and action this type of movies in must be appreciated and Gulshan, Abhimanyu & radhika did the awesome job. But they are not famous as Siddharth and varun so this movie did not perform well as other famous actors movie does

For me this movie is 10/10 and 5 star.
Guys please must watch it this movie really cooool & you gonna be have fun 🤘❤️

And RIP for taste of audience who didn't appreciate this gem of Bollywood ☹️☹️
Hassan Azam
Hassan Azam - 2 months ago
Kisne gaitonde ki pubg k bad isko dekha
Kranthi Palle
Kranthi Palle - 2 months ago
How many people came to here after watchin Mr BB channel
Farha Aboobacker
Farha Aboobacker - 2 months ago
This is the desi version of deadpool i loved it so muchhhh...everything is so perfect in this movie..the action sequence just nailed it..
Manish Malla
Manish Malla - 2 months ago
Gulshan Devaiah is fucking outstanding in the movie. Amazing acting. I thought he was a joke in Hate Story. Film makers should use him efficiently.
Shishir Kumar
Shishir Kumar - 3 months ago
only reason to watch this movie : radhika madan ❤❤
Khalil Ali
Khalil Ali - 3 months ago
Muskaan Shaikh
Muskaan Shaikh - 3 months ago
What a movie yaar loved it
0ics Sarwari
0ics Sarwari - 3 months ago
I saw the beginning of the movie
Remind me my childhood
I was diehard friend of my classmate
Somehow we had magical connection
That why they never let as sitt together
I wish I meet her again
Tell what she meant to me
Punnya Sanal
Punnya Sanal - 3 months ago
I think this is a remake of Nanum rowdy thaan. B/w good job guys.
Vineet Upendra
Vineet Upendra - 3 months ago
Writer-director Vasan Bala doffs his quirky hat to the halcyon days of martial art movies and out and out Hindi movie camp. And he comes up triumphant with a painfully entertaining enterprise that's headlined by superb, snazzy action. Read complete review here:
7 Star
7 Star - 3 months ago
Aaj Dekha Mai Movie
Ma KASAM ek Dam Faadu
Bole To 🔥
Sharon johnson
Sharon johnson - 3 months ago
Who is here after radhika's fight scene
Satya Ranjan Mohanta
Satya Ranjan Mohanta - 3 months ago
A sequel is must needed
Mard ko dard nahi hota par Organism hota hai... ,🤐🤫🤐😁😆😅😂🤣🤫
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar - 3 months ago
Best Scene of the Movie 👇😅
Hit like 👍 if you Agree 😜
CchyDee - 3 months ago
Definitely watching this.
Sam My
Sam My - 3 months ago
Bakwaas bakwaas aur bakwaas.. movie..jab chahe flashback jab chahe hai ya documentary...bakwaas movie
chiranjivi khadka
chiranjivi khadka - 3 months ago
Bollywood deadpool
Shruti Koley
Shruti Koley - 3 months ago
love it. just love it. what a beauty of a trailer. cant wait to watch the movie
Nimi Sheik
Nimi Sheik - 3 months ago
Great movie a must see for those who havn’t
Best pick !
Best pick ! - 3 months ago
Please can anyone tell me what shoes is he wearing... I really want to know
Best pick !
Best pick ! - 3 months ago
Thnxx brother
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta - 3 months ago
Best pick ! Asics tiger onitsuka.
Arun Patel
Arun Patel - 3 months ago
Same kick was shown in the trailer thrice .ye achha movie kya banaege jo action scene bhi 2 min ke trailer me alag alag nahi dikha sakte
Rajvir Baldiya
Rajvir Baldiya - 3 months ago
Who is here through gaitonde
hana jelas
hana jelas - 3 months ago
This is a full HD link
Liaba Khan
Liaba Khan - 3 months ago
Hi! I'm trying to help someone raise money for a kidney transplant. I created a campaign and I'm just trying to get the word out. Can you please help sharing this or donating thank you! Jazak Allah Khair.
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen - 3 months ago
This movie has set a new benchmark for Bollywood. Would have said progressive but more like catching up with the west. Joyride tbh.
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta - 3 months ago
Aaron Chen Nope..Concept was nice but the execution was terrible!!
Kundan Singh Patel
Kundan Singh Patel - 3 months ago
Best movie in every aspect !
Deepak Mohapatra
Deepak Mohapatra - 4 months ago
Indian deadpool
DHIRAJ SHARMA - 4 months ago
This movie will become a cult classic some day for sure
Sam Milun
Sam Milun - 4 months ago
😂watched the movie and it got Slow motion in almost very scene😂
Mayank superhero
Mayank superhero - 4 months ago
Please rsvp movies, we want sequel of this film
Vedant - 4 months ago
Just saw this on Netflix .. superb film
Gaurav Joshi
Gaurav Joshi - 4 months ago
Jhaantu movie
Deepak Tiwari
Deepak Tiwari - 4 months ago
Who is here After Watching movie its Mindblowing🙏👌👌
Rahail Salamat
Rahail Salamat - 4 months ago
its great to live the hero life in movies. Keep it up Indians. leave the real world kickass scenes to us ;)
PAK Gamer PS4
PAK Gamer PS4 - 4 months ago
This movie is alot better than most Bollywood big budget movies . Nice story best action scene and solid direction. solid 8 out of 10 . Must Watch.
Archita Kashyap
Archita Kashyap - 4 months ago
The actor is hot🔥
vishal dhawan
vishal dhawan - 4 months ago
Somthing new
mayur p
mayur p - 4 months ago
Just watched on netflix...I would say just a amazing movie im surprised it not been promoted enough its very different action comedy for Bollywood plus some of the action scene were amazing especially in the end the slowmo fights it look more natural..not fake or stupid...they should make 2nd part for this 😀👍
hana jelas
hana jelas - 4 months ago
Saprem Kini
Saprem Kini - 4 months ago
Just saw this Flick!!!!....Great fun ....very Fresh approach.....Thumbs up!!!
Shayan Sikander
Shayan Sikander - 4 months ago
Is not traditions hindi comedy film
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