We Went Camping In Our Backyard

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Hatice Guneri
Hatice Guneri - Day ago
the fact that jenna is wearing the camo outfit she bought for julien lmao
Emily - Day ago
in terms of clothing, Jenna walked so Billie Eilish could run
Chaantal xo
Chaantal xo - 2 days ago
"One time my dad didnt brush my hair for 11 days, my mom was vERY mad" 💀💀💀💀
Jack Honsinger
Jack Honsinger - 2 days ago
that tent is nooiiice
Marialexa Gamero
Marialexa Gamero - 3 days ago
No one:
Julien: me be like
Marialexa Gamero
Marialexa Gamero - 3 days ago
Me: we are going camping
Bee: me too
Brooke Linton
Brooke Linton - 3 days ago
this is honestly such a good date idea
Mactire the wolf
Mactire the wolf - 3 days ago
Your videos always make me laugh and make me so happy especially when the dogos are in them, thanks for being beautiful and awesome
Gomez - 3 days ago
Jenna describing the weird & needy childhood friend made me feel super called out
HollyBerry Johnson
HollyBerry Johnson - 4 days ago
Marble is such a derpy dog I love him!!!
Payton McLaughlin
Payton McLaughlin - 4 days ago
I know im late and all but when you heard her say what do ya think who else thought of simply nail logical
Maya Mitsuhashi
Maya Mitsuhashi - 5 days ago
Hello Jenna I think you're hair is really pretty in the end shoot thank you for making me smile everyday
Olivia Didrich
Olivia Didrich - 5 days ago
Can we get a 6month bunny update?! Please!
Alessy Madero
Alessy Madero - 5 days ago
Sofia Howells
Sofia Howells - 6 days ago
I love bobbys tongue
haw yee
haw yee - 6 days ago
i didn't understand stans until i saw how cute jenna was eating that smore i'm 🥺
Ingrid Hernandez
Ingrid Hernandez - 7 days ago
jenna: why do you stink??
kermit: 👁_👁
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez - 7 days ago
Was it me or did I not notice she’s reached 20.1M subs since I last paid attention to the subscribers 6 month ago 🤔
bella onAJ
bella onAJ - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who got stressed when she said she would pitch a tent on the side of the road.. oml the world now is way too dangerous to do that.. even sleeping in my car I wouldnt feel safe😶
Trashbender - 7 days ago
Okay but can you imagine Julien doing ASMR bedtime stories
Kate V.
Kate V. - 7 days ago
Jenna: “I know this probably seems excessive for all of you.”
All of us: “Make your dog a bed of Irish Spring” “Go to the store and buy your dogs everything they touch”
Shaian Hutcheson
Shaian Hutcheson - 8 days ago
Is that holo taco on her nails 💿🌮
And JULIAN has sum on too proud holo sexual
Bella Moon
Bella Moon - 8 days ago
Jenna bites into a s'more.
Julien: you're so cutee
šøüřłëmmöňş - 8 days ago
Or you can skydive off your roof
Rat Babi
Rat Babi - 8 days ago
plz canoe in the pool
Amber in the box
Amber in the box - 8 days ago
Omg i did the same shit. U should make a justincase (just in case) kit. A total well be okay pack to staynin the trunk
Sara L
Sara L - 9 days ago
jenna: *wears camo*
also jenna: you can’t see me but i’m ready to camp
julian: we’re gonna get demonetized your not wearing any clothes
Angela Andrade
Angela Andrade - 9 days ago
Lmao im dead 🐻
Arissa Maldonado
Arissa Maldonado - 9 days ago
Idc if my future husband doesn’t like camping we’re gonna set up a tent in our backyard and sleep with all our dogs and watch how I met your mother and eat s’mores and maybe Olive Garden pasta
Aly Kleidon
Aly Kleidon - 10 days ago
Julien: "We're glamping." lmao
Smooth Mint
Smooth Mint - 10 days ago
You should for sure go canoeing in your pool
Tam Bug
Tam Bug - 10 days ago
Friendship goals
Tam Bug
Tam Bug - 10 days ago
Kermit: goes crazy over bee
Caption: [Applause]
Abby Warren
Abby Warren - 10 days ago
Bunny looks really skinny. She needs a couple of hamburgers
Exotic - 8 days ago
Shes a healthy weight for a greyhound lol
Marlyn Youssef
Marlyn Youssef - 11 days ago
You Gus made me hungry lmao
livi loo hoo
livi loo hoo - 11 days ago
5:17 my dog does that except with my bedsheets instead of a tent
Rudy Gonzalez
Rudy Gonzalez - 11 days ago
We need camping part 2 :) please
Tuna - 12 days ago
does she not realize that marshmallows are very far from being vegan. they have gelatin in them.
Exotic - 8 days ago
They buy special vegan marshmallows
Biggo Smiggo
Biggo Smiggo - 12 days ago
Who the fucks tent is that big
Talyn Rahl
Talyn Rahl - 13 days ago
Jenna eating S'mores: Most adorable moment of YouTube 2019.
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