We Went Camping In Our Backyard

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ElphabaRose - 52 minutes ago
Jenna: Kermit lookout there’s a beeeee
Kermit: an spicy flyin raisin. An eat an spicy flyin raisin.
ryan zamarra
ryan zamarra - Hour ago
Julian looks like he works in a vape store
Betty Pierce
Betty Pierce - Hour ago
Wait you were raised in upstate New York ?!?! And we don’t have a sign about you
Chloe Siozopoulos
Chloe Siozopoulos - 2 hours ago
Why is marbles Bobby now?
XerxikLinaak - 2 hours ago
11:18 that utter determination of begging.
Jayde - 3 hours ago
This is the most wholesome video on the internet
l a s a g n a
l a s a g n a - 6 hours ago
0:45 who else thought of simplynailogical saying _w H a T d O y O u T h I n K_ in that one commercial she did
fuck the russos
fuck the russos - 6 hours ago
5:30 mood
 - 9 hours ago
And he’s like what y’all doing
 - 9 hours ago
You you seek in the tent but then the monster is Bobby
Beth Rumble
Beth Rumble - 9 hours ago
Dogs are so loyal they just happy where ever you are they want to be with you, if you slept in a phone box they wouldn't mind.
Cacola337 - 10 hours ago
You did a damn good job and .....it's a nice 5 family tent😂
Matthew Needham
Matthew Needham - 10 hours ago
Wait. Does Jenna realise that marshmallows aren't vegan?
NutMeg - 47 minutes ago
Matthew Needham they eat Dandies Marshmallows, which are vegan
littlebean - 11 hours ago
when we aren’t looking, marbles puts on his fedora to fight evil
Crystal B
Crystal B - 11 hours ago
Please canoe in the pool.
Morgan Marsh
Morgan Marsh - 12 hours ago
Once I went camping in my backyard for a birthday party and it was 1 am and everyone was asleep except me this one girl and I was fake sleeping so she would stop talking and she farted the loudest fart I have heard in my life and stunk up the entire tent and then immediately went to sleep. Wtf Aubrey
Ev 7w7
Ev 7w7 - 20 hours ago
What I immediately thought when I saw the fire: okay guys the fires lit and we're here with Garrett, Drew and Ryland!
C Good
C Good - 20 hours ago
That's the tent I have but in different colors, and it has LEDs on the top poles.
JacobFoxGamer07 - 20 hours ago
16:50 when she think of you only as a bro
Ciarra C.
Ciarra C. - 20 hours ago
also the gelatin in the marshmallow
NutMeg - 46 minutes ago
Ciarra C. They’re actually a vegan brand of marshmallows
Caralinda Melo
Caralinda Melo - 22 hours ago
my motto is, "If it ain't burnt, it aint a smore."

its also "when in doubt, breed it out" but that applies to Minecraft and not this so.
Genevieve Collins
Genevieve Collins - Day ago
Don’t worry Jenna. My mom IS that lady! Before my parents divorced when I was younger we would bring all FIVE of our dogs camping!!
Beth Mashups
Beth Mashups - Day ago
heyyy k
heyyy k - Day ago
Jenna acts and kinda looks like Lauren Lopez from Starkid
Maya Police Department
You’ve heard of “kErMeT, nOt YoUr BiRtHdAy!” Get ready for “KERMIT, NOT YOUR SMORE!”
Lidia Madaras
Lidia Madaras - Day ago
misterlister - Day ago
2:21 gives me life
Mark Simões
Mark Simões - Day ago
Camping would be so much easier if you just simple covered yourself in glitter and achieved a perfect glitter glam bod. Please I need this to exist
cat mifa
cat mifa - Day ago
E M - Day ago
Wholesome ❤️
Carrie Johnston
Carrie Johnston - Day ago
can we talk about the most underrated julien moment
‘we be like: we’re going camping. bee be like: me too’
Davide strazzulla
Davide strazzulla - Day ago
Where is jenna for the whole video ?
Renee - Day ago
I never brush my hair only if I'm forced too....
finetuna - Day ago
a tent out of tent experience
Hannah Covert
Hannah Covert - Day ago
dont look up skinwalker
Hannah Covert
Hannah Covert - Day ago
7:10 the amount of likes are appreciation for juiens nails
Ivy Elizabeth Music
I love your videos, Jenna
KMH - Day ago
i went camping last weekend and the stars at night blew my mind i have never seen that many stars so clearly
Tirnanog - Day ago
Personally, I'd leave that tent up and just out some cushions it something in it to relax in during the day when you wanna be in the tent, lol.
KMH - Day ago
is there a video of "jenna and julien bullying kermit for 5 minutes" video?
Evan Doty
Evan Doty - Day ago
I don't know why but your dogs remind me of demedogs from stranger things
Lemon bb
Lemon bb - Day ago
Someone attacks our mother
coolgalwolfpup Xx
coolgalwolfpup Xx - 2 days ago
your dream life is with #SkySquad lmao xD
William Clark
William Clark - 2 days ago
Me and my cousin and her cousin went camping the yard we have a huge yard and it was a 4 man tent and there was 3 of us and we stayed up almost the whole night well I did one time I fell alseep sitting
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez - 2 days ago
love earth
オーロラビー - 2 days ago
What kind of dog is cermet???
Spazzy Lou
Spazzy Lou - Day ago
オーロラビー Italian greyhound
DoubleDecker BeckerPecker
Camping with Cement, Nectarine, Markers, and Barney
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith - 2 days ago
just went camping for two weeks, you do not want to camp when it is cold - I swear to you.
Classy Pig
Classy Pig - 2 days ago
I can't believe I'm saying this but my grandma drives many places with her 3 dogs (1 big 2 small) in an RV 🤦‍♀️
Rissa L
Rissa L - 2 days ago
We be like: We're goin campin
Bee be like: Me too
Ryverz Durman
Ryverz Durman - 2 days ago
9:58 Jenna is me
S T A R R Y - 2 days ago
please canoe in your pool for real
Andrea Shore
Andrea Shore - 2 days ago
Where y'all get that tent
Unnecessarylargeamount Ofeyeliner
Jenna and julien are like my least favourite people and I love them
Snugget - 3 days ago
i kept thinking that bag on the kitchen counter at the start was marble

im sorry marble
Suzy Cold
Suzy Cold - 3 days ago
5:34 lolololol
lulugoofygoober - 3 days ago
Everytime Jenna posts a video, i think wow that's the shiet i would do
Bonnie Heikens
Bonnie Heikens - 3 days ago
Make dog smores
Kayore Grace
Kayore Grace - 3 days ago
Suuuuucchhhhhh a cool tent!!!
shy guy becouse I am
shy guy becouse I am - 3 days ago
Let cermit be a happy boy that helps him GROW
Yukki Katsuki
Yukki Katsuki - 3 days ago
You can bring at least two dogs to a campsite
Evan O'Dwyer
Evan O'Dwyer - 3 days ago
That’s a big ass tent
sydney campbell
sydney campbell - 3 days ago
Jenna: is ready for camping by wearing all Camo
Also Jenna: wears neon tie dye crocs
Copomo Pichardo
Copomo Pichardo - 3 days ago
Olivia Mercer
Olivia Mercer - 3 days ago
0:17 I can’t 😂😂😂 the dog
Twisted Chan
Twisted Chan - 3 days ago
Jenna:Protecc from Skinwalkers
Me: -snort snort wheezing-
Twisted Chan
Twisted Chan - 3 days ago
Capricorn gang?
ms misunderstood
ms misunderstood - 3 days ago
I'm new here do they have kids?
Courtney L
Courtney L - 3 days ago
Is Jenna wearing the all camo outfit she bought Julien in I buy my boyfriend's outfits.... sneaky
Darnise Toole
Darnise Toole - 3 days ago
Since when was marbles bobby?
Spazzy Lou
Spazzy Lou - Day ago
Darnise Toole she’s always called him bobby, it’s one of his nicknames
Fish Fish
Fish Fish - 3 days ago
By far one of my favorite jenna marbles videos of all time.
chloe gray
chloe gray - 3 days ago
This is the coolest tent I've ever seen, does anyone have the link to it?
BillieEllishEdits andMore
franceska Gjuraj
franceska Gjuraj - 4 days ago
“One time my dad didn’t brush my hair for 11 days, my mom was very mad” I don’t know why but that really affected my spirit 😂
ღ Park Jimin ღ
ღ Park Jimin ღ - 4 days ago
StrangerThingsHavaianasGirl Sister
I love her crocs
Nina Bobina
Nina Bobina - 4 days ago
Anyone else using this as ASMR material to fall asleep? XD
Streamstar 49
Streamstar 49 - 4 days ago
I love doing this
Tara Warner
Tara Warner - 4 days ago
What brand of vegan chocolate did you guys use? 😋
me me
me me - 4 days ago
Would pay big money to pet kermie
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