The Voice of REason: Rich Eisen Reacts to MLB’s Astros Punishment | 1/13/20

MIKELIN8 - 6 months ago
The players came up with the scheme, the players got zero punishment. What the hell?
EvilBrainFromOuterSpace - 6 months ago
So because a player or team or front office are populated cheating dicks we could have another Denkinger. This happened because of incredibly slow acting commissioner and almost no oversight and what seems to be a childlike naivety that people in a business that’s worth billions aren’t going going to look for any edge they can find. I don’t want my team to lose a single game where a replay could have made it a win. Technology caused this technology can fix it. Technology and someone in MLB security on sight to monitor what happens in the dugout and the clubhouse. Add another umpire to go switch dugouts every half inning. I’m sure someone will come up with a better solution.
Luther Vandross
Luther Vandross - 6 months ago
No one on the team that was involved in cheating was born in Texas. IJS
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm - 6 months ago
Strip the 2017 A**holes, the 2018 Red Sux, and the 2002 Lakers.
Give Yu Darvish a parade
T Berd
T Berd - 6 months ago
Lifetime bans are in order. The World Series win should be vacated. The entire team knew what was going on and did nothing! I will no longer watch this sport.
T Berd
T Berd - 6 months ago
Astros, good job. You found the quickest way to have an entire nation hate your team.
Rene Trujillo
Rene Trujillo - 6 months ago
We (Dodgers) got burned!
Beatrice Kelley
Beatrice Kelley - 6 months ago
Strip the WS. Strip the MVP. Strip all offensive stats (HRs for example).
Every guilty player suspended for 1 year and fined 1/2 their 2017 salary.
Check Altuve and Bregman (& more) for buzzers. If found even once, HoF ban.
Owner needs fined personally $10m+.
If it was 'player driven' then PUNISH THE PLAYERS.
jeff matt
jeff matt - 6 months ago
No player involved in this scam better not ever make the hall of fame. What a disgrace.
yjace5 - 6 months ago
Aj hinch should never coach again... this guy is a worm, spineless
Daze Hiphop513
Daze Hiphop513 - 6 months ago
I wonder how it feels to cheat to win in pro know you had to cheat to win and know everything you accomplished was fake.
Raymond Gorney Jr
Raymond Gorney Jr - 6 months ago
How are they allowed to still keep a title??? The numbers variance between hitters at home and on the road were ridiculous...
Russell Williams
Russell Williams - 6 months ago
Replay has nothing to do with this WTH? The Cheatstros used the center field camera all game televised use.
Clint Whatley
Clint Whatley - 6 months ago
Astros Fans are the Victims
The Packer Smacker
The Packer Smacker - 6 months ago
They should be stripped of their titles
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer - 6 months ago
Ban them all for life .or let Pete Rose in the hall of fame .hell everyone knows he should be in there anyways.
Ferdinand Cesarano
Ferdinand Cesarano - 6 months ago
This has nothing to do with replay. The regular game feed is on delay and so cannot be used as a means of transmitting the sign of the upcoming pitch. The Astros installed a separate dedicated camera just for the purpose of stealing the signs.
stephanepamplona - 6 months ago
WHHHAAT the heck does replay have to do with live feed???
Larry Strand
Larry Strand - 6 months ago
Here you go asstros ( *******)
B skrilz
B skrilz - 6 months ago
⚾️😎⌨️⚾️🏆😎🛑📸🔚the Astro reaction➡️😨😰😱👹🔥💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀Game Over!!!!!!!!
Message to A.J. and Cora: I read that a congressman in the House of Representatives is considering investigating this incident. As if they have nothing better to do than look into whether or not you 2 cheated in the fu***n World Series! Take a bow, boys!
Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice - 6 months ago
I’m not saying Hinch is not guilty, but if he had outed his team, he would have been ostracized just like all whistleblowers are. He was between a rock and a hard place! Doing the right thing will help him sleep at night, but he’d be gone, no more baseball!
Alien Nated
Alien Nated - 6 months ago
Cora n Sox /Patriots org are so dirty lifetime bans get them out! Ruining sports!Astros too!
Al Foster
Al Foster - 6 months ago
How much did this really help them, were their BA averages higher than normal?
Alex Shine
Alex Shine - 6 months ago
Houston Asterisks. If they’re really concerned about preventing cheating in the future, they should’ve stripped their title.
Ryan Loftus
Ryan Loftus - 6 months ago
Replay is not the problem, just have a few second delay in the dugout for both teams.
Easy solve
Nicholas Trudeau
Nicholas Trudeau - 6 months ago
What about the fact that both the Astros and Red Sox more than likely were doing this during the postseasons they just so happened to WIN THE WORLD SERIES!
Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz - 6 months ago
I just lost respect to baseball just for the fact on how low of punishment the lame ass Huston Texans are receiving. Really the players are getting away with it.... Dodgers clearly had the championship stolen so mad bro.
Owen - 6 months ago
The leader isn't a leader. I can hardly wait for the coming season. The boo's are coming and it will not stop.
Po1itica11yNcorrect - 6 months ago
With the Astros losing high draft picks in 2020 and 2021, they might as well go into rebuilding mode again in 2 years and tank a few seasons for high draft picks in 2022 thru 2024. Why even attempt to compete when they'll have no young talent and no trade bait?
John Bear
John Bear - 6 months ago
MLB's making millions in you guys are helping them stirring this up get everybody's emotions involved worship the game worship the game you guys are stirring it all up and in the meantime you destroying the lies of a few men..
John Bear
John Bear - 6 months ago
Blame the Astros?....LOL...use your brain... Am I taking crazy pills or what am I the only one that sees this?
John Bear
John Bear - 6 months ago
You guys are really really dumb come on guys all you got to do is write one sentence in the rule book that says if you get caught cheating by stealing signs using technological devices you will be banned from post-season play for three years if you want I'll write it in the rule book for you then you have clear punishment spelled out you don't have to get rid of replay.. man you guys are dumb!
John Bear
John Bear - 6 months ago
MLB loves all this attention they're going to make millions of dollars off this scandal and in the process they're going to ruin the lives of a few young men and some managers MLB found its scapegoat they are off the hook now..
John Bear
John Bear - 6 months ago
This is really a dumb discussion you guys need to really think about what you're doing in here me out.. how can you hold one team accountable for breaking the rules if you never clearly spell out what the punishment will be for breaking the rules?.. if you run out of the baseline during a game you will be called out because the punishment is clearly stated.if you didn't have that punishment in place what do you think's going to happen to the game you're going to have chaos and runners running out of the baseline all the time.. and that's what we have here how can you blame the Astros for breaking the rules when there are no punishments in place?... Are you telling me the Houston Astros are responsible to make sure that MLB play the game that is fair or the Astros responsible for fairness in the MLB?..dumb...NO... MLB is responsible for the rules and punishments instituted in their game you can't blame the Astros for the ineptitude of MLB for not maintaining and monitoring their game... This cheating situation has been going on for years in MLB has done nothing to address now you're going to destroy the lives of a few players and managers who got caught up in the scandal because the Astros aren't the only team that does stuff like this they've been cheating in baseball for over a hundred years... You guys need to think about what you say and what comes out of your mouth because you're you're participating in destroying the lives of other people all because MLB can't monitor their own game...dumb fake sanctimonious talk.... it's MLB's fault not one organization..
Lol wut
Lol wut - 6 months ago
Baseball has been a cheating rig fest for the longest now, anyone who tries to deny that is indenial.
Joe Nuxhall
Joe Nuxhall - 6 months ago
Cora is a POS
Joe Nuxhall
Joe Nuxhall - 6 months ago
Cora won’t be going to the White House this year either
Deplorable Centrist
Deplorable Centrist - 6 months ago
Joe Nuxhall....he wouldn't go regardless, the mean orange man hurts his feelings way too much. He was just as bad as nba coaches using their platform to trash your president.
Dave - 6 months ago
What was Hinch supposed to do, go after his players or take it up with the players’ union? That’s a no-win situation and it’s a joke that the players aren’t being held responsible.
kimi - 6 months ago
Bunch of snowflakes, must be nice living in eutopia world
Nelms 123
Nelms 123 - 6 months ago
I tell you what MLB, twitch away from replays, free agency and over hyped stadiums. I'll buy season tickets if you do. I won't if you don't.
Bogey Bear
Bogey Bear - 6 months ago
Bregman and Altuve should be banned if investigation proves they used on person signal buzzers.
LifeSizeBox - 6 months ago
MLB is soft on cheaters and the main stain media is soft.
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne - 6 months ago
Y'all are ripping off my screen name with VoR.
raji kodja
raji kodja - 6 months ago
wonder how many players got screwed out of better contract money from losing games due to this.
really sucks.
IMightBeBiased - 6 months ago
Every stadium in the MLB should have people pounding trash cans above the Astros dugout this year.
If any of these dudes had a shred of decency, and thought this was as wrong as they claim, they would give up the title. The fact that they haven't tells you all they need to know. They're sorry they got caught. And that's it.
Damian Whiteman Runs Him
Damian Whiteman Runs Him - 6 months ago
Just ban every single person involved and strip them of the title
Master Jedi55
Master Jedi55 - 6 months ago
For 34 years, since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I was a Houston Astros fan. Even though the late 90s and early 2000's teams didn't win a championship, they still played baseball the way it was supposed to be played! The hell of it is that I don't know if I should just take a hiatus from baseball until all of the current players are gone or if I should find another team.
Junior Mudd
Junior Mudd - 6 months ago
this is collusion between owners AND the players union!.. just another conspiracy to screw the fans that spend their hard earned $$
Junior Mudd
Junior Mudd - 6 months ago
scandal after scandal in baseball... cheating... crime... dishonest players, coaches, and GMs.... now were told all teams are instructed to NOT comment!!.. players included!!... so were supposed to accept manfreds weak dishonest explanation!!... being a dodger fan i think the fans will not be quiet!!.. screw you MLB!!.. from top to the lowliest players that cheat!
Luffer Booms
Luffer Booms - 6 months ago
Vacate the title
Cy Kratzer
Cy Kratzer - 7 months ago
They blur faces and license plates all the time. They can blur the catchers fingers.
Luis Villegas
Luis Villegas - 7 months ago
This is going to be an awesome documentary some day
ML - 7 months ago
The player's union is too strong to punish the players.
Guatemalan Dude 69
Guatemalan Dude 69 - 7 months ago
In sports one thing is for sure, You can cheat in the NFL but in Baseball well go ask Pete rose how he’s doing
bigsarge05 - 7 months ago
Reinstate Pete Rose.
Space Age
Space Age - 7 months ago
Bad take. Awful take.
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones - 7 months ago
So the NYY get ripped off by Astros and red soxs.. So they missed 2 world series .. against the Astros in Houston game 1 and 2 lost both 2-1 . They come to New York and get hammered 19-5 over 3 games
RICK RUCH - 7 months ago
I think mlb overstepped their bounds with this punishment fire the commissioner
TheKaffeeKlatsch - 7 months ago
Cite the rule broken?
T I - 7 months ago
Finally at 4:46 someone brings up the point of how would the guys at the plate hear a trash can bang. Has anyone here been in a MLB stadium ever? Anyone ever heard the noise during a 3-2 count pitch? Ever heard the crowd during post season games? Don’t misunderstand my point. It’s been proven to have happened. But how effective might it have been? I think it’s effectiveness is being overblown. And I think the fact that the Astros home record was worse than their road record contributes to that conclusion. It happened, but it wasn’t so magically effective that the batters knew every pitch. Furthermore, don’t ya think if there was that much banging coming from the dugout, someone besides the batter would hear it ? Like the umpire ?
LifeSizeBox - 6 months ago
T I This is why cheating to win is never a good idea. I bet in most ballparks the Astros will get boo’d every time they take the field. Once a cheater always a cheater, it’s too late for the Astros to change that now.
T I - 6 months ago
Conspiracy theories only on run away social media and you tube. Absolutely no real allegations of that or any proof whatsoever.
LifeSizeBox - 6 months ago
They were also wearing electronic devices under their jerseys.
David Norris
David Norris - 7 months ago
stealing signs, gosh, let me clasp my pearls. Let us round up the usual suspects
MY LITTLE PITBULL - 7 months ago
Their new name is the Houston TrashCanBangers
Steve Coronado
Steve Coronado - 7 months ago
5 million for a World Series Championship. Not too shabby!
Morgan Nield
Morgan Nield - 7 months ago
The Astro's have to be the new most hated team in baseball, right?
Oooooh...5 million dollar fine! Pennies for an owner worth 2.5 billion. Draft picks taken away? Big deal. Trade Correa for a couple of 1st rounders and those a recouped. A couple of other trades and everything is back to normal. GM and manager suspended for a year. A 1 year vacation. The horror!
Jorge Johnson
Jorge Johnson - 7 months ago
It’s up to the home fans to express displeasure. Rallying around their Loser Champions means it’s okay to cheat to win. Just don’t cheat to lose. That’s when baseball would ban you for life.
steve lucero
steve lucero - 7 months ago
True zero tolerance would result in the Astros getting their series win, season games and player stats vacated.
If the Sox did the same... same result.
Jeff Cheesman
Jeff Cheesman - 7 months ago
Sign stealing in baseball has been going on forever! Does not bother me one doggone bit.
Thomas H
Thomas H - 7 months ago
The Hinch bs about him not liking it is akin to saying ''I saw my husband sexually abuse our child, I didn't approve of it but didn't do anything to stop little Timmy getting his ass reemed.'' What a saint.
pigjubby1 - 7 months ago
Bregman, Altuve, Springer, Correa, Guriel, all of the Astros, we know you are cheaters, all of you. You guys are a fraud. You have shamed your team, your city and all of baseball. How dare you ever show your face in any stadium. You don't even have the integrity to return the rings you stole. You are thieves and cowards. Kids should burn your jerseys.
Jerryii - 7 months ago
This is why baseball is garbage. Players need to cheat to win, are you kidding me? Football, basketball, soccer will always be the superior sports.
J C - 7 months ago
“You’re the manager. You’re in charge” - lol exactly
Jason Killey
Jason Killey - 7 months ago
Love how the sports media is spinning this as "dropping the hammer"
Ashwat Giri
Ashwat Giri - 7 months ago
Strip the franchise of the title & ban all the players
Wilbert Arenas
Wilbert Arenas - 7 months ago
I smell bullshit. He broke the video monitors but never told them to stop cheating
Andre Rolaf
Andre Rolaf - 7 months ago
Pathetic. Screw baseball. Killed American Passtime. End pro baseball.
ItMightGetMessy - 7 months ago
Players need to be forced to retire early
j29maniac - 7 months ago
MLB could do away with the replay rooms and still have replays. It would just need to be up to the manager to decide to challenge (or not) based one what he or his players saw, rather than what his replay guy is telling him.
Steven Flores
Steven Flores - 7 months ago
As a life long Dodger Fan me and my Family are still Heart Broken this is just ridiculous they Beat us in that fashion MLB needs to Vacate that Ship and Altuves MVP period.
Lou Alcaraz
Lou Alcaraz - 7 months ago
That’s a stupid solution. They’re not going to get rid of replay. Here’s the solution; next person or team caught stealing signs electronically is banned for life. Now that mlb is in bed with legalized gambling, this better not happen again.
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney - 7 months ago
The is worst thing to happen to Baseball, since the 94 World Series Sttike! This is a real smack in the face to the fans, The Pirates play fair and thier records shows! Boston just fired Cora! No way Cora ever Coaches in the Majors again. And Epstein didn't kill himself!
p 28
p 28 - 7 months ago
How have the players not been banned?
Ban everyone for LIFE!!!
Stop the cheaters.
Think of the fans.
Ban them all for LIFE!!!!
Donny Wisniewski
Donny Wisniewski - 7 months ago
And Pete Rose is laughing his butt off, that none of these players are seeing any discipline.
Dallas Brubaker
Dallas Brubaker - 6 months ago
I am laughing because this whole thing is nonsense
T.E. Ross
T.E. Ross - 6 months ago
I don’t think he’s laughing. I’m guessing he is pissed!
Lucinda Waugh
Lucinda Waugh - 6 months ago
Donny Wisniewski i said the same thing!!!
TraceVelvets - 7 months ago
If they really want to stop this, they should be banned for life, and have world series title taken away. It will happen again
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk - 7 months ago
It's really dumb to talk about removing replay when what is a much better, forward-looking idea is to change how the pitcher sends signs to the catcher and make it much less apparent to any camera.
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk - 7 months ago
LOL how is the part about the massage gun relevant at all.
DisneyRocks - 7 months ago
Why not just removed their World Series title and give it to the other team I mean they cheated
Larsboy727 - 5 months ago
iif they did that they would have riots on there hands
Dallas Brubaker
Dallas Brubaker - 6 months ago
Chris Lystig
Chris Lystig - 7 months ago
"Hilarious joke MLB!"
- Pete Rose 2020
Lance Hurley
Lance Hurley - 7 months ago
Raider rule #1 ..cheating is encouraged
B R - 7 months ago
WTF does the Astros being low life cheaters have to do with replay Rich Eisen? Please enlighten the rest of us idiots. There have been TV cameras all over stadiums for 40 years, what does one have to do with the other? There isnt supposed to be a video feed into the dugout, the Astros permitted that to happen. Video replay for the teams is done outside the dugout and a phone call is made with a decision to challenge, so why eliminate it? Which btw is not going to happen, christ it's only a matter of time before the have electronic strike zones, they are going to start experimenting with it this year
Dan R
Dan R - 7 months ago
So basically the market price for a WS title has been set: 5 million bucks, 4 draft picks and 2 non-player employees........yea I think every team would make that trade every year if they could.
The 2017 title absolutely should be vacated. It wont change memories but it will take away that franchise's only title. You cannot let cheaters keep their ill-gotten gains just because a little time has passed. The people of today will remember the truth regardless. The people 75 years from now will not. If a bank robber was caught 3 years later the punishment would not merely be that they arent allowed to work at a bank for a year. The Astros only fired them as a "good PR" move to pretend they arent the scummiest organization in the league. They dont care, they just got caught.
You cant suspend the players because some of them play for new teams plus immunity was the reason they agreed to talk. Taking the title away is the only thing that can actually hurt the players at this point.
I also think the Astros should have to forfeit all international bonus pool money and the first 15 picks the next two years not just 2. Baseball drafts are 45 rounds and decent players come from lower rounds all the time. 2 picks is like 1 quarter of one pick in the nfl.
Uncle Stinky
Uncle Stinky - 7 months ago
Rich wonders why Hinch did not just tell the players to stop the sign stealing scheme, but I think that the manager or coach is generally not seen as an authority figure anymore in any sport.
Erik Jansen
Erik Jansen - 7 months ago
Ban them for life.
Ludwigia pilosa
Ludwigia pilosa - 7 months ago
You know how they have animations or whatever on the scoreboard of home games to get the crowd clapping and into it? Why not a bat on a trash can? Other teams could do that
Trollsif Stalin
Trollsif Stalin - 7 months ago
If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
Russell Kempe
Russell Kempe - 7 months ago
Why did it take 2 1/2 years for this to come to light. (?) Mike Fiers who was a pitcher for the Astros in 2017' first reported this back in 2017'. Why no investigation until now.
1 - 7 months ago
Baseball needs to do a league wide investigation on this issue and find out how deep it goes . Astros & Red Sox have been busted but it sounds like quite a few other teams have done it as well . Former players have said this has been happening for years so let’s hear the full truth
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada - 7 months ago
Hinch, Luhnow and Cora are finished in baseball. Well, there’s always Uber, fellas......
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo - 7 months ago
Edward Yamada They have plenty of millions. Cora will wind up in Japan or something like that.
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada - 7 months ago
Why was Beltran let go scot free?
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