73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

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OP Michael
OP Michael - 2 hours ago
IK this is random but does anyone know the brand of that jacket she wore. Thx
Daljit Dubb
Daljit Dubb - 3 hours ago
Hailey is so nice and beautiful but i like selena with justin more but this is what they are destined to god bless their couple😍
Dr. Michaud
Dr. Michaud - 3 hours ago
STUDENT WRITES FINAL ON FIRST DAY OF CLASS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgnHZ5jA_Dc
Alex Secession
Alex Secession - 4 hours ago
73 questions 7.3 million views
Argene Sabanate
Argene Sabanate - 4 hours ago
kill'em with kindness queen hehe
Aye Kyi Thant
Aye Kyi Thant - 4 hours ago
She loves JB so much obviously
Sarah A
Sarah A - 5 hours ago
I dont know why people hate on her? She's amazing.
Sksksks Sksksks
Sksksks Sksksks - 6 hours ago
Selena Gomez is prettier💋 #sorrynotsorry
Robis2349 - 8 hours ago
looks a lot like her father
Ria Regi
Ria Regi - 9 hours ago
They should a bts version ☺☺
Bbg Riley
Bbg Riley - 10 hours ago
Hailey is actually really nice
Emma Topp
Emma Topp - 10 hours ago
Is that justins sister or girlfriend
Ebony x
Ebony x - 10 hours ago
"what mystery would you solve"
hailey: shake shack special sauce
me: madeleine mccan
Catari Belen Cortes Montecinos
Y en español perros??
Annasbitchinaccount - 11 hours ago
I’m just watching this because it’s been in my recommended for a week
lisa 16
lisa 16 - 12 hours ago
Fun fact:Selena and Hailey were both asked one same question "When do you feel the most beautiful?"
Selena answered "When I'm with people I love" , while hailey's answer is "When I spend some time in the sun"
Not hate,but you can see the difference between them
Julian Kat
Julian Kat - 13 hours ago
She seems so nice
lil sebastian
lil sebastian - 14 hours ago
She has a very pretty talking voice
lil sebastian
lil sebastian - 14 hours ago
Also yasss anklets! And toe rings 💕
oliveea bora
oliveea bora - 14 hours ago
73 Q's with Kaia Gerber!
Sweet Lady
Sweet Lady - 14 hours ago
She is very cute
Erin Maglietta
Erin Maglietta - 14 hours ago
Def a little Dolly Parton lookalike
Art Explosion
Art Explosion - 15 hours ago
Is she Justin’s sister
Bok Noy
Bok Noy - 16 hours ago
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GoLdEnaRm - 17 hours ago
Now I know what Justin saw in her😊
Flavius Westfall
Flavius Westfall - 17 hours ago
Its Halen
Its Halen - 18 hours ago
06:49 Shawn Mendes Fans here because of “anything kanye” ....particular taste🧐
Gomezquinones Family
Gomezquinones Family - 18 hours ago
She looked so sad when he asked her about her ballet career she probably only does modeling cause of fame
Lamba Jyothika yadav
Lamba Jyothika yadav - 19 hours ago
Does anyone count how many questions does he ask are 73 or not?
Febby Fitriah
Febby Fitriah - 20 hours ago
I think she is lovable and so kind😍
Adelina 0420
Adelina 0420 - 20 hours ago
Only dances when it's Kanye😃 did u know what i mean?
Hugo Silva
Hugo Silva - 21 hour ago
who's she?
J.R. Productions
J.R. Productions - 22 hours ago
That is a MAN. All "women" in Hollywood are TRANNIES!!!
Azealea Lewis
Azealea Lewis - 9 hours ago
J.R. Productions I’ve said the same thing
Kim Yen
Kim Yen - 22 hours ago
Shes so lovely. Love her so much
Pamela Abou Abdo
Pamela Abou Abdo - 23 hours ago
She's cute
skyrose no limit
skyrose no limit - 23 hours ago
She is not happy, they are moments when she cracks.
hoàng thị thúy hằng
She seems nice and perfect fit for justin. Stop hating her..
Kyle DeGuzman
Kyle DeGuzman - Day ago
Is she not a model?
Tsunade Sama
Tsunade Sama - Day ago
Está mujer no tiene personalidad es una del montón
grey - Day ago
90% of the questions are about justin and her first time modeling for vogue just happens to involve justin... i guess we know who actually got famous for dating justin. definitely wasnt selena
ASK 101
ASK 101 - Day ago
Anyone ever counted how many questions he actually had asked? 😌
Megha Rakshit
Megha Rakshit - Day ago
Who else was expecting Justin at the door when calling bell rang?????? 😹
Brave Boy
Brave Boy - Day ago
Wait Justin got married?
tara bierwagen
tara bierwagen - Day ago
She sounds like Kim Kardashian! Kindof... but I like her a lot and Justin!
Songam Kamei
Songam Kamei - Day ago
What evry one knows the truth about justin
Cristina Figueroa
Cristina Figueroa - Day ago
Love u princess hailey💘love JAILEY ,justin king💕 the perfect couple on Earth 🥰
Nicole Murphy
Nicole Murphy - Day ago
Rachael Dennis
Rachael Dennis - Day ago
Is this actually 73 questions about Justin Bieber
Rebe99ful - Day ago
Spilling the Tea
Spilling the Tea - Day ago
She’s so cute.
TheSCL - Day ago
She’s sooo cute and seems genuinely sweet 😊 All the best H&J
Monique Juan
Monique Juan - Day ago
She seems like a genuine nice person
Barbara - Day ago
This is such a weird interview. They are both so uncomfortable and awkward.
Rosa Scarlet
Rosa Scarlet - Day ago
I imagined Gigi Hadid's voice to be like Hailey's and Hailey's like that of Gigi but it is entirely the opposite.
Rosa Scarlet
Rosa Scarlet - Day ago
More like 73 questions about her dad and Justin Bieber. I would have appreciated it more if it was more about her.
stormi forever
stormi forever - Day ago
I love her so much.. Why are they just talking about justin
catherine taylor
catherine taylor - Day ago
ok but wtf kinda floor plan is that
Natalia Mascarenhas
Private Person
Private Person - Day ago
Wish this wasn’t scripted
Gia Khairi
Gia Khairi - Day ago
Cool video! Hey guys check out my latest video!
Abraham Origel
Abraham Origel - Day ago
Wasn’t she just a Ig model
Kid Me
Kid Me - Day ago
Why does the interviewer need a beer in every video
Xxj X
Xxj X - Day ago
Did she not get the Never Say Never was a Justin reference
♡ ℓιzαℓρѕσffι¢ιαℓ ™ ♡
73 Questions with Vogue!
Hannah Elzen
Hannah Elzen - Day ago
*hailey baldwin
Chopperdoll - Day ago
I thought she wold have been a bit shallow. She’s actually sweet.
NinjaSpan - Day ago
she looks a little bit like kim kardashian's daughter north
aisy ishaya
aisy ishaya - Day ago
She loves justin with anything he have
Priya Devraj
Priya Devraj - Day ago
Her fashion sense suckssssssssssss
Priya Devraj
Priya Devraj - Day ago
Stupid woman
Christine Birchfield
Shes so likeable and chill
tangerime # tangiii way
who noticed that there was no rain drops in the umbrella😂😂
Xxj X
Xxj X - Day ago
Emilia Plücken
Emilia Plücken - Day ago
Her fake lips und everything 😒
Akriti Tiwari
Akriti Tiwari - Day ago
The most lucky lady of the universe....! Got Justin Beiber..!!👍👌
Akriti Tiwari
Akriti Tiwari - Day ago
Sarah ....I mean "Justin Beiber".....not his barf bag..😂.
Sarah - Day ago
Akriti Tiwari you mean Justin barf bag
Astrid Støndenhodetska
... Who?
franberry milkshake
*Hailey:* He's love for other people
*Me:* *thinks about selena*

No hate
anakudai - Day ago
Cute girl
Tae Kookie
Tae Kookie - Day ago
This is the first time I have heard her voice
remboy510 - Day ago
Cringe asf 😴😴
Teddy Anne Hannah
Teddy Anne Hannah - Day ago
Come on, guys all vogue’s 73 questions are scripted anyway, it probably seems the fakest with hailey because she isnt an actor or such to start with :/
good luck 2026
good luck 2026 - Day ago
I know why Justin Bieber chose her
good luck 2026
good luck 2026 - Day ago
She is so nice
good luck 2026
good luck 2026 - Day ago
Am I only one who heard her voice first
Bangtan Milk
Bangtan Milk - Day ago
this is awkward...
Ayriza Riza
Ayriza Riza - Day ago
I could tell Justin and Hailey really love each other so much
Rehnuma Hashmi
Rehnuma Hashmi - Day ago
Justin should bring all the 👗 dressess
m q
m q - Day ago
I think she is the world's most luckiest girl because she marry with my crush
indhina saraswati
indhina saraswati - Day ago
Best interview of Vogue 73 question is emma stone for me she is totally nailed it , but hailey is cute anyway💞
Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam - Day ago
Why isn't Justin there?! Aren't the two of them staying together.
Love ly
Love ly - Day ago
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Abhijeet Vaidya
Abhijeet Vaidya - Day ago
Who and why is she famous 😕?
raye xo
raye xo - 18 hours ago
Abhijeet Vaidya because of modelling and being raised in a famous family.
Habiba omar
Habiba omar - Day ago
Ugh her outfit is terrible
Mian Waqas
Mian Waqas - 2 days ago
please make 73 questions with justin beiber
RANCID XD - 2 days ago
I miss selena
SAMHITHA SHARMA - 2 days ago
Hailey should die..! She is useless and she forced Justin into relationship eventually a marriage.Shame on her can't even sing national anthem.
tea golden freddy
tea golden freddy - 2 days ago
idk why, but at 5:48 I knew she would say Margot Robbie
Reena Chanu
Reena Chanu - 2 days ago
Pls do 73 questions with Shawn Mendes
Whitley Marie
Whitley Marie - 2 days ago
who is hailey beiber??
리틀몬스터!! - 2 days ago
Selena bieber
Samuel Ángel Infante
Samuel Ángel Infante - 2 days ago
I love herrrr
Matt Wicks
Matt Wicks - 2 days ago
This just reminds me of the Ariana Grande 73 questions parody.
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