73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

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Venus Valenciaga
Venus Valenciaga - 2 hours ago
She look amazing
Venus Valenciaga
Venus Valenciaga - 2 hours ago
She’s so sweet 🥰
Venus Valenciaga
Venus Valenciaga - 2 hours ago
Lol suena la lluvia y ella se cubre con un paraguas pero nunca se moja el paraguas ☔️😂💀
R0YaL_HiGhNeSs - 2 hours ago
These questions are lame!
Nyae Amani
Nyae Amani - 3 hours ago
So ironic!! Selena's 73 question interviews is right after. Justin probably watches it more than this one.
Hannah Cornett
Hannah Cornett - 5 hours ago
...um, more like “73 Questions with Justin Bieber’s wife/Alec Baldwin’s niece.”
Hailey is a beautiful girl and seems sweet but this was painful. She’s rather boring and has no personality.
Skye - 5 hours ago
Not one drop of water on that umbrella 😂
Grace kgosimore
Grace kgosimore - 11 hours ago
Grace kgosimore
Grace kgosimore - 11 hours ago
I just love when they walkout and just keep on going
Mikayla Fulper
Mikayla Fulper - 12 hours ago
It wasn’t raining bruh
Pikathi x3
Pikathi x3 - 13 hours ago
73 questions with Ariana Grande??
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink - 17 hours ago
She is not particularly attractive, interesting, or intelligent. These are the new-age celebrities and it's so pathetic.
angel chan
angel chan - 17 hours ago
This is us ???1D XD
Lauren Walker
Lauren Walker - 20 hours ago
These are so rehearsed it's painful
Tru Spartan 117
Tru Spartan 117 - 20 hours ago
Who is this knockoff bieber?
TheDimondBow// TLB
TheDimondBow// TLB - 22 hours ago
maddie kreher
maddie kreher - Day ago
Okay but this is the first time im hearing her voice and it's not what i expected at all. It's so cute
Felicitas C
Felicitas C - Day ago
I’m still waiting the “73 Questions with Ariana Grande” like if you wanted too
Felicitas C
Felicitas C - Day ago
I’m still waiting the “73 Questions with Ariana Grande”
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - Day ago
Anyone who wanted a "73 questions with Justin Bieber," here you go.
Adam DeSoto
Adam DeSoto - Day ago
Vogue: "What are you famous for?"
Hailey: "umm...
Julian James Dean
Julian James Dean - Day ago
So authentic
deemxla x
deemxla x - Day ago
She’s gorgeous
Notorious Pandas
Notorious Pandas - Day ago
I like how the next video suggestion is Selena Gomez vogue
Kaye Banico
Kaye Banico - Day ago
came here to dislike the video
kate wellington
kate wellington - Day ago
2:09 let me tell you one of his bad habits .
His taste in woman is worst after his break up with selena.😂😂
Play with ARJ
Play with ARJ - Day ago
Justin is married lol 😂 I didn’t even know and god ,why the heck I am i still single ?
Justin's my life
Justin's my life - Day ago
bitch. - Day ago
*73 questions with the weeknd pls*
bitch. - Day ago
73 questions with tyler the creator would be iconic lmao
bitch. - Day ago
*waiting for 73 questions with billie eilish!*
Sarah Issa
Sarah Issa - 2 days ago
She is so sweet
Melissa Coburn
Melissa Coburn - 2 days ago
I like haley
Lauren P.
Lauren P. - 2 days ago
why is everybody hating on her, who cares if it’s scripted she seems like a really sweet human being!❤️
Sasa Mhb
Sasa Mhb - 2 days ago
She IS just opportunistic cause she used her new name to launch a new Brand tout have more money and fame she has no talent she IS just skinny and born at the right moment in the right family she use others talented people to have more money and fame because she is nothing and...i don't understand why Justin Bieber married her she has a too long baboon face,Fake blonde,too skinny and looks like a dude Justin IS stupid...but dont forget he married her in a depressive moment of his life.. think about it...
Sasa Mhb
Sasa Mhb - 2 days ago
I really dont like her no offense...i just cannot feel her
die hard
die hard - 2 days ago
She sounds so rehearsed
Nia Thorman
Nia Thorman - 2 days ago
73 questions with Shawn Mendes?
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie - 2 days ago
I was not expecting her to be so sweet
Holly Stobart
Holly Stobart - 2 days ago
aww she's so sweet
My World
My World - 2 days ago
She’s so adorable and cute 😍😍
My World
My World - 2 days ago
She’s so adorable and cute 😍😍
Mariam Litt
Mariam Litt - 2 days ago
U know what’s scary, the fact that she looks like Justin Bieber
Tatiana Hernandez
Tatiana Hernandez - 2 days ago
This is all about Justin 😂😂😂
Cream - 2 days ago
Which TV show was she in?
Mo Jr
Mo Jr - 2 days ago
so the bottle cap finna stay on the floor?
Haseenah Haseenah
Haseenah Haseenah - 2 days ago
she is so ugly. selena is more pretty then her
Tammy Michelle
Tammy Michelle - 2 days ago
These interviews seem so fake and staged! 😝
She's so classy. No wonder Justin is falling so hard for her.. Shes gorgeous
emmajoy oludare
emmajoy oludare - 3 days ago
Oof Selena’s interview is right after this one in my recommends lol
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez - 3 days ago
I love her !!
Amber Lynn2478
Amber Lynn2478 - 3 days ago
Omg at this point they should of just interviewed him because 90% of the q's WERE ABOUT JUSTIN
Latest Trends
Latest Trends - 3 days ago
She's 😍
SciencePandaZoey - 3 days ago
*What do you admire the most about him?*
**His heart for other people**
SciencePandaZoey - 2 days ago
+the jane cameron have u ever seen camila cabello rude to her fans? No u have not, she is famous just like all those other singers but she is LITERALLY the nicest singer. And probably CAMILA is younger. And if he is tired, why bother being famous and making new music?!
the jane cameron
the jane cameron - 2 days ago
SciencePandaZoey you know what ? being so popular at a young age, seeing ur face on every single newspaper, its too stressful to handle it. he loves people, but because of being stress, making people feel weak and refuse to do anything. you dont know how tired and sad he is.
Noman Arsh
Noman Arsh - 3 days ago
Best wishes for justin and hailee. God bless! Always think 100 times before divorce. Be a role modelling couple
BlueGirl - 3 days ago
73 questions with Hailey Bieber or Justin Bieber?
Sophie Dietz
Sophie Dietz - 3 days ago
when this is rly just a post mates ad
Marina Vlogs
Marina Vlogs - 3 days ago
Do one of Billie eilish please
Justin M
Justin M - 3 days ago
All these interviews were painful.
julia lavri
julia lavri - 3 days ago
I really like her, she sound nice and cute, but she seems like she married someone heavier than her.. Hope her the best of happiness
shannon - 3 days ago
Much sweeter than selena
Bieber found his match!
shannon - 3 days ago
This girl is sooo sweet congrats!!!
Tamanna Kaur Rai
Tamanna Kaur Rai - 3 days ago
Asked about Justin”what’s his worst habit”
Hailey”doesn’t have any”
Same question asked to my mom about me
My mom’s answer “wanna list? “
wai lai
wai lai - 3 days ago
It looks like she shaved her hair when the pony tail is hidden.........
olol loo
olol loo - 3 days ago
Lien nguyen
Lien nguyen - 3 days ago
She‘s really sweet but i haven‘t heard her voice before🤭
That's So Cabeyooo
That's So Cabeyooo - 3 days ago
"Do you dream?"
No I'm a robot
Bens Dusty
Bens Dusty - 2 days ago
I dont usually dream or i just dont remember them
Icequeen 21
Icequeen 21 - 3 days ago
I have been asked 73 questions by my MUM when i went out.......
Ines dantas fernandes
Ines dantas fernandes - 3 days ago
Grilllllll I'm Portuguese and you don't say how are you like that it's como estas
_ _anonymous_ _
_ _anonymous_ _ - 3 days ago
Where did the other bottle go

*He drank both?*
Sumer - 3 days ago
I never heard her voice before this video and I have to say I wasn’t expecting the voice that came out lool.
Nalghas - 3 days ago
I’m i the only one who thought she was bald in the thumbnail
Carissa Meow
Carissa Meow - 4 days ago
Her nose is not straight
Blockbuster - 4 days ago
Is there a reason why it’s specifically 73 questions?
Aaron Leddy
Aaron Leddy - 4 days ago
5:57 “what are you afraid most of losing?”
“Em, my engagement ring”

Justin: am i a joke to you?
Elesi Kabulevu
Elesi Kabulevu - Day ago
Varshana Kikla
Varshana Kikla - 2 days ago
Aaron Leddy 😂
Iva J.
Iva J. - 2 days ago
he asked "what", not "who"
Nylah NJR
Nylah NJR - 4 days ago
I expected Hailey's voice to sound British
Danna Camacho
Danna Camacho - 4 days ago
What you all came for 6:47
Ehab Shaitha Hassious
Ehab Shaitha Hassious - 4 days ago
73 questions to a 73 question guys
Simrandeep Jhall
Simrandeep Jhall - 4 days ago
I love Hailey x
يونس العنزي
يونس العنزي - 4 days ago
Hey babes
WINNIE LIN - 4 days ago
like= selena
Kim VonBargen
Kim VonBargen - 4 days ago
Omggggg I watch this is us!
toob - 4 days ago
Sponsored by Post Mates and Shake Shack.
90s Papii
90s Papii - 4 days ago
I've watched several of these 73 Questions interviews and I feel like they actually want us to know that it scripted and fake AF cuz that umbrella ain't got a single droplets on it
Sara Madam
Sara Madam - 4 days ago
What does biebs see
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad - 4 days ago
She doesn't even know HER National anthem!?!? WHAT!?
Daphne Chan
Daphne Chan - 4 days ago
Marina Abroad eh, I don’t know mine either.
Marilynn Ballines
Marilynn Ballines - 4 days ago
No matter what the comments say, she seems sweet and I truly hope they are genuinely happy together!! 😊
Simon Play’s
Simon Play’s - 4 days ago
Aishwarya Sharma Me Too
zarro - 4 days ago
y'all are so petty gezz, stop commenting things about selena and comparing hailey with her, god
cody ruoss
cody ruoss - 4 days ago
Is it just me or are these interviews always cringe af
ProdByMike _
ProdByMike _ - 4 days ago
she's perfect.
wonderwall - 4 days ago
I can’t stand her voice
prettyshit_01 - 4 days ago
Her voice is kinda annoying and awful
Rose Rai
Rose Rai - 4 days ago
She should be scared to lose her child’s not her ingagment Ring
samuel cuartas
samuel cuartas - 4 days ago
she is beautiful
Karina S
Karina S - 4 days ago
She started thinking before the guy even asked his question wtf
Madeeha Tariq
Madeeha Tariq - 4 days ago
Is it just me who doesn't think that her voice don't suit her nor her and Justin??? No? Ok...
Justine Ramirez
Justine Ramirez - 4 days ago
So what were the secrecy woven in Justin songs?? Lol
Kurt Grande
Kurt Grande - 4 days ago
Hailey looks like a goat hahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha.......f*cking DISGUSTING
Yadhira Chaparro
Yadhira Chaparro - 4 days ago
I love her she’s so classy and beautiful
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