Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ruffles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Coleman Hamilton
Coleman Hamilton - 8 days ago
lol I watched the video she watched and it led me here.
Jeanie May
Jeanie May - 10 days ago
Claire at the start of the video: this will be really easy and I'm gonna be done by the end of the day
Me: checks the time stamp
Also me: no no honey this will be a disaster
Joaly Rodriguez
Joaly Rodriguez - 11 days ago
I’m sad that queso ruffles weren’t there
Madcap Laughs
Madcap Laughs - 12 days ago
For God's sake don't use your hand to push a potato or anything else on a mandoline!
Sofia Komarov
Sofia Komarov - 13 days ago
"if you have to read the instructions it's too complicated"
filling in for brad here, chris?
K Fallon
K Fallon - 13 days ago
I love how Claire talks about how feared the french mandolin is because you can really do some damage, but then doesn't use the guide/hand guard, but her bare hand!
eunice - 14 days ago
chris’ hairline looks so wavy almost like like a wavelength ok that was a bad pun was that even a pun i don’t even know 15:15
Savage - 15 days ago
cheese and sour cream is the quintessential
Natalie Jimenez
Natalie Jimenez - 16 days ago
What I see when I’m wearing a mask
(I wear glasses)
Kelly Ribeiro
Kelly Ribeiro - 17 days ago
nossa ela jogou a batata no lixo so pq caiu no chao
melanie stichler
melanie stichler - 17 days ago
All Dressed ... best chip flavor EVER.
Marvin Millan
Marvin Millan - 17 days ago
gaby is so adorable! i love her positive vibe :)
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer - 19 days ago
Dremel tool what's that that sounds like a made up word. Me screaming at the screen Jesus you stupid woman. They need another person doing these videos. I can't stand this chick.
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 19 days ago
Claire was briefly Canadian?? How cool! By the way. Ruffles is one of my favourite potato chips. Excellent job with this recreation Claire :-)
David Afanasiev
David Afanasiev - 21 day ago
"I think crack is crack for your brain" - Claire Saffitz
Shirley Lee
Shirley Lee - 25 days ago
Chris is like a proud dad xD
Annabel Endicott
Annabel Endicott - 25 days ago
Whenever a snack tries to make a "better" version, it is always awful.
cheetos puff
cheezit snap
ruffle double crunch
oh yeah
oh yeah - 25 days ago
eating ruffles as i watch this....... life imitates art
cobytang - 25 days ago
5:31 I think William Osman can hook you up...... wait, nevermind
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson - 26 days ago
Claire: I'm feeling pretty good about it.
Me: *checks video length and chuckles*
D K - 26 days ago
BBQ flavor!!!!!!!
Tarine Aru Ariadno
Tarine Aru Ariadno - 27 days ago
seeing claire used the tools to sharpen the blade is really making me remember my clinical years in dental school, like I used it everytime I polished my stainless steel crown to a perfect shape😂😂
James Hack
James Hack - 27 days ago
All Dressed chips are Canada's greatest secret
Kat Ducoff
Kat Ducoff - 27 days ago
Storknivarn - 27 days ago
Watching her use the mandolin without the protective handle gives me anxiety
xshinyfirex - Month ago
Can someone please give a BA kitchen lesson on how to use a french mandolin?
M M - Month ago
I'm not one for ASMR, but all of the potato chip bag noises were so satisfying.
reshma pm
reshma pm - Month ago
Can u try re creating bounty
deer - Month ago
my biggest mistake is watching this video without crisps
elcidbob - Month ago
Wait, how do you go through culinary school without learning to sharpen?
Amanda Mertz
Amanda Mertz - Month ago
The all dressed are the BEST
ADHDgaming _8
ADHDgaming _8 - Month ago
Smh never any love for barbecue
Hania Popowska
Hania Popowska - Month ago
"A dozen and a half" and "one and a half dozen" is NOT the same thing ;)
Hania Popowska
Hania Popowska - Month ago
Claire foreshadowing the pandemic with her mouth and nose covering... o.o
cammiexdrawrr - Month ago
Does anyone know what brand or what the powder chopper is called I will like to buy one but struggling to find on amazon😂
Kangaroo Funo
Kangaroo Funo - Month ago
Why is Clair being told no on her idea?
Michael Lasfetto
Michael Lasfetto - Month ago
That Claire is a Harvard grad and asking these questions about calculus makes me feel a little bit more validated.
Sarah Wong
Sarah Wong - Month ago
As a Canadian, the lack of all-dressed and ketchup chips in the US astonishes me cause they defined my childhood
katie - Month ago
Sour Cream and Cheddar & Buffalo Hot Wing are the best flavors of Ruffles!
Mic Mule
Mic Mule - Month ago
potato grows in dirt and fertilizer
rolls under oven
yea bin it
win montgomery
win montgomery - Month ago
im sorry but the entire sharpening process was giving me anxiety XD
Jane Kohh
Jane Kohh - Month ago
Wow Claire is literally only 3yrs older than me😱
No other Like my own skin
Could you make?
Frosted Animal Cookies
When you're able to.
Andrew Salao
Andrew Salao - Month ago
‘I think crack is also crack for your brain”
- Claire Saffitz
Nepenthe Wang
Nepenthe Wang - Month ago
Claire: Oo I'm afraid to reach under here. Who knows what's been down here.
Claire: *throws out perfectly good potato that could've been washed*
Also Claire: *immediately touches other clean potatoes without washing hands*
Nepenthe Wang
Nepenthe Wang - Month ago
The Canada rep makes me so happy. All Dressed IS the best flavour.
Carla looks so Italian here, and she's Italian.
kirinfire - Month ago
omg claire noooo why didnt u wash ur hands after touching the floor girl lmaoooo
Nilufer Kuburovic
Nilufer Kuburovic - Month ago
bro at 29:45 can we talk about gabby's amazing shorts 😍😍😂😂
oo oo
oo oo - Month ago
The dremel sharpening shots are all that I didn't know I needed. love BA so much!!
oo oo
oo oo - Month ago
Carla is crazy! How is a ruffle not a pringle? Girl... it's BETTA!
tae tae
tae tae - Month ago
she really just threw that potato to the the trash instead of washing it
Esther Chang
Esther Chang - Month ago
Not sure why she threw away the potato she dropped under the oven if she was just going to wash and peel all the other ones... Seems pretty wasteful
MrChadSimoneaux - Month ago
Sorry boys, it's not "Gourmet Makes" without Claire!
She is the show, don't try to do it without her.
(For you absolutely thick people yes she's in this one, but they're trying to make the show without her 0.o)
OsculatingPlane - Month ago
Your mom loves what?!
richard hussar
richard hussar - Month ago
8:25 Claire, that is very offensife. The term is European country of poverty.
Copernicium277 - Month ago
"I am put off by sodium diacetate" *uses vinegar powder*
may - Month ago
i wish claire could try and make those puffy asian shrimp chips
clarissa cruz
clarissa cruz - Month ago
claire bringing up amplitude and wavelengths triggered my fight or flight
Alysha O.
Alysha O. - Month ago
The marinara ones are my favorite, literally spaghetti dinner in one chip.
jim bonacci
jim bonacci - Month ago
"Might be the fastest episode ive ever done"
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky - Month ago
And the funniest comment I've ever heard in a BA video happens @18:21 "you're throwing metal!" Meanwhile, Claire wears a bandana around her face and eye protection while using the Dremel, but slices potatoes without using the guard.
Jay Blayk133
Jay Blayk133 - Month ago
Gaby just has the most AMAZING energy omg you just can't help but love her to pieces ♥️♥️
blues - Month ago
there is something so funny about multiple shots of a pastry chef sharpening a crinkle blade, goggles and all, for a mandolin to try and recreate chips that she can buy at the nearest convenience store juxtaposed to the background shots of other chefs doing normal things that chefs are supposed to do
ethan fields
ethan fields - Month ago
"There's three main variables"
Lists literally the only 3 steps in making them.
Marisa Matey Hernandez
Chris "You are doing great sweetie" Morocco
Derek Cote
Derek Cote - Month ago
Clair is like my spirit animal
Addison Jabusch
Addison Jabusch - Month ago
I watched the episode while eating all dressed Ruffles
Lynniferable - Month ago
That look as Claire says "get me a laser " lol she is amazing!
ZaDussault - Month ago
I live for your seasoning powders, using them for my pop corn, they make everything delicious!
Kels Mill
Kels Mill - Month ago
Wow!!! Why don't you try making Triscuits!!!
rph_10 - 2 months ago
They had all dressed ruffles at my Walmart and I fell in love and then the next time I went they were gone. Now I’m addicted and can’t find any 😭
Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi - 2 months ago
MAKE A COW TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello There
Hello There - 2 months ago
I can do this myself with your help 😂
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake - 2 months ago
how do you make ruffles and not make cheddar and sour cream smh!
Serrated Skies
Serrated Skies - 2 months ago
Claire: I think I can do this without looking it up. This should be easy
Video: 33 minutes
Michael Sear
Michael Sear - 2 months ago
Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score:
Palm Oil: 18
**No Palm Oil: 9**
Annika Dudley
Annika Dudley - 2 months ago
Claire opening the bag is such a mood
Add E
Add E - 2 months ago
Question: What makes it gourmet if the objective is to make an exact duplicate of a cheap, mass produced product?
Charlotte Baker
Charlotte Baker - 2 months ago
wait they dont have all dressed in the US???
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