Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ruffles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon - 5 hours ago
18:46 my new Halloween costume for 2020!!!!! Lmao
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon - 5 hours ago
17:06 whoever ever wants to play just the tip?????
NO ONE!!!!!
tt - 10 hours ago
Did she honestly throw away a potato because it fell on the floor? She could have just washed it LMAO
Aaron Kurt
Aaron Kurt - 10 hours ago
_Using a Dremel in a kitchen?_
Test kitchen?
More like testing the limits of kitchen safety!
Jkjk 👁👄👁
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - 12 hours ago
Claire is so sweet
DaBomJr - 15 hours ago
Easy = Not very processed, more healthy
Abby Chapman
Abby Chapman - 17 hours ago
you couldve just rinsed off the floor potato
MrBeatboxmasta - 23 hours ago
18:44 There needs to be a meme of this.
Samuel Wiley
Samuel Wiley - 23 hours ago
Thank God for gabby because I now describe ruffles as crack for your brain
Samuel Wiley
Samuel Wiley - 23 hours ago
Claire :It’s pretty easy 33 min video

Oh Claire
MrBeatboxmasta - 23 hours ago
Haven't watched the vid yet and I bet these are the steps. Literally use the ridged mandolin attachment. Fry the potatoes and season them. Done.
Lihong Chen
Lihong Chen - Day ago
Aww y’all should have let Claire experiment at the start. We’ve already watched like 30 (??) episodes of Gourmet Makes at this point, it would be cool to mix things up sometimes.
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you - Day ago
Did you know, that more people in Japan have the initials G.V. Than any other country?
Mister Movie
Mister Movie - Day ago
I love how at the end, Claire sounds all professional just naming all the steps like it was like super super easy to figure out
Susan Miller
Susan Miller - Day ago
What is the BA kitchen?
Hannas ordinary life
As I Canadian when I hear ruffles ur means all dressed
JustTryIt - Day ago
The editing style of Bon Appetite is my absolute favorite
g jackson
g jackson - Day ago
Truffle ruffles make it happen
Weston Sullivan
Weston Sullivan - 2 days ago
claire i would die for you
Phillip Perry
Phillip Perry - 2 days ago
just saying I love the gray strands In Claire's hair. it's honestly really pretty.
Tres Castaneda
Tres Castaneda - 2 days ago
Claire is love
Claire is LIFE...
meganpitt - 2 days ago
Jaydia Simmons
Jaydia Simmons - 2 days ago
I'd like to see you make Raspberry Zingers.
Scott Patton
Scott Patton - 3 days ago
I stopped watching this one due to the first 5 mins of non stop bag openings
Elizaflower - 3 days ago
Claire you are scaring me with bare hands on that mandoline... especially after you just dropped 2 slippery potatoes, OMG *cringe*
Joyce Liang
Joyce Liang - 3 days ago
gabby so cute
KevSlider Gaming
KevSlider Gaming - 3 days ago
Was it not okay to wash the potato after it fell?
zorin79 - 4 days ago
🌈🚥🚥🚥Please make gourmet Friuty Pebble's!!!!!🚥🚥🚥🌈
CrimsonSeas9109 - 4 days ago
I thought somebody wrapped up a normal knife for a sec
Rod Lloyd
Rod Lloyd - 4 days ago
MMMM Gut rotting Canola Oil... wow... some professional!
Lord Walker
Lord Walker - 4 days ago
My favorite thing is when you find the odd chip that is brown and I think they taste better.
Dick Hurtz
Dick Hurtz - 4 days ago
I’d love to bang her
Mr2Vin - 5 days ago
god I love gabby..
Jacob Mudd
Jacob Mudd - 5 days ago
for god's sake use the hand guard! you're freaking me out
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson - 5 days ago
Watching her use the mandoline is TERRIFYING.
KAchow - 5 days ago
Claire: "I need laser cut potato chips"
William Osman did that
TEMP - 5 days ago
gourmet hot dog?
TEMP - 5 days ago
gourmet sour belts
Fred McIntyre
Fred McIntyre - 5 days ago
Alfia Melirk
Alfia Melirk - 5 days ago
Hehe can she try and make goldfish? I feel like their hollowness would be a challenge
Alexandra Craddock
Alexandra Craddock - 5 days ago
Why didn’t she just boil the potatoes before she sliced them? Especially with the wave knife
Raphael Lee
Raphael Lee - 5 days ago
My nickname is Ruffles so she just made me better
jenn jeffs
jenn jeffs - 5 days ago
You should try making Fritos, Funyuns and HOT cheetos.
P Fx2
P Fx2 - 5 days ago
in Spain we have jamon serrano ruffles and they are the best
hugesinker - 5 days ago
I've cut fingertips off using those kind of slicers... now I always use the plastic gripper.
FALLEN - 5 days ago
hi im claire and im dead inside.
take it easy, girl
MilkySubstance - 5 days ago
Did claire throw out a potato just because she dropped it on the floor? A potato she was then going to peel, wash, and deep fry? Lol
Dave Tugwell
Dave Tugwell - 5 days ago
you mean a potato she bought and that she didnt wanna chance using because god knows what is on the floor? remind me not to eat what you make
MilkySubstance - 5 days ago
Gourmet Makes deserves better producers. Claire doesnt deserve these A-holes
Shelly - 5 days ago
what did they do?
shellee r
shellee r - 6 days ago
Loving the videos!!! Any chance you could give meat
knishes a go? The good ones - with the yellow dough covering, not puff pastry!!!
Rob2x - 6 days ago
Everytime she says shes confident the episode be 30 min long
DefiedFaith - 6 days ago
Loaded Backed Potato are by far the best.
Replay Button
Replay Button - 6 days ago
As someone who has cut part of her right thumb off (not once, but twice!) with a mandolin, this stressed me out in the best way possible
Stop Motion With Hannah
It’s ironic because we are learning about waves in 8th grade science right now lol
Gage Locklear
Gage Locklear - 6 days ago
Make fruity pebbles
N Blachowicz
N Blachowicz - 6 days ago
Claire's initial uncertainty with the Dremel is me whenever I try to cook
IAMBOBBY - 6 days ago
I was able to go to the store and get some ruffles and be back before the ending.
Venus Aziara
Venus Aziara - 6 days ago
You have to make nutty bars omg
stargreen - 6 days ago
Please never begin any kind of metal grinding task without first organising your PPE. Your lungs will thank you for wearing an appropriate mask later in life.
janice - 6 days ago
make coke
Nicole Masellis
Nicole Masellis - 6 days ago
Koalas march/ Hello Panda
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