NFL Biggest Hits of the 2020 Playoffs

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budleewiser - 8 months ago
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Fishy - 8 months ago
i just stepped on a nail
OGsesame 24
OGsesame 24 - 8 months ago
budleewiser I’d reather not
budleewiser - 8 months ago
@Mason Gingrich Thank you! Glad you liked it.
Mason Gingrich
Mason Gingrich - 8 months ago
Budleewiser hi good video
Donald Anderson
Donald Anderson - 22 hours ago
@ 3:45 what's my boy Robinson doing fortnite walking away from the ref he just hit 😂😂 wtf. I'm dying
Brad Kempker
Brad Kempker - 4 days ago
Brad Kempker
Brad Kempker - 4 days ago
Keegan Pilcher
Keegan Pilcher - 11 days ago
hikeem Williams
hikeem Williams - 11 days ago
This not 2020 games
Zack Glover
Zack Glover - 16 days ago
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Logan Paul
Logan Paul - 18 days ago
YourBoi Micah
YourBoi Micah - 20 days ago
Sorenson really said "F u kid, ur adopted"
Tafesse Soka
Tafesse Soka - 21 day ago
It didn't have to hit Tyree like that
Tafesse Soka
Tafesse Soka - 21 day ago
What is wrong with 21
Seth Singleton
Seth Singleton - 21 day ago
Julian get in your spot 🤣🤣
Jt Mulvihill
Jt Mulvihill - 21 day ago
any one wanna talk about how clowney injured one of three only starters left
Larry Leos
Larry Leos - 25 days ago
Jonatron 88
Jonatron 88 - 26 days ago
The hit on Mahomes in the Super Bowl doesn't make the list?
Lil Hang
Lil Hang - 27 days ago
League getting soft.
Carson’s Gulpers
Carson’s Gulpers - 27 days ago
Fuck clowney.
Boisenberry - 27 days ago
No Mahomes hit
T_I_k_O 649
T_I_k_O 649 - 28 days ago
Can we talk about how the Bill's did these year
lilthugpug - 28 days ago
6:57 number 87, took out 26
JM 14
JM 14 - 29 days ago
You might as well just make it a titans video
Bobby Keoudomxay
Bobby Keoudomxay - Month ago
Not a titan fan but at least they made it far
Chris Zaz
Chris Zaz - Month ago
I like that the majority of these hits are absolutely clean. I don't have to feel guilty about watching another man forget his kid's names with a hit to the head.
A BC - Month ago
Will J
Will J - Month ago
Most of hits were weak!
Frederick Carter
Frederick Carter - 2 months ago
5:04 was a beautiful play by an inside backer
JuJu DaDon
JuJu DaDon - 2 months ago
boy do i miss Kam Chancellor
Don’t ask because I don’t care
4:50 When you get rejected by wwe and you need to prove yourself
Don’t ask because I don’t care
Remember when Mahomes got laid out by a 49ers defender and the ball went flying like 10 yards
pablo escobar
pablo escobar - 2 months ago
7:52 Lol anyone else see D.K Metcalf up top telling the corner covering him to come press him
hitxxx47 - 3 months ago
What’s the instrumental in the beginning ?
mwhitejr - 3 months ago
Collinsworth "worse concussions I had..." man please you stay running out of bounce before a hit came
Nick Hannah
Nick Hannah - 3 months ago
Julian get in the slot! Lol :)
negius hegratte
negius hegratte - 3 months ago
Saints hit was not a blindside. Dude completely saw it coming.
Pls Green
Pls Green - 3 months ago
The Clowney hit on Wentz was just dirty
Don’t ask because I don’t care
Clowney got some karma, dem family Jules gone
Fabian Sotelo
Fabian Sotelo - 3 months ago
The Seahawks cheated the got a cheap shot on carson wentz
Isiah Kemp iii
Isiah Kemp iii - 3 months ago
Justin Reid Hit On TY was the best one
Alex Joiner
Alex Joiner - 3 months ago
Next video should be “loudest hits”
Luke Connors
Luke Connors - 3 months ago
The eagles qb is made out of glass
Ms. Hunter •
Ms. Hunter • - 3 months ago
Toxic Wolf
Toxic Wolf - 3 months ago
When ever I see Clowney I think of Kay
Don’t ask because I don’t care
Lol I get it
TheFuzzyCrack - 3 months ago
Fuck Clowney. There's a reason that idiot is a FA still.
Kosuke Ueda
Kosuke Ueda - 3 months ago
The tackle is scary
Frederick E
Frederick E - 3 months ago
😆 love it
Gunner White
Gunner White - 4 months ago
This has gotta be the worst “biggest hits of” video I’ve ever seen, I only saw two hits that were actually big and the rest were just regular hits, it shows how soft the league is now, I mean we’re showing videos of players running into refs on a big hit video.
malikbeballing Walker
malikbeballing Walker - 4 months ago
These hits are trash
LEGEND - 4 months ago
6:51 that reminds me of madden 20
David - 4 months ago
Feel like you could put a couple Taysom Hill runs in here. He bowled over quite a few Vikings in that loss and was the only player who really came to play for the Saints
CrappieMaster10K - 4 months ago
Titans suck
Julian j
Julian j - 4 months ago
How many times were the titans in here
Gurky Turky
Gurky Turky - 4 months ago
So we can learn from this: Titans like getting hit. And failing at the playoffs
Atanimac - 4 months ago
Cheap shot on Wentz. Should have been a fine and a suspension
Dekhi Church
Dekhi Church - 5 months ago
Omg 😂😂
Shamarian Mitchell
Shamarian Mitchell - 5 months ago
Titans are fucking trash 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Tysen’s the Savage
Tysen’s the Savage - 5 months ago
are you a tatians fan cuz its a lot of titans here
Alejandro Jimenez
Alejandro Jimenez - 6 months ago
4:15 he walk and hide Cmon MEN !!! xD
OG BIGDAWG187 - 6 months ago
Weakest hard hits I’ve seen, nobody got injured, this person that uploaded this video don’t know shit a bout real hard hits
Tiffany Torres
Tiffany Torres - 6 months ago
No pat mahomes super bowl hit?
JJO MLB Productions
JJO MLB Productions - 7 months ago
Subscribe to me for a madden video
Nate Seimears
Nate Seimears - 7 months ago
3:46 when the teacher says no running in the halls, you on the way to recess.
Charles T
Charles T - 7 months ago
The ref one is so funny
Anthony Valencia
Anthony Valencia - 7 months ago
3:45, Demarcus’s wall of shame when he hit the ref🤣🤣
Jhevin McSwain
Jhevin McSwain - 7 months ago
Rock - 7 months ago
NFL is trash everyone looking for flags when they get hit type game is this
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice - 7 months ago
Chiefs were after blood in that Tennessee game
Donald Dover
Donald Dover - 7 months ago
Sorry about my spelling
Donald Dover
Donald Dover - 7 months ago
As u can see the Chiefs do a lot of ellegal hits
Dustin Lee Mast
Dustin Lee Mast - 7 months ago
2019* playoff. Not 2020.
Naya Bean
Naya Bean - 7 months ago
3:46💀 that walk😂😂
Sean S.
Sean S. - 7 months ago
Uhhhh like the last half of this video are no hard hits....what’s up with that???
Sean S.
Sean S. - 7 months ago
How is that hit at 3:40 a penalty??? They need to change that real quick. As for the ref getting in the way of my guy Demarcus Robinson on the th do you let that happen??? You know players are running for the ball and you turn the other direction as if you’re not officiating a football game! I was pissed when I saw that happen.
Sean S.
Sean S. - 7 months ago
Prince Vegeta haha go back to your anime momas boy
Sean S.
Sean S. - 7 months ago
Prince Vegeta you Virgin.
BLINKS Snowy - 7 months ago
3:47 when I throw a pencil in class. teacher:Hey who threw that...lmao
BLINKS Snowy - 7 months ago
3:12 ouch
gamermason - 7 months ago
good vids
felipe vergara
felipe vergara - 7 months ago
Every time when a NFL player put on a helmet it's like going to war
Night Productions
Night Productions - 7 months ago
Come back budlee, we miss you! Or was there just nothing to upload...
David Pazz
David Pazz - 7 months ago
Do the most hardest hit and still get up
BCVcharlie - 7 months ago
TRUE FACT: I loved this vid.
SNAKE_15 - 7 months ago
Can you do a compilation of "Now here's a guy" from Colin lmfao?
Jacob Burton
Jacob Burton - 8 months ago
So everyone forgot about Hollywood browns slam against the titans???
Gogetaplaysdokkan - 8 months ago
The walk tho at 3:36
free noodle
free noodle - 8 months ago
8:25 Wow that's the biggest hit I've seen so far
Rohit Isukapalli
Rohit Isukapalli - 8 months ago
4:56-5:01 Lazard Got Judo Flipped! glad he's not hurt
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez - 8 months ago
Tartt and Ward finna lay some wood this Sunday
Emoney2cold Nunhere
Emoney2cold Nunhere - 8 months ago
Where the Debo run over and the jimmy G pancake 😂🤘🏽🔥🔥🏈
Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas - 8 months ago
Keith Tillman
Keith Tillman - 8 months ago
7:39 Mans Said “Family Jewls” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wiener Man
Wiener Man - 2 months ago
Keith Tillman LoL yeah jk
Keith Tillman
Keith Tillman - 2 months ago
Wiener Man You Still Get What I’m Trying Say Though, Or No? Lol
Wiener Man
Wiener Man - 2 months ago
Do you have spellcheck or no? lol
thevikingsgang6gaming 6
thevikingsgang6gaming 6 - 8 months ago
make one for the Superbowl
Jeremiah Williamson
Jeremiah Williamson - 8 months ago
Amazing football video
Shortie Long
Shortie Long - 8 months ago
I love how they showed Carson Wentz unnecessary injury and then lamar Jackson's unnecessary hit....Ravens fans I feel that but at least Lamar is ok 👌......god I hate clowney
breezy3127 - 8 months ago
8:35 you see the shoulder pop out omfg
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson - 8 months ago
3:11 I'm a die hard Chiefs fan but you gotta respect the timing and location of that hit! I was nervous for Hill for a second, we *NEED* him but there was no penalty on that play.
EliteGunna - 3 months ago
Joseph Smith but also I’m the rules if they have control of the ball there are allowed to be hit
EliteGunna - 4 months ago
If it wasn’t for reid hitting him it was have been a catch so wat is Reid gonna do then
EliteGunna - 4 months ago
Joseph Smith look if he would have hit him before the ball touched him i agree it should be flagged but since he had the ball in his hands slow the clip down it was about timing if he hit him before the ball touched him it’s a penalty
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson - 4 months ago
@Joseph Smith You're right according to the NFL rules on a defenseless player.
EliteGunna - 4 months ago
That’s a clean hit
G P - 8 months ago
Wentz got cheap shotted
Noah Ty
Noah Ty - 8 months ago
Ref Interference
Jacko Schultz
Jacko Schultz - 8 months ago
Fk Wentz got injured from the day he got drafted to philly. Hope phily gets a good qb as his backup. for the 2020 season
YoVortexx - 8 months ago
why tf did it turn into 2020 playoff injury’s
Noah Depaepe
Noah Depaepe - 8 months ago
Thanks for making this compilation... But most of these aren't even hard hits...
Joey Valdez
Joey Valdez - 8 months ago
7:35 “got hit in the family jewels”
Thomas Phan
Thomas Phan - 6 months ago
Joey Valdez i thought he said tools
dubz - 8 months ago
Did I miss the niners hit on Stefon Diggs or is it not there
Mase Sheridan
Mase Sheridan - 8 months ago
When refs see this vid
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