Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

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Eleanya Agbai-Eleanya
Eleanya Agbai-Eleanya - 59 minutes ago
Lol I love the way they just walked away 8:49
NIKHIL OJHA - 2 hours ago
Really it was very stunning
isaac pleger
isaac pleger - 2 hours ago
I went to south korea for my teakwondo and the thing on the dobok they have says kukkwone and i went to the head courters of kukkwone and it was super cool.
mskiUSMC - 2 hours ago
Body hardening gents... Doesnt hurt as bad as you'd think. Train the body to receive pain by lightly damaging an area, over time you dull the nerves.
GX C - 4 hours ago
finally in slow mo. i can clearly see the board is not plywood and 1/4 thickness.
Glen Zhou
Glen Zhou - 6 hours ago
Just saying I know I sound like an r/iamverysmart person but round house kicks are with the top of your foot not heel
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer - 7 hours ago
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer - 7 hours ago
Astrounautical innit
Gerard O'Brian
Gerard O'Brian - 7 hours ago
This is the very pinnacle of what is achievable.
Gerard O'Brian
Gerard O'Brian - 7 hours ago
This is the very pinnacle of what is achievable.
Team038 - 7 hours ago
6:16. Dan gives the camera the middle finger.
Wanderer - 8 hours ago
So, I should clarify that the boards are special boards made to be broken. They are extremely fragile and can pretty much be broken with a single finger. So, you don't need much power at all to break them. While it looks impressive, it should be known that even a small toddler can break them.
Ekin Arya
Ekin Arya - 8 hours ago
I like when you guys talk about the production/tech behind each video!! like that little bit where gav talks about the lights. even just a little bit makes it seem less like a network TV show
Everett Ronnei
Everett Ronnei - 9 hours ago
Everett Ronnei
Everett Ronnei - 9 hours ago
actualey 3 kicks is normal 3 wood kicks and brake is hard
Hasan Ali Shah
Hasan Ali Shah - 9 hours ago
They all sound like the cannibals from The Forest
Devanshu Radia
Devanshu Radia - 11 hours ago
Bryant Zerrato
Bryant Zerrato - 12 hours ago
the wood is clearly precut
Mount Clear
Mount Clear - 12 hours ago
People on some bs this 🔥🔥
Mount Clear
Mount Clear - 12 hours ago
I had to give this a like
Jakub Woziwodzki
Jakub Woziwodzki - 12 hours ago
...but I never felt so worthless. haha
Karazenpo Fresno
Karazenpo Fresno - 16 hours ago
This was a fabulous video. It gave me an idea: have you ever considered doing a slo-mo video of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon? Like these Taekwondo masters, they do things that seem to defy reality. They perform all over the USA, so it probably wouldn't be hard to film a performance.
leon TV
leon TV - 16 hours ago
lets learn pomse
Avi Meltzer
Avi Meltzer - 17 hours ago
you guys are awesome I love your videos they are so good and amazing
LowJack187 - 17 hours ago
It's easy to launch them tiny monkeys! - 18 hours ago
Anyone else noticed that takes on the 04:31 and the next one are not the same?
TheG33k - 20 hours ago
I hate when people thinks that it is hard to break those boards and the performers trying to sell it as 100% real. I practiced TKD for years and I guarantee you that anyone can break those boards as easily as a pencil, those boards are design to break easy because it's just to show off technique nothing else, same apply to bricks or anything used for the demonstration.
Ninjamaster77 - 20 hours ago
The IOC ruined Taekwondo.Watching this is better than watching olympic TKD sparring though.
man last
man last - 20 hours ago
Troy Lai
Troy Lai - 21 hour ago
Won't it be cool if they film parkour. Like from Dom Tomato
루미노 - 21 hour ago
Many of koreans learn this in young age i... didn’t
Alejandro OcampoG
Alejandro OcampoG - 22 hours ago
dan did a bad finger I saw
Valky Viktor
Valky Viktor - 22 hours ago
I kinda suprise that the landing impact didnt broke their leg
Nock - 22 hours ago
3:33 This was cutted....he doesnt got it at the first time....hehe
DEEP_Darkness KO
DEEP_Darkness KO - 23 hours ago
When they do the big flip snd show it in slow motion look like they are in space
DEEP_Darkness KO
DEEP_Darkness KO - 23 hours ago
When they do the big flip snd show it in slow motion loooks like they are in space
Kangen Vo
Kangen Vo - Day ago
My Basset is a fifth degree TeawonHound can jump equivalent to that high when he hop on my bed every night. Real talk.
c216mohl - Day ago
I really love your videos, but I hate the new adds before the video starts...they don't let you skip them anymore.
Sai Shrirame
Sai Shrirame - Day ago
That was amazing
gamingfor life
gamingfor life - Day ago
If I didnt see that this was not In space when they were looked like they were in 0 gs I would of though that they were In space
Hadi Eftekhari Far
Hadi Eftekhari Far - Day ago
nicole Nobody
nicole Nobody - Day ago
That was Amazing!!
lyinsroar - Day ago
I think it would be interesting to see the taekwondo people watching the footage
Rodson Hector
Rodson Hector - Day ago
just image getting kicked in the face from one of those guys
Student Gabrielemmanuel Yang
7:34 did you hear friza
#1 Fragi Fan
#1 Fragi Fan - Day ago
Is NOBODY going to comment on how much Dan looks like Q from Impractical Jokers though?
T.W. Videos
T.W. Videos - Day ago
Skippable ads would be nice
Louis Griffin
Louis Griffin - Day ago
He missed one.
Cayla Strudel
Cayla Strudel - Day ago
*hits mute
TC-Skillz XD
TC-Skillz XD - Day ago
Well this place is why deforestation is happening
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards - Day ago
Thin plywood and some gymnastics. Pah !
MrRobertest - Day ago
4:32 Something suspicious going on here
Seems like 2 takes
OverComing Pyro
OverComing Pyro - Day ago
now this is a video that im willing to watch.
Canal Em Manuteção
Bem Louco !!! Hahhahahhaha Nota 1000
Albert Bazinyan
Albert Bazinyan - Day ago
You wouldnt want to date their younger sister😂
John Wolfe
John Wolfe - Day ago
Bro i'v never seen so many quad black belt's in one rom
the brief guy 5463
the brief guy 5463 - Day ago
Still legos could hurt there foot
Danny Lee
Danny Lee - Day ago
역시 태권도가 짱이지!! 댓글에 한국 사람들 안보이는데 여기 여기 모여라~
Rajdeep Majumder
Rajdeep Majumder - Day ago
The Indian flag 🇮🇳
Love taekwondo ❤️
(I am a blue belt in taekwondo)
Flor De Lis
Flor De Lis - Day ago
Sachin Koparde
Sachin Koparde - Day ago
I used to watch time wrap on discovery now this channel
clayton Leandro
clayton Leandro - Day ago
I love Taekwondo aaaaaa
Fanofjambi - Day ago
Olympic taekwondo is just embarrassing
nightbling890 - Day ago
Martial artist:
Football/basketball players: “Martial arts isn’t a sport”
Martial artist: *round house kicks five boards 13 ft in the air lands and breaks a cinder block on the way down*
Football/basketball players: still not a sport
Vehd Reddy
Vehd Reddy - Day ago
Please don't use mental it can be of offense to people with metal disorders
son son
son son - Day ago
Mathieu Lamaure
Mathieu Lamaure - Day ago
Impressive stuff indead but how about a few seconds to thank the performers?
JulCee Gaming
JulCee Gaming - Day ago
try "Silat" from Indonesian...
Muzafar Shamgaliev
Muzafar Shamgaliev - Day ago
this is a desk very fragile
Juhani139 - Day ago
I would have liked to have seen that last guy's reaction when you showed him the footage. Amazing.
agus sandi
agus sandi - 2 days ago
Superb control while on the air 👏
안재혁 - 2 days ago
Los Angels
Los Angels - 2 days ago
Is this human?????
Teh SparX
Teh SparX - 2 days ago
guy on rights form is god tier
Abu Jehad
Abu Jehad - 2 days ago
You are amazing
Alpha Derp
Alpha Derp - 2 days ago
imagine if they landed on a splinter
서산호랭 - 2 days ago
booga god
booga god - 2 days ago
Gravity on drugs.
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin - 2 days ago
I didn't even know stuff like that was possible, those kicks were absolutely mad.
Garle Curco
Garle Curco - 2 days ago
2:30 that’s not a round house that’s a hook kick and then a tornado kick
sweet potato
sweet potato - 2 days ago
Did you show the guys your clips afterwards?
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup - 2 days ago
I smiled
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup - 2 days ago
Shut up and play the slow mo
Roy LBF Chanel
Roy LBF Chanel - 2 days ago
Assasinat0r 66
Assasinat0r 66 - 2 days ago
Me: he missed a board at 9:13
Everyone including myself: Psh, you think you can do that
iwan Lenovo
iwan Lenovo - 2 days ago
pencak silat or wushu
NastyHulk 69
NastyHulk 69 - 2 days ago
Note to self: Never make fun of them.
TheRebelOutlaw .45ACP
TheRebelOutlaw .45ACP - 2 days ago
Now do Jerry michilek
Albireo - 2 days ago
Cool as ever.. But as martial art Kukkiwon is letting it become more like cirque du soleil + kicks
Imperialism - 2 days ago
actual content
KindBudKilla4200 - 2 days ago
Is it saw dust if no saw is involved? lol honest question, is there another word for dust created by a destructive act?
sheller153 - 2 days ago
I’d love to see the guys reacting to their own stunts in slow mo
Alessandro Crenonini
Alessandro Crenonini - 2 days ago
Pls, tell me the camera model you used for this video :)
deedee - 2 days ago
Alessandro Crenonini i think that’s RED camera
 - 2 days ago
완전 자랑스럽다. 대한민국ㅎ̌̈ ㅎ̌̈
ルイスジーコ - 2 days ago
Sonohead - 2 days ago
As someone who didn't know Dan's last name was GRUCHY, the intro made no sense.
sahil saini
sahil saini - 2 days ago
@9:10 indian flag !
장환 김
장환 김 - 2 days ago
역시 태권도!자랑스럽다!!
한국인 있나...?
ᑌsεяσηεғαg YT
ᑌsεяσηεғαg YT - 2 days ago
Bruh they sound like zombies from re2
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