The Vanishing of Sidney Hall | Official Trailer HD | A24

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Pat Thetic
Pat Thetic - 3 months ago
This movie was something else. Still looking for similar experience
Daydreamer - Year ago
I liked the movie
Paper Plains
Paper Plains - Year ago
I always immediately dislike a film whenever Elle Fanning's horrible acting comes into screen. Bleh.
Greg Rachke
Greg Rachke - Year ago
heinzl3596 - Year ago
hope his friend didn't kill himself again....
ya gitu deh
ya gitu deh - Year ago
don't believe in rotten tomatoes & metacritic reviews
ya gitu deh
ya gitu deh - Year ago
this is the best drama film I've ever watched
Markley Denkoct
Markley Denkoct - Year ago
The mystery of a man...Hmm seems interesting.
nickelelr - Year ago
A24 is good, but A24 + DirecTV is bad, as you will all soon learn.
Raj Singh Arora
Raj Singh Arora - Year ago
the best film i saw this year 2018.
pacfolly - Year ago
I don't understand all the negative reviews this film received. I honestly thought it was based on a true story since it seemed so authentic; so true.
Alec Toombs
Alec Toombs - Year ago
Fleur Wouters
Fleur Wouters - Year ago
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Hariharan Acharya
Hariharan Acharya - Year ago
Kyle Chandler looks a lot like Thomas Newman.
Vincent Knight
Vincent Knight - Year ago
pelevizo lone wolf
pelevizo lone wolf - Year ago
logan lerman is picking great movie roles..
Novi - Year ago
Saw this movie at Sundance and met the cast. This movie moved me like no other movie I have watched. It's so powerful, and Logan's performance is one of his best in his career. Brilliant cast.
avery brooks
avery brooks - Year ago
I love A24 but this looks terrible
ezwar99 - Year ago
Just based on the trailer, this really isn't your typical A24 movie. It looks really cheesy, cliched and simplistic.
Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy - Year ago
I love Elle 💖
Xi H
Xi H - Year ago
elle fanning(´ε` )♡
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez - Year ago
I was going to talk about A24 but many people already said how amazing they are
Darling Sydney
Darling Sydney - Year ago
My name is Sydney Hall and I am suing for a lifetime of being referred to as Sidney Hall from “that one movie”
Francesca Aldrich
Francesca Aldrich - Year ago
I have been waiting to see this movie for a year!! Thank you A24!!!!!!!!
Raziq Agan
Raziq Agan - Year ago
M M - Year ago
And Kyle Chandler 💞😍
M M - Year ago
Daniel St. Ours
Daniel St. Ours - Year ago
Love me some Kyle Chandler but this looks dumb
Pratik Mantri
Pratik Mantri - Year ago
Charlie did become a author
Huckleberry - Year ago
David Ortega
David Ortega - Year ago
I really dont like logan nor the directv/a24 team up
Humbert Humbert
Humbert Humbert - Year ago
When the film has a whopping 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Arathorn Sail
Arathorn Sail - Year ago
Lol anyone care about Rotten Tomatoes anymore? Most reviewers there get their panties in a twist whenever a movie doesn't have libtard representation
Lauren - Year ago
A24 is killing it!!!!
Zak C
Zak C - Year ago
Hey, A24. FIRST REFORMED trailer, please.
Dav - Year ago
logan is such a great actor im so excited
owen moore
owen moore - Year ago
Made for TV lookin' ass film smh
yvonne p
yvonne p - Year ago
Disney owns this distributor now I’m sorry I don’t trust it anymore, I’m questioning it’s integrity
Julian Jordan
Julian Jordan - Year ago
That was a fake ad!
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Bizarre. Intriguing.
Naphtali Musnyama
Naphtali Musnyama - Year ago
As riveting as it is peculiarly puzzling!!
Марк - Year ago
Read the latest reviews on this film. Sounds horrible!(((
Shahroon Ansari
Shahroon Ansari - Year ago
A24 never fails to surprise us.. 😊
Dillion Pickens
Dillion Pickens - Year ago
Plot twist he is Sydney Hall
Yassamane - Year ago
I really can't wait for this. Logan looks awesome 😍
Ryan Gagnet
Ryan Gagnet - Year ago
A24 is god
Ravagr - Year ago
Majestic Twelve
Majestic Twelve - Year ago
I'm a simple man, I see A24 upload a new trailer I explode in my pants
Yuruani Nava
Yuruani Nava - Year ago
A24 can kill my whole family and I’d still love their movies
Bryce Young
Bryce Young - Year ago
Was that Bones Jones as the teacher?
Maru - Year ago
Elle and Logan together ❤❤❤
Cinely June
Cinely June - Year ago
They don't know how much I've waited for this moment. SIDNEY HALL is here.
Novi - Year ago
Cinely June finally. I waited a long time since it came out at Sundance
3cpo Xxx
3cpo Xxx - Year ago
Perks of being a wallflower
sa_nick - Year ago
A lot of people are claiming A24 make great films but they don't, they DISTRIBUTE great films.
Desire Released
Desire Released - Year ago
squall6789 since Moonlight I think they played a bigger hand in production like in Lady Bird, Disaster Artist all their Oscar contenders. They do television production too
sa_nick - Year ago
Not saying they don't produce ANYTHING, but i believe most of their catalogue is made up of acquisitions. Correct me if I'm wrong but Moonlight was the first film they were involved with during production and they put out a lot of films before that.
sa_nick - Year ago
What? So many films are made without distribution in place and A24 has bought the rights to a buncha great ones. A24 come across these cool films at festivals or through connections and see something in them. Cool stories they know will find an audience, then they market them in interesting ways. That's where their genius is. Hail A24, but do it for the right reasons and don't take away anything from the people who worked to get the film made before they new if it'd ever hit theaters.
Alex Woodruff
Alex Woodruff - Year ago
Twatboy Fuckface TV You’re right, they do both.
Adversity & Cartoons
Without the distribution the movie can’t be made
Hazel America
Hazel America - Year ago
YES I’ve been waiting so long for this movie to come out!!!!
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ - Year ago
A24 has worked with Elle Fanning so much lol
jd899 - Year ago
Mega MovieZ this is the fourth film of Elle's that they are releasing they must obviously love working with her.
sea waif
sea waif - Year ago
This has got some REALLY bad Rotten Tomatoes reviews... not sure how to feel about it.
Arathorn Sail
Arathorn Sail - Year ago
Lol anyone care about Rotten Tomatoes anymore? Most reviewers there get their panties in a twist whenever a movie doesn't have libtard representation
Novi - Year ago
By some triggered feminists on RT that didn't like the beginning
Tom Cabler
Tom Cabler - Year ago
sea waif there are some great movies that rotten tomatoes fail in score if you judge by them you will miss out on some good ones not to judge on your own!
Jeremy Ball
Jeremy Ball - Year ago
sea waif All that means is it’s probably amazing.
triton62674 - Year ago
A24 is an assembly line of original, fantastic films
Matthew Reese
Matthew Reese - Year ago
this looks excellent! very excited for this one, A24...
Charlie Charles
Charlie Charles - Year ago
finallyy!!!!!! I've been waiting for this trailer since last year's Sundance!
Camellow - Year ago
Dear A24, I love you. 😂
Jurgen Mema
Jurgen Mema - Year ago
Nice cast though.
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