Switches are Clicky; Here's Why

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Meadi - 4 hours ago
That's why British plugs are the best in the world.
azmax623 - 8 hours ago
Funny thing, I had a dryer outlet catch fire because the outlet's connectors spread apart over 30 years, causing arcing in the outlet which caused the rubber outlet to start to burn. the only thing that saved me was the dryer timer ending before it could catch anything else on fire.
Walt Murfree
Walt Murfree - 13 hours ago
Dont take this the wrong way cause i love informational videos with no clickbaity bullshit 👍, but those switch puns... you're 100% a dad. Possibly the dadliest dad that ever dadded. 😂
Youre dad to the bone. Breaking dad. Dad Santa. Bending it like dad. The Dad of the rings. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Dadzkaban. James Bond: 00dad, superdad, batman: the dad knight...
I have responsibilities. I should go...
Henry Loader
Henry Loader - Day ago
When I was young I used to try get the very old switches to sit in the exact middle. I now understand why I caused so much damage and got in so much trouble.
Zeeslang Yacht
Zeeslang Yacht - Day ago
For example you can see the effects of arcs on metal parts by looking at EDM Machining. This uses Sparks to cut even humongous pieces of metal.
Victor Murat
Victor Murat - Day ago
I pulled apart a pull cord light switch and was surprised to see that it was a system of springs and lever that operate a normal switch.
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker - 2 days ago
I learned something. Thank you.
cpufrost - 3 days ago
The best silent switches were mercury filled. They don't make those any more for obvious reasons.
And while I'm on the topic of mercury switches, I can only imagine how many T87F thermostats were tossed into landfills! YIKES!
Vitya Schel
Vitya Schel - 3 days ago
Damn those videos are like science research. Any other youtuber would end video in 5 mins, but you are actually telling everything about theme
Sarah Mayer
Sarah Mayer - 3 days ago
I love how you have so much knowledge in so many different disciplines - it's amazing!
All My Hobbies
All My Hobbies - 4 days ago
I find myself often knowing the answer to the title of your video before I watch it yet I still watch it and enjoy it I guess it’s the ultimate in low stress entertainment
Lorenzo Rocha
Lorenzo Rocha - 4 days ago
I’m watching this on my switch
MADLY INN LOVE - 4 days ago
This vid almost gave me a heart attack 😂 here have a sub
spectral spectra
spectral spectra - 4 days ago
My bathroom's switches starts sending blue arcs everywhere behind the switch
spectral spectra
spectral spectra - 4 days ago
I once got shocked with an arc
Chaddyfynn Perkins
Chaddyfynn Perkins - 5 days ago
We have a light switch at our theatre which is almost not working. We like to balance it at the point where the sparking starts so we can stand and laugh at its failure while we get a disco from the overhead lights
Hawkins - 5 days ago
Instructions Unclear, My Light is now blinking and clicked continuously every 3 seconds
PLASMA CREW - 6 days ago
"Professional driver. Closed course. Do not attempt" 1:51 that just made me laugh...
Bruce IDW
Bruce IDW - 6 days ago
Big business spends billions of dollars a year studying clicks and incorporating the most audibly pleasing click sound for a given device.
Like with vacuum cleaners, they can make quiet ones but people equate loud with strong, a quiet vacuum sounds like weak junk. They tune the motor sounds to feel just right. Obviously they’ve been doing this with car engines for a long time. But they do it with everything you interact with that makes a sound.
Logicel soft
Logicel soft - 6 days ago
I've had sparks come out of the outlet
MutanFrags - 7 days ago
Why turn the lights off
Mobs will spawn in your room if you leave the lights off
Mark A
Mark A - 8 days ago
Why is this 15 minutes long
Mark A
Mark A - 8 days ago
Nevermind it's because it's good
chatanugadotorg - 8 days ago
I'd always wondered what caused that spark when unplugging and plugging in appliances. I still remember when I was little and I went to plug in the Christmas tree. There was a spark that briefly zapped my hand. I kept telling my parents that the Christmas tree bit me.
Charles Balliet
Charles Balliet - 8 days ago
click, click click click this man know da way! click click click
spectral.readings - 9 days ago
hahahahah the switch jokes! hahaha. you go the extra mile I love it bless you
Cristian Pop
Cristian Pop - 9 days ago
Is vacuum a perfect insulator?
aud_io - 10 days ago
I never thought about it before, but since my house is about 100 years old we have a lot of push-button light switches (look it up on google images if you're curious). I don't know how long it has been since they were installed but I'm pretty sure most of them are the original switches from when the house was first built.
Hawk of the Reborn
Hawk of the Reborn - 10 days ago
A switch is what you make your own kid pick out before proceeding to whip them with it
tomlxyz - 10 days ago
I didn't even hear the noise anymore to the point that I was pretty sure my switches don't make a noise
Andy Hessin
Andy Hessin - 10 days ago
You got me curious about how the slow fading dimmer works and left me hanging. is it always connected with a low enough current going to the lamp that the bulb doesn't light? I need verification please
AGDollCollector_18 - 10 days ago
“ clicky clacky” I found that funny
AGDollCollector_18 - 10 days ago
I love to switch the light switches because of the clicking sound
Samster Birdies
Samster Birdies - 10 days ago
But my lightswitch is smooth and makes zero noise.
Hooty - 10 days ago
Am I the only one going around the house to test the clickyness of the light switches after the video?
Onion Rings
Onion Rings - 10 days ago
Well I'm glad I watched this video because I unplug my deep fryer by just yanking out the cord because the idiots who designed it but the off knob so close to the well that it becomes unbearably hot to touch and turn
TwistedDarkDays - 11 days ago
Wait why am I watching this, after watching I realized I knew this ffs because I have done electrican courses and looking for Apprenticeship
Turdcurd - 11 days ago
The "click" sound is there to comply with ADA standards. It's so people who have lost their sight know when the light are on.
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb - 12 days ago
You mean electricity toggle, right?
maya ortiz
maya ortiz - 12 days ago
and so i found out the faulty light switch in my bedroom is quite a hazard.
Felenov-official - 12 days ago
4:18 Russian 440KV power lines
Vengesai Muyambo
Vengesai Muyambo - 12 days ago
Wats the secret behind the Jacket,,, asking for a friend .
B Sandoval
B Sandoval - 12 days ago
Man I thought SF6 was just used to make floating tin foil boats
Phantom Works Studios ( PWS )
My old house that I grew up in had that old 2 push buttons. You would push the top one in to demand electricity then push the bottom one to extinguish it.
fraginz - 12 days ago
me after watching this video:
*yes, my light switches are definitely bad design, gotta slam it really fast next time*
Torrey Whiting
Torrey Whiting - 11 days ago
maikayl - 13 days ago
i always thought it was just because they were made of hard plastic
Adam Hosein
Adam Hosein - 13 days ago
When he was saying "We need to answer a simpler question, what is a switch"; I really though he was gonna say "What is a CLICK"
samuraijaydee - 13 days ago
Great video! Thanks!
jneiberger - 13 days ago
Now I have a strange desire to see a video comparing American and European switch and outlet designs.
randomgirl L
randomgirl L - 13 days ago
Those clicks are some serious nice sounds. :)
Will Margetson
Will Margetson - 13 days ago
American plugs look like they are screaming while u put pieces of metal into their eyes
Harun Suaidi
Harun Suaidi - 13 days ago
I wish you explain more about the artificial clicking effect. It is actually important to give feedback so that the user knows they have done an action. The term is called "coconut effect", I believe. This is why some people, myself included, prefer to set my phone to vibrate when I tap the keyboard.
Steve Walden
Steve Walden - 13 days ago
12:56 Or, you could do it like they did it the old fashioned way in Ames, Colorado, in the 1890s and yank the connections apart while they're under load. Depending on the timing, this produced a 6 foot arc of electricity that, at least once, destroyed an operator's trousers. https://magazine.ieee-pes.org/januaryfebruary-2014/history-11/ (see fig 10). Come to think of it, mechanizing and automating the process was probably a good idea.
flow in
flow in - 14 days ago
I don't think I've ever learnt anything from your channel, but it is incredibly soothing listening to you talk about things.
Alex Xu
Alex Xu - 14 days ago
that's canadian pluggy plug!
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter - 14 days ago
Switches make a noise in case a blind person uses it so he knows if he really turned the light on.
WigWoo1 - 14 days ago
I just figured the clicking is the plastic slapping against the back of the switch when you push it, because if you push them very gently there's no click
jimbobur - 14 days ago
2:12 *UK plug gang REPRESENT*
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar - 14 days ago
If you want to know someone who know's how every little think in his house works, this is your guy... lol i just like him 😂
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett - 14 days ago
Who needs a fidget clicker when you can run to the hardware store LOL that's funny.
Azrael Enterprise
Azrael Enterprise - 15 days ago
Did you ever see the really old light switches that were just two black buttons. The push-button light switch has two buttons: one that closes the contacts and one that opens the contacts. Pushing the raised button opens or closes the contacts and pops out the previously depressed button so the process can be reversed. I think it might have to do with a Knob-and-Tube wire set up.
SynexiaSaturnDs • 69 years ago
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie - 15 days ago
So that's why my dad told me not to hold the switch in the middle to make it flicker.
RedBanana - 15 days ago
But Nowadays LEDs use so little energy the arcing is probably even lower especially because dey don't have a higher starting current.
Nathan Hedger
Nathan Hedger - 15 days ago
"If you want to prolong the life of the switches in your life, be sure to give them a swift flick" Well well well don't mind if I do
Suchit Jadhav
Suchit Jadhav - 15 days ago
And here I was trying to balance the switches my whole life
Timothy Higgins
Timothy Higgins - 15 days ago
Dude I found this channel yesterday and have not stopped watching since I've always wanted to know how these random things works and the fact that you can present it in a way that doesnt come off as dry and boring is amazing and good on you sir
Jrplays5150 YT
Jrplays5150 YT - 16 days ago
“Switch a switch with a switch”

Drake Tamer
Drake Tamer - 16 days ago
Alright, so now I have a very good reason to change the switch in our hallway. It's quite an aweful one. Seems slightly loose in the socket, and it doesn't even thud, it kinda just smoothly slides from one position to the other. I'll get that done tomorrow. Need a 3-way switch though.
soaringvulture - 16 days ago
Mercury switches were nice and quiet and lasted forever. But they're illegal or something these days.
Katsuhicon - 16 days ago
Title was misleading, My Nintendo Switch doesn't click.

I'll see myself out.
Nexii Chrona
Nexii Chrona - 16 days ago
I just realized... enough nothing really is the perfect insulator. Infinite nothing means that nothing can go through it so... yeah. Nothing is a perfect insulator.
gibbeh - 16 days ago
I did the arc thing with a light switch at school and it was really audible but we have 220 volt here
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash - 16 days ago
2:52 I did this with switches - hold it at the transition point so the lights flicker and it makes an arcing sound
Wisetorsk - 16 days ago
I do love a good tactile click! Good ol' electronic test gear give me the shivers with a good old firm click.
The old school anime weeb
its like microswitches vs contacts
Some Guy
Some Guy - 17 days ago
He didn't mention that some wall switches for houses use a blob of mercury to do the job silently. I don't know if this is allowed anymore, but I have seen at least one. As the switch goes up or down, the blob completes the circuit or breaks it, using gravity.
J D - 17 days ago
10:46 I've got one of those light switches in a hall closet, I guess it's one of the only original switches left in the house.
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo - 18 days ago
"A switch is a handheld game- no."
Never change.
Knulppage - 18 days ago
Dude...this dude is the dude!!! I am going to have to watch every video because now I'm addicted.
Xen Xander
Xen Xander - 18 days ago
The large circuit breakers in naval vessels have double contacts. When you close the circuit, there are two 'arcing contacts' that close first, JUST BEFORE the main contacts. This prevents pitting of the main contacts.
When you break the circuit, open it, they tinier arcing contacts open second.. JUST AFTER the main larger contacts open.
this means you only have to replace the tinier pitting contacts over time. Saves lots of money as you don't want to replace a foot long circuit breaker contact that is pitted due to this breaking of a circuit.
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