Switches are Clicky; Here's Why

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Any Name You Wish
Any Name You Wish - 7 hours ago
*lets do that again*
Hr1s7i - 8 hours ago
To be honest that "nice audible click" pisses me off when I hear it in the middle of the night.
tuskintuskin - 14 hours ago
Now it makes so much sense, that a computer I had automatically switched the power supply's switch to "off" position, whenever the power plug was disconnected. Used to drive me crazy, because I always forgot it and the computer was already shoved under a desk before I tried to turn it on.
Comrade Garrett
Comrade Garrett - 21 hour ago
my light switch actually has a button design. it's got a really nice click no matter how slow you do it.
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori - 22 hours ago
Once again- fantastic information presented in an easy to understand way, with room for some laughs too. Brilliant!
Usual Rain
Usual Rain - Day ago
Semi-conductors are nedy now ?
Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT
I didn't expect this to be great, but, I was wrong. This was way better and presented like a video made by a TOTAL PRO should be!
dominic parry
dominic parry - Day ago
Nope, the clicks there to tell you when to start running up the stairs when it goes dark. Almost like the gun at the start of a race.
Bryson Rose
Bryson Rose - Day ago
A switch is a portable... XD that was amazing
Tim Hofstetter
Tim Hofstetter - Day ago
Far too hammy...
Onuma - 2 days ago
You should hear the sounds coming from my workplace mechanical room, when the 480VAC (1000+ amp) switchgear connection closes. Hooboy...that'll get your attention.
Zach Hixson
Zach Hixson - 2 days ago
I knew the answer about a minute into the video, but still enjoyed watching the rest. Extremely well done as always 👏
mrnmrn1 - 2 days ago
I got a Nintendo Switch ad before that vid...
Kruemmelbande The Cat
Kruemmelbande The Cat - 2 days ago
What is a switch? A switch is a hantheld gaming...

Killed me XD😂
DabuscusGames - 3 days ago
*continues to give me an aneurysm*
OooOh LeTs dO tHat AGaiN
MrGoatflakes - 3 days ago
Ok Youtube, I give up, I'll watch it even though I'm near 100% sure the reason is to quickly break any arc that might otherwise cause continued conduction and you know, weld together the conductors you are trying to separate...
MrGoatflakes - 3 days ago
Called it :P
jameswalker199 - 3 days ago
I find it weird that you press the top of your switches to turn them on. I can see the use in a control panel because if something fell across the panel, gravity pulling the thing down would hopefully turn the thing off - making it safe, but it still seems weird to me when where I'm from the convention is "down is on".
Engin Yeğnidemir
Engin Yeğnidemir - 3 days ago
Debouncing issue deserves a longer video.
Unwoven Sleeve
Unwoven Sleeve - 4 days ago
Why isn’t there a switch on your power sockets, where’s the ground pin? America is a joke
zyriuz2 - 4 days ago
Its somewhere in beween "not broken" "dont fix"
Phil's travel facts
Phil's travel facts - 5 days ago
I don't know if you are aware but those very safe British 3 pin sockets and plugs do still arc. I know it wasn't mentioned in the video.
Zaman Sakib
Zaman Sakib - 5 days ago
4:18 who else thought the electrical towers were sinking into the ground
The Gaming Legends
The Gaming Legends - 6 days ago
>flow of electricity
pardon, but do you even current bruh (electricity 108 thanks for the information btw, am in class about this stuff I think I know what I'm talkin' about lmao)

don't take me too seriously, but that's not right
Ivz - 6 days ago
What about 3kliksphilip?
TheMooskyFox - 6 days ago
*pokes Nintendo Switch* not sure how this will extend its life but it's worth a shot anyway, otherwise I might have to switch around to a different unit, one that clicks for me.
Don Brown
Don Brown - 6 days ago
Should take a look at a switch from an old Lincoln welder "buzz box"
Toby Stephenson
Toby Stephenson - 6 days ago
Thank you for making me laugh. The British Brick Plug. I live in EU now and the rubbish we have here........
Lucas the stone dragon
Lucas the stone dragon - 8 days ago
The lamp switch, sound like a snap with our fingers 1:04
popescu cristian
popescu cristian - 8 days ago
Hey, those aren't carbon deposits, those are metal oxide deposits
TechWizPC - 8 days ago
Explains why texting near a gas station is prohibited. This was when cellphones still had keypads unlike the touchscreens these days.
Animefan8050 - 8 days ago
That's a beautiful Splish Splash lyric parody in the description.
h v
h v - 9 days ago
i like the nod to nintendo
antibozo - 9 days ago
"Even Edison knew that." ha ha
ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen
Fuck! When I abuse the bad Switch in my room with 200 LED Lamps I have to spend 5 Euro and 10 Minutes every 10-20 Jears. Good, you Warned us!
Łukasz Piotrowski
Łukasz Piotrowski - 9 days ago
Sulphur hexafluoride is only about 3x better insulator than air but yes, it provides some advantage. Some sealed low voltage contactors are also filled with it.
Jon Sawyer
Jon Sawyer - 10 days ago
Despite knowing a lot of this already; it was so well put I feel like I would be missing something if I hadn't. Thank you.
Jay Hhh
Jay Hhh - 11 days ago
1:27, gamers be like: *Triggered*
Dopiekitty101 - 11 days ago
666 dislikes lol 😂🤣
Scott Fannin
Scott Fannin - 11 days ago
That explains why I keep having to replace the door switch in my microwave oven. I'll bet opening the door while the oven is running would cause a damaging arc.
John Donaldson
John Donaldson - 11 days ago
2:12 'Somewhat safely - Thailand plug' 'Completely safely' - British plug
Itech Iwizard
Itech Iwizard - 12 days ago
Why don't power outlets in the US have a switch to turn them on and off?. Every other country on the planet has them afaik.
vidaoTime - 12 days ago
i had a switch like at 10:44 for my basement but its gone now ;C was my favourite switch in the house
Eric Jurgeson
Eric Jurgeson - 12 days ago
Is there any sort of switching inside a dimmable smart bulb or is it just using a microcontroller to limit current? If there's no switching, that a bad thing?
thee abnormal minecrafter
I fucking love you, you are awesome
Mr. Nope
Mr. Nope - 13 days ago
The factthat there are 666 dislikes is uncomfortable.
Harvy Luciñada
Harvy Luciñada - 13 days ago
I came here to learn about the clicking sound and left with appreciation to switch engineers 😆😆
Sosasees - 13 days ago
One day, when I used the light switch in my room, I came to the idea, that I could actually record that clicky sound and use it for the UI buttons in my video games.
Damian Knight
Damian Knight - 13 days ago
yey for british plugs!
BigDish101 - 13 days ago
The cheap blue switches at Walmart don't click at all...
Dual Gaming
Dual Gaming - 15 days ago
We are number one, HEY
LeFlavius - 15 days ago
its not electrons its angry pixies rrreeeeeeee
windowsapologist - 15 days ago
You jest but I do actually have a small switch I use as a fidget :^P
LazySpoon Utensil
LazySpoon Utensil - 16 days ago
1500 watts sick reference bro.
TheMarsBus - 16 days ago
I dont flick or poke , i just clap twice to turn on/off lights.
Eric Hanchar
Eric Hanchar - 17 days ago
[a click that's Automatic Beyond Belief!] :D
Socrates Bandeira
Socrates Bandeira - 17 days ago
1:55... I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Nick Carpenter
Nick Carpenter - 17 days ago
You had me at debouncing. *subbed*
Wolf O'Donnell
Wolf O'Donnell - 17 days ago
Not all switches are clicky, Red Cherry MX switches are not.
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell - 17 days ago
Fuck I hate when YouTube autoplays your videos and I'm forced to hear your voice. I do want the content, but get someone to present it for you--or even just do text only.
TRPG pilot
TRPG pilot - 3 days ago
You are a fool. A stupid fool. No one gives a flying faeces what you think, or want . . .
Just4Gamer - 17 days ago
3:00 hahah lool only in the uk an usa, eu is protected lol
Gamer Alien
Gamer Alien - 17 days ago
I jumped
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