Best of the Cleveland Cavaliers | 2018-19 NBA Season

G Ramos
G Ramos - 6 months ago
Only true faithful Cavs win or lose fan like this🙏🏽💯
Alassan Okou
Alassan Okou - 7 months ago
It’s funny because ever since LeBron left they’ve been called “Cleveland Cavaliers” 🤣🤣
Gameplaysandwalkthroughs - 8 months ago
sense lebron and kyrie left the cavs they r becoming worse and worse
Ecem Kara
Ecem Kara - 8 months ago
01:34 let's go Cedi
younghoush - 8 months ago
RIP Fred McCloud
Supreme Moey
Supreme Moey - 8 months ago
Can’t believe Fred is gone 🙏
Tom Hoyles
Tom Hoyles - 8 months ago
recruit Ja Morant
RAW FUSION - 9 months ago
I didn’t think this video was possible
SuperRip7 - 9 months ago
The best was a couple of years ago.
GRIMOUX Marine - 9 months ago
Team Cleveland😎😎😎
jimmyy13 - 9 months ago
This video is 10 minutes too long
RamplaPB - 9 months ago
Cleveland Cavaliers without LeBron is NOTHING
Heat Life
Heat Life - 9 months ago
Hopefully they can change that
Jukeonyou - 9 months ago
They are better than u tho
eye drew
eye drew - 9 months ago
I don't wanna name my son sexton.
YKballer07 - 9 months ago
Their entire fan base is supporting the Lakers now
YKballer07 - 8 months ago
@Ckproduction03 Great, they must've gotten their money's worth watching the team with the 2nd worst record in the league play
Ckproduction03 - 8 months ago
You realize the Cavs were top 10 in attendance last year. Don’t disrespect their fan base like that
TheThE _Fr
TheThE _Fr - 9 months ago
I hope the Cavs will make a better season than last year
Z ZZ - 9 months ago
best part, here y’all go 10:35
israel green
israel green - 9 months ago
Cavs are terrible
Luke Colonna
Luke Colonna - 9 months ago
How is this not one minute
ーー - 9 months ago
And they got long long long summer vacation.
Josh Delaney
Josh Delaney - 9 months ago
Man they started playing well when Kevin Love came back. Cavs over under 35 wins next year
vSxlar FedX
vSxlar FedX - 9 months ago
I saw my boy J.P Macura out there on the last clip
Inderjeet Samplay
Inderjeet Samplay - 9 months ago
Literally half of the highlights were from Larry Nance Jr.
ИIL - 9 months ago
Where's the dunk of Sexton on Bam Adebayo ???
Dylan Sarko
Dylan Sarko - 9 months ago
Might be one of the worst teams in the league but they're so entertaining to watch
Lewtoons - 9 months ago
Watching this reel almost makes you forget how ASS the cavs were last year.
THEdinkleberg14 - 9 months ago
At least this is better than 2011...
おさるのジョージ - 9 months ago
Is it because you feel like it’s not so exciting…
The Bunker
The Bunker - 9 months ago
I can't believe this is a 10 minute video!
Cory Campbell
Cory Campbell - 9 months ago
The Rookie player Colin Sexton man he was awesome with the Cleveland Cavaliers
Cory Campbell
Cory Campbell - 9 months ago
Well the Cleveland Cavaliers we’re better and also they sweep the New York Knicks but they can’t beat the Golden State Warriors with Stephan Curry and Kevin Durant
Tyrone Hill
Tyrone Hill - 9 months ago
Cavs can beat golden state again if durant didn't show up in the first place 💯
Craig P
Craig P - 9 months ago
Cavs had highest payroll last year. Think about that.
Josh Delaney
Josh Delaney - 9 months ago
Craig P but they have a lot of expiring contracts so this offseason they’ll have 40 mil in cap
Jim dela Cruz Vera
Jim dela Cruz Vera - 9 months ago
2018-2019 Larry Nance Jr's Highlights
Nashaun Jones
Nashaun Jones - 9 months ago
Hey I am telling everyone right now don't sleep on the Cavs this year
Collin SexyTon
Collin SexyTon - 6 months ago
You were right
Ethan Wallace
Ethan Wallace - 7 months ago
Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers - 8 months ago
We got some damn shooters we are building the blazers of the east
Dank Kai
Dank Kai - 8 months ago
V B - 9 months ago
Girls went horny in between a basketball game.
Token Black
Token Black - 9 months ago
Thrroooww the hammmer down
jkl - 9 months ago
Trash team
wilson nash
wilson nash - 9 months ago
Oh. You mean there’s still 30 teams in nba? I thought when lebron leave cleveland join seattle
Cirdec4 - 9 months ago
Love how the first highlight is a dunk by Kevin followed by two guys running into each other midcourt :p the cavs were such a meme this year
Vade Mgaming
Vade Mgaming - 9 months ago
That makes no sense😂
Juan H
Juan H - 9 months ago
Larry nance highlights
Savitar - 9 months ago
so the whole cleveland is just like a one lebron
Yahly Gaming
Yahly Gaming - 9 months ago
I suprised that the fact that channing frye made a 3 pointer and the bench was so happy even tho the charlote fucking hornets took the lead by 24!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry cavs fans)
Onii Tim_Fred 369
Onii Tim_Fred 369 - 9 months ago
O:28 Goat🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Steel Si
Steel Si - 9 months ago
Let's Go Cavs!!!
david sanders
david sanders - 9 months ago
Just because you CAN, does not mean you SHOULD #StahpIt #ShameOnYou
humble destroyer
humble destroyer - 9 months ago
Why do they all run like lebron
Cheung Ming
Cheung Ming - 9 months ago
sexton could be the next irving.
Asian Baller ///0
Asian Baller ///0 - 9 months ago
They have highlights to cover up that they lose by 20 every night
Asian Baller ///0
Asian Baller ///0 - 9 months ago
Tommy C nope but Cleveland just ass
Tommaso Costantin
Tommaso Costantin - 9 months ago
Is it one of your major problems?
K Khalil
K Khalil - 9 months ago
What highlights they won like 4 games chill
TrKz Blizardz
TrKz Blizardz - 9 months ago
BlazersYT_ X
BlazersYT_ X - 9 months ago
Jeez when Lebron left the team the cavs fell off so bad like the titanic
A Johnson
A Johnson - 9 months ago
Where's LeBron😒
Bag Dan
Bag Dan - 9 months ago
Hey nba lovers, I made a discord server for yall so we can talk about it there, join if you only a chill and cool guy
Sds T3
Sds T3 - 9 months ago
Welcoming darius,dylan and kevin
jaydb313 - 9 months ago
Alexis Mancebo
Alexis Mancebo - 9 months ago
I expected the video to be 1 minute long
Oran Donnelly
Oran Donnelly - 9 months ago
Love how this is one of the shortest videos
Demarius Pruitt
Demarius Pruitt - 9 months ago
For a team that did horrible. These weren't bad
Martín Calles
Martín Calles - 9 months ago
Walter Clements
Walter Clements - 9 months ago
Larry Nance Jr highlights
Vade Mgaming
Vade Mgaming - 9 months ago
There was like 5
Adam Moore
Adam Moore - 9 months ago
I love the cavs but I’m shocked the video was this long. I wish we would’ve drafted culver too, but I like Darius garland
S. C.
S. C. - 9 months ago
Yeah me too, but I believe the new coach knows what he’s doing
Victor - 9 months ago
Павел Карпов
Павел Карпов - 9 months ago
i like how this boys play =) they can better ) nice to watch
Павел Карпов
Павел Карпов - 9 months ago
The first episode is amaizing ! what a dunk from love ^^
Павел Карпов
Павел Карпов - 9 months ago
I haven't seen any of cavs game in 18-19 season but right now i'm watching the best moments with pleasure! =)) kevin love is here)
Switch MIX
Switch MIX - 9 months ago
my bois lesgoooooooooooooo
Akash Abhilash
Akash Abhilash - 9 months ago
worst team of all time
MARMAK - 9 months ago
The Hornets is the worst franchise in the NBA
l g
l g - 9 months ago
@Akash Abhilash did you fotget to switch to the burner account lol
Akash Abhilash
Akash Abhilash - 9 months ago
I agree
Tal Kooner
Tal Kooner - 9 months ago
I don’t think the cavs even had a good play this season
SmoothDilemma - 9 months ago
Damn we really irrelevant again lol
Avatar Dom
Avatar Dom - 9 months ago
We all came for the comments I'm not disappointed
SunnyBoys2 - 9 months ago
Klove deserves better
Stevie Armstrong
Stevie Armstrong - 9 months ago
It's#BostonCelticsNation4Life Here
Drew Clifford
Drew Clifford - 9 months ago
79th comment
Shreyaj Kankipati
Shreyaj Kankipati - 9 months ago
Robbo - 9 months ago
Going to be surprisingly good next season.

Sexton, Garland, Clarkson, Porter as the ball handlers (the latter 2 off the bench).
Osman & Windler as the 3&D wings.
Love, Nance as the stretch 4s.

Center is still the big question mark with TT & Zizic.
Caleb N
Caleb N - 9 months ago
I agree. These comments have been mostly negative or jokes. I could see Garland and Windler being 1st team all rookie. Sexton has too much spirit to not improve and Love's coming back. I'm not saying playoffs, but they're far from trash
NOLAY AUSTIN - 9 months ago
CAVS 1/5 = 20% 😂 #LeCHOKE
Rajon 435
Rajon 435 - 9 months ago
Larry Nance jr actually had some pretty nice dunks
Allen Yu
Allen Yu - 9 months ago
how the hell did they get 10 minutes out of the cavs
Buom tut
Buom tut - 9 months ago
True cavs fans go watch my video of my new cavs jersey collin sexton jersey and we're making the playoffs next year I'm praying about it 😊
Yandhi - 9 months ago
Lmao April was months ago
Connor Twist
Connor Twist - 9 months ago
Lol there was nothing good about this season 😭😂
Buom tut
Buom tut - 9 months ago
Yeah the good thing was sexton improving and also cedi and the other young guys
NativeBoyTae - 9 months ago
Is this a fake video? (Chris Smoove voice)
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