How the Thunder failed to win a title after drafting three MVPs in a row

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BorneAgainShell - Day ago
"I'm here to stay" - Paul George
Sports Lift
Sports Lift - 3 days ago
Okc stars left via trade or FA but the Thunder roster looks well for the future even if Okc trades Chris Paul
Sports Lift
Sports Lift - 3 days ago
Russell needs to pass more and be the ball handler to kick out to Harden Green Turker etc Harden needs to spot up on shots these year watch out for Houston
skept11 - 5 days ago
5:33 Damn! Steven Adams Pre-Aquaman years
i'm wifin' justina valentine
Thunder very good in acquiring players but sucks at keeping them.
Reynald Relato
Reynald Relato - 7 days ago
That goes to show, that:
A team with 3 supertars WHO ARE ALL DEMANDING FOR THE BALL cannot win championships.
Fast forward to 2019:
The Houston rockers sign Russell Westbrook and traded away Chris Paul
Can Westbrook play with Harden or will these 2 ballhogs collapse the Rockets' franchise?🧐
shecaniah alejo
shecaniah alejo - 9 days ago
They had the ingredients but just couldn't make the recipe
anonymous one
anonymous one - 10 days ago
Your assessment of why Presti let Harden go is flawed. OKC was already and has been in the luxury tax. Signing Harden would've pushed them deep enough to pay even heftier percentages, thats true, but every team knew a new cba was coming up and that means more money. I clean carpets for a living and I knew that. Other teams were making signings that were not economically viable. I believe Presti believed doing his job was easy and didn't take into account that millionaires don't want to be stuck in Oklahoma. He thought he could out smart losing Harden with analytics and another high draft pick. Adams is decent, but refuses to dunk and misses alot of shots 3 inches out. Martin could never match any facet of Hardens game. Presti gambled and failed. You fail to mention that OKC picked up a hefty contract from Martin as well.
BlueHundred - 11 days ago
Not being filthy rich and being a bit unlucky with injuries.
Jr Flores
Jr Flores - 11 days ago
One reason: Russell WestBRlCK
Josh Fayemi
Josh Fayemi - 11 days ago
Euston rockets.
May I take your hat sir
May I take your hat sir - 12 days ago
Imagine if Ibaka somehow wins MVP one day
Jack McCarthy
Jack McCarthy - 12 days ago
Please do Steelers Collapse
Judy Chen
Judy Chen - 12 days ago
Chard D
Chard D - 12 days ago
Please do the Dallas Mavericks with Dirk’s start with the franchise until retirement 🙏🏼
Randy Talltree
Randy Talltree - 13 days ago
If it didn't work for CP3 in HOU, I don't know how it's gonna work for Westbrook.
peter bravestrong
peter bravestrong - 13 days ago
Can you do a video on boston Celtics... Collapse... With the young core.. And kyrie... They were better without him.. Why is gordon hayward on a max deal... Crazy
RaurMan - 13 days ago
They are cursed by the Seattle Supersonics. OKC didn't earn anything and they deserve nothing.
Rifqi Rahadhin
Rifqi Rahadhin - 13 days ago
12:01 "Durant Sweeptakes will be competitive"
Valin - 14 days ago
Thunder cheaped out, the morale of the story :)
Kite Kiter
Kite Kiter - 14 days ago
Good question for David Stern and Adam Silver? The answer is their kids and grand kids had to have extravagant barmitzvahs. Next question.
Art of street work out
Art of street work out - 15 days ago
Even if somehow OKC get Lebron, OKC will never win NBA Championship. Because the curse of Seatle can not be broken
Matthew Minnifield
Matthew Minnifield - 15 days ago
Should have paid james Harden and ask serge to take a pay cut
Darren Hoefler
Darren Hoefler - 16 days ago
Oh my god at 31 seconds
Massive Conn
Massive Conn - 16 days ago
Miss those days man!! OKC crowd was crazy
fifth race
fifth race - 16 days ago
this channel always talk about the downfall of someone or something. its always negative...
Luke Doyle
Luke Doyle - 16 days ago
They were all ball dominant and not in their prime
ShreddingSkeptic - 17 days ago
To put things in perspective.
What’s happened to OKC, would be as if Golden State with their lineup never won any rings.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson - 17 days ago
The best What-If story in NBA history
Robbie Lit
Robbie Lit - 17 days ago
Maybe if they stayed in Seattle for the coffee they would have won 😂
Tardysauce 14
Tardysauce 14 - 17 days ago
This was put together very well, I felt like I was watching one of those documentaries on the discovery channel. But yes this is crazy to thing they had 3 Future MVPS on the same time that got drafted 3 straight. RIP OKC/Seattle this will hurt for the next 5 to 10 years if they don't win a title!
Dindu Nuffin
Dindu Nuffin - 17 days ago
Begone Zombie Sonics
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki - 18 days ago
in the last decade the clippers and thunder shouldve won a championship especially with the team they had :/
Sheldon Lee
Sheldon Lee - 18 days ago
We blew it hard and KD blew it even harder he could’ve stayed with us and we could’ve beat the warriors, That being said I spent a long time sick at my stomach at Kevin leaving but ultimately he gave us a long time and I just have to believe he had to due what he thought was best for himself. Still joining the team that beat you just to win championships that’s hard to look past
Emjay Lapus
Emjay Lapus - 19 days ago
How about an 01-02 Sacramento Kings episode?
Chekymonkey - 19 days ago
Forgot to mention that ibaka won a championship with the Raptors
killjoy cola
killjoy cola - 19 days ago
And now they are the worst team in the NBA
Alex Charles
Alex Charles - 19 days ago
Man they really screwed up. They probably would’ve won a chip had they prioritized Harden over Ibaka
WhyNotMini - 20 days ago
Pat bev held the ball, lillard drilled it through the uprights
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon - 20 days ago
Uninspired coaching by Scott Brooks and then Billy Donovan. Some kind of consistent offensive system was needed instead of hero ball.
ltsrrpp - 20 days ago
Lebron James.
B.H.R Ent.
B.H.R Ent. - 20 days ago
As an okc fan this hurts 💔
dnasty312 - 20 days ago
Maybe this is karma for leaving Seattle #lyingowner #retribution
athletic donut
athletic donut - 20 days ago
I think this is the biggest "what could've been" in the basketball world
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger - 20 days ago
Okc thunder deserve this for ripping out the hearts of Sonics fans. I’m not even a fan of the sonics or thunder but I feel this. It’s the same rage I feel now that my raiders are moving to Vegas
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 21 day ago
This will one of those 30 for 30 episodes
Baller Life Productions
Almost cried 😢
Fail Zero
Fail Zero - 22 days ago
Sam Presti is a bum.
Adam Jauregui
Adam Jauregui - 22 days ago
Instead of KD giving the Warriors the conference finals he could’ve won the series and went to the finals to try to win his first ring and then went to the Warriors just a thought 🤷🏽‍♂️
Dedicated_Wavers - 22 days ago
This gotta be depressing asl for a ok fan😂🤣
Theoryofpainan - 22 days ago
The Utah Jazz didn’t get mentioned beating the thunder in the 2018 playoffs smh
LaVerite124 - 22 days ago
But everybody blames KD
da da
da da - 22 days ago
They had. : Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Oladipo, Ibaka, Adam's. GM= underrated
da da
da da - 20 days ago
@Koh Smoger never. Russel, Harden, Durant are guys who come into the league every 10 yrs
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger - 20 days ago
He either traded or let all of those players go. I don’t care how great the future of OKC is they will never have three guys with the talent to be mvp with a defensive player of the year candidate on their team again.
da da
da da - 22 days ago
4 hall of famers and no chip blame the coach
yeahthatsright33 - 23 days ago
If only they resigned Harden. Oh well...
Sean K
Sean K - 23 days ago
Steven Adams really about to make this video outdated when he drops 40 and 20 night in and night out
tim w
tim w - 24 days ago
yes the thunder drafted these three players but if you actually know basketball, you would realize they would not work well together. all three need to dominate the ball. this is why durant left in the first place. harden and westbrook might work in houston because their coach stressess isolation but iso system doesn't win anything.
Ju-1-2-3 - 24 days ago
How about a boxing episode?
Antonio Margarito's collapse
Ethan Albert
Ethan Albert - 24 days ago
15:26 god said he bout to end this man's whole career
Rylan Charron
Rylan Charron - 24 days ago
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