How the Thunder failed to win a title after drafting three MVPs in a row

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Terry Bristol
Terry Bristol - 19 hours ago
They still doing alright to be honest.
Cadilac Gaboy
Cadilac Gaboy - Day ago
So many fans was on the kd n Westbrook wagon cause they was young n upcoming
andrejalil - 3 days ago
Incredible breakdown bro. I love these recaps. Makes you realize how rich NBA history is. 🙌🏾👍🏾
BSinSeattle - 3 days ago
Life long Sonics fan here... This is my favorite episode.
Majima San
Majima San - 4 days ago
This is satisfying to anyone in Seattle lol
FTB 933
FTB 933 - 4 days ago
I understand losing in 2012 because they were a young team then losing in 2013 because of injuries, but in 2014 and 2016 they should've made it to the finals again. They were the better team clearly.
Mr.polar bear
Mr.polar bear - 4 days ago
This dude really called him jermy lam
Versace Sensei
Versace Sensei - 5 days ago
I wish you would have talked more about how westbrook and pg lost to a rookie in the first round
James O'Connell
James O'Connell - 5 days ago
forgot to mention how the thunder were nowhere near healthy in the 2018 and 2019 playoffs
N A - 6 days ago
Should have signed Harden.
one shot
one shot - 6 days ago
I'm a thunder fan 😭
rosselliswilkinson - 6 days ago
Westbrook,Harden are ball hogs who play hero ball.OKC were never going to win a championship.Durant is the only one who is a team player
New York
New York - 7 days ago
Too young simple as that. They didn’t have time to hit their apex.
Chris Casey
Chris Casey - 8 days ago
Hahaha from Seattle fans
Stefan Bojovic
Stefan Bojovic - 8 days ago
Even today, they still wouldn’t win a chip ...
Abdullah Al-Sageer
Abdullah Al-Sageer - 9 days ago
Apparently I have watched this episode before and I just watched it again now, when I wanted to like the video, it was already done.
FSE - 9 days ago
What would have happened if the Thunder simply just chose Harden over Ibaka...
You Know What's Cooking? BOOM!
The thunder line up should be like this
PG lillard, SG harden, SF durant , PF ibaka , C adams
they should not deal harden that time, instead the one they should trade is westbrook not harden.
When lillard enter nba draft i think thats the year they should trade westbrook. & when they think that time whos the one they sholud be traded their choosing harden or ibaka. And then they choose harden, i think thats the start of the collapsed of thunder.
They traded the wrong person
fifi24able fifi
fifi24able fifi - 10 days ago
sad story
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores - 10 days ago
Great analysis. Just one thing to add (that most people forget): When George was with the Thunder the second year, he almost brought them an MVP award. He was pretty close
Bruiser Brodie
Bruiser Brodie - 10 days ago
SuperSonics Curse
Faithfull Cheater
Faithfull Cheater - 10 days ago
The only REAL CHAMP from the 4 men is IBAKA 😅😅😅🤣😂😂
danybeast92 - 11 days ago
Seattle Curse
*That's why*
The MLG - 11 days ago
Revised Title: How the Super Sonics drafted two MVPS, moved to OKC, drafted ANOTHER MVP, and STILL didn't win any championships
kmax1223 - 12 days ago
Anybody peeped Aaron Hernandez' blurred face at 7:18 lol
Anson Lee
Anson Lee - 12 days ago
Paul George? You mean Paul Choke.
YFDB - 13 days ago
Rufio In
Rufio In - 13 days ago
Let’s be honest. Harden should be a back to back mvp...
Michael Phoenix
Michael Phoenix - 13 days ago
Thank you Google but I've already have purchased a $1000 training program.
Sean S
Sean S - 13 days ago
It's kinda depressing being a general manager huh, i would kill myself with all those unluckiness and regets that would come to my life
Liam Binnie
Liam Binnie - 13 days ago
Beverly single handedly ruined that playoff run for us Thunder Fans, we weren’t unstoppable but we could give any team a hard time
Allister Louison
Allister Louison - 14 days ago
Im sorry the introduction itself is so lit!
Matthew Oehler
Matthew Oehler - 15 days ago
They didn't draft a dynasty, Seattle did, they stole it. They didn't deserve it.
Down Hill
Down Hill - 10 days ago
nor could they preserve it!
Isaac Bellefleur
Isaac Bellefleur - 15 days ago
That year when Ibaka got hurt for the rest of the season hit different 🥺🥺🥺
Lee LaZelle
Lee LaZelle - 16 days ago
Scottie more overrated coach in the History of the NBA. He has done so little with so much, I don't know why he still has a job anywhere in basketball. Cautionary story to GM's and directors in athletics.
Doofus - 16 days ago
Imagine drafting a dynasty, and losing all of them. Couldn't be me.
Run Like Bettis 36
Run Like Bettis 36 - 16 days ago
They also had Reggie Jackson
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris - 17 days ago
Sam Presti is really a hell of a GM. They left out how in 2020, The Thunder, with CP3 and then draft picks are higher seeded than the Rockets with both Westbrook and Harden. OKC missed the playoffs in just one of those seasons (still a winning 45 games).
UnkwnMessiah - 17 days ago
Crazy to think what if.....
Maldorf the Orange
Maldorf the Orange - 17 days ago
They bult a tower so high, they looked down on everybody, only for it to collapse the instant they finished it.
Dave Skimming
Dave Skimming - 17 days ago
Get what you deserve.. Long live the Sonics
no. 1 against the rush
no. 1 against the rush - 18 days ago
The Clay Bennett Curse. Sonics up, Zombies down.
East Killer
East Killer - 18 days ago
Thank God Mike does not do videos on this channel any more.
griffx - 19 days ago
Hey they drafted NBA champions, just that those players won elsewhere
dennis brown
dennis brown - 19 days ago
They all had fat egos. All three of them. Durant’s was just chilled out. You can’t win with all that selfishness.
finn mccann
finn mccann - 19 days ago
Okc seriously the best team at drafting its nuts
Emile Pelletier
Emile Pelletier - 19 days ago
OKC has a 3-1 series lead vs golden state... snd blows it. Then Durant joins that team. Still amazed to this day by this sequence of events
Thabiso Maleka
Thabiso Maleka - 20 days ago
WestBRICK should've never been drafted by OKC
77 - 20 days ago
That's what you get when you pander to a moron like Westboob and his fans. 0 BBIQ "superstar" allowed to inflate and stat-pad. Imagine picking Westboob over Harden and Durant in the pecking order, effectively ruining your franchise.
Smitty werbenjagermanjensen
1:35 Mark Zukerberg is in the bottom right corner😂
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro - 21 day ago
It's crazy to think if the Thunder just gave Harden his money they could have been championships
Gonzalo Oyarzún Vargas
Gareth Keenan
Gareth Keenan - 21 day ago
The coaches were the problem. They needed an elite coach to match the elite players. The plays they were running were horrendous. It worked in the regular season but everyone can see it wasn't good enough for the playoffs. The system was never gonna be good enough to beat Miami and Golden State.
Emile Pelletier
Emile Pelletier - 19 days ago
Gareth Keenan Yeah that’s true. With an elite coach they would’ve reached at least the Finals, even without Harden
TheTot Process
TheTot Process - 22 days ago
Might be the best 3 year draft stretch in history. Only if they weren't dumb enough to trade Harden before Westbrook.
Geronimo Buford
Geronimo Buford - 22 days ago
7:04 = Was that really a punch?
Yuwa Beal
Yuwa Beal - 22 days ago
2012:We got three MVPs
2020: We got a 34 year 6'1 guard
How times change
Ala Potato
Ala Potato - 23 days ago
when master says no more pizza
Victor Mjimapemba
Victor Mjimapemba - 23 days ago
This was brilliant
adolfo reyes
adolfo reyes - 23 days ago
Kendrick perkins
Yang Li
Yang Li - 23 days ago
What a wonderfully crafted narrative
Maui Slim
Maui Slim - 24 days ago
Westbrook haters need to watch this. “OkC nEvEr WoN a ChIp CaUsE oF rUsS.” There were so many factors as to why OKC never won a chip, not just Russ
art work
art work - 26 days ago
if KD, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka , stays in OkC they may be still a Champion contender in my opinion...
jordan canite
jordan canite - 26 days ago
When you've got great players on the team, but cannot compliment each other then there must be something wrong with the coach.
Timbre Chopper
Timbre Chopper - 26 days ago
That franchise deserved every single bit of this. Corporate ethical schadenfreude. Oh and btw Chesapeake Energy is declaring bankruptcy.
James Posey
James Posey - 26 days ago
Sonics fans? They still call themselves that?
RW3ints - 26 days ago
They choked because they inherited the seattle sports curse when they stole the team.
Blade1301 - 27 days ago
The mistake was in letting Harden go. OKC did not appreciate the guy enough, and it cost them everything on the long run.
meechieboii16 - 28 days ago
In theory, the thunder should be way better than warriors
Tyrell Johnson
Tyrell Johnson - 28 days ago
I will eat my socks If 2020 Rockets can win a championship.
Gopinath Karunanithi
Gopinath Karunanithi - Month ago
Okc fans should be proud for witnessing the greatness of Kevin Durant. I have never seen a scorer like Kevin Durant.
Turk Amir Uzbek
Turk Amir Uzbek - Month ago
epic fail for OKC
Miko Mido
Miko Mido - Month ago
Just not the same, if it's not Seth.
Too many egos
All ball-dominant (Durant, Westbrook, Harden)
It's inevitable.
Wendell Lee
Wendell Lee - Month ago
they failed to win because like malone/stockton they choke during crunch time, time and time again
Andrea Nollido
Andrea Nollido - Month ago
i saw the playoffs final of thunder and at the end westbrook is always struggling and missing the heart of a champ promiz..
Tom Pusslicker
Tom Pusslicker - Month ago
Thunder died the day they traded James Harden. They were not going to beat Miami without a big 3 of their own.
Jason Greene
Jason Greene - Month ago
Thunder and sonics are NOT the same team, get it through your thick ass heads 👎👎👎👎
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen - Month ago
I mean the thunder still look good now. Shai looks like an all-star and they are a 5 seed in the playoffs
Artur Chmiel
Artur Chmiel - Month ago
The only reason for thunders failure to deliver was Westbrook!
From the moment i saw him i was totally unimpressed and loved what harden was doing on the floor.
Westbrook should do triathlon or something and stay away from a team sports!!!
MrNasher113 - Month ago
They fired Scott brooks because of 2 major injuries to both his Superstars, yo OKC kinda got karma come back at them
Easy Money
Easy Money - Month ago
They should have stayed in SEAttle.
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