Jakob Ingebrigtsen is OUT OF CONTROL

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GAV PLAYZ ! - 5 days ago
Look up Lachlan Wood, he’s an Aussie Runner shoes only 14 but runs 11.1sec 100’s and 50sec 40
GAV PLAYZ ! - 5 days ago
Only og’s know prefontaine
XCTF - 8 days ago
Point of infection
Breakz - 9 days ago
I love how now everyone is somehow Norwegian
LUukEy boi
LUukEy boi - 11 days ago
Shrek is My bff
Shrek is My bff - 12 days ago
Nearly 2020....
Happy Cat
Happy Cat - 12 days ago
Cheesiepasta2812 - 13 days ago
Point of infection
Susannah Weckwerth
Susannah Weckwerth - 13 days ago
omg i thought i did well when i ran 8:26 but this kid got 3:52?!?? WHAT!
Ruby Sapphire
Ruby Sapphire - 15 days ago
Donutwithfrosting - 17 days ago
for alle norske: da jeg var 10 løp jeg sånn 1,5 km på 5 minutter..?
Henrik Sorensen
Henrik Sorensen - 17 days ago
Kjøss Meg I ræva
jontiqo - 17 days ago
Lik vis du er norsk
Panda sverre
Panda sverre - 18 days ago
This is very funny like i am from norway. You sud say like. Hei du er kul og Jakob e veldig kul du er skikket veldig stolt av å vere sammen med han. I love the show like person and you are doing it so funn by doing that
Panda sverre
Panda sverre - 18 days ago
He is from Norway and i am too
Yanos - 18 days ago
No Norwegians can speak fluently English
titan daddy
titan daddy - 12 days ago
Exuse me?
tennis twinz
tennis twinz - 18 days ago
Halla jeg er norsk
COOKIES ROCK - 19 days ago
COOKIES ROCK - 19 days ago
Im from same country as Jakob Ingebritsen
Amalie Gaarder
Amalie Gaarder - 19 days ago
Yolo gutta
Autism speaks
Autism speaks - 20 days ago
Lik om du er norsk🇧🇻
ツPurpleMindz - 21 day ago
norway 4 life yaaa
Kari's Verden
Kari's Verden - 21 day ago
He has 5 Brothers and 1 sister
Antombombe _
Antombombe _ - 23 days ago
Im Norwegian and this is deep
Leoni Swiftbridge
Leoni Swiftbridge - 23 days ago
I’m Norwegian and laughed SOOO HARD I FARTED during this whole video. My mom is wondering what i’m watching 😂
Tor-Erik Mathisen
Tor-Erik Mathisen - 23 days ago
Alle som er fra norge like. :)
LYNAY LGWAYH - 23 days ago
Norwegians are so self aware they always check out the video with something something Norwegian in the title, cus they wanna know what others think, and they are proud of their country.
Just wanna say, just say Jacob like you would, you are messing up the JA part. sounds better in english :P sounds like your sayin yaycob not Jakob, you wont be able to do the A either way so yeah.. sorry to crush your dreams bro :/
Andreas Omholt
Andreas Omholt - 24 days ago
Å fy faen norsk er så jævlig bra
Iggy Bear
Iggy Bear - 24 days ago
Jacob was not looking at the camera cuz Norwegians dont like to make eyecontact
Erlend Saga
Erlend Saga - 25 days ago
Take a look at his family. They are sick
BILTEMA - 25 days ago
I am from norway
Matheo Hiim Evjeberg
Matheo Hiim Evjeberg - 25 days ago
I know Jakob Ingebritsen because i am from norway!
Eirin Nistad
Eirin Nistad - 25 days ago
D e sooo jwl morosamt å se på herregud eg skjønne alt dei seie
Borg og mako
Borg og mako - 27 days ago
Heia norge
Ida Osen
Ida Osen - 27 days ago
He wasnt looking at anything he was using his brain to translate from Norwegian to English.
Isabel Ekeseth
Isabel Ekeseth - 27 days ago
As a Norwegian this is so funny to watch
cheetoh - Month ago
you look like Tom jolland and peta
Kristine Wiig
Kristine Wiig - Month ago
Do an update!!!!
Karsvibe - Month ago
Lik om du er fra Norge
Vi spør Oslo
Vi spør Oslo - Month ago
Jeg dør av later
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