T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit

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SMH - 6 minutes ago
In regards to psychotic Candace, attacking black people has nothing to do with supporting (according to the commentator) them.
Al Capone
Al Capone - 6 minutes ago
Candace is amazing!
Radia Hersi
Radia Hersi - 6 minutes ago
Veltor Construction
Veltor Construction - 26 minutes ago
Eastern Europe never had slaves
thats a fact
elizabeth altamira
elizabeth altamira - 55 minutes ago
"Make America Great Again" for me means put America first (protects, provide and may other things that we lost). This includes our country's security in space and in grounds, , tariffs, jobs, values, respects, etc. This includes the justice system, immigration, military, and all the aspects that makes America great. The very foundation of America is founded by the people of faith and by the word of God. It means bringing God and prayer back to our social system. I am an immigrant, victim of racism both white, black and other race. But never come to mind "Make America Great Again" means against citizen or race. It is about reclaiming what we lost from bad deals from other countries, about looking our own laws and system what works and does not work. So we can solve the problems we have in our society and other countries who is taking advantage of our loose system in regards to immigration.
Yolonda ???
Yolonda ??? - Hour ago
I have now lost all respect for her after what she said about George Floyd. Look it up!
Daniel Neri
Daniel Neri - Hour ago
MAGA= Make America great again ECONOMICALLY. How do people not yet get that. Ppl really think trump won by promising to go back to the segregation days? Jfc TI is a smart dude but he’s blindfolded with racism colored glasses. Republicans are all about the $$. Only color we care about is green.
Paper Boy aka Da Truest Back
I see alot of y'all tearing T.I down but realize that black man ain't no damm dummy. Very educated , intelligent & wisdom from the facts
the100th Ora
the100th Ora - Hour ago
Didn’t know ti was this misinformed
Shawn Robins
Shawn Robins - Hour ago
Cancel Candace Owens
Thomas - Hour ago
Killer Mike is very intelligent, but he talks too much and won't let anyone say anything. He thinks what ever he says is right and talks over people. I can agree with a little of what everyone said.
Rest Assure
Rest Assure - Hour ago
Why is it that these people can't articulate their speech without profanity? If the black community wants to see change and leadership, they need to unlearn certain culture and enforce education full force. Hats off to Candace Owens, she spoke the truth on every point she touched without using any expletive. All of us as black people can learn something from that young lady.
Isra Sabir
Isra Sabir - 2 hours ago
Whoever is right or wrong is not the matter. Control emotions AND Follow THE MONEY!!!
Family First
Family First - 2 hours ago
... cause you started with some bs!!🙌🏾
joe johnson
joe johnson - 2 hours ago
Blacks must learn the factors of production . If you don't control any of the factors of production you have no power or respect . If whites stop making toilet papers blacks are in trouble because blacks don;t produce anything .
Abundance for Ethel
Abundance for Ethel - 2 hours ago
Thanks ms mallory! 56:30
Abundance for Ethel
Abundance for Ethel - 2 hours ago
I think if a person decides to bring a human to this planet...its your total responsibility to make sure they can read...before they hit headstart...they need to know how to read and comprehend...period.
Abundance for Ethel
Abundance for Ethel - 2 hours ago
Amos Wilson @ Bobby Wright
Abundance for Ethel
Abundance for Ethel - 2 hours ago
Thank God! It finally got good at 47: 15...
lazykitten - 2 hours ago
I am so glad this summit exists.
Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Girl - 2 hours ago
Father God in the Name of Jesus, SAVE Candace Owens, OPEN HER EYES and USE HER VERY MOUTH to preach THE Life and TRUTH of JESUS. Thank YOU Now LORD for a TRANSFORMING MIRACLE...AMEN and AMEN!!!
Gale Cassese
Gale Cassese - 2 hours ago
Candace Owens needs to be elected, she is smart & knows what's good for All America
lazykitten - 2 hours ago
She has not reached the age requirement yet. Wait for a few years.
Craig Theophilus
Craig Theophilus - 2 hours ago
Ti is an asshole
Geneva Coleman
Geneva Coleman - 3 hours ago
Unless I misunderstood Tameka how dare she say young people do not want to hear of the people who have paved the way for you to even be able to sit on that stage...Your history is where you come from...
Lindsay Sweet
Lindsay Sweet - 3 hours ago
What a darn shame, with all the constant bickering back and forth and talking over one another. A golden opportunity lost in the one-upmanship, everyone on stage wanting to to be the star or the winner.
Geneva Coleman
Geneva Coleman - 3 hours ago
So what is Candace doing to make a change!
Neil - 3 hours ago
What happened to naming sources for statistics? Numbers are just numbers regardless of who's mouth they're coming out of.
Harry Munk
Harry Munk - 3 hours ago
TI thinks he's so clever
Riley Family
Riley Family - 3 hours ago
I am, I am lol
Clyde Bailey
Clyde Bailey - 3 hours ago
Y'all talking about voting....George Bush once said not because yah get the most votes doesn't mean ur gonna win it's a illusion
Craig Theophilus
Craig Theophilus - 3 hours ago
This is useless for positive change
Marcelo Julian Medina
Marcelo Julian Medina - 3 hours ago
I'm black, I'm Latino but, I'm citizen of the world. My father died when I was very young 😢 having a strong family to raise your kids should be our top priority 🙏
Black Panther
Black Panther - 3 hours ago
Candace Owens for president.
TalkToTheBody - 4 hours ago
Candace is one seriously hot lady, stunningly pretty and stunningly intelligent
Anthony Riggins
Anthony Riggins - 4 hours ago
The moderator was absolutely correct, everything Candace says begins and ends with what is wrong with the black community.
Anthony Riggins
Anthony Riggins - 4 hours ago
Killer Mike talks too much.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - 4 hours ago
T.i really doesn’t get it literally now probably doesn’t remember last time black lives mattered on a national news was election year can’t be a coincidence its sad to watch irl.
Zen - 4 hours ago
Candace Owens is very intelligent. She's trying to educate her people but the weave and jordan is probably to tight they can't understand what she's saying. Black people are to fuckin ignorant.
Reef - 4 hours ago
I have much respect for Tamika Mallory. Can't stand that bed wench Kandice Owe-white folks.
Jen Brinson
Jen Brinson - 4 hours ago
I don't have an agenda. My agenda is....lol. Did anyone catch that?
John Richmond
John Richmond - 5 hours ago
This is pathetic. I feel really bad for Candace. She should not even be trying. It's a lost cause. They will never get it. Everyone who is not Black is now the enemy, and they are the victim. We are all the big bad wolf, and they are the sheep being preyed upon. Funny how nobody stopped Ben Carson from being a brilliant physician. Why didn't the big bad wolf stop him. Nobody stopped Obama from becoming president. Where was that racist wolf? Nobody stopped Kanye West from making creative music, although the black community apparently wants to "strip his blackness", simply because he has different policy objectives. Now some members of the black community want to turn on MLK and James Farmer. Those guys would be disgusted at these idiots. They were highly intelligent, and incredibly educated men, who dedicated the majority of their lives to creating the civil rights movement. MLK even warned the black community about "wallowing in the valley of despair". Yet, look at these morons in the crowd and on the stage blaming everyone else. No education at all. The big guy in the red shirt has good common sense. I don't believe in his policy, but he has put in some work to educate himself. And of course, Candace is very educated. But the rest - holy shit. Morons of epic proportion. Sorry to say it. But the truth is the truth. And BTW, when TI or TJ, or whatever the hell he calls himself is talking about investment having no impact. Of course it does! Investment brings jobs folks. If you want to own the means of production, and you want to own the business, you actually have to create something of value. Invent something! The idea that you need millions to invest in a business is WRONG! You can always partner with someone else who has money. But you need an education, you need an idea that is worthwhile, and you need a plan! If you don't have those things, nobody is going to invest in your idea. There is nothing wrong with working. 99% of us sell our labor in the market place. Companies that bring good jobs to your community is a good thing for the community!
Lakeisha Turner
Lakeisha Turner - 5 hours ago
Black out June 14, 2020✊🏾
Shadow Play in the Woods
Shadow Play in the Woods - 5 hours ago
Killer Mike and Candace for the win!
Lexi Stahl
Lexi Stahl - 5 hours ago
I would donate to Candace Owens campaign for presidency in 2024 and that’s saying a lot because I was never into politics until I came across a video of Candace Owens that woke me up!
Elizabeth Cooper Camacho
Elizabeth Cooper Camacho - 5 hours ago
I think Candice Owens believes that she's the smartest person in the room. I think she think everyone else is dumb and beneath her. I'm saying this based on a statement she made this year 2020 concerning the death of Amaud Aubrey. I'm resting my case.
Carol Jean
Carol Jean - 5 hours ago
Why do we have Treasonous statues in American?
Elizabeth Cooper Camacho
Elizabeth Cooper Camacho - 5 hours ago
I hope Candice Owen's is NEVER running for any position in politics. I mean (poli-tricks)
Carol Jean
Carol Jean - 5 hours ago
Taking about Black-men not being in the family homes and not mention private prisons is ludacris
And the unequal justices that puts black men in jail
Anthony Riggins
Anthony Riggins - 5 hours ago
Candace talks about the absence of fathers. She fails to mention the main reason for father absenteeism is a justice system that is designed to remove fathers through unfair ecarceration. This also speaks to one of her other points, the decrease in the African American population. Another contributing factor is the killling of black men by police. Every time a black man is killed, an entire lineage is eliminated.
Onsongo Isaiah
Onsongo Isaiah - 6 hours ago
I just got schooled.....by Killer Mike. Will be on Binge study from his recommendations.
Johnson Moje
Johnson Moje - 6 hours ago
TheGreatOne - 6 hours ago
LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2020! #walkaway
Candie Yam
Candie Yam - 6 hours ago
Who told the LIE that black folks want to stay ignorant and without morals. Granted, there are those who may not personally like Candace, but the sista is SPITTIN Real GAME. For real though. We are a people with strong morals, family structure, and goals. She is merely sharing how WE have Been tricked off and treated badly. Stop being stooopid crowd.
King Ulysses
King Ulysses - 6 hours ago
Candace made A LOT of sense.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 6 hours ago
Candace Owens will be the president of America one day, incredibly intelligent black woman, we need a Candace Owen in 🇬🇧
ADamn Shame
ADamn Shame - 6 hours ago
T.I is retarded
hardiman hardiman
hardiman hardiman - 7 hours ago
Candace owens doesn't deserve attn at all.
Zac Breeden
Zac Breeden - 7 hours ago
If people would shut up and listen they might learn something.
door cravey
door cravey - 7 hours ago
When did anyone start caring what ti thinks lolol that diseased ridden pos who pays whores to sleep with him and his ugly wife has nerve to tell us anything yet he’s on here talking bullshit he has no clue about and giving marriage advice on his podcast hahahahahah a man who stays in jail and cheats all the time and don’t hide it either he’s done or so often tiny now just joins in there gross imo and I don’t know a soul who cares what he says about anything ever....
Dianna Hampton
Dianna Hampton - 7 hours ago
Candance Is so delusional. Slavery was not all over the world there was one place were black people were free and that place is called Haiti Haiti went up against France and Spain, fought and won and remained free. Just because someone sounds smart does not mean they are smart.
Sky Walk
Sky Walk - 7 hours ago
Dan DJ Jackson
Dan DJ Jackson - 7 hours ago
The old saying is just a saying, that people use to say. You say it as another reason not the only reason to go vote.
If you don’t understand that you don’t understand what it is really going on
That’s Black History by saying this you are reminding people about there own history you can’t bury it, teach people about the history anyway you can. So many young people don’t even know how many black mothers and people have died just because they wanted to find a voice, we have a long way to go. I’m sorry because we’re losing this race!
PouDaddy SamoanRage
PouDaddy SamoanRage - 8 hours ago
TI in a sense is intelligent. But he don't seem as educated and factual as K.Mike
PouDaddy SamoanRage
PouDaddy SamoanRage - 8 hours ago
I would love to see Candice and K.Mike just debate maybe even Shapiro. MAGA a trigger sentence for poor white ppl to react to poor black ppl hahaha
IvoryTroll - 8 hours ago
T i is a drunk fool
omar johnson
omar johnson - 8 hours ago
this is all over the place. let people talk damn
Nathanaiel Abraha
Nathanaiel Abraha - 8 hours ago
Where are Mae C. Jemison,Neil deGrasse Tyson ,Shirley Ann Jackson and so oon 🤕
Set Apart
Set Apart - 8 hours ago
Have you changed your talk to date Candace ? You are supporting a racist president with a small p. Candace sounds so stupid and out of touch.
Set Apart
Set Apart - 8 hours ago
Trump used money and bought you all black supporters. You all are baits and he is laughing at you all.
Maddierose - 8 hours ago
What I don’t understand is when Candace says something, people got shit to say, but the minute Killer Mike backs her up, saying THE SAME THING SHE SAID, people wanna applaud him. Like what didn’t you understand the first time it was said??? The reaction of the crowd just proves Candace’s point.
Shadow Play in the Woods
Shadow Play in the Woods - 6 hours ago
You know why..
intahmynt TV
intahmynt TV - 9 hours ago
I am proud of Mike and T.I and Tameka I love y'all
Romana Zvereva
Romana Zvereva - 9 hours ago
Wow excellent truthful service to your country
Alex Provence
Alex Provence - 9 hours ago
You started with some bullshit😂😂😂😂😂
R R - 9 hours ago
I got here because of Candace Owens. She peaks the truth. The politicians can give you what you want. It’s just a temporary fix. But at the end of the day it starts from home.
H. Fongoh
H. Fongoh - 9 hours ago
Killer Mike should run for Congress
BLKMAN BLKMAN - 9 hours ago
I love you Killer Mike!!!
jaybethatdude - 9 hours ago
*Killer Mike* I'm gonna let my sister speak first
*Killer Mike proceeds to speak first lol.
*The sister sits there like"????"
Metro Customer
Metro Customer - 9 hours ago
I did like the way ti treaded c.owens.
Luqman Sudan
Luqman Sudan - 10 hours ago
TI spit some jewels, his mannerisms my not be polished in this environment, with these individuals, however he spoke truth to power, and challenged Candace to explain her support for this racist in the white house.
lejohn Bryson
lejohn Bryson - 10 hours ago
If somebody at a waffle house or whatever disrespects me and does injustice and unfairness in my community to me as a customer I'm not going back there to support their business I don't care how good their food is or b cuz they have what I want I don't have to put up with that poor treatment just so that I can have a job or just so that I can get food from there I'm not kissing nobody but if I was incarcerated and I come home and I don't have a job the Lord is going to make a way somehow I'll start my own business may take some time but With God all things are possible PS that white woman who was being prejudiced should have been fired
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