T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit

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Cameron Drake
Cameron Drake - 6 hours ago
Killer mike held it all together
Raley Vidal
Raley Vidal - 7 hours ago
I love you Candace!!!
Adrienne L
Adrienne L - 8 hours ago
Leverage and Force PERIOD!!!
Rel16 - 8 hours ago
Ti is a clueless idiot lol
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez - 8 hours ago
I deal in righteous, not majority rule! They're lines that you just don't cross whether you're gay or pro choice! You don't cross the line.
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez - 8 hours ago
I'm an Indy! I don't support the log cabin GOP or flamboyant leftwing lgbtq's either, period!
Tito 662
Tito 662 - 9 hours ago
Killer Mike for President!!!
TAKE ONE SPENCE - 10 hours ago
Killer Mike is in my opinion is the Strongest Centered (not left or right) Black Leader in the community. People need to conform more to the center like him and move forward.
Big Travis
Big Travis - 10 hours ago
POTUS Donald Trump is a complete failure as a racist,, what kind of racist would
1 - fix the economy and provide record employment for blacks
2 - sign a bill to make MLKjr birth place a protected national park
3 - sign a criminal justice reform bill that freed 3000+ people from prison , mostly black , who returned home to their families ,
4 - write and sign an EXECUTIVE ORDER providing a financial windfall and
Continued CASH for HBCs
What a racist POS ain’t he,,,
Keep getting your info from biased lefty media and T.I.
fascism wil com w victim ideology
Media spliced what Trump said about Charleottesville period. Project veritias has undercover video of CNN blew them out the water. And video of Dem stating they paid actors going to Trump rallys to make a racist narrative. Look it up
Nardo Jackson
Nardo Jackson - 13 hours ago
Killer Mike Real
Nardo Jackson
Nardo Jackson - 15 hours ago
I'm so sick of hearing about people and names with money talk about racism when they don't have to deal with the situations as intensely as most people that is no longer a major issue that's going along with the world it's only issue because everyone keeps bring it in up There are more important issues like class warfare and economic dominance that needs to be addressed racism gets rectified on the individual level
MrKorKor - 15 hours ago
Someone turn off TIs mic. I’m so happy Mike interjected.
Rental - 17 hours ago
Seems to me like TI has the least important opinion and point of view. It’s like he’s trying to make a thug life meme and failing at it. The dude is uneducated and clearly has no factual knowledge of how anything works.
Hush Money
Hush Money - 19 hours ago
Killer Mike for Congress...
Elenis Carrera
Elenis Carrera - 19 hours ago
Candance 😍 my goodness! You are truly a leader 🙏🙌👏
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez - Day ago
Candace Owens has said absolutely nothing!
Shanda Bolden
Shanda Bolden - Day ago
T.I. so America was never great but you're doing great hypocrite!!!
Funktion Wit Tha Family
What makes black women most important?
Christina G
Christina G - Day ago
love this #changingthewaytheworldthinks
Jerri Tegtmryer
Jerri Tegtmryer - Day ago
Democrats have been praying on the poor of all color promising us all change!!!! It is thier agenda to keep us poor and divided. They have been doing it for years. If we fight and stay divided then it keeps our attention away from what the corrupt deep state are really doing. They try to keep us divided and uneducated by feeding us information through the MSM (main stream media) whom are nothing but the deep state puppeteers. We have to dig deep and educate ourselves and look at the history. They are only 2% of the population. "WE THE PEOPLE" make up the rest of the population. We all need to come together and figure out how to make a change!!!!! I am white, I grew up in the projects, I have been harassed by the police b/c I lived in the projects...he sexually harassed me when I was twelve. I have never seen color growing up until I was older and its all the fighting and things that I see on TV. I then started researching "OUR" history!!! The 2% rich white people who has made all of these decisions for the past hundreds of years have divided us. It discusses me what they did to the black people but I did not have any decision in that!!! Everyone please look at the history...if you look back you can connect all their blood lines....the people that are running the country and the states are connected by these blood families. The Democrats are the ones who created the KKK. You have to look at the HISTORY!!!! Please I'm praying right now that we have to STAND TOGETHER.....its time to take our lives and freedom back!!!!!!
MATT CAFER - Day ago
📡Keep your head up candace 💛👊💛
You took some grief for most of this debate...I'm a simple white man that wants us all to rise..🇺🇸😎☀️..all of us meaning every race.. we all struggle in this great nation...candance 2024🇺🇸
Adam John
Adam John - Day ago
T.I. Is ignorant and doesn’t know what he is talking about.
Darcel Mazon
Darcel Mazon - Day ago
Thank you.....
nip Gan
nip Gan - Day ago
TI is a straight up Dumbass
nip Gan
nip Gan - Day ago
The world would be a better place if there was more Candice owens
Platinumotion - Day ago
Ti needs to shut his asshole and stop talking... He's literally helping push misinformed black youth to the slaughter house. It angers me when people talk ignorantly as if they are smart.
Shanga Mcnair
Shanga Mcnair - Day ago
Candace embodies ignorance. Socialism has not killed 100 million people. People have killed people
Bundy 4Prez
Bundy 4Prez - Day ago
Oh, The Informant.
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
Blacks and Latinos didn't show up for work shit government shut down .or even if every black man ask for a trial instead of taking a plea judicial system shit government shut down
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
If u do a little we don't have to do alot
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
Get it Mike
Killer Mike for Congress please
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
13th amendment free unless u commit a crime slavery
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
There's always going to be a good. Bad ugly side Dem rep party Clinton 3 strikes your out
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
Diddy there lol
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Day ago
She's right they use what we fear to win us
Chuck Ananda
Chuck Ananda - Day ago
Candace is the only one up there with the function of logic still operative! And Killer Mike! The guy with the white t-shirt is a piece of shit.
CASH MAFIA - Day ago
Im Still Tryna Figure Out Why The Lil Women There???
Eric Garland
Eric Garland - Day ago
Oh so jobs are supposed to be just handed out? The fact that the jobs are there doesn't count unless they are handed to those who the lady on the left thinks should have them? Yeah this is why liberal types need to be avoided. No sense at all.
Eric Garland
Eric Garland - Day ago
Benefit from capital gains taxes is so that you can make these gains without worrying about possible negative tax consequences. It is so you can get these with a tax break regardless of whether you had gains before. An incentive to invest in something TI totally misses the point.
MillyV - Day ago
Killer Mike KILLED IT no pun intended
Eric Garland
Eric Garland - Day ago
TI must stand for terribly ignorant.
Eric Garland
Eric Garland - Day ago
Resist TI and the ignorant crap that I just heard come from his stupid mouth.
Eric Garland
Eric Garland - Day ago
Candace Owens is too intelligent and knowledgeable to be on a panel with these liberal idiots.
SDX - Day ago
How has no one killed puffy yet?
Lil Lou2
Lil Lou2 - Day ago
Candace Owens for president 2024
Lil Lou2
Lil Lou2 - Day ago
Of course the former Crack Dealer with illegal gun talks about the big bad po po 😂 just shows you politics is what affects YOU personally not as a whole
Dean Hettig
Dean Hettig - Day ago
Killer Mike needs to step his ass on a treadmill lol
anthonymarcus48 - Day ago
It was frustrating to listen to this because of all the talking at the same time and over each other that happened, plus they kept cutting each other off. however, everyone made some good points and its good to know so many people think diversely . Mike and Candace made the best points, they feel like the intellectual leaders on stage.
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons - Day ago
1:02:52 say whaa T.I.- " rEdiStRiCTiNg🤔, I will be redistricting my music video this Friday... i'll have to use that one. 🤨" Lmao what ti thought there
Lewis DeVaughn
Lewis DeVaughn - 2 days ago
Candice makes tip look kinda dumb
Angel Miranda
Angel Miranda - 2 days ago
Candace is in the trenches. God bless her for her hard work.
Randolph Taylor
Randolph Taylor - 2 days ago
Angel Miranda yes I was scared for her. Not too many people would take her place. Too emotional not debate.
Sharonda Milburn
Sharonda Milburn - 2 days ago
Everytime I hear Mike speak he gets smarter and smarter we're does he finds the time WOWWW you would never thought I'm proud of him smart but keeps it gangster and hood I just love love love it and him .It's like I can go out to a fancy dinner and still go like he said to the waffle house lol love you Mike 4 keeping it real keep being you and I know you will.God bless you'll😂😂😂😂😂✌🙏.
Nights - 2 days ago
I was looking forward to these. Why can’t some adults controls their emotions ??
Jason Young
Jason Young - 2 days ago
Trump/Pence 2020
Ronald Jefferson
Ronald Jefferson - 2 days ago
Wow, what can you say after listening to these young so called leader talk and express their opinion. there no solution for father not being in the house.maybe just maybe if women would start having more respect for themselves and be more responsible for their action we wouldn't have this problem.i am going to bed.one candidate has the solution.put a 1,000 dollar a month into people hands and let's see what would happen.money is what needed to get people out of their situation.two family own more weath than 65% of the population.. minimum wage has not increase in 40year.how did this country become so great! Free labor think about the value if a job.free labor.
Think about this,m.j mansion cost 40 million o.w 88 million p.t 40 million.i could go on and on .these are black billionaire who has shown no concern for you, your mother,your father,and your children.this is the best they can do.hell has a special place for them all.
Jason Young
Jason Young - 2 days ago
Candace Owens, You're Truly Are Remarkable !!!
Scott Turner
Scott Turner - 2 days ago
Giving a THUMBS DOWN for the direct focus on "black". There were a lot of GREAT ideas displayed, however they are trumped due to the focus on racial narratives.
I feel a debate around where we focus on the human race is a much better dialog than focusing in on "black", in my "world view" I don't see black and white... To expand, There should never be a successful political party based upon ethnicity or race as outlined in this forum! The idea of that I feel is the definition of racist and is completely unacceptable!! Let's look at how we call can work together as the human race to do God's will and move forward. Holler at me if you disagree!
Sasha Gotti
Sasha Gotti - 2 days ago
Why TI has to be so ghetto, he can’t have a normal conversation that he needs to start screaming and talking over people 🙄🙄. Killer Mike at least let’s the other panelists finish their thoughts 🙄🙄
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 2 days ago
9:17 what is this wigger wearing?
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