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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Which teams are in your Top 10 after Week 7?
Nathan Jessip
Nathan Jessip - 17 days ago
@Dingertron The 4th that d is 5-3 and cant stop the run.... maybe next year, kc
Dingertron The 4th
Dingertron The 4th - 20 days ago
Nathan Jessip I’ve just watched the 49ers and their offense really isn’t that good, and I know they got sanders, but it’s a QB league. And I think if the chiefs defense can play mediocre, Mahomes and the offense can do the rest. However, the 49ers need near perfect defensive performances to carry their offense. That’s my reasoning at least.
Nathan Jessip
Nathan Jessip - 20 days ago
@Dingertron The 4th since they lost twice to ne last year.... in kc.... both games will be in foxborough if the chiefs make it that far this year
Dingertron The 4th
Dingertron The 4th - 20 days ago
Nathan Jessip I see where both y’all are coming from but if I’m going against the patriots I think Mahomes and the chiefs give you a better chance to win,
Nathan Jessip
Nathan Jessip - 20 days ago
@MrCrispy 7-0 vs 5-2.... mahomes is out and kc's defense cant stop anything.... facts
Spectrum Wifi
Spectrum Wifi - 17 days ago
1. Patriots
2. Saints
3. Cowboys
4. Packers
5. Ravens
6. Vikings
7. 49ers
8. Bills
9. Chiefs
10. Texans
Remedies Shadow
Remedies Shadow - 18 days ago
Vikings? I don't think so. Texans? Also don't think so. Colts is HIGHLY questionable.
pulptarantino - 18 days ago
Is Belichick Belichickian enough for you Colin?
pulptarantino - 18 days ago
No Chiefs? I’m surprised.
Austin - 19 days ago
don’t you think #5 is a little high for buffalo? they’ve beat 5 of the worst teams and not by that much either. the defense is good but the offense is still very mediocre. maybe seattle, dallas, or KC should be on top 10, but otherwise, good list
Frosty31 - 19 days ago
Excuses Colin.
Go Colts!
Joken Word
Joken Word - 19 days ago
Houston shouldn’t even be top 10... IMO KC, LAR, Seattle all better not to mention Indy & Baltimore..
Martha Patterson
Martha Patterson - 19 days ago
New England number 1 all day
JT Rogers
JT Rogers - 19 days ago
No Rams or Chiefs ??
Benjamin Wallace
Benjamin Wallace - 19 days ago
Where are the Chiefs...
Sean Cahalane
Sean Cahalane - 19 days ago
Who has the 2nd most takeaways? Not the bears, not the patriots. That's bs pats have the most. That's a stupid skewed bias Stát Colin and you know it
Connor Lucas
Connor Lucas - 19 days ago
Do you seriously have the Buffalo Bill's at 5 and not even have Seattle in the Top 10? Our 2 losses are to Baltimore and New Orleans... for someone who slobs on Russell Wilson you think he'd realize who the better teams are not based on records.
Hunter L
Hunter L - 20 days ago
I don’t buy the 49ers, Minnesota and Green Bay are better.
BASEJOCK11 - 20 days ago
Of course New England is leading the league in scoring, they're scoring on defense and special teams multiple times a week.
jesse jubera
jesse jubera - 20 days ago
I really like watching Colin but how do you have the Texans over the Colts and Ravens??
Le Tug
Le Tug - 21 day ago
Where is seattle
Sharpjet/ - 21 day ago
How bout them boy?
Adam Butz
Adam Butz - 21 day ago
Why the bills so high, they are not good, they are a 7 win team who will finish with 11 or 12 wins due to the easiest schedule ever
Raptor is mine Ceeday
Raptor is mine Ceeday - 21 day ago
Packers should be top 3 in my opinion
BillPrestin Esquire
BillPrestin Esquire - 21 day ago
Patriots do not play anyone,,why is no one saying this????
Andy and Vic
Andy and Vic - 21 day ago
I was ok with us being number 8 until I saw Houston ahead of us. They may have been slightly more banged up, but we certainly had our injuries too! Our great slot corner, second wide receiver, and star safety (second best defensive player behind Leonard) were all out.
miamiwaffles - 21 day ago
Pat play the worse teams
Jeffxm003 - 21 day ago
Came here to see if the colts were ranked. I'm satisfied
jake dantoni
jake dantoni - 21 day ago
Not good at cornerback??? How are the ravens not good at cornerback
Guy Black
Guy Black - 21 day ago
I'm no Cousin apologist, but when you play a great defense, don't most QB's struggle..hence what makes the other team have a great defense?
Spencer Dye
Spencer Dye - 21 day ago
Baltimore is weak at corner because we lost 2 starting CBs
Mohammad Ahasan Habib
Mohammad Ahasan Habib - 21 day ago
Winners focus on winning, while losers focus on winners. Everyone wants to win, only few want to prepare. Winning feels better and losing feels bitter. Better or bitter choice is yours.
Spencer Monroe
Spencer Monroe - 21 day ago
Take the damn panthers off and put the Seahawks in that place
James Barlow
James Barlow - 21 day ago
Not true Rodgers was first in franchise history to get perfect passer rating. Bart Starr earned 158.3 completing 8 of 9 for 201 yards and 2 TDs including a 91 yarder to Boyd Dowler in a 35-21 win at L.A. against the Rams, the final game of the 1960 season. Halfback Paul Hornung (whose #5 should be retired) kicked five extra points, ran for two TDs, and threw a 40 yard TD in the contest.
Meliodas - 21 day ago
The Patriots need a tough schedule at least one year before Brady retires this is ridiculous they only play 2 good teams in the regular season every year
Nate G.
Nate G. - 21 day ago
Sooo where are the chiefs ?
K Diamond Ranch, Nebraska
How bout them Cowboys
Tay10r R1chards0n
Tay10r R1chards0n - 21 day ago
Colts will win the AFC South
Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson - 21 day ago
Where are the chiefs? Mahomes might only miss one game and colin has them out of the top 10? He just can't resist making at least one dumb take in these
Kronic Impulse
Kronic Impulse - 21 day ago
Houston ahead of Indy? Lol nah and did this man seriously say Indy was healthy??? Starting safety, starting corner, starting D-Lineman and their WR’s 2 & 3 were all out I wouldn’t call that “healthy”
Bryan Burns
Bryan Burns - 21 day ago
Colin and his team put together a WONDERFUL Top 10 segment this week, per usual. I haven’t tracked his W-L but my gut says he’s doing very well. Such high quality information here, I’m surprised there isn’t a higher content area with a Patreon paywall...
Colin’s isn’t without his fair share of piccadillos like his inevitable Divorce Analogy or the unsurprising tangent to LeBron and his lack of .....
But regarding sports betting and the NFL/ NCAA, Colin’s lights out (in a good way).
Christine C
Christine C - 22 days ago
Colts were not healthier then Houston lol.
Carson Davis
Carson Davis - 22 days ago
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved
DeathAngel015 - 22 days ago
Tell me how Colin is smarter than whoever does the power rankings, he knows football
Krusty Clown
Krusty Clown - 22 days ago
Rams are at least 8 Ravens are like 5
Mahdi Knicks
Mahdi Knicks - 22 days ago
Saints will get exposed soon.
Ya Local Trap Grandpap
Ya Local Trap Grandpap - 22 days ago
No Seahawks,rams,chiefs? Bold
Dillon K
Dillon K - 22 days ago
No chiefs lol ok
Nathan Bright
Nathan Bright - 22 days ago
"Just because they lose, doesn't mean they are out of it"

*Seahawks go from #6 last week to out of it*
JORDAN BAUGH - 22 days ago
What does everyone have against my hawks?
tyler feldman
tyler feldman - 22 days ago
he put carolina in front of the cheifs…🧐
Declan Krueger
Declan Krueger - 22 days ago
Imagine this guy just said “Who has the second most takeaways, not the Bears, not the Patriots - Carolina” and the Patriots are sitting at number one in takeaways by a fair margin 😂😂 this guy man
ThreePhaseHigh - 22 days ago
What a bunch of hot air.
Mike Leger
Mike Leger - 22 days ago
The nfc is loaded man
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor - 22 days ago
If Teddy Bridgewater is worth $18 million, then Dak is worth $18 million.
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor - 22 days ago
I half expected Colin to call for the Colts to trade for Sam Darnold in order to shore up a Super Bowl run...
Garron Anderson
Garron Anderson - 22 days ago
Seahawks and chiefs not top ten lmaooooo
The Duraged Gamer
The Duraged Gamer - 22 days ago
Bro the pats are #1 in takeaways of course they won’t be second
Brandname - 22 days ago
Losses dont decide the top 10 and coaching is important.
So where is Seattle?
gaming adventures
gaming adventures - 22 days ago
Myles Garrett>Darius leonard
Kronic Impulse
Kronic Impulse - 21 day ago
What’s that gotta do with anything lol
Cameron Michelson
Cameron Michelson - 22 days ago
Says Carolina is 2nd in take aways, not the bears, not the Pat's, the Panthers, even though the Pat's are 1st
Ali Hamed
Ali Hamed - 22 days ago
I’ll make the case that Baltimore is at least top 5. When their defense comes to play, they are scary. Also Lamar Jackson is pushing this team to wins. I’m not even a Raven’s fan but I honestly believe that they have a legitimate chance of beating the Pats
Brian K
Brian K - 22 days ago
Chiefs not even in the top 10?
shiva kc
shiva kc - 22 days ago
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