The Abominable Snowman (Documentary)

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Cipriana Dawson
Cipriana Dawson - Day ago
He's a reincarnated lama!? Ok I believe u
J Campbell
J Campbell - Day ago
Nice little boobies though, eh? -for a dude.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 2 days ago
Lhakpa is kinda hot for a Tibet woman
Maui MItch
Maui MItch - 2 days ago
Get the IRS, they'll find it and charge it taxes! LOL
nader diba
nader diba - 2 days ago
they have no any relation with human beings !
they are wild , kill them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catalin D
Catalin D - 4 days ago
A new huge primate undescovered by scientists!!!
Catalin D
Catalin D - 4 days ago
I am very convince that yety exist by proof: DNA hand ,footprint and that yety film!!!!
Catalin D
Catalin D - 2 days ago
I am very convinced this creature exist and i belive are no one but many tipe of this unknow primate!
nader diba
nader diba - 2 days ago
marry him if you dare !!!
Smiddy Smith
Smiddy Smith - 6 days ago
Erick LaVey
Erick LaVey - 6 days ago
Lady of the Woods
Lady of the Woods - 6 days ago
I used to think big foot stuff was so silly. But now I think open minded that it is possible. Could be an inter dimensional creature, that could go in out of Dimensions, just one thought so I keep open mind that there are many things in supernatural world we don’t understand
Brian Sumner
Brian Sumner - 7 days ago
Dose that woman realise how stupid she is, OK Fred start walking, omg. Liverpool UK
tucan man
tucan man - 9 days ago
you have to see one to believe like me
Draven - 9 days ago
Spoiler Alert: Their is no such thing as Yeti's or Sasquatch's. The end.
Baba Yega
Baba Yega - 17 days ago
I think there is a underground cavern like pocket that says warm year around in clear lake that's how the alligator's stay alive in clean lake and I think that was one of the baby's of the one I seen as a kid .
Leon Harpley
Leon Harpley - 20 days ago
La pinocha
Osualdo Cedano
Osualdo Cedano - 20 days ago
No it was a leopard the leopard is gonna throw her far and grab her like she said how stupid are the documentary people that makem
Scott Pool
Scott Pool - 20 days ago
That’s precious that is suspicious of Bigfoot up to his knees and snow I don’t think so come on guys you can do better then that.
bear bones
bear bones - 21 day ago
Yeti says yeti isnt real
Spence1000 *
Spence1000 * - 23 days ago
I have seen Yeti! Awesome beverage tumbler 😯
love is my religion
love is my religion - 29 days ago
Well it's starting to get cold so there will be more people dressing up in hairy snowsuits
DurtCannon - Month ago
Sir Edmund Hillary was just a disinformation agent. Tom Slick was the real explorer and adventurer!
QuigleyNixon - Month ago
He just wants to offer you a snow cone, he's a nice guy.
Gladys Wildgoose
Gladys Wildgoose - Month ago
The rainforest apeman is one beautiful animal
Ji Yo
Ji Yo - Month ago
why do all these scientist say there is no phisical evidence whatsoever when they also admit to having fecal samples and hair samples? they have dna of an "unknown primate" and they're just like, "ya but this means nothing honestly" are you kidding me?
Charles Pukeowski
Charles Pukeowski - Month ago
It is said when edmund hillary screamed at the peak :"i'm the first on mount everest, he heard some yetis laugh in the distance.
Jason Conover
Jason Conover - Month ago
I love my Yeti cup and cooler. Good job Mr. Yeti!!
HealthyAsAHorse! - Month ago
Yeti. Set. SNOW!
peekaboots01 - Month ago
Why hunt and kill a mile mannered large ape? Humans are such assholes.
Meters Meters
Meters Meters - Month ago
It reminds me of a story that some one told me about Satan's spy who is very hairy they call him jassasa that is his name jassasa in Arabic means spy
Rina Lore
Rina Lore - Month ago
The picture looks like every kid in Canada trudging back up the hill they just tobogganed down. Canadian Mother's always overdress their little Sasquatchs and they all look alike on the hills going up or down.
walt barrand
walt barrand - Month ago
yes it's real
Lynn Wiley
Lynn Wiley - Month ago
I saw a Bigfoot when I was 14 and I am now 60 .
Linda T
Linda T - Month ago
lol.. the bible also said that moses took two of each animal that walked the earth onto his boat! Remind me just how big was that ark again? I think when you start quoting the bible, and devote a whole section to it, you've already lost the argument for a serious documentary.
Daniel Calvert
Daniel Calvert - 10 days ago
I 'liked' your comment, anyone with the ability to rationalise can work out the bible is a work of fiction, frequently borrowing from previous religious beliefs. Still, to be fair, I think the documentary was back grounding the mythology of ape like creatures as it covered all sorts of mythological and fictional history rather than giving biblical 'accounts' any credence.
papa smerph
papa smerph - Month ago
why abominable
pelinal whitestrake
pelinal whitestrake - Month ago
The slick johnson expedition...
Johann Kaiser
Johann Kaiser - Month ago
yowwwwie - Month ago
thank you for the "no ad" feature documentary. My opinion of Peter Bryne has gone down a notch, since he stole from the Buddhist monks in the monastery. Shame on you. Y
John Price
John Price - Month ago
Funny how eye witness testimony is unreliable when dealing with yeti's but totally credible when sending someone to death row.
hoe bitch
hoe bitch - Month ago
I think it's my sister
TRINITY8400 - Month ago
The school teacher in the glasses probably never has been beyond her desk and classroom
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