The Abominable Snowman (Documentary)

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Mr. Ramjangles
Mr. Ramjangles - 4 days ago
34:24 Looks like me walking up the hill to get the mail in winter where I live!
gus_duhhh - 4 days ago
Yeh I can fap to this
Stefanos Prokopis
Stefanos Prokopis - 9 days ago
Maybe the abominable snowman is Elvis.
Catalin D
Catalin D - 10 days ago
The creature have been tall 9fett tall to big for a man In a suit la a real creature
Catalin D
Catalin D - 10 days ago
Year after year scientist find more and more birds, insecte, and even big mamal have been discovered I belive that Yety and bigfoot creatures are descendents of Gygantopheticur monkeys who lives in remote are ,big unknown traks,hair sample who belong to unknown large monkey , bone test proof that belong to an unknown primate!!!!!!
rimminator - 13 days ago
sighting's of the snow leopard are extremely rare so therefore sighting of an intelligent humanoid will be even rarer
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith - 19 days ago
15:35 "1400 pounds of frozen fury" and a hot chic sleeping! A love story, movie gold right there!
Сары Сармат
Сары Сармат - 20 days ago
yajuj and majuj
julie beal
julie beal - 23 days ago
How amazing that the myth is real. They are real.
VersionFive TV
VersionFive TV - 28 days ago
Viviana Andrade
Viviana Andrade - Month ago
Rachael Stanley
Rachael Stanley - Month ago
8:05 It seems nothing is safe from the menu at Wuhan.
Meexi - 27 days ago
germslover666 - Month ago
Don't tell anybody but I'm the one they've been looking for all these year's. I found it very easy to hide in plain sight, all I had to do was shave all my hair off and start wearing a beret.
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . .
Why does jeffy have a Hitler moustache?
hga v
hga v - 2 months ago
Martin Girdwood
Martin Girdwood - 2 months ago
What a patronising, condescending bitch that woman is.
mobish sinsix6
mobish sinsix6 - 2 months ago
ഏതെങ്കിലും മലയാളി കണ്ടാൽ അടി ലൈക്ക് 😜🤭
David Fullam
David Fullam - 2 months ago
Local myths, misidentifications, and hoaxes. Move along, nothing to see here And Jeff Meldrum is a total kook.
Subscribe me for no REASON
In the thumbnail I thought yeti Doing a ski.
Sean Garcia
Sean Garcia - 2 months ago
These people are very honest these things are real.
Avenger - 2 months ago
All this creatures r extraterrestrial, put here by intelligent from other planet to see if they can survive on earth, just like human use dog, monkey etc during our first space flight.
pascal bxl
pascal bxl - 2 months ago
Isn't there a saying : no smoke without fire?
Vito Tropolini
Vito Tropolini - 2 months ago
Was my grandfather
Yo! Mark
Yo! Mark - 2 months ago
Anyone else wana punch the voice over guys face in? So fing annoying.
sammey1 - 2 months ago
Why in the world would a human-like creature live alone outside on a snow filled mountainside? It makes no sense.
mark renton
mark renton - 2 months ago
at 36:26 you can see the massive hips and the long arms , also the size of the back.
Fred Reddies
Fred Reddies - 2 months ago
What could a yeti eat in such a barren place to keep up strength and body heat
Bruce Nenke
Bruce Nenke - 3 months ago
Wade Brown
Wade Brown - 3 months ago
She’s so smug
Dark Justice
Dark Justice - 3 months ago

Andrew Calean
Andrew Calean - 3 months ago
Yeti is better staying away from us since we got coronavirus 🤦🏽‍♂️
John Nolan
John Nolan - 3 months ago
Zana look it up, actual wildman caught by russians well documented. Even had children
Joe Hayward
Joe Hayward - 3 months ago
But the smart scientist make up theory to come up with global cooling oh that was the 70s now its global warming hold on now its global climate .
James Jones
James Jones - 3 months ago
David attenborough said the evidence is compelling and that there's a good chance the yeti exists.
Simon says:
Simon says: - 3 months ago
You know why these "experts" deny the very excistense of these creatures. Well these creatures are unpredictable and VERY dangerous. Ever heard of Missing 411? Missing persons case around the US displayed over a map line up perfectly with Bigfoot sightings displayed on maps.
Simon says:
Simon says: - 3 months ago
They deny their excistense because they have known these creatures were responsible for deaths and yet they were swept under the rug.
Joe Willis
Joe Willis - 3 months ago
Maybe he will knock on that skeptic ladies door..
Nuris M.
Nuris M. - 3 months ago
Dont worry yeti covid19 is taking care of us.
Wanda Smith-Sweat
Wanda Smith-Sweat - 3 months ago
You lost me after misrepresenting what the Bible says. Twice.
Bill Ramsey
Bill Ramsey - 3 months ago
Think I'll turn this one off and go watch Sasquatch Chronicles. Good grief
Eric Barnard
Eric Barnard - 3 months ago
34:20 the “Snow Walker” footage turned out to be a hoax.
American Lee
American Lee - 3 months ago
love this here but plz bring back monsterquest!
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly - 3 months ago
Coming from the roof and paralized him. The other woman had mutalated cattle. Sounds like ET encounters. There have been sightings of saskwatch like creatures during ufo encounters.
Tecumseh Cristero
Tecumseh Cristero - 3 months ago
Homoerectus? Even though Homosapians were around 200,000 years ago the guy goes with Homoerectus and why do they say gigantopithicus was gentle or mild mannered? What are they basing that on?
Rommel the Cat
Rommel the Cat - 5 days ago
He always pays his tab.
Tecumseh Cristero
Tecumseh Cristero - 3 months ago
Grendel is a hairy man? How? He is never described
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - 3 months ago
I thought Grendel was just a Monster, but apparently he's a Bigfoot, now.
Tecumseh Cristero
Tecumseh Cristero - 3 months ago
Esau? Esau, along with Ishmael, is one of the fathers of the Arabs. Are all Arabs Bigfoots too?
laura masters
laura masters - 3 months ago
Our planet hasn't been complete been explored so there could be yetis and other unknown animals out there like in the oceans they have found sea creatures that hasn't been around for a very long time
sunsin1592 - 4 months ago
Didn't they just get DNA off a hair sample that proved there was a polar/brown bear mix in the Himalayas that may be what people are calling the yeti?
Frank Nowakowski
Frank Nowakowski - 4 months ago
#1. What would it eat? Snow?
Kurt Bjorn
Kurt Bjorn - 4 months ago
No yeti/sasquatch. Why? Total DNA bottleneck/inbreeding. If they are that scarce, then they are doomed to extinction regardless.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 4 months ago
"I think the reason most scientists are skeptical of there being a Yeti, is there really is no evidence"
That's a very good reason to be skeptical..I just don't know how adults be,I've in this creature with zero evidence especially with today's technology
Stacks M
Stacks M - 4 months ago
What would they eat living in those conditions..
Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe - 10 days ago
Mike - 2 months ago
Martin Girdwood
Martin Girdwood - 5 months ago
That's no yeti scalp. It's Trump's hair piece
Julio Jesus Jimenez
Julio Jesus Jimenez - 5 months ago
Chris wells
Chris wells - 5 months ago
Then what are the natives say they been talking about it since it got popular here .are they all lieing too.and if there some what intelligent then they probably Barrie there dead and eating all natural food from the forest without any perservitives unlike us that are full of persavtives there body's decompose alot faster than ours
Antti Werkkala
Antti Werkkala - 5 months ago
If so how they breed?
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - 5 months ago
Quite a life, living on a diet of rocks and snow.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - 10 days ago
@Make Me Believe That's it!!! They eat their own poop to survive. I never thought of that.
Make Me Believe
Make Me Believe - 10 days ago
And managing to get large , leaving no scat , no carcasses for thousands of years ....
Joseph King
Joseph King - 23 days ago
@Hugo Stiglitz Bears ? Hell man our dog bit me earlier. I'm done.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - 23 days ago
@Joseph King I suggest you start with bears to practice and then work up from there. Just remember, horizontal finger for bear, vertical finger for Yeti.
Joseph King
Joseph King - 24 days ago
Its all about the fiber my friend. No need for a rectal exam . Although I would like to see someone give a rectal exam to a Yeti.
C. Lassard
C. Lassard - 5 months ago
Wildman had a little wanker lol!
ANNO DOMINI - 5 months ago
People who still believe in Bigfoot are suckers!
जय हिन्द
जय हिन्द - 5 months ago
extincted pecies
MAGNUM TEAM - 6 months ago
O look those are the sherpas from FAR CRY 4
Mojo Watham
Mojo Watham - 6 months ago
No such thing as BCE!!!
Tim Crowe
Tim Crowe - 6 months ago
I want to shoot a Yeti. I hear they make good eatin'!
Dumitriade Ionel
Dumitriade Ionel - 6 months ago
Aira Samson
Aira Samson - 6 months ago
Who comes here after watching Dreamwork's Abominable
Apache Viking
Apache Viking - 6 months ago
In Washington on the Olympic peninsula there is plenty of foot source in the forest to support a Sasquatch.
P V - 6 months ago
Bitch in the glasses ignorant af
Johny Johnson
Johny Johnson - 6 months ago
they witnessed you destroying everything you touched, they don't want their life destroyed too
fight4freedom1000 - 6 months ago
And there was no such thing as a panda in the early 1800s because there was simply no evidence fo it. "Scientific Consensus 1820".
Mo b Dick
Mo b Dick - 6 months ago
These beings maybe spiritual and can manifest physically. They appear and disappear instantly.
Chung TH
Chung TH - 6 months ago
23 n Me should leave sample kits in the sighting areas. With pictorials of what to do and go back a month later. They will be pleasantly surprised.
Brian Fike
Brian Fike - 6 months ago
Certain groups will dismiss any evidence. Then tell you to believe something else with no evidence lol.
william barnes
william barnes - 6 months ago
Dr Melba Ketchum finished a 5 year study that proved the existence of Bigfoot. She has solid dna evidence, check it out, Bigfoot Genome Project...incredible...of course mainstream science is trying to discredit the findings...but if dna can send you to the electric chair..then ide say it’s good enough to prove Bigfoot is real.
Debbie S
Debbie S - 6 months ago
These Humanoids are smarter than mankind period! and will outlive us all.HOWEVER I am counting on better footage because of wireless flying drones.
Abraham Peña
Abraham Peña - 6 months ago
That was real!
tom parker
tom parker - 6 months ago
Yet who knows as far as human engineering....still yet mystery's unexplained.
reginaldino enchillada
reginaldino enchillada - 6 months ago
Eugenie Scott I have some beads 4 you. Lift your shirt please. Somehow her skepticism is captivating.
Sharon Checkel
Sharon Checkel - 6 months ago
I sure didn't like that lady that seemed to make a joke about everything. Liked the documentary!
Steve Reed
Steve Reed - 6 months ago
Oh no, another Bigfoot story that has never been seen by a film camera and nothing has ever been found. I was in a bar in Oregon and ended up taking a Bigfoot home with me. I should have gotten a picture of the beast but I just didn't have the nerve.
ezcondition - 6 months ago
you think something born to walk in the snow is going to stubble when getting up? idts
Cipriana Dawson
Cipriana Dawson - 6 months ago
He's a reincarnated lama!? Ok I believe u
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