Casanova On New Music, 6ix9ine Drama & Response To Haters | Bar Stories W/ N.O.R.E

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Lasone Scott
Lasone Scott - 3 days ago
I Don't think Nip and Cas hit it off....M y opinion!
Anthony Antonio
Anthony Antonio - 8 days ago
NORE was made for this 🍻💪🏿
Miss Sweden
Miss Sweden - 13 days ago
They don’t have hyenas as pets in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa stop continue with the lies from the mainstream bullshit......
Ben C
Ben C - 21 day ago
i love getting "thrown for a loophole"
Ben C
Ben C - 21 day ago
nore: "I miss the old brooklyn, it was super dangerous. i wish it wasnt getting nicer."
JR Kawaykla
JR Kawaykla - 26 days ago
Dam NORE got them teeth!! Them TEEF!! Dam.
Peinarratas - 27 days ago
hahaha damn, nore, too much caine my dude
Sheila Mccullough
Sheila Mccullough - 29 days ago
Soon As I Get Home ft. TreySong they song that TreySong do that hook
Killa 500
Killa 500 - Month ago
Casanova a snitch there’s paper work folks he ain’t no gangster 🤣
Jezuz Gomez
Jezuz Gomez - Month ago
Tht bald mf need to get slapped
Amanda Willingham
Amanda Willingham - Month ago
@19:54 Wait, did Nore just say, "Girllll.."?
kenny glover
kenny glover - Month ago
That ice is fire 🔥
Rap Cap
Rap Cap - Month ago
I only click for 6nine where his part at 👀
sassimaus2 - Month ago
He needs powder to reduce the shine on his face
norcal600 - Month ago
pressure - Month ago
Nore is the greatest interviewer of our time.
dedrick humphrey
dedrick humphrey - Month ago
Mannn N.O.R.E coked da fukk up, smiling hard as shit wit dem fake ass teeth
LAmzy Topshotta
LAmzy Topshotta - Month ago
*money slow now* 😂
johndowe17 - Month ago
Casanaova addressing 69 paperwork but cant address his own?
Ruben  Durandis
Ruben Durandis - Month ago
Nore is Jokes
ipassiontv - Month ago
“ now you cant go to cuba 🤣”
Mike Apong
Mike Apong - Month ago
Yoooooooo CLASSIC 7:00-7:15 😂😂💀💀
MyMusicLuv - Month ago
The negative comments about Africa made me cringe
MistunoriKapela - Month ago
Leite - Month ago
lot of hand shakes in this video
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood - Month ago
nore is annoying he need to slow down
cag. - Month ago
when did they talk about 69
Jones Curtis
Jones Curtis - Month ago
Never thought I see someone more turnt up then Casanova then enters NORE the show host! 😮
ryan latham
ryan latham - Month ago
Nore ridin novas dick hard
Nore moving fast and talking fast sweating like he did a few lines of coke cas looked kinda confused like he think note high to
Redman092000 - Month ago
Could be on molly
Calvin Lashley
Calvin Lashley - Month ago
N.o.r.e on some other tyoe drug 💊 ....relax my boy🤦🏾‍♂
ricardo barbosa
ricardo barbosa - Month ago
casanova has been a master networker
Ely Pereyra
Ely Pereyra - Month ago
Nore corny af
Will play anyone and act out of character to remain relevant.
-Old head with a young mind
Redman092000 - Month ago
He's always been like that since the late 90s
Fugget Aboutit
Fugget Aboutit - Month ago
Why nore so hyper
Doobz TheChamp
Doobz TheChamp - Month ago
I FUX WIT CAS💯. #TheRealBrooklyn
Doobz TheChamp
Doobz TheChamp - Month ago
David Dixon
David Dixon - Month ago
Ummmmm y'all who he tell on ????
Adam Pittman
Adam Pittman - Month ago
Donkey Kong
Ana Luz
Ana Luz - Month ago
Nore Is Halarious and My Goodness Did His Teeth Grown OR Did His mouth Shrink Cuz Damn man he Can Barely Close his Mouth🤔
and he Said The Pateik Was Before The RAP Game? Stop it 2x Í Don't Believe Robbing Bodegas and Cashier spots For 3 OR 5 Grand then devide it For 6 dudes an then Getting cought right away after🤔 The Mula Don't add up Fam. Sorry but #B4RAP STOP It 5ive We Don't Believe Jew!? 🤔🤧🤐🤕😴
mightywhitey718 - Month ago
hip hop beats
Nature.r Beauty225
Nature.r Beauty225 - Month ago
casonova actin paranoid shit
Robert Alcantara
Robert Alcantara - Month ago
N.O.R.E the man but damn he's teeth big Af
Cosama Beast
Cosama Beast - Month ago
for a second all the sudden @0:27-:030 Nore go from no glasses to glasses but the editing make it look like the whole first minute was one take lol....shit supposed to look like its live but they doing that sloppy as shit
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Sylvester Thompson
Sylvester Thompson - Month ago
Where Nore find that ICEBERG track suit at??? Fire
Marcus McDuffie
Marcus McDuffie - Month ago
"This is before slow now".....#PayAttention
KING MUCHO - Month ago
Nore is wildin.. He gotta relaxx.. Idk if he drunk or off of coke lol u gotta luv Nore
C P B - Month ago
He is in Love with the CoCO
Derek Daly
Derek Daly - Month ago
Fell off. Hard.
michael DjMikeSkillz walker
B.E.T done gave a real player a show. wit ya Drunk Ass..😂😎
dre boyy
dre boyy - Month ago
Nore has never changed 😂😂😂 even in the Def Jam games he’s hyped AF
Dan The Man
Dan The Man - Month ago
Is Nore on some shit?
G MILZ - Month ago
pistol pete
pistol pete - Month ago
Casanova's a snitch hahaha. You rap niggaz are sooo dumb.
Sab Gonzalez
Sab Gonzalez - Month ago
Y'all be careful with me big time baller Casanova likes to leave restaurants with $1500 balances. Hope somebody pull up on this theif and fulfills his karma bill punch dat niggas life card
themaadandthemonk - Month ago
Del San
Del San - Month ago
Take a shot every time Nore looking for that hand shake.
Time Bomb Records
Time Bomb Records - Month ago
Nore need 2 lay off the COKE tho .. Ijs
Grindstone Universal
Grindstone Universal - Month ago
Stephen A. NORE
Jericho Green
Jericho Green - Month ago
Support SOLOUVINE GREEN YOUTUBE CHANNEL an listen 2 dope music
Foots Uchiha
Foots Uchiha - Month ago
Smoke a t'ing every time Nore touch Casanova
Brooklyn Style ☑️
Brooklyn Style ☑️ - Month ago
he just added another layer to that junior mafia situation 🤔
junior guzman
junior guzman - Month ago
N.o.r.e can’t keep his hands of Casanova 😂
ryan cronin
ryan cronin - Month ago
GhosT sheLLz 75
GhosT sheLLz 75 - Month ago
Nore bro. Can't sit still 😐😑😒
GhosT sheLLz 75
GhosT sheLLz 75 - Month ago
I have heard of Casanova 2x but never heard 1 track these RAPPERS are more about clout and social media than their music and that shit shows in 2019 you AIN'T write your shit huh? 🤔 most of em sound like they don't or can't y'all ain't B.I.G OR JAY Z LMFAO
Evan Collier
Evan Collier - Month ago
Y'all ain't real nore fans. That's just him a lil sauced.
Mezie & Bundu TV
Mezie & Bundu TV - Month ago
Casanova is an APE 🦍 FOA
Abaddon - Month ago
Ain't there paper on casanova for snitching.?
Malcolm Davis
Malcolm Davis - Month ago
Too Smart
Too Smart - Month ago
Nore Bieng Too Extra Tho
Desmond Omondi
Desmond Omondi - Month ago
n.o.r.e you very ignorant...go to the hood and Africa
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda - Month ago
One of the best artist from Brooklyn right now -
Haten Onme
Haten Onme - Month ago
When you keep wiping your mouth then dapping a person. Nore kum on man...You my guy BUT you gotta pay attention
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - Month ago
R u sure he ain’t on that Yaddamaynee BC he to lit
Keith Williams
Keith Williams - Month ago
Nore a sneaky mf.
Lansing Music
Lansing Music - Month ago
Keith Williams hell yea fast talker
PROTOSTAR - Month ago
Casanova reminds of Bruh-Man.
Jesus Serrano
Jesus Serrano - Month ago
Yo how many times did they film this nore glasses appear and disappear in the beginning check it out
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez - Month ago
More looks like Steve Harvey a little with those teeth
deezy81 - Month ago
Capone is crazy ill. Notorious B.I.G. knew talent when he heard it.
Quintin Murphy
Quintin Murphy - Month ago
Yea that's one thing I gotta give 69 his music always made me wanna shoot something up ....I go hunting a lot with my pops and I be banging his music
& not hating but bump meek mill how the hell he been on two songs with jay z but belly don't have 1
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