Casanova On New Music, 6ix9ine Drama & Response To Haters | Bar Stories W/ N.O.R.E

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Terrance Odoms
Terrance Odoms - Month ago
Casanova looks tense
Terrance Odoms
Terrance Odoms - Month ago
N.O.R.E looks like he's on something
freakkoMODE - 2 months ago
NORE : Bleach your skin, bleach your skin
Cass: I gotta get a wig or something
NORE: Ok I lost you on that one 😳
Lasone Scott
Lasone Scott - 3 months ago
I Don't think Nip and Cas hit it off....M y opinion!
Anthony Antonio
Anthony Antonio - 3 months ago
NORE was made for this 🍻💪🏿
Miss Sweden
Miss Sweden - 4 months ago
They don’t have hyenas as pets in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa stop continue with the lies from the mainstream bullshit......
Ben C
Ben C - 4 months ago
i love getting "thrown for a loophole"
Ben C
Ben C - 4 months ago
nore: "I miss the old brooklyn, it was super dangerous. i wish it wasnt getting nicer."
JR Kawaykla
JR Kawaykla - 4 months ago
Dam NORE got them teeth!! Them TEEF!! Dam.
The Bandolero
The Bandolero - 4 months ago
hahaha damn, nore, too much caine my dude
Sheila Mccullough
Sheila Mccullough - 4 months ago
Soon As I Get Home ft. TreySong they song that TreySong do that hook
Killa 500
Killa 500 - 4 months ago
Casanova a snitch there’s paper work folks he ain’t no gangster 🤣
Jezuz Gomez
Jezuz Gomez - 4 months ago
Tht bald mf need to get slapped
Amanda Willingham
Amanda Willingham - 4 months ago
@19:54 Wait, did Nore just say, "Girllll.."?
kenny glover
kenny glover - 4 months ago
That ice is fire 🔥
Rap Cap
Rap Cap - 4 months ago
I only click for 6nine where his part at 👀
sassimaus2 - 4 months ago
He needs powder to reduce the shine on his face
norcal600 - 5 months ago
pressure - 5 months ago
Nore is the greatest interviewer of our time.
Lord Sosa
Lord Sosa - 5 months ago
Mannn N.O.R.E coked da fukk up, smiling hard as shit wit dem fake ass teeth
LAmzy Topshotta
LAmzy Topshotta - 5 months ago
*money slow now* 😂
johndowe17 - 5 months ago
Casanaova addressing 69 paperwork but cant address his own?
Ruben  Durandis
Ruben Durandis - 5 months ago
Nore is Jokes
ipassiontv - 5 months ago
“ now you cant go to cuba 🤣”
Mike Apong
Mike Apong - 5 months ago
Yoooooooo CLASSIC 7:00-7:15 😂😂💀💀
MyMusicLuv - 5 months ago
The negative comments about Africa made me cringe
MistunoriKapela - 5 months ago
Leite - 5 months ago
lot of hand shakes in this video
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood - 5 months ago
nore is annoying he need to slow down
anthony m
anthony m - 5 months ago
when did they talk about 69
Jones Curtis
Jones Curtis - 5 months ago
Never thought I see someone more turnt up then Casanova then enters NORE the show host! 😮
ryan latham
ryan latham - 5 months ago
Nore ridin novas dick hard
YOUNGG KINGG - 5 months ago
Nore moving fast and talking fast sweating like he did a few lines of coke cas looked kinda confused like he think note high to
Redman092000 - 5 months ago
Could be on molly
Calvin Lashley
Calvin Lashley - 5 months ago
N.o.r.e on some other tyoe drug 💊 ....relax my boy🤦🏾‍♂
ricardo barbosa
ricardo barbosa - 5 months ago
casanova has been a master networker
Ely Pereyra
Ely Pereyra - 5 months ago
Nore corny af
Will play anyone and act out of character to remain relevant.
-Old head with a young mind
Redman092000 - 5 months ago
He's always been like that since the late 90s
Fugget Aboutit
Fugget Aboutit - 5 months ago
Why nore so hyper
Doobz TheChamp
Doobz TheChamp - 5 months ago
I FUX WIT CAS💯. #TheRealBrooklyn
Doobz TheChamp
Doobz TheChamp - 5 months ago
David Dixon
David Dixon - 5 months ago
Ummmmm y'all who he tell on ????
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