NEVER HAVE I EVER w/ Brent Rivera and Caleb Burton!

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Quenton Karsch
Quenton Karsch - Day ago
Ben u aways were blue shirts in these kinda videos
Mina Guha
Mina Guha - 3 days ago
Hey Ben I am faze rug I am using a fake account I got dared and I am in india
hackneyzfinest - 5 days ago
Subscribe if u are watching this during quarantine
OrcaGaming - 6 days ago
light as a feather
Sweet Eve C
Sweet Eve C - 6 days ago
Note to self, if I want to have a special bond with a friend, go and get us both arrested. That'll work
Rebekah-Mae Wainwright
Rebekah-Mae Wainwright - 8 days ago
Has anyone noticed that in every one of bens ‘never have i Evers’ the thumbnail is always two I have nots and Ben in the middle saying ‘I have with’ it circled
No hate to Ben keep doin what you are doing
Most iconic trio
Jazzy Pastora
Jazzy Pastora - 8 days ago
Lol Caleb's awkwardness in the beginning 😂😂
Jazzy Pastora
Jazzy Pastora - 6 days ago
Jk likes don't matter it's just the thought that you took the time to write the comment
Jazzy Pastora
Jazzy Pastora - 6 days ago
Omg this is the most ever likes I got lol
Me no Know
Me no Know - 10 days ago
Ben never did his story time about when he was cheated on. WAS IT LEXI??!!!
Joselyn Serrano
Joselyn Serrano - 12 days ago
people who have NOT lost there virginity
Where is my GANGGGG at
Emma Wengstrom
Emma Wengstrom - 13 days ago
I've kissed someone in my mom and dad's room

I've kissed my mom and dad in their room
boom boom boom boom boom!!!
Elin Bjerketvedt
Elin Bjerketvedt - 13 days ago
Hei hei
Cameron Rose Fernandez
Cameron Rose Fernandez - 14 days ago
Cameron Rose Fernandez
Cameron Rose Fernandez - 14 days ago
it hard for me to wake up it the morning.
Cameron Rose Fernandez
Cameron Rose Fernandez - 14 days ago
me too
Tiarra Baston
Tiarra Baston - 14 days ago
Peyton Anderson
Peyton Anderson - 14 days ago
my friend past away 3 weeks away in a car crash the mom died the dautherter got a cast on arm and the baby was good it is sad
Kiralee Edson
Kiralee Edson - 14 days ago
They are so cute 😍❤️
patrick webb
patrick webb - 16 days ago
2020 anyone
Roberta Dean
Roberta Dean - 16 days ago
There all so cute! Haha love them all so much! This video made me laugh hard I mean Caleb's face!
Nitro5689 - 17 days ago
hi Caleb and Ben and Brent so cool your videos are cool
Sloane Mace
Sloane Mace - 18 days ago
I want to date Caleb
Josh Hartman
Josh Hartman - 19 days ago
Caleb has a booger in his nose
Amiran Lencrerot
Amiran Lencrerot - 19 days ago
I Love Your videos
The best KDB fan
The best KDB fan - 19 days ago
Piper riya
Piper riya - 20 days ago
who is watching 2020
Bryony Armistead
Bryony Armistead - 20 days ago
Brent comes of as a goody 2 shoes in these videos
ArimHD - 21 day ago
Ben: Have you been cheated on?
Brent: No
Caleb: Yep
Ben: yep
Ben: Caleb go first, I will go after
Caleb: ok
Ben: next question
NINA C. - 21 day ago
Everytime I watch these I realize mor and more how much of a savage Ben is🙊
A Crazy Manx
A Crazy Manx - 21 day ago
Who is your girlfriend hmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhh Lexi is she hmmmm
Jennesys Banda
Jennesys Banda - 22 days ago
Jennesys Banda
Jennesys Banda - 22 days ago
It's very funny
maryam bashir
maryam bashir - 23 days ago
Chacorta Rodriguez
Chacorta Rodriguez - 23 days ago
The Hoodie Squad
The Hoodie Squad - 23 days ago
My brother stole from an arcade XD
Lauren Tomaskovic
Lauren Tomaskovic - 24 days ago
Whattttttt was that Brent
amelia swanson
amelia swanson - 25 days ago
Is it just me or did everyone notice that BEN did not tell the story about him being cheated on they moved to the next question
Jessica Saji
Jessica Saji - 25 days ago I was like OMG!!!!!!!!
Jessica Saji
Jessica Saji - 25 days ago Brent is just lounging in the middle of the video
Aretha - 26 days ago
9:15 when Caleb was saying the story I was starting to get sad but then when he said 16 hours later I literally fell off my chair.
Sandstorm - 27 days ago
It was funny
Maisha Ashrin
Maisha Ashrin - 28 days ago
Caleb is so cute
Anne Authors
Anne Authors - 28 days ago
Who is the most likely to be dated? comments for Alan and likes for Alex is Alex?
Luna Watanabe
Luna Watanabe - 28 days ago
There is a lot of making up
Zafar Talukdar
Zafar Talukdar - 29 days ago
Caleb: And 16 hours later she cheated on me:
Me: DAAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNN son. Thats sad af
Rafiq Uddin
Rafiq Uddin - Month ago
I love brent
Whitlee Outzen
Whitlee Outzen - Month ago
How is cuter
1like Brent
1comment Ben or Caleb
Kayleen Bessit
Kayleen Bessit - Month ago
I’ve been in a car crash on the way to school 🥺🙁😭
LEXIE LIFEY - Month ago
SushiKitty - Month ago
10:31 brents face..
It’s_Doggo_Girl !!
It’s_Doggo_Girl !! - Month ago
Me:I think Brents gonna say I’ve never made out with a girl before.
Brent:I’ve made out with a girl for a TV show.
Me:So basically you haven’t made out with a girl in real life
Jackson Webb
Jackson Webb - Month ago
I LUVVVV BRENT AND BEN ( i am a girl)
Dennis Barr
Dennis Barr - Month ago
Carly Iten
Carly Iten - Month ago
I love you Ben!!!!!!!!!
arshiaaa - Month ago
brent: NOPE
brent: YEP
smh like crazy
alshrayed - Month ago
This video honestly was Funny
mara brouwers
mara brouwers - Month ago
Omg Caleb changed zo much it’s crazy
Aleesha Dunne
Aleesha Dunne - Month ago
I could not stop laughing while watching this video. 😂😂😂
SIFAT Gaming
SIFAT Gaming - Month ago
3:28 anyone noticed he said i kissed (him)
Mark Richmond
Mark Richmond - Month ago
Malika ALHASSAN - Month ago
my jaw has literally been dropped for this entire video what in the tarnation- 0_0
kumaran kt
kumaran kt - Month ago
Seems like Brent got super bored
Amir N Gordon
Amir N Gordon - Month ago
Please subscribe to me if I get 300,000 subscribers then I will make some videos thanks. ✌️✌️✌️
Daelene Jager
Daelene Jager - Month ago
Omg then they said never have I ever had a car crash Me: OMG 2 people
Laurell Iosia-Sipeli
Laurell Iosia-Sipeli - Month ago
Umm...Brent....😳 what was that when Ben was exposed for skipping school?!🤔😳
Laurell Iosia-Sipeli
Laurell Iosia-Sipeli - Month ago
Use were all exposed and the 3rd round didnt even start....Brent u kissed how many ppl now🤨😳 Woooooow🤣
This is so funny
My Mom
My Mom - Month ago
Ben never said how someone cheated on him
Deirdre Cruz
Deirdre Cruz - Month ago
when I was 4 or 5 I went into my dad’s truck then pulled the lever by accident and my dad started to run over then he got in the broke and turns out I broke a fence thing and the truck got a few scratches
Georgia Collins
Georgia Collins - Month ago
you should do dares
Lily Boggs
Lily Boggs - Month ago
360 9
360 9 - Month ago
I love when Brett said whaaaaaat
The Legendary Brick Wall
One time I thought one of those huge bowls was a huge sample cup so I took one and then I realized it was like a dollar a pound and I freaked out keep in mind I was like five
Aubrey Maners
Aubrey Maners - Month ago
Can we acknowledge how many videos there are of these like seriously there is soooooooooooooooooo many
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz - Month ago
Brent has had a girlfriend he is lied exposed
Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty - Month ago
All about Gacha me
All about Gacha me - Month ago
Caleb: so I was young in high school
Me: I’m half way through primary school
100k subs without any videos challenge
Ben “I flirted with my friends mum”
Brent “I have kissed a girl with a boyfriend
Also Ben “shook I’m shook
Sahajvir Samra
Sahajvir Samra - Month ago
My briday is on the 25
ShaughnnaJae Nicholas
ShaughnnaJae Nicholas - Month ago
I’m a big fan of Ben alert
Lynsey Liddell
Lynsey Liddell - Month ago
Brent: never have I ever farted on a date
Me: flashback. When Brent was spying on Ben and Lexi
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