SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick

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Nickelodeon - 9 days ago
Aaron Abdiel
Aaron Abdiel - 10 hours ago
Put this song un the super Bolt :")
Donimo Tube
Donimo Tube - 12 hours ago
Nickelodeon 👍
Eric - 17 hours ago
He was #1 @ Stephen Hillenburg
Jastel Rafael Guanzon
Jastel Rafael Guanzon - 18 hours ago
+Birch Animations BEST
Jastel Rafael Guanzon
Jastel Rafael Guanzon - 18 hours ago
Pokemario2401 - 2 hours ago
Squidward should have kept the band
JT Shatzer
JT Shatzer - 2 hours ago
Best episode ever hands down. Rip Steve ❤️
Kiersten Riley
Kiersten Riley - 2 hours ago
This is most definitely going to make it to the superbowl.
President Nathan
President Nathan - 2 hours ago
If this comment gets 1k likes, I will learn the trumpet music to this song and play and sing this at the next talent show we have.
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa - 3 hours ago
Why in recommended?
I am a follower of I love sloths
1:29 when I’m itching my back and it’s in the right spot
Noah tuber
Noah tuber - 3 hours ago
Rip Stephen hellenberg 1961-2018
Taylor Conklin
Taylor Conklin - 4 hours ago
here before it plays at superbowl 53
ALunarBaeguette - 4 hours ago
Play this at my wedding.
TrollsandRen&StimpyFanatic 2004
Press F to respect
Zachariah Benavidez
Zachariah Benavidez - 4 hours ago
criotene - 4 hours ago
I think about this moment every day
Lucid - 4 hours ago
Anyone who dislikes this video is going to see the flying duchman pretty soon
Max Bormuth
Max Bormuth - 5 hours ago
Super Bowl 🏟 plsssss
Squad Rush Airsoft
Squad Rush Airsoft - 5 hours ago
Alejandro Reguera Diaz
Alejandro Reguera Diaz - 5 hours ago
The show of my childhood...
GWELL - 5 hours ago
I remember first seeing this as a kid. It absolutely blew my mind. I mean I just remember thinking what is this glorious thing I am looking at!?
i am a disappointment
i am a disappointment - 5 hours ago
best concert ever i was in the front
trash can & garbage bin
trash can & garbage bin - 6 hours ago
Immortalstar01 - 6 hours ago
Where can i get that sweet trumpet intro
Sake of the Silkie
Sake of the Silkie - 6 hours ago
TechnologyBuddha - 6 hours ago
No wardrobe malfunction?!
BRs Anime Corner
BRs Anime Corner - 6 hours ago
Stephen: this one's for you baby 💯
Mantor HUN
Mantor HUN - 6 hours ago
Anyone is here from ZeroLenny? Or just me?
Javier Rosa
Javier Rosa - 7 hours ago
Beautiful. Thank you Stephen Hillenburg
Vareos Potshoterzz
Vareos Potshoterzz - 7 hours ago
this is probably the best moment squidward ever had 1:55
TavenTheBest - 7 hours ago
Cecil's Wayback Gaming Machine
is mayonnaise an instrument?
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang - 7 hours ago
When they pitched spongebob to Nick, they had to step out because they couldn't stop laughing
KekseMonster - 7 hours ago
R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg :,) :,) Thank you for my childhood!!!!
AverageDoggo - 7 hours ago
A million years later..
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
who else went side to side with a lighter?
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
1 like= one prayer for Stephen Hillenberg.
Thomas Hay Rebollo
Thomas Hay Rebollo - 9 hours ago
1:20 how do ya like me know?
Und34d Army
Und34d Army - 9 hours ago
You will be remembered Stephen😔😥
Krombopulos Michael
Krombopulos Michael - 10 hours ago
I only listen to real music
Stin Ojo
Stin Ojo - 11 hours ago
Fartastorm There
Fartastorm There - 11 hours ago
We miss your work Steven Hillenburg thank you for a childhood!
Glanda Nelson
Glanda Nelson - 11 hours ago
I can't 😕
not ppDankmeme Dan
not ppDankmeme Dan - 12 hours ago
See this needs to be played during the super bowl
Donimo Tube
Donimo Tube - 12 hours ago
Nicole Luft
Nicole Luft - 13 hours ago
Sweet Victory
lol :HOPELESS: - 13 hours ago
what ep is this
Rajang Slayer
Rajang Slayer - 13 hours ago
It's in the video title
JohnnypleX - 13 hours ago
김인호 - 14 hours ago
I want to see the Live Aid version
shiM chang
shiM chang - 16 hours ago
SidewinderTrollingGamez - 16 hours ago
Rip Stephen Hillenburg, hope you make Heaven great with what you filled our childhoods with.
MacNugguet Mapper
MacNugguet Mapper - 16 hours ago
a goodbye to the creator of the best series in the world R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg
Jimmy Zurianto
Jimmy Zurianto - 18 hours ago
Spongebob victory
1000 Subs Without a Video?
*U can't say that u love music if u don't know dis*
Bryan Apostol
Bryan Apostol - 20 hours ago
Bikkini bottom rocks *sErIoUs*
Lamb Sauce Locator
Lamb Sauce Locator - 20 hours ago
A tingly feeling goes through me as I watch thism
Darth Shade
Darth Shade - 20 hours ago
Me everytime I beat dark souls
ShadowKrueger - 20 hours ago
R.I.P Stephen ❤️😭 thank you for taking us to Bikini Bottom now may you swim among your legacy💕
Orangensaft Apfelsaft
Orangensaft Apfelsaft - 21 hour ago
A part of my childhood
XXX JesusVEVO - 21 hour ago
Can’t wait to hear this at the Super Bowl halftime show
Robin Swede
Robin Swede - 22 hours ago
the one episode where Squidward gets a happy ending
Nilson Guillermo
Nilson Guillermo - 22 hours ago
1:32 me when I excited
Wintermute - 22 hours ago
Please make it happen
GI Loli
GI Loli - 22 hours ago
F to pay respects to Stephen hillenburg
Andy Wolf
Andy Wolf - 22 hours ago
I've never seen the real one until now.
Alfonso Torres
Alfonso Torres - 22 hours ago
To “Is mayonnaise an instrument” to the best drum performance of the century! Patrick Star
josh cala
josh cala - 22 hours ago
im not crying your crying
AB3Z Videos
AB3Z Videos - 22 hours ago
Never thought that I would be moved to tears from watching this episode... Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg you legend.
Frost Wolf
Frost Wolf - 23 hours ago
the only episode where squid ward achieved something great.
Jacob Medrano
Jacob Medrano - 23 hours ago
Baby Lamb Creations
Baby Lamb Creations - 23 hours ago
This has and always will be my favorite moment from SpongeBob ever!
Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg, for making all of this possible. Rest well.
carlosfer2201 - 23 hours ago
The timing for this is suspicious. lol
Malicious Affection
Malicious Affection - 23 hours ago
Just realized... They're in water encased is a glass dome. How does sound travel so the audience in air can hear?!
Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda - 23 hours ago
Nothing made a man cry more than this
x Absolute
x Absolute - 23 hours ago
If this doesn’t play at Super Bowl LIII I’m gonna be mad/disappointed
Lyra H. Strings
Lyra H. Strings - 23 hours ago
When Squidward's counting them off it reminds me of near the end of the Music Man where they "play" the Minuette in G.
TehGamer Dud3
TehGamer Dud3 - Day ago
Stephan Hillenburg in heaven means SpongeBob ended....... It had tooken a big chunk of my childhood out of me. When I was 5 I would always run to the TV to watch SpongeBob SquarePants every morning
That guy
That guy - Day ago
This better be on the Super Bowl
Dr. Edward Rictoffen
So glad I grew up With this,
And not Fortnite
Kailey Llewellyn
Kailey Llewellyn - Day ago
This brings me back to when I was a kid
dzamar reza
dzamar reza - Day ago
can ambani invite this to his sangeet?
Michal Nowak
Michal Nowak - Day ago
This episode always gave me goosebumps
Aaren Marquez
Aaren Marquez - Day ago
Mattaeus Boschen
Mattaeus Boschen - Day ago
Flyest episode of spongebob to this day
Andrew Junk
Andrew Junk - Day ago
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - Day ago
Let’s make it the next Super Bowl performance
Electric Rat
Electric Rat - Day ago
For Stephen Hindenburg! Also Rest in Peace my fellow creator...
Republic of Racoon kind. Protect but also attac
F Stephen hillenburg thank you for all the memories
Mr Nolalife
Mr Nolalife - Day ago
Best song ever
Fifa DMs
Fifa DMs - Day ago
When the school gives you 2 months of winter break
Fifa DMs
Fifa DMs - Day ago
+Bibasik7 Um, a school in the west
Bibasik7 - Day ago
What school do you go to? Packing my bags right now.
Amanda Arts
Amanda Arts - Day ago
When pewdiepie reaches 100 million subs
Dapple Dog
Dapple Dog - Day ago
This could be the NFL's saving grace.
Supreme Bee
Supreme Bee - Day ago
*When your crush text you first*
jim smith
jim smith - Day ago
Supreme Bee yesssss
Josh K
Josh K - Day ago
Thank you for this iconic scene, Stephen. May your soul rest in peace
Supreme Bee
Supreme Bee - Day ago
I cried 😭 memories
Kevin Sandoval
Kevin Sandoval - Day ago
Name a more iconic moment.
gamer v
gamer v - Day ago
Best song ever
Shadow daffy
Shadow daffy - Day ago
The last one to falllllll will never sacrifice thy willllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
Hazardous XD
Hazardous XD - Day ago
I always loved this episode because Squidward ends up so happy
Axel Bernal
Axel Bernal - Day ago
the best song
GundamPrimeZero - Day ago
RIP Stephen Hillenburg
Emmanuel - Day ago
This gives me chills😭
Artist Kalethegod
Artist Kalethegod - Day ago
Next videos