HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

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Jakub TV Gaming
Jakub TV Gaming - 9 hours ago
2:39 that woman’s phone fell lol
Martin Holas
Martin Holas - 15 hours ago
Im not too sure..as big fan of GGG... Im a bit worried about his future fights... lack of movement, some slow unnecessary punches.. U WONT GET SUCCEED WITH THIS AGAINST TOP FIHTER... my friend.....
Modesto Garcia
Modesto Garcia - Day ago
Canelo! 🤘 Poor rolls 😔 props for having the heart
J.Miguel Silva
J.Miguel Silva - Day ago
A GGG le robaron las dos peleas contra Canelo.
J.Miguel Silva
J.Miguel Silva - 16 hours ago
@isaac ..Falta una tercera pelea.
isaac - 21 hour ago
la neta la primers ggg won but rhe second one canelo did won
Juanito Diaz
Juanito Diaz - 2 days ago
Soy mexicano pero mis Respetos para GGG. sera una gran lellenda del Box..
Reyzah Rotana
Reyzah Rotana - 2 days ago
Ain't noway GGG beating Canelo, he takes too much punishment and lacks head/side movement, Canelo has evolved since there last fight and looks a whole different beast plus he's in his prime right now where as GGG on the end side of his career.
Reyzah Rotana
Reyzah Rotana - 11 hours ago
@Levi Cortes I know you're mother does hahaha... 😄
Levi Cortes
Levi Cortes - 14 hours ago
Reyzah Rotana u liek penis
Johnny Vergas
Johnny Vergas - 2 days ago
Genady didnt impress me he got tagged too much canelo will stop him next fight
Chris Marinov
Chris Marinov - 3 days ago
The ring girl at 4:03 to 4:20.... damn she wants the G lol
isaac - 21 hour ago
ROB Xb - 3 days ago
Yeah ggg age is wearing on him. I don’t think canelo’s been hit that much since khan. So don’t talk about a 3 fight.
Александр Лукин
bak 138
bak 138 - 5 days ago
GGG has some of the most devastating body shots ever. Good lord
pp najera
pp najera - 5 days ago
golovkin i did have lots of respect for you before but after you loose to canelo you dindn show your boxing skills. you got pay bunch of money to loose that fight.did you
Josafath Luna
Josafath Luna - 5 days ago
What a lame ass bully beating nobodys can't wait to see canelo beat his ass a 3rd time
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane - 5 days ago
Daamn he put up a better fight than I expected
Mario Leal
Mario Leal - 5 days ago
Golovkin gloves look a lot smaller than his opponent🤔
Александр Михеев
Молодец 👍
Ай донт спии инглиш!!! Головкин-молодец!!!
Romnick jay Sulis
Romnick jay Sulis - 6 days ago
Woooh... Such a greatboxer
eddy1229 - 6 days ago
Apparently ggg fighting my highschool gym teacher for his next fight.
Musicfull - 7 days ago
" and here is something we don't see that often, golovkin getting hit" wtf have u ever seen golovkin box before ?
MALAY JAWA02 - 9 days ago
Los cuatro pensamientos DLSMAK
GGG tiene el ego herido y está más propenso a recibir golpes fatales creo que la decisión y despojó de su título y mancha en su récord lo puso en deprecion y en el engaño de la mente que juega con cualquier persona débil de experiencias y frágil de aceptación espero que recuerde que el ganador es aquel que después de haber caído levantarse es su mejor título porque solo un perdedor sabe lo que siente ser un ganador mientras un ganador que no conoce el suelo al caer entra en el infierno de su mente engañosa del ego y manipuladora de los sueños caer es principio reconocer es el propósito aceptar el camino amar y disfrutar tu ser es el campeonato y único título que cada uno tenemos lo material y los medios publicitarios llenos de adulación es limitado y superficial tu corazón y amor a lo que haces y eres es la única razón para ser feliz y no retroceder por que caer es parte de vivir y concientemente manifestar tu deseo vanidoso es camino de oscuridad hacer lo que haces sea lo que sea que quieres con todo el enfocad que te va dar la verdad y sabiduría como un atleta y campeón que es el la humildad nunca olvidar adentro y fuera del cuadrilátero en todos lados y con cualquier persona y ser vivo es la compasión de amor que no todos podrán disfrutar y conocer dale GGG LOS DOS SON CAMPEONES pero no dejen que sus egos dañen su físico y salud mental bendición
Fjon - 9 days ago
Am I the only one bothered by a referee with a lazy eye? I was one a business trip once where the driver had a lazy eye. It took less than ten minutes for me to say pull over I’m driving!
Marvela - 9 days ago
I think I more prefer abel sanchez style.. ggg look solid on that style
Musicfull - 7 days ago
He was also younger and had perfected that style give him some time to get used to his new style w his new coach and mayb you'll change ur mind
marta green
marta green - 10 days ago
Gilovkin technique is like made outa wood
Meaning he is as technical as my baseboard
Way to go in a equal fight managed to knock out a fairway mediocre fighter
Well you can call it greatnesses , I guess
marta green
marta green - 7 days ago
Golovkin is a plywood boxer? So or no? I guess you can be extremely rude in your comment?
marta green
marta green - 7 days ago
Skuza mi, niente cspito? Kritino Campiona juniors del Munro 1989! Perks you acomponiato boxeo?
Musicfull - 7 days ago
You make it past 1 round vs rolls and ill agree w u but otherwise shut ur hating cock sucking mouth
Mus Taming
Mus Taming - 10 days ago
Isaias Ramirez
Isaias Ramirez - 10 days ago
I am a GGG fan. But did anyone notice the glove difference. Rolls had pillows and GGG had UFC gloves. 🤔
isaac - 21 hour ago
you can use dif gloves
Mario Leal
Mario Leal - 5 days ago
You are absolutely right. I just made a comment on that.
zerovibes 17
zerovibes 17 - 10 days ago
Watch Redlantern
Watch Redlantern - 10 days ago
I was there i had a good time
Phyoomz - 10 days ago
Golovkin's a friggin machine.
kb be
kb be - 10 days ago
blacks could not win ggg. they will get scared of him in the middle of the fight
Berny Sutton
Berny Sutton - 11 days ago
Asi pegale al canelo no te vendas ggg.
Мирон Алмазов
Вполне мог бы Головкину потушить свет. Но в какой то момент ссиканул.
Armando A. Torres Vazquez
Esos guantes de triple ggg son mas pequeños los de roll son gigantes truco más truco
Counter Punch Boxing
Counter Punch Boxing - 12 days ago
Did anyone notice dazn spelled Gennady Golovkin name wrong in the title.....😂😂😂😂
Luis anibal2
Luis anibal2 - 11 days ago
Thats gennadys new name . He said he wanted to be named like that. Loma did it too
Chevy Lover
Chevy Lover - 13 days ago
GGG In all reality,he's still undefeated.A draw,then a loss to Canelo???Canelo is the $$$That's why I don't bet on boxing
chris p. bacon
chris p. bacon - 12 days ago
Chevy Lover yup he won that first fight.second one shouldnt had happend
Calico D'Nikonian
Calico D'Nikonian - 13 days ago
When a boxer falls to one side,, the boxer usually gets up and keeps fighting.
When a boxer falls backward onto his butt, the boxer often gets up and keeps fighting.
When a boxer falls on his face, don't bother counting.
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez - 13 days ago
"I want all belts". If ggg ducks Dchenko again, He is the difinition of a fake fighter. "Black fighters dont sell" ggg is a CLOWN.
Angel Vera
Angel Vera - 13 days ago
Why is that left overhand so effective ?
zenigel - 13 days ago
what I call an ass-whooping. Time to look at Canelo again.
Jackie Atkinson
Jackie Atkinson - 13 days ago
Nice spelling
Uncouth Behavior
Uncouth Behavior - 13 days ago
Golovkin would be so disheartening to fight. You train hard for months on end. You're at your absolute peak. The fight starts and you're actually landing some of your biggest hits...
Then you realize that even everything you have simply isn't enough and you're facing a man you simply can't hurt, relentless coming at you switching stances and cornering you into a box...
Luke Duke
Luke Duke - 14 days ago
Kovalev beat Ward
Dam Dolla1313
Dam Dolla1313 - 14 days ago
Ggg got that power mann
Andy Brma
Andy Brma - 14 days ago
good GGG
Lucky Me
Lucky Me - 15 days ago
that chin is a fucking stone
Felipe Trabajo
Felipe Trabajo - 15 days ago
Tremendo pegador.
Chuy Fernandez
Chuy Fernandez - 15 days ago
All Canelo Style Biter, Message to Canelo Funny You Still Lost Twice - Retire !!!
volk. 85
volk. 85 - 15 days ago
Гена тебя нада била вот так играть с алваресом
владимир лазин
Гена Ты Лучший !!!
Og Vonniee
Og Vonniee - 16 days ago
Man !! did anybody else see the ref face 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2:25
Михаил Кузнецов
что не говори а Гена медленнее стал в 2 раза. пора отдыхать.
Jonathan Tejeda
Jonathan Tejeda - 17 days ago
Marlo Abetong
Marlo Abetong - 18 days ago
GGG copying that awkward hook from legendary pacman...
Anthony Pesqueira
Anthony Pesqueira - 16 days ago
How is he copying that when he's been doing that since his amature days?
J Fish
J Fish - 18 days ago
easy day at the office for Triple G.
MiKE - 18 days ago
The nigga is down whahhahaaaaaaa
Norberto S9
Norberto S9 - 19 days ago
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez - 19 days ago
Cristo Jesus Te Ama, pero no acepten la marca de la bestia y cual es la marca de la bestia ? ve a google y escribe chip 666.
frank rosario
frank rosario - 20 days ago
All due respect Rolls tried his best but he's just part of the buffet. Rolls was just the tomato can while GGG was the sauce the spice the presentation the entire meal you went and paid for.
Alex T
Alex T - 20 days ago
That moment u realize gennedy is 37 fucking years old... Still looks like he's 21
Zarate Juan
Zarate Juan - 20 days ago
What a disappointment
STER Gaming
STER Gaming - 21 day ago
Just because boxers think Canelo won against GGG, they think that he's easy now. Never underestimate Triple G. 💪
rateyellow3 - 2 days ago
@Aldine Westfield No doubt ggg won the first but the second fight was a very close fight. I can see why some have ggg winning and some have canelo winning. Personally I have canelo winning.
Aldine Westfield
Aldine Westfield - 2 days ago
@rateyellow3 Lmfao you are the one who is wrong GGG clearly won both fights dude GGG outboxed canelo GGG won 8-4 RDS GGG won on points as while 117-112 facts based on STATS your personal opinion don't mean shit onlyn STATS do so is GGG 2-0
rateyellow3 - 2 days ago
@Aldine Westfield i strongly disagree ggg won the first and lose a very close fight in the second. So in my opinion is 1-1, there's have to be a third fight to see whose the better fighter.
Aldine Westfield
Aldine Westfield - 11 days ago
STATS show who really won and STATS show GGG winning both fights fuck what other boxers say those are just opinions but STATS are based the performance of the fight
Patrick Namoro
Patrick Namoro - 21 day ago
Rolls gloves is bigger than golovkin just saying. And ggg gloves is smaler. Im a fan of golovkin im just curious.
Boxing 350z
Boxing 350z - 21 day ago
Ggg is so slowwww
Wake up Man
Wake up Man - 22 days ago
Where is the foot work mr GGG??
Leah Araiza
Leah Araiza - 22 days ago
Steve who?
Joshua Crichton
Joshua Crichton - 22 days ago
At least he didnt hold
C jack
C jack - 22 days ago
Triple G fights like Homer Simpson
Vitor TRT Belfort Is The Goat
Okay but can we just pause to appreciate how sturdy Golovkin's chin is? I mean dude is 36 and taking bombs clean on the chin like it's nothing. GGG is some crazy genetic specimen
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Little Lord Fauntleroy - 20 days ago
Vitor TRT Belfort Is The Goat Hitler's perfect lab creation as a friend likes to say
t hath
t hath - 23 days ago
Crazy danz
bam81380 - 23 days ago
He should try out the southpaw stands more often..when he gets to wind back that left , it is deadly
F Gal
F Gal - 23 days ago
GGG's a tank but i dont think he shouldve changed his fighting style he looked sloppy in this fight its sad hes getting old but hopefully he starts fighting better fighters ....always a fan!!
Alex Rodríguez
Alex Rodríguez - 23 days ago
I want to see how ggg react if someone hit him on the tap of the head just like he does, that should be illegal
Hamed Aissa
Hamed Aissa - 23 days ago
GGG is 🚛🚚🚍🚄🚅🚈🚂🚊🚉🚢⛴🛳🌋🏔⛰⚓⚓
MtAkina's Ghost
MtAkina's Ghost - 23 days ago
Canelo will outbox ggg again if they fight. Canelo is the better boxer. 3 times in a row bring it.
ajinkya thorat
ajinkya thorat - 21 day ago
@slicc211 You must be new to boxing.
slicc211 - 22 days ago
U must of watched some other fight
Dee someone
Dee someone - 24 days ago
Those gloves look awfully small
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson - 24 days ago
What's up with that RING Gurl in the background black hair, like she placed a bet when GGG was going for the knockout? then she was hopping around like a wild Hyena! WTF
Aziza Khudaybergenova
Aziza Khudaybergenova - 24 days ago
Молодчина Геннадий!!!
Murks Rest D
Murks Rest D - 24 days ago
GGG way to slow to fight pacquiao
Murks Rest D
Murks Rest D - 18 days ago
ajinkya thorat stfu your ugly ass name pussy
ajinkya thorat
ajinkya thorat - 21 day ago
Manny will get ktfo by ggg. Stop that retarded shit.
TieFighter34 - 23 days ago
That's obvious.
Ric - 24 days ago
Just me or GGG's glove looks smaller?
Mario Leal
Mario Leal - 5 days ago
Very small
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