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crazy stuff
crazy stuff - 11 hours ago
One foot per gallon ENJOY 🤣🤣
Zed ,
Zed , - 14 hours ago
Rich boys: "you saying to much for DDE?" Me: " You saying too much for me! you right.."
Zed ,
Zed , - 14 hours ago
fuck man, all these cars i wish i could at least get a lambo or ferrari but how the hell will i get that money :(
Nachum Robbins
Nachum Robbins - Day ago
I have driven an actual military Humvee (HMMWV) and it drove like crap and the interior was terrible and the AC didn't work.
Whyman1993 - Day ago
Such a massive truck and it has no room for passengers 😂
Bastian Thor Hansen
Daffa Saviero
Daffa Saviero - 2 days ago
in my country you can get H1 in good condition for about 6000dollars
Svetoslav Trifonov
Svetoslav Trifonov - 2 days ago
what is the song called over at 18:18
Tech Tober
Tech Tober - Day ago
Svetoslav Trifonov i m also searching for it bru
Basspounder5 - 3 days ago
It's not military grade. Sure maybe on the outside it looks like it, but there is no way in beep, that that thing comes anywhere near an HMMWV. Military grade is nowhere near as nice as those. Those are civilian issue, hummers, not Humvees.
buddypalthesilly - 5 days ago
Damon and Dave, I recently started to really watch your videos and I am finding myself really enjoying your content. Thank you for your channel and taking me into very interesting trips from the comfort of my small ass room :)
Suraj Sarkar
Suraj Sarkar - 8 days ago
Feels bad for that dealer
recipe 4 recovery
recipe 4 recovery - 14 days ago
$200,000, Can't even drive half way up a snow bank. hahahah.
Super smart investment bud.
RazgrizRevenge - 12 days ago
You every try to drive up a snow bank in any off road vehicle
GOD - 14 days ago
11:30 lmfao
Peter Krüger
Peter Krüger - 15 days ago
Das ist mir zu schwul 😓
Gaz Sandall
Gaz Sandall - 19 days ago
You're vlogs just get better and better. Great viewing DDE team
Clifford Orelus
Clifford Orelus - 21 day ago
Were is the hypercar
rashad domingo
rashad domingo - 22 days ago
give me some cheapest car hahaha
ill do anything hahaha
Offshore Grease Monkey
Offshore Grease Monkey - 23 days ago
Spyker! A dutch car company! Awesome quality
Hany AUB
Hany AUB - 25 days ago
Meaninig of DDE: buy cars and ruin them
Jeremy photographer
Jeremy photographer - 25 days ago
unlike standard hummers I would actually like to have one of the hummers shown here.
LIM GUAN CHENG - 26 days ago
Alex Choi is always wearing a jacket....
Go Hard Performance
Go Hard Performance - 26 days ago
Ok dodge demon awsome car it corners surprisingly well muscle car
Scorpionmafia 101
Scorpionmafia 101 - 29 days ago
I want that hummer😍😍😍
Mbakiso Hobona
Mbakiso Hobona - Month ago
Love those DDE bags. Any chance yo sell them?
Sl33p3r - Month ago
I mean people buy fast cars and drive them slow as fuck. Does that make them a pointless car?
Sl33p3r - Month ago
"pointless car" the POINT of the car is to drive fast in a straight line. It has a point calling it pointless shows stupidity.
McNinz Mendrez
McNinz Mendrez - Month ago
Pretty amazing...
How to be rich like you guys.
Ryan Woods
Ryan Woods - Month ago
3rd commercial in 5 min.....but.....I let them play. For the next purchase. Doin my part....
Dustin Castro
Dustin Castro - Month ago
Yeah...I drove these enough in the army to know they are junk
clare watkins
clare watkins - Month ago
Love August luxury Motors just a Dream car garage in one place. Keep up the.Great work
Please enter a Name
Please enter a Name - Month ago
Buy a jeep and fully mod it out it would bee litt
M.Hasan Alware
M.Hasan Alware - Month ago
im in love with hummers
M.Hasan Alware
M.Hasan Alware - Month ago
i want a DEMON
aiden mode mode
aiden mode mode - Month ago
Your amazing
Bob Goat
Bob Goat - Month ago
The Hummer H1 is *NOT* a military vehicle. It's a civilian vehicle based on the military HMMWV. If you want a real "military grade" HMMWV, visit a gov surplus auction where you can regularly find them for $5k-$20k in varying conditions(often never used).
Jeremiah Fitchett
Jeremiah Fitchett - Month ago
Take the soft top hummer down to LA and film the road trip all of you (dave, choi, damen and possibly a special guest)
jamjam - Month ago
That chrome spyker looks sweet.
Bob Lionel
Bob Lionel - Month ago
LOL..hummer owners are so cute thinking they are tough or even any good offroad...
John D. Roman
John D. Roman - Month ago
Does anyone else think that Hummers look like refrigerators on wheels
Kevin Bright
Kevin Bright - Month ago
No girls. Is this a gay site?
yungbittaz$ - Month ago
You won’t regret it hands down
yungbittaz$ - Month ago
Cummins swop it with a Allison trans
Aless Bayon
Aless Bayon - Month ago
This isnt a humvee, its is a luxury vehicle
Phil Mahkracken
Phil Mahkracken - Month ago
His name is ted, ted bunny
Jake 8267
Jake 8267 - Month ago
Biggest piles of shit ever. I’m sure it’s already deadlined
metalmonster Mcgregor
metalmonster Mcgregor - Month ago
not "military grade" thats for sure but its cool
Iwan Westerveld
Iwan Westerveld - Month ago
Spyker dutch brand dutchies for the win
K A - Month ago
Here I am with my 20 year old Lexus that is a nice car to me lol
Matthew Hatton
Matthew Hatton - Month ago
You spent 200,000 on a military grade hummer you got ripped off👏
FinalBlowGTT - 2 days ago
If dde likes no one gets ripped off, and its matts personal hummer thats why it's expensive i think...
Basspounder5 - 3 days ago
Yeah, you can buy one of those for 10k easily. And they're pieces of crap too. Gutted, no armor or anything, probably won't give you any of its BII either. And they probably have 50 to 100k miles on them.
ZadBxi - 10 days ago
They need a REAL Military grade humvee
Jerimiah Crawford
Jerimiah Crawford - 21 day ago
+Morgan Worthington Fascism I get it you are one of those dumb fucks that call yourself a man.....why is your girls check engine light still on
Jerimiah Crawford
Jerimiah Crawford - 21 day ago
+Morgan Worthington Fascism well sir twin turbos are not that expensive
Cha Leowin
Cha Leowin - Month ago
I have to admit, that was fairly epic.
Nicklas Larsen
Nicklas Larsen - Month ago
Rolando Madriz
Rolando Madriz - Month ago
Awesome video guys. Terrific entourage, the Canadian scenery and weather were outstanding. Keep it up !
Tech Tober
Tech Tober - Month ago
at 18 whats the music
Queen Calii
Queen Calii - Month ago
LOVE THIS CARRRR😍😍😍 dream car
NsGMarksmen - Month ago
😂 dude not happy
wsad - Month ago
13:41 now we know why he doesn't like muscle cars. he throws like a girl
Dean Lyall. tvSquareEyes
Always watching from New Zealand . Love your show guys, bloody awesome . Thankyou all.
Neil - Month ago
Where do you get all this money? Holy cow
That One Guy
That One Guy - Month ago
Why would you spend 200k on a hummer when you can buy a HMMWV for like 5k at auction?
oldgee1976 - Month ago
Bring the hummer back h4!!!!
Phok Jiouh
Phok Jiouh - Month ago
(Wayne D)^3
Those three met at a support group.
C H - Month ago
DDE is my go to channel, you guys are the best.
Hero brine Poop
Hero brine Poop - Month ago
But you gotta pay for the gas
bjjohn5655 - Month ago
You guys are pretty excited about a POS. Those are H1s. You could have just bought a military surplus and spent half the cash. Then you would know what driving a real humvee is like.
CHRIS SR - Month ago
Nice truck I wish I would have bought that instead of a range Rover . I bought it in 2002 I regretted the purchase but it drove like a rolls Royce
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas - Month ago
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🤘🤘🤘Ontario THATS A FUCKING HUMMER BALLINNN
Tubbs_Above - Month ago
Hes butt hurt cuz that dodge will woop that lambos all
kifesh a sepi
kifesh a sepi - Month ago
That asian guy is cringy af ! steve however is the happiest man alive i would like to see him in more videos
KsE - Month ago
you are cringy af
lucysluckyday - Month ago
Now that's a blast from the past - gotta love that hat - "Datsun"! Wouldn't be too many chaps on this channel that would even know what that name was now !! ;)
Silky_ - Month ago
Dang is all that little guy for is just talking smack, man put a muzzle on him.
Dustin Schiffer
Dustin Schiffer - Month ago
I love the H1. This video was bad ass.
ShaneMooreGaming - Month ago
Comment just for a comment
Viking - Month ago
I don't get this coi thing, what is he bringing to the chanel? I think he is boring as hell.....
Ahmad Zia
Ahmad Zia - Month ago
Fvck choi!!
keath flohr
keath flohr - Month ago
Alex gets a thumbs down this episode.... The Demon can actually be driven comfortably every day...
Nicky Pylican
Nicky Pylican - Month ago
Its almost as pointless as a big spoiler on a bmw
SeanyJay - Month ago
Should be the HummBoys and the Lambros !
Jonathan B
Jonathan B - Month ago
Must be nice getting cars that get 2 feet per gallon 😭
4tnite king01 XD
4tnite king01 XD - Month ago
American aventador
Oooo Boy
Oooo Boy - Month ago
Alex is just fkn annoying.
Reemon Soro
Reemon Soro - Month ago
Weren't H1's designed with the tires being a little further to the front than the face of the truck? So wouldn't putting that huge tube bars on the front limit it's off roading abilities a bit?
SuperAlmighty2x - Month ago
I wish had a hummer h1 one of the best looking trucks till this day😍
Hector Paniagua
Hector Paniagua - Month ago
no one is going to mention the chrome spyker ?
Nick McNamara
Nick McNamara - Month ago
"its a pointless car" If it was designed to go in a straight line faster then any other production car, it serves its exact purpose
Eliseo torrez
Eliseo torrez - Month ago
#HummerGang!!! Dang so you bought a Gallardo, then an H1 & now a black one?!?!? Wow!!!
Marco Brosseau
Marco Brosseau - Month ago
Ayyyy I live in the city they are at 😂😂 (Kelowna BC)
BigMac's TV
BigMac's TV - Month ago
I have been a subscriber since you had 200k subs.
Nathan w2803
Nathan w2803 - Month ago
Your pointless😂😂
Zak Kurtz
Zak Kurtz - Month ago
If it's a military grade hummer it needs to leak all over and have fogged up windows
Clark Roberts
Clark Roberts - Month ago
Lilpali 48
Lilpali 48 - Month ago
He said ready to buy some cars like it wasn't anything to worry bout
Twiggy Webber
Twiggy Webber - Month ago
Alex Choi you better have your British Columbia drivers license if your driving there, Canadian cops don’t mess around lol
Fred Jansen
Fred Jansen - Month ago
a $200.000 Hummer, damn shitty gas/milage, horrible ride go poser go...
Edy B
Edy B - Month ago
I can see the future... he is buying the hummers just so he can wrap it with that stupid camo wrap. I don’t like it.... it’s my opinion, but I’m still supporting them because they are awesome.
High Kitty
High Kitty - Month ago
i know youtube dont pay this damn much
G Coors
G Coors - Month ago
i need an Asian pet
Omen PPG
Omen PPG - Month ago
Being military every time I hear "military grade" I avoid it at all costs
RODZILLA - Month ago
Did anyone else notice the Hummer already had two D's on the doors?
Le grand Exterminateur
Se qui est dommage c’est que le hummer h1 est super beau d’extérieur mais l’intérieur est super moche perso si j’avais les moyens pour un h1 je ferai le même style que le vôtre car il est super beau mais par contre l’intérieur je changerai tout pour le mettre vraiment moderne à tout niveau pour les compteurs bouton radio écran’ caméra... bref la totale !
leeuniverse - Month ago
Dudes... You don't have a "military grade" Hummer if you get a "fast" one.
They were designed "slow" on the low-end for a reason.
Nikko Grace
Nikko Grace - Month ago
+Harry 8642 you're also too stupid to realize 80% of "humvees" or "HMMWV" vehicles have ZERO "uparmor". Normal doors, soft underbody, etc. But yep, let's hear your side besides you wanting to whine with ego? Let's see your facts. Because original Humvees new to the military were 70ISH thousand dollars Modified.... like for the seals which you obviously know nothing about.... cost between $150,000-240,000..... No one cares what people can get a used high mile beat up military truck for. Maybe you.... the poser that you are.
Harry 8642
Harry 8642 - Month ago
+Nikko Grace yeah, just look at their reliability, such great cars... Yet again you must be some hardcore fanboy because this Hummer doesn't have bullet proof windows, or any of the other key features of a "MiLiTaRy GrAdE hUmMeR"
Nikko Grace
Nikko Grace - Month ago
+Harry 8642 when your head is so far in your butt that you don't realize seal teams acquire Civilian Hummer H1s to mod for their military needs. LOL
Harry 8642
Harry 8642 - Month ago
Alex Deason
Alex Deason - Month ago
they look cool but they drink diesel like its nothing
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