Hayley Kiyoko - I Wish [Official Video]

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chilldaonly 1
chilldaonly 1 - 12 hours ago
Watching her on the Kelly Clarkson show rn
Tamia Smith
Tamia Smith - 21 hour ago
Damarish RiGon
Damarish RiGon - 23 hours ago
I wish found love.
Sr Robert
Sr Robert - Day ago
Gente diciendo que viene de avakin life en 3.......2.......1
Really Me
Really Me - Day ago
Jk bts loves this is song I saw him listen to her and I wish he find a better love 💕
Ceci Diaz
Ceci Diaz - 2 days ago
Amo ah esta mujer 🥺🥰🏳️‍🌈
Valeshhh Naomishhh:3
Valeshhh Naomishhh:3 - 2 days ago
1:45 yo te conozco.jpg
Nefertari Winchester
Nefertari Winchester - 2 days ago
This is my new favorite song and music video!!!! :)
Gabol Ketcham
Gabol Ketcham - 2 days ago
I’m binge listening to her music and now I’m crying because I want a girlfriend😫
sarah frey
sarah frey - 3 days ago
Leah Bailey
Leah Bailey - 4 days ago
Ill wake up next to you girl.... Goddamn shes fine
Woojin and Lee Hoseok Need To Stay
I'm a Wiccan and gay, this is me. FUCKING ME.
She Heyhey
She Heyhey - 5 days ago
I'm here for Hayley Kiyoko and Kassidy Bright ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Ellen Tuber
Ellen Tuber - 5 days ago
Volta no avakin PVF MELHOR SHOW😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
animageekgurlfan1346 - 6 days ago
Are these the cast members of her fb show she’s in?
SOS FELIPE - 6 days ago
Wait she is that girl in lemonade mouth
Dakota HeartBreaker
Dakota HeartBreaker - 7 days ago
I like the song
But the video is none sense,
FrozenRoxas - 7 days ago
I like the song and the concept. The thing that bugs me though is that the dance moves & expressions seem to energetic / harsh for the song? They ain't bad or anything, they just feel like they belong to a different song.
Ruby Rembiszewski
Ruby Rembiszewski - 8 days ago
there was no need for our lesbian jesus to pop off THIS hard
fruitoson - 9 days ago
Kam's Vlogs
Kam's Vlogs - 10 days ago
Who came here from Avakin Life??
Gina Field
Gina Field - 11 days ago
Is that the girl off lab rats?? Janelle? Is that her name? I think she’s Madison Pettis or something
Gabberz Random
Gabberz Random - 11 days ago
Gay witches 😱😱😱 that's such a mood❤️😂 I never knew I needed this😂❤️❤️❤️
Louisa - 11 days ago
idk why I was thinking of spaghetti when she started dancing lol
ThePapazeke - 12 days ago
I'm really not trying to be an asshole, but is Hayley pregnant? There are points in the video where her stomach casually looks really round/popped out
Noahide - 12 days ago
In Bible rules man is da boss Hayley. Bible rules are hetero. Way it goes sweet cheeks. Genesis 1:1 - 11:9. http://noahidebooks.angelfire.com
Noahide - 12 days ago
Lesbian behaviour. Such second rate standards. Hetero - now that's actually cool. Men and women having sexual relations together. Lesbianism - doesn't enjoy such a reality. https://www.youtube.com/c/Noahide - Hayley. She's cute.
Yasmin Ramos
Yasmin Ramos - 12 days ago
eu amo demais
Kaden Overstreet
Kaden Overstreet - 13 days ago
I'm straight, I love your music Hayley and I am damn proud.
Caro Varela
Caro Varela - 13 days ago
Me encantaaaaaaaa
Star Sr.
Star Sr. - 15 days ago
This is a bop
Electra Heart
Electra Heart - 13 days ago
Ikr omg
Luz M
Luz M - 15 days ago
When te cute girl appeared as a vision to Hayley I was like WHO IS ShEeEeEeEe. Still don´t know tho.
Rado Valef
Rado Valef - 15 days ago
If this is the direction of the new "The Craft" remake then I am excited...very excited.
Adri Katlynn
Adri Katlynn - 15 days ago
When she said MF whats up, i felt that!
Aesthetic Plants
Aesthetic Plants - 15 days ago
This music video has a better plot then Riverdale
Idon'tcare Much
Idon'tcare Much - 17 days ago
Make this a movie
amy manship
amy manship - 19 days ago
If this was a series I would watch it
Electra Heart
Electra Heart - 19 days ago
Vic Rsl
Vic Rsl - 19 days ago
Can i just find this outfit please i wanted this before and now this is just my DREAM
Hunter Winslow
Hunter Winslow - 20 days ago
I’ve listening to her for months and had NO IDEA she was in lemonade mouth.
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