Best Quinceañera Ever | Lele Pons

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons - 5 months ago
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Who has been to a quinceañera? 🎉
elinor barash
elinor barash - 3 hours ago
O meh gosh lele i luv ur vids so much ♡♡♡
Aixa Estrada Gaona
Aixa Estrada Gaona - Month ago
Nina Majher
Nina Majher - Month ago
Lele Pons nope but i will have mine for 3 years
opsta747 - 2 months ago
Lele Pons I have
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia - 2 months ago
25 times
Sky Love
Sky Love - 49 minutes ago
I use my google to help me find clothes, shoes, my dog, my life is google(sorry Siri). #"Hey Google"
ragheed alkadiry
ragheed alkadiry - 2 days ago
That's it ur my quince planer jk lol!!!!!😂😂😂😂
Cobra818 - 3 days ago
My friend was so excited bc she has two latina friends (one of them is me) so she was like: "YAAAYYYY I GET TO GO TO TWO QUINCEAÑERAS!!!!!!"
Maisie Moppers16
Maisie Moppers16 - 3 days ago
I luv my google. People always talk about alexa but i think google is better like if u agree
Janet Medina
Janet Medina - 4 days ago
Rocio Ramirez
Rocio Ramirez - 5 days ago
My google kept turning on
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - 6 days ago
I like your google plan
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - 6 days ago
Lele pond I like watching your video I watch all your video
Angeli Therese
Angeli Therese - 6 days ago
When u said "hey google" my google turned on omg I was scared
wait I dont have a google assistant I'm too broke.
Dasmallpotato 123
Dasmallpotato 123 - 7 days ago
Where can I get lele as my planer
Nasima Akter
Nasima Akter - 7 days ago
You are using Google on iPhone
luna kookie
luna kookie - 8 days ago
No one:

Literally no one:

No one in the world: she looks like the girl from the high school musical
Lola Rogers
Lola Rogers - 8 days ago
My grandchild loves you and she's having
Naomi Perez
Naomi Perez - 8 days ago
Rose's are red violets are blue if you love lele make this botten blue
Angelina Vandenbergh
Angelina Vandenbergh - 9 days ago
Lele Pons : hey google
But she’s using iPhone
KC YOUNGROD - 9 days ago
my favorite part is when the papa is dancing with his daughter
KC YOUNGROD - 9 days ago
I love my Google assistant
Jonathan Tacad
Jonathan Tacad - 10 days ago
what king of closet hanger in 0:45
Yna Manzano
Yna Manzano - 10 days ago
Angela Sealy
Angela Sealy - 10 days ago
Lele pons and hahhan stocking is
The best
Kessia Jenkins
Kessia Jenkins - 11 days ago
Omg my google home went of very time she said hey google
Mrs. Noname
Mrs. Noname - 11 days ago
*siri and alexa have left the chat*
nightcore forever
nightcore forever - 12 days ago
The girl looks like Ariana Grande and Cardi B mixed together
Giselle Mendoza
Giselle Mendoza - 12 days ago
When she said "hey google" my phone Said "how may i help you"
silly pretzel channel
silly pretzel channel - 12 days ago
Is it just me or does she looks like ariana granda
Vanessa C
Vanessa C - 13 days ago
OMG when lele said "hey Google, take a picture." My phone responded because I have Google on my phone.
Vanessa C
Vanessa C - 13 days ago
Thanks for the like
Millie Leal
Millie Leal - 13 days ago
When she said hey Google mine turned on 😂
fuck off
fuck off - 14 days ago
Can u plan my quinceañera
Sky Babyhands
Sky Babyhands - 15 days ago
Can u plan mine?????
Rosalie khan
Rosalie khan - 16 days ago
I have a google home and it doesn’t do any of this
Rachel Dinka
Rachel Dinka - 17 days ago
Google is the best
Ruby Bomberg
Ruby Bomberg - 17 days ago
Lele pons: “ IM LATINA”
Cecilia Mendez
Cecilia Mendez - 17 days ago
I love the picture 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mishel Pop-Andonov
Mishel Pop-Andonov - 17 days ago
you said hey Google to a iPhone😃😓
Gacha Meme
Gacha Meme - 18 days ago
1:16 the embarrassing time you have arm pit sweat...I don’t blame her it’s prob hot over there...idk
Richard Bridgemohan
Richard Bridgemohan - 19 days ago
Starry Ocean
Starry Ocean - 20 days ago
Who else was watching this and there Google turned on
Lizeth Cota
Lizeth Cota - 21 day ago
Joselyn Swirl
Joselyn Swirl - 22 days ago
I go to a quince every year but this year I have to go to 2, I always have a part in them. xD
Lauren kavanagh
Lauren kavanagh - 23 days ago
I was watching the veido and when lele said hey Google my Google assistant asked me what do I need help with
nat god
nat god - 23 days ago
I have been to a quinceanera
Khirstee Serrano
Khirstee Serrano - 24 days ago
I have Google assistant also
I use her all the time I have a question
Andrea and Samantha Show
Andrea and Samantha Show - 24 days ago
I want you to be my Quinceanera planner but I'm only 9 years old
Ashukuddin Uddin
Ashukuddin Uddin - 24 days ago
Like this thumb if Lee is beautiful 👇👍
Ashukuddin Uddin
Ashukuddin Uddin - 24 days ago
Lele I love you and love your Show
Maggie Piña
Maggie Piña - 24 days ago
Ayúdame mi quinceañeras mañana qué hago ayúdame por favor
Sophia Bouda
Sophia Bouda - 25 days ago
My sister just had here quinceañera and this video makes me so ecxited for mine.
SiSvsBrO & Friends
SiSvsBrO & Friends - 26 days ago
Manyyy problems but thank u google 🔍🔍
Nome Nome Pie
Nome Nome Pie - 26 days ago
Yeeting_my life_out
Yeeting_my life_out - 27 days ago
When she said Hey google Take a picture my Google suddenly ss it scared me
Sweetsofia 18
Sweetsofia 18 - 27 days ago
0:04 definitely not my period 😂
Life With Jasmine
Life With Jasmine - 27 days ago
Anyone notice that party music song was in On My Block
Alondra Salgado
Alondra Salgado - 27 days ago
Me can u pls go to quinceñera
Llama Bell
Llama Bell - 27 days ago
1:35 iphone
Mary Akinyi
Mary Akinyi - 27 days ago
How do I get that assistant
0 - 28 days ago
I had a google mini in the same room whilst watching this. 🤦😂
Isabella Diaz
Isabella Diaz - 29 days ago
I know spanish but not that much im half mexican and latina.
Isabella Diaz
Isabella Diaz - 29 days ago
I love quiceanas my sister is going to have one soon
Crazy flower Child
Crazy flower Child - Month ago
Anyone else relize she has an apple phone
abigail lima
abigail lima - Month ago
The quinseñera was kinda spoiled
BlueBerry _Axel4Ever:3
I have Been to My Dad’s Friend Daughter quinceanera But That Night My Dad’s Friend Was Going to Work And Then he Had a Car accident and Died and We Went to his Funeral 😭😭😭😭
bestie goals
bestie goals - Month ago
I am going to a quinceanera this summer
Fabrice Meda
Fabrice Meda - Month ago
Not me
Aurora World
Aurora World - Month ago
Bryana Neris
Bryana Neris - Month ago
Hi I need one on Otobar 18th 2019
Dawn Richards
Dawn Richards - Month ago
Lele I am turning 14 in August and I need to start planning my quensa and I would love for you to plan mine
Jenna’s Outlet
Jenna’s Outlet - Month ago
Gabi VLOGS - Month ago
Hannah Griffioen
Hannah Griffioen - Month ago
Brent always uses that music
analisa Martinez
analisa Martinez - Month ago
Lele is it real i need a quinseyera
Ernesto Salazar
Ernesto Salazar - Month ago
I love you little punk when are you going to put a new show about I love I love about Daniel and you have a Daniel or or Hannah
Ernesto Salazar
Ernesto Salazar - Month ago
I love you Nely Con and I love you Hannah 💖💝💗💞💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💕❣️💞
Magdalena Hernandez
Magdalena Hernandez - Month ago
Lele can you plan my 15
Kerri Quitugua
Kerri Quitugua - Month ago
I want a qeunses but I'm not Hispanic or Mexican 😐😑
Margaret O Reilly
Margaret O Reilly - Month ago
What age is ths girl of the party
C C - Month ago
I am sanish
WolfPack 1221
WolfPack 1221 - Month ago
When it said "hey google" mine came on and said "i see you" it wad 3:00 AM
Janiz Jordan
Janiz Jordan - Month ago
Pic is cute
kapahaka williams
kapahaka williams - Month ago
I have a B Day at school sooooooo sad for me
Renee Alembo
Renee Alembo - Month ago
i don't have google
Snigdha Kapuri
Snigdha Kapuri - Month ago
When Lele said hey google, my Google actually turned on!
The meaning is imposible is imposible
Kharisma Jemma
Kharisma Jemma - Month ago
I was just eating that pop tart
Jana Nassar
Jana Nassar - Month ago
I do have google but all she says I can’t help you with that
POM WSA - Month ago
That was cool
Melanie D
Melanie D - Month ago
Does anyone realize that she has and iPhone and she is talking to Google
Yvette Gonzalez
Yvette Gonzalez - Month ago
JOHN NINZ - Month ago
No offense but the girl was being a brat about the dancers and dresses, like all she was doing was whining and crying just make sure you have everything prepared before not bark orders for something that was your fault. (I know it's a joke but if someone was planning and got ordered like that its rude).
Elyse's Wack World
Elyse's Wack World - Month ago
Ya know how people sponsor their videos so hard but when you do it and you have all this Google stuff in it it’s just like normal 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
Spanky Rocks
Spanky Rocks - Month ago
When you said hey Google my Google opened
Kahlan Navarro
Kahlan Navarro - Month ago
Hola lele
Crystalline Playz xxx
Crystalline Playz xxx - Month ago
Hey I have google!!!!! YAS SISTER
Mariana Sivova
Mariana Sivova - Month ago
I have!!! But i am still 10
Yalitza Juarez
Yalitza Juarez - Month ago
Yo hablo español también
Marielle e
Marielle e - Month ago
Did anyone notice she kept switching phones? iPhone to google?
Jennie Roberts
Jennie Roberts - Month ago
Can u plan my quinceañera
i am a sister cat
i am a sister cat - Month ago
When you said hey google my google cam on also
Kestalyn Downing
Kestalyn Downing - Month ago
My google tired on when you said hey google lol it scared me really bad
Violet Bowers
Violet Bowers - Month ago
1:15 sweaty 😂😂😂
Kayla Dang
Kayla Dang - Month ago
The photo was different then you posed.
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