Best Quinceañera Ever | Lele Pons

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons - 2 months ago
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Who has been to a quinceañera? 🎉
juan carlos dagma
juan carlos dagma - 8 days ago
tybee Wilson
tybee Wilson - 10 days ago
ibrahim khaedin
ibrahim khaedin - 11 days ago
Lele Pons I can M
Salem Abraham
Salem Abraham - 23 days ago
I love you Lele❤️ And i have been to a quincenera, i am toing to have it next year can you plan it?❤️👑🙏🏽🥳
Lily Honigman
Lily Honigman - Month ago
I love u Lele u are so nice and funny and I love ur vids u are so pretty and I hope u are having such a great life
heyitsA - 6 hours ago
read more
Melissa Gomez 8
Melissa Gomez 8 - 8 hours ago
I’m from Mexico and speak Spanish
NAMEZZBLUE - 8 hours ago
iPhone X hey google ?
M Medina
M Medina - 12 hours ago
Mines coming up coming up
Eca - 14 hours ago
I play this video near to my google home and a lot of things happen 😂😂😂😂😂
This triggers my Google
Daniela Herrera Salmoran
In 3 years i'm going yo be a quinceañera but i don't want a birthay of xv , i want to travel 😊😊
Joan Chavez
Joan Chavez - Day ago
Hoor Mob
Hoor Mob - Day ago
Who watched this video with a straight face 😑 I didn’t even close my eyes they are so dry now lol 😂
Jocelyn Huerta
Jocelyn Huerta - 2 days ago
Not being rude but.................................... You have an I phone and google is not on I phone so you should have Sir
Lesli Ramirez
Lesli Ramirez - 3 days ago
Super Kawaii unicorn
Super Kawaii unicorn - 3 days ago
Google is amazing 🤯🤯😄
Elizabeth Sangsang
Elizabeth Sangsang - 4 days ago
Lele i Love you
Fortnite Queen XD xoxo
Fortnite Queen XD xoxo - 4 days ago
# hey Google I used her to save my mums birthday
Hilason Mosengo
Hilason Mosengo - 4 days ago
Hi. Lele
Hilason Mosengo
Hilason Mosengo - 4 days ago
Ivonne Garcia
Ivonne Garcia - 5 days ago
My sis is going to have one on March 2
Paige Brooks
Paige Brooks - 6 days ago
LOL when you said hey google my google on my phone respond
Elvira Hernandez
Elvira Hernandez - 6 days ago
Google is awesome
Raica Loves Ballet
Raica Loves Ballet - 6 days ago
So is it bad that while I’m watching this some random lady is in my room
Ricardo and ana Martinez
You amo qinseñeras
Lyrics4 You
Lyrics4 You - 7 days ago
I have seen your videos since I was 9
Lyrics4 You
Lyrics4 You - 7 days ago
Love you
Genesis Gutierrez
Genesis Gutierrez - 7 days ago
Syera Watson
Syera Watson - 7 days ago
Love you Lele so much
Lebonsina Albert
Lebonsina Albert - 7 days ago
Can you plan my quinceañera lele ??
Super slime Factory
Super slime Factory - 7 days ago
c t
c t - 8 days ago
You are funny and good 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Ana Figueroa
Ana Figueroa - 8 days ago
My quince is in march
Yaretzy Ramirez
Yaretzy Ramirez - 8 days ago
Clarissa Bratawidjaja
Clarissa Bratawidjaja - 8 days ago
Hi is pretty
Mindy_ Moo
Mindy_ Moo - 8 days ago
Every time lele said hey google my google would speak to me and give me the answer it’s scared the shit outa me
Michelle Maher
Michelle Maher - 9 days ago
Yensy  Gutierrez
Yensy Gutierrez - 9 days ago
Can you PLEASE plan my qiunceanera
B Marron
B Marron - 9 days ago
2019 anyone
Lizbet Lopez
Lizbet Lopez - 9 days ago
Hope my quince isn’t like this 💀
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen - 10 days ago
Spoiled much
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan - 10 days ago
I love the dress were did you get it?
Thea XD
Thea XD - 11 days ago
Did she say google take a picture with an iphone?
Just Joana
Just Joana - 11 days ago
0:00-0:02 - first time ever seeing her so serious.
Happy Happy
Happy Happy - 11 days ago
Siri is MAD!!
Toffie Milk
Toffie Milk - 13 days ago
Lmaooo I love Google assistant, it is like your best friend,sometimes your mom,sometimes your psychologist and all the time is funny af
Ava-mai Davies
Ava-mai Davies - 13 days ago
Your so helpful I wish I had a friend as helpful as u
Zion Gore
Zion Gore - 15 days ago
love the gogole😍😍😍😍😍😍
Yohana Garcia
Yohana Garcia - 15 days ago
Lele my quinceañera is is in 5 years be my planer plzz btw you glow girl 😉😉😃
Anita J
Anita J - 15 days ago
No one:
Unstoppable Trio
Unstoppable Trio - 16 days ago
Cupcakes Forever
Cupcakes Forever - 16 days ago
Omg did I’d beauty right here family love is beautiful
Amiaya Acosta
Amiaya Acosta - 16 days ago
I need ur help with mine lol
ellie howe
ellie howe - 16 days ago
i need go get myself one of thesex
ellie howe
ellie howe - 16 days ago
me i have wathced it it was ggooddddxxxxx
Mary C.S
Mary C.S - 16 days ago
i have a google hi lele
Goran Matosic
Goran Matosic - 16 days ago
She has iphone but she has google assistant
Mia Strong
Mia Strong - 16 days ago
Yo tengo un compleaños en September 10
Lilly Love
Lilly Love - 17 days ago
So good
niravbhatt21 - 17 days ago
That was amazing
Taeminpts - 18 days ago
Taeminpts - 18 days ago
my 16th dress 🤩 stolen
ALMIGHTY KUNG - 18 days ago
Google is bad they track you
MerryMe - 10 days ago
Aren't you using it?
Poke_Gaming2000 - 18 days ago
whats a quinceañera?
ヴィヴィ - 9 days ago
Poke_Gaming2000 like a sweet sixteen but for Spanish people.
Poke_Gaming2000 - 18 days ago
amazing, like always.
RonnyAsmr - 18 days ago
imagine how much she got paid from Google lol
Alexandra Petrescu
Alexandra Petrescu - 18 days ago
When you say Hey google my google assistant pops up
xxXLilpotatofox Xxx
xxXLilpotatofox Xxx - 18 days ago
While watching this my google turned on so it was frustrating.
Mary Bennett Anderson
Mary Bennett Anderson - 19 days ago
I love you🤗😝😘
Peja Vincent
Peja Vincent - 19 days ago
Love you lele
Alysia Cabrera
Alysia Cabrera - 19 days ago
I am a latena so i have been to one
Alexis Nemec
Alexis Nemec - 19 days ago
I have an Alexa but not a Google Dot.
Ava Fitzgerald
Ava Fitzgerald - 19 days ago
I love this video some much I keep watching it can't help myself have a mini Google home
lilly pritchard
lilly pritchard - 19 days ago
Sai-Chan Alcie
Sai-Chan Alcie - 19 days ago
This reminds me of BlackPink House
Txuria AJPW
Txuria AJPW - 20 days ago
IOS users “Hey Siri”😂
Jaytoria Scott
Jaytoria Scott - 20 days ago
This Actually Activated my Google assistant
Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba
That quinceañera is so spoiled
Elif Su
Elif Su - 20 days ago
So i have Siri
Speakers Gaming
Speakers Gaming - 20 days ago
The door looks like chocolate 🍫!!!! Lol
ヴィヴィ - 9 days ago
Speakers Gaming I want to take a bite out of it LOl
Lakisha Moore
Lakisha Moore - 20 days ago
venesa jashari
venesa jashari - 20 days ago
Kailyn_grace _
Kailyn_grace _ - 20 days ago
Every time you said hey google my google turned on and responded 😂
Christine Donoghue
Christine Donoghue - 20 days ago
So nice lele 🤩🤩😘😘 my assistant is like yours ahe is my little helper
Cheryl Roeming
Cheryl Roeming - 20 days ago
I loved this video so much
Keshara Banks
Keshara Banks - 20 days ago
This was soooo good
Kenzie Selasky
Kenzie Selasky - 20 days ago
My google just went onXD
Nene c.v
Nene c.v - 21 day ago
Yes I have and it was really fun yours sounds way better than the one I've been too.
Christian TheAwesome
Christian TheAwesome - 21 day ago
My favorite way of using google is “hey google order chipotle”
Alina Cruz
Alina Cruz - 21 day ago
I wish you were my quicenera planner............
GachaGirl gg
GachaGirl gg - 21 day ago
Alex Play’s
Alex Play’s - 21 day ago
How do you get a sponsor?
Sienna Gebrael
Sienna Gebrael - 21 day ago
Did anyone notice how she had an iphone X but the screen was a google screen?
Ha Vi
Ha Vi - 21 day ago
Remeber google glasses?
Cassie Trujillo
Cassie Trujillo - 22 days ago
Woah woah woah wait..... since when does she have an accent
Miss May
Miss May - 22 days ago
I love you Lele, and I love your friends! I subscribed and liked this video 👍, FREE COOKIE FOR EVERYONE, but Lele gets 10 🍪
Mackenzee Amezola
Mackenzee Amezola - 22 days ago
I'm Hispanic
Julieta Martinez
Julieta Martinez - 22 days ago
2:54 she farted 😹
Joriah Battle
Joriah Battle - 22 days ago
I loved that video
Mia Crespo
Mia Crespo - 22 days ago
# lele pons
Mackenzie Owen
Mackenzie Owen - 22 days ago
Damn she has google paying her to promote them!
kitty cat_lover 101
kitty cat_lover 101 - 22 days ago
*siri and Alexa have left the chat*
•JarelynPlayz •
•JarelynPlayz • - 22 days ago
I had to be a dama for my guy friend's older sister's quinceañera
Kianna Munoz
Kianna Munoz - 22 days ago
I have a Quinceañera when I am 15 I am Mexican
Katrina Fleming
Katrina Fleming - 22 days ago
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