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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart - 4 months ago
Turn on my post notifications and comment down below when you’re done! I’ll be shouting someone out who does this in every video!❤️
Amie Haas
Amie Haas - 7 days ago
I will ben hope you and Lexi got married
official abrar
official abrar - 9 days ago
Shane Praksham
Shane Praksham - 13 days ago
Done,done and done!!!
Stormi Abernathy
Stormi Abernathy - 14 days ago
My name is stormi
Shaina likes donuts
Shaina likes donuts - 18 days ago
Michael Licavoli
Michael Licavoli - 8 hours ago
Why hasn’t Caleb been posting its so sad
Sadie _Horses
Sadie _Horses - 9 hours ago
Ummmmm 1:43 why eggplant 😮
Humus Bepita
Humus Bepita - Day ago
ישראלים תנו לייק
Tina Topuridze
Tina Topuridze - Day ago
the first person who did this was Ryan Trahan. Nope, I’m the only one who knows him? alright.
Himanshu S
Himanshu S - Day ago
Why didn't ariana ,kylie and Kim replied 😩😢
Aviana Edwards
Aviana Edwards - 2 days ago
hand cuft to her
Olivia Olmeda
Olivia Olmeda - 3 days ago
Go to 0:52 and look at his frequently used emojis
Jatubha Vaghela
Jatubha Vaghela - 3 days ago
Ava Mahoney
Ava Mahoney - 3 days ago
I love Ben and Caleb
Team Shad0w
Team Shad0w - 4 days ago
You can tell Ben texted 94 peoples
Lauralee Retzlaff
Lauralee Retzlaff - 5 days ago
boo 💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Grace Namkung
Grace Namkung - 5 days ago
i did the same thing! it worked 😱
Maddie Livizson
Maddie Livizson - 5 days ago
Have her in there
Elliott Weikle
Elliott Weikle - 6 days ago
Love you 😍
Wynter Showers
Wynter Showers - 7 days ago
I love billie
Thug Life
Thug Life - 7 days ago
Hi i am brent
Nicole C.
Nicole C. - 10 days ago
I love Lele Pons
Lana_ 10
Lana_ 10 - 10 days ago
Peep how he has a eggplant in his recent emojis
Alana Haye
Alana Haye - 10 days ago
Who else wants to know Billie Eilish's reply??
Sandra Ramirez
Sandra Ramirez - 10 days ago
Caleb is wayyyy funnier than all of Ben’s friends funnier than Brent too
Valeria Correa
Valeria Correa - 10 days ago
Ben you are so cute 😘😘
Valeria Correa
Valeria Correa - 10 days ago
I I think you are cute to me can you break up to Lexie to me you are cute
Aishath Nihaa
Aishath Nihaa - 10 days ago
y'all didn't notice how ben didn't open james Charles conversation ;D... in neither the two times
Keep Moving
Keep Moving - 11 days ago
garyvee s best
tala liki
tala liki - 11 days ago
If my Uncle replied say Tala said Hi pls
Roxi Roblox
Roxi Roblox - 12 days ago
Acelynn Elmore
Acelynn Elmore - 13 days ago
Jake Paul used to have a crush on Amanda Cerny
Acelynn Elmore
Acelynn Elmore - 13 days ago
Do dobre twins pls
Acelynn Elmore
Acelynn Elmore - 13 days ago
I LOVE Jake Paul he is my fave
Kathryn Arrington
Kathryn Arrington - 13 days ago
Luv ur vids so good it’s like my coffee to a 5th grader in th morning
Charlotte Wang
Charlotte Wang - 13 days ago
maggie G
maggie G - 14 days ago
What does dm'ing even F#@$King mean?!

Edit: i subscribed and turned on notifications btw
Lillian Aguayo
Lillian Aguayo - 15 days ago
My cousin saw blue face baby in concert
Little Javon
Little Javon - 15 days ago
She has a boyfriend
Audrina McNally
Audrina McNally - 16 days ago
I don’t get why is mad that you are dating Lexi I wouldn’t care if anyone dated my brother
Marie Ruchti
Marie Ruchti - 17 days ago
you should of did panic! at the disco like it you agree
Estelle DeJesus
Estelle DeJesus - 17 days ago
Yay!! thay dmed my favorite singer.. Chris Brown
Halli Dalton
Halli Dalton - 18 days ago
Replies start at 9:47 just to let you know guys!!!
JJboy Fortnite
JJboy Fortnite - 18 days ago
You should have done snoop dogg
Sammy 427
Sammy 427 - 18 days ago
Why is there swear word.
Kawasaki Lover
Kawasaki Lover - 19 days ago
Y’all should have dmd nf
lucy madan
lucy madan - 20 days ago
ily means i love u
Harpreet Lamba
Harpreet Lamba - 20 days ago
Wait !?$!(#&#+#:#;#;_) where is Lexi Rivera ???????
sarah lipscombe
sarah lipscombe - 20 days ago
it shows the swearing at 08:50!!!
Kahlo DannPeterkin
Kahlo DannPeterkin - 20 days ago
btw ily means i love you
Reem Ahmed
Reem Ahmed - 20 days ago
Where the fuck is kylieee ? Fake cover
Isabella Woodfield
Isabella Woodfield - 21 day ago
Ship Caleb and Billie Elish
Thunder Bob
Thunder Bob - 21 day ago
12:06 y u no cut the swearing
Liv Romanello
Liv Romanello - 22 days ago
U forgot Taylor Swift Camila Cabello and Selina Gomez
Monse Teran Ruiz
Monse Teran Ruiz - 22 days ago
Oh my gosh wtf
ilyas alqassabii
ilyas alqassabii - 23 days ago
Ben look up ilyas alqassab pls
CookingForTeens - 23 days ago
for the recently used emojis i say the eggplant emoji ;-;
Constança Baptista
Constança Baptista - 24 days ago
CR7 ?
Pascal Estienne
Pascal Estienne - 24 days ago
You both sooooooooo hooooot and cutce
Jaxon Teohaere
Jaxon Teohaere - 25 days ago
Every body if you like Ben then give this a 👍 up😐😐
Jaxon Teohaere
Jaxon Teohaere - 25 days ago
Lpsfire Kitty
Lpsfire Kitty - 26 days ago
Emmerson Anello
Emmerson Anello - 26 days ago
have you and been talking more about the video... If you have been when will you be making it?
LB squishies
LB squishies - 26 days ago
DM wengie!!!!!!!
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