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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 7 months ago
Yo! Hope you enjoy the biddo. Love tou guys 3005 ❤️
Camren Miller
Camren Miller - 19 days ago
Really? "tou" That's not a word ITS "YOU" bahaha! People make mistakes! Ryan Trahan.
JSPMS Productions
JSPMS Productions - 27 days ago
Will reply even post?
Joshua Humphrey
Joshua Humphrey - Month ago
Ryan Trahan usa-video.net/KzUft-bD1YE-video.html Do you see yourself as famous or popular as being a USa-videor ? Watch and share with others !
Isaac Weaver
Isaac Weaver - Month ago
Tylisha caplon
Tylisha caplon - 2 months ago
You forgot Adam sandler my life was on the line 😢
billie eilish
billie eilish - 22 hours ago
bro look at your face !!!!!
billie eilish
billie eilish - 22 hours ago
i hate all your videos
Marian Rognaldson
Marian Rognaldson - 23 hours ago
“Do you foster rhinos dude?!”
That is amazing.😂😂😂
25631467 malw
25631467 malw - Day ago
You look like Ellen
Zachary Coats
Zachary Coats - Day ago
I thought my video paused
Erich Kästner
Erich Kästner - 2 days ago
ThunderDawson - 2 days ago
22:42 my dad has that dbz shirt
S_ C
S_ C - 3 days ago
In conclusion, Kim Kardashian did not respond. U can continue with your lives now. Goodbye.
Scotty Morrison
Scotty Morrison - 3 days ago
Let’s see if this celebrity replies to this (btw he probs won’t) BUT I LOVES YOU ❤️🔥❤️❤️❤️
Yvette valdez
Yvette valdez - 3 days ago
4:20 welp now its the other way around because tom holland looks like an egg now
Taylor Swift Outsold Your Fav
why u asked dumb question like "u wrote ME! lyrics with Brendon???" to taylor when u can search on google by yourself that Taylor, Brendon and Joel Little wrote that song.
Marwns Dog
Marwns Dog - 4 days ago
Who else trying to be sneaky 😏at 11:03
Tina Topuridze
Tina Topuridze - 4 days ago
First video of Ryan’s that I’ve watched💙
CASPAR SHEARS - 4 days ago
I just put send "typing..." to celebrities so it looks like they are typing to me
Jo -_-
Jo -_- - 4 days ago
You can dm Ky Baldwin:) He replies to me lol:))))
Jo -_-
Jo -_- - 4 days ago
He got 98 requests?!

If he doesn't have any reply from the celebrity, it's because he doesn't reply the requests:))
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
you dm 100 celebs and it worked?

i dm 200 celebs jn and my ig dm works just fine
Julian Malcheski
Julian Malcheski - 5 days ago
hi =)
Chelsgirl26 - 5 days ago
Cool! Just came across this and realized this video was uploaded on my 26th bday 😁
EggBootleg - 6 days ago
He should've dmed comethazine and said "ay comethazine want some promethazine?"
Mya Stoll
Mya Stoll - 6 days ago
Can we acknowledge that Zac Efron has 1.11 subs and Ryan has 2.06 subs? It got me dead 💀
Devanshi Sharma
Devanshi Sharma - 6 days ago
woah you look like peeta
Thomas G
Thomas G - 6 days ago
Mark wahlberg wasn’t in good will hunting that’s Matt Damon dumbass
No Videos that are good but Verified yaaa
ask elon musk to make a ryan trahan on his new truck
I'm a zebra
I'm a zebra - 7 days ago
Ryan: *I don't know why I got blocked for messaging **_13_** celebrities.*

Me: *panics because has been reading Taylor Swift's Instagram posts and is just now realising that there are too many 13s in this world*
ThatFatBlackKid23 - 7 days ago
... and nothing happened
_Gacha_ Blu•
_Gacha_ Blu• - 7 days ago
Legit-A-Tech - 8 days ago
I will collaborate. I have lot of subies
Katherine T.
Katherine T. - 10 days ago
You should have dm'd Brent Rivera
Katherine T.
Katherine T. - 10 days ago
You should have done Billy Joel❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nanu Venkatesh
Nanu Venkatesh - 11 days ago
Isn't Liza a actresses too?
random Calvin
random Calvin - 11 days ago
U have so many hydro flasks😅😂
회원님ItzGachaJohn - 12 days ago
This is fake...
Brendon Bearss
Brendon Bearss - 12 days ago
24:11 who else got pissed when he made the good will hunting reference to MARK WAHLBERG.
Olaya G. G.
Olaya G. G. - 12 days ago
1:55 I thought my internet stopped working and the video paused 😂😂
Kiki Doyouloveme
Kiki Doyouloveme - 17 hours ago
I could still see the curser blinking
Kiki Doyouloveme
Kiki Doyouloveme - 17 hours ago
Olaya G. G. Same
PhritoChip 2007
PhritoChip 2007 - 11 days ago
Olaya G. G. Same, i turned up the volume to see if there was background noise to check if it was glitching or not 😂
anime reap
anime reap - 13 days ago
If scrolling this and see this comment ur special and I love u pls subscribe to my channel
Smile Kataria
Smile Kataria - 13 days ago
Do you live in a basement
Ederrac - 13 days ago
and you’ve got 98 requests
Gianluca Caiazzo
Gianluca Caiazzo - 13 days ago
16:25 i went to the same elementary school as justin fields
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