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Skydown Gang Wars
Skydown Gang Wars - 3 hours ago
And obviously no one but me remembers how much speculation about GTA V😄 was B\S? Perfect proof is all those people on gta forums that have been talking about the casino dlc since april.
Skydown Gang Wars
Skydown Gang Wars - 3 hours ago
Lol that one building in Gta V that everyone mentions.
red horizon
red horizon - 5 hours ago
clicked this with no hope of seeing leaks
Yusef Navajo
Yusef Navajo - 5 hours ago
Soooo the next grand theft auto is a scraface remake???
DripGxd_Cam - 6 hours ago
This is rather disappointing
Bertie the dog
Bertie the dog - 9 hours ago
Looks like John cena found a new career
Griller Lettuce
Griller Lettuce - 12 hours ago
I hope GTA 6 takes place in either Tokyo, Rome, or D.C. (which is mentioned as Capital City in the GTA games) or Mexico city.
Not bahhhd Good size
Not bahhhd Good size - 13 hours ago
Don't really want a 1970s set gta up-to-date games have always been more interesting and fun especially since gta online has so much longevity for a reason
Junior Mr_bagchassing._
Junior Mr_bagchassing._ - 13 hours ago
Hey should add the untied states! And add nipsey song. Last time that I checc
Gaming KnockeR
Gaming KnockeR - 13 hours ago
We need 3 characters a mobster a drug dealer and a girl that runs a club that is running a prostitute ring
Wreckzz Tutorials
Wreckzz Tutorials - 17 hours ago
Tf I don’t wanna play in no 70s 80s I want present time that’s shit
Taco Friday
Taco Friday - 17 hours ago
I hope they let you travel to los Santos and liberty city or even a new environment
fahood cx
fahood cx - 20 hours ago
To all those guys saying that GTA 6 won't arrive cause GTA 5 still printing money
it's always the next GTA which kills previous GTA.
GTA 6 will release with Next Gen And GTA 6 has been in development since GTA 5's release. AND GTA 5 was in development after GTA 4's release.
also looking at how less money R* had when they released GTA 4 but started working on GTA 5 straight after it, can imagine how much they will invest in GTA 6 since they made around $800M in just first month/week.
GTA 6 trailer Will either come late this year or early next year.
ATREES - 21 hour ago
GTA V’s trailer was revealed 2 years before the game released. I WANT TO SEE A TRAILER. DicePlz. Gamescom maybe?
Македонец - Day ago
Isn't that Javier Pena on the thumbnail? The DEA detective that along with Agent Steve Murphy and the Colombian army located and killed Pablo Escobar?
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel - Day ago
Rockstar really have to tell the release date because if any games come out anywhere near GTA 6 it will get destroyed.
ismail princ
ismail princ - Day ago
please just not 70' and 80' ..
MaSoNGaMeR115 - Day ago
i really hope everything in this video will be untrue
SIN FUL - Day ago
Its real
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson - Day ago
Guys my uncle works at Nintendo and he told me that gta 7 will take place in the wild west area where you play as a cowboy outlaw.
GTA 6 Content
GTA 6 Content - Day ago
This is how many people can’t wait for GTA 6
MaSoNGaMeR115 - Day ago
@GTA 6 Content 9 lol
GTA 6 Content
GTA 6 Content - Day ago
A lot
Luis Espino
Luis Espino - Day ago
How many?
Xsyios - Day ago
I want to be able to be a cop and I want the cops to stop shooting and first try to arrest you.
Rocky Plays124
Rocky Plays124 - Day ago
I hope they have the 3 from gta 5
Rivo Kiils
Rivo Kiils - Day ago
lol. all wrong. its in the future. Rubber Tunes confirmed this (intel).
MT Motors
MT Motors - Day ago
what drugs are you guys on?
Jon Hubbard
Jon Hubbard - Day ago
The guy on the laptop looks like if Elon Musk and Ron Pearlman had a child
David Wright
David Wright - Day ago
I love this show haha
Bernard - 2 days ago
Its Jardo
Its Jardo - 2 days ago
Imagine if one of the protagonists is a “bent cop” so you get to see both sides of the law in game
Rekcut99 - 2 days ago
Its Jardo like sleeping dogs
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander - 2 days ago
Winners don't do drugs they sell them. Lol life lesson
Mário Teixeira
Mário Teixeira - 2 days ago
Can someone please tell me this song from the background... it's a banger
SUPA HERU NAGA - 2 days ago
Remake warriors 🔥
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 3 days ago
I heard same from rockstar's ceo about it and cant wait to play this next year coz gta online now getting bored after reach max lvl and cash, playing it from start 😄
scream2749 - 3 days ago
ew it’s gunna be in the past, disgusting, keep it modern, i hate when games go in the past or future, it’ll be like red dead trash, good game but terrible online
they got gta online right, kind of, if it wasn’t for a glitch that allows you to lag everyone out so you can have your own server to play with friends or something, the game would be unplayable
The Emperor
The Emperor - 3 days ago
I love the 80s
pantinofficial - 3 days ago
LOL sigh... PEOPLE! rockstar is as secure as Nasa, every "Leak" / Theory is a fairy tale
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR - 3 days ago
This is all lies.
Turboo 264
Turboo 264 - 3 days ago
GTA 6- scarface
ONAGAGOD 999 - 3 days ago
Is that officer peña from narcos in the thumbnail 😂😂
ONAGAGOD 999 - 2 days ago
Scary Spongebob 😱😱😱😱
Scary Spongebob
Scary Spongebob - 2 days ago
ONAGAGOD 999 no it’s John cena
Fight me Now
Fight me Now - 3 days ago
The guy in the title is agent Pena who brought down pablo Escobar
Joosano - Day ago
also oberyn martill Lost fight against mountain
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson - 3 days ago
No more Grove and ballars and vagos rip GTA 5 Legaspi because GTA 6 is going to be. THE SHIT
dazzaburger - 3 days ago
Release date will probably be fall 2021 by then Online mode will finally be finished and it will be eight years after GTA 5 was released.
Exclusive Gamer
Exclusive Gamer - 3 days ago
Pls gta6 be on ps4
Keaton Burgess
Keaton Burgess - 4 days ago
Gta 6 most likely be coming out in 2020
rusty Squeezbox
rusty Squeezbox - 2 days ago
@The SleepingMoose I agree but they would be building hype for it by now its already half way thru 2019
The SleepingMoose
The SleepingMoose - 2 days ago
@rusty Squeezbox I mean they had 6 to 7 years to work on it..😅
rusty Squeezbox
rusty Squeezbox - 3 days ago
Naw if it was 2020 we woulda heard something already
Владимир Новиков
I’m pretty sure the man in the thumbnail is a character from the Narcos show series.
GflezTV - 4 days ago
common 2020
realoverclan21 - 5 days ago
All the maps combined into one👍🏾
Rachit Chaurasia
Rachit Chaurasia - 5 days ago
I am sure the kids of rockstar head developers might be giggling when they see others playing gta 5 cause they have got gta 6 but they can't reveal it or their parents will under ground them.
PROWLERceDOOM - 5 days ago
Even though this is fake. The goddamn game needs to be set in modern times. Gta online is an effing goldmine.
AJ Geiman
AJ Geiman - 5 days ago
They need to make it realistic like rdr2 gamers like that more especially with the physics
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