Ariana Grande - breathin

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itsjav - 55 minutes ago
This is my fav song on the album, I just feel so identified with it
Akash Reddy
Akash Reddy - 55 minutes ago
Hit like
Risggi reggiani
Risggi reggiani - 56 minutes ago
i like breathing
Bhaumik Chaudhari
Bhaumik Chaudhari - Hour ago
0:21 looking so beautiful..😍
Fartastic - Hour ago
0:30 mah fav part
Freja Skærlund
Freja Skærlund - 2 hours ago
Knowing this song is about anxiety makes it so much more relatable ❤️🌬
Daniel Kosshana
Daniel Kosshana - 2 hours ago
New song 7 rings
lyrical - 2 hours ago
1:24 Remember Imagine Needy and NASA everyone!!!!
7anen Saleh
7anen Saleh - 2 hours ago
GO and Listen my cover 🙆🏽‍♀️
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores - 2 hours ago
Your song so good
Vickyyy cicinelli
Vickyyy cicinelli - 2 hours ago
I might be going to your concert
Ilhem Soufi
Ilhem Soufi - 3 hours ago
Agus Yudha Prawira
Agus Yudha Prawira - 3 hours ago
U can see “needy” in 1:24
Brittany Adison
Brittany Adison - 3 hours ago
The people that disliked this didn’t breathe
Ale Malvi
Ale Malvi - 3 hours ago
That song remember me summer 2018💚
Cringe The Cat
Cringe The Cat - 3 hours ago
Thanks for uploading on my birthday! Sorry I’m late though ;-;
marloncerna - 3 hours ago
Anyone after 7 rings
Armando Da Cruz Nunes
Armando Da Cruz Nunes - 4 hours ago
Marinela Nikolli
Marinela Nikolli - 4 hours ago
This MV is underrated
Gerda Griffioen
Gerda Griffioen - 4 hours ago
Does this song connect to her perfume?
Anne Young
Anne Young - 4 hours ago
Watch 7 rings by ari...
Alvin Collins
Alvin Collins - 5 hours ago
I don't like negative post but you have a beautiful voice, but not very good words maybe just leave it up to Lady Gaga.
SonamGupta Gupta
SonamGupta Gupta - 5 hours ago
Loooooooooooooove this song so so so so so so soooooooo much💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Micheal AG
Micheal AG - 5 hours ago
This song is so underrated
Zonrox is Shookt
Zonrox is Shookt - 6 hours ago
Hyunjins dimple
Hyunjins dimple - 6 hours ago
beth hooson
beth hooson - 6 hours ago
The song that I heard that they could be real
Remember (look at 1:24
7 rings ( already out)
Thank you, next( already out)
Needy ( look at 1:24
Imagine (already out) look at 1:24
beth hooson
beth hooson - 6 hours ago
+Elijah Balza pause it
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza - 6 hours ago
But it's in 1:23 put the video in x0.25 speed and pause it little by little to get the exact timing like it's hard to find it but yeah i did it just now lol
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza - 6 hours ago
It's hard to spot it
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza - 6 hours ago
Also nasa
okxyemz - 7 hours ago
Who thinks this is better than Thank u, Next?
Comment if not, like if yes
Tea Brown
Tea Brown - 7 hours ago
this and get well soon are my favorites
gabby `
gabby ` - 7 hours ago
Posted on my birthday wow
ButeraBabe - 7 hours ago
Pause at 1:23 thank u next songs
Lara Isabelle Porcadilla
Lara Isabelle Porcadilla - 8 hours ago
This deserves more than just 75 million views
Rofelia Pajarillaga
Rofelia Pajarillaga - 8 hours ago
Thank me later
Amber P
Amber P - 9 hours ago
Needy NASA remember imagine
Could they be hints
Sarah Jessica Czechowski
Sarah Jessica Czechowski - 9 hours ago
fibreoptik - 9 hours ago
wifey need a shoulder rub and glass of wine?
Zhannur Sadykova
Zhannur Sadykova - 9 hours ago
слушаю эту песню круглые сутки😊🤩
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 9 hours ago
She tells us to keep breathin
But she took my breath away with this song
feeding não intencional
feeding não intencional - 10 hours ago
it's gameing bro music and vlogsss
She's hot I would smash her
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno - 11 hours ago
Your turning in 2 a beautiful woman....Time To LOOSE the lil girl pony tail....
Just saying....
Zinedin Javadd
Zinedin Javadd - 11 hours ago
😥te extraño L 😥
Music & I
Music & I - 11 hours ago
Ariana Grande_7rings (lyrics)👉
Selena Fan Forveer
Selena Fan Forveer - 12 hours ago
Let's stream 7 Rings
Wal Silva
Wal Silva - 12 hours ago
Farrah's Moan
Farrah's Moan - 12 hours ago
I have asthma.
Prince _A
Prince _A - 12 hours ago
First no tears left to cry, then god is a woman, thank u, next, breathin, and now 7 rings. She finna be the new queen of pop at this rate
The Chaser
The Chaser - 12 hours ago
Where are my 'Breathin' supremacist at ✋
Sunny E
Sunny E - 12 hours ago
Honestly this song is the story of my life, as someone who has anxiety.
Princess Alexander
Princess Alexander - 12 hours ago
I love her. Her style, her personality, her voice. Everything. She's simply my idol.
she erio
she erio - 13 hours ago
I swear I've heard Breathin before, like it's been years since it's release..
Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice - 13 hours ago
I Can't Ari I Have Asthma

*puffs through puffer**
XNena X
XNena X - 14 hours ago
tell me why this song helps me get through hard times at school .
Kylie Rothwell
Kylie Rothwell - 14 hours ago
I love your song
Hii Justpassingby
Hii Justpassingby - 14 hours ago
Some days things just take, way too much of my energy, I look up and the whole room spinnin :( hits deep
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black - 14 hours ago
whenever my nana listens to this song she always says dreaming and breathing
LNJR Vlogs
LNJR Vlogs - 14 hours ago
Y’all should subscribe to me help a girl out plzzzz
Weronika Suchodolska
Weronika Suchodolska - 15 hours ago
i can't understand why this song has fewer likes than thank you,next
Rhf Awad
Rhf Awad - 15 hours ago
Allof you recommending listening to doyoung version! I think he is probably a famouse singer and youre deaf with love fans! It was shit..
Curtis Osborne
Curtis Osborne - 16 hours ago
As soon as Curtis wakes up we outta here.....I'm not going up town, straight to my sisters 👍💯
Curtis Osborne
Curtis Osborne - 16 hours ago
B Lyrics
B Lyrics - 16 hours ago
Lusi Ana
Lusi Ana - 16 hours ago
Ariana.... Saranghaeyo 💕 u're amazing
zaghuna fazel
zaghuna fazel - 17 hours ago
Niranjalee Croos
Niranjalee Croos - 17 hours ago
Tryna breathe underwater with these mental illnesses 🥺
Peter Rousseau
Peter Rousseau - 17 hours ago
Great song great talent
Mia Gladwell
Mia Gladwell - 17 hours ago
I’m sorry, who tf is doyoung
Lara Dantas
Lara Dantas - 16 hours ago
If you want it here is the link
Lara Dantas
Lara Dantas - 16 hours ago
Mia Gladwell a singer who sounds like an angel and did a cover from this song you should check it out, and also who did the piano was another singer named Kun
SORMOT TV - 17 hours ago
┃ O ┃ ╭╯╭━
┃ ┃ ┣┻╮┣━
╰━┃ ┃┈╰╰━ Ariana Grande
Rosa Costa
Rosa Costa - 17 hours ago
Beatrice Lebron
Beatrice Lebron - 17 hours ago
April Hoang
April Hoang - 17 hours ago
Hi yo you still look lovely
Julia NerkowskiNerkowski
Julia NerkowskiNerkowski - 18 hours ago
1:24 it says imagine and Ariana made imagine a song EEKKKKK! Did I just discover something? It also says Remember is that gonna be a song?
Kerry Accius
Kerry Accius - 18 hours ago
won't this make a good gym song to listen to when you exercise?
Cartxony - 18 hours ago
Who noticed the songs names at 1:24 on the board ? There is Imagine et others
Natalie franccesca
Natalie franccesca - 18 hours ago
Es 3d
Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee - 18 hours ago
LOVE this song!
fathan mubina
fathan mubina - 18 hours ago
Im here because doyoung 😂
Jennifer Kapashesit
Jennifer Kapashesit - 19 hours ago
just keep eating an eating and eating i know i gotta keep on i keep on eating
mmmm YA!
Ana Lua Ilitia
Ana Lua Ilitia - 19 hours ago
this song helps me so much, i have panic attacks
TonyVargasPo - 19 hours ago
Dusko Jovanovic
Dusko Jovanovic - 19 hours ago
Super pjeva:)
Marco Antony
Marco Antony - 19 hours ago
We need to get the 100M❤️❤️❤️
LILIANA ORDOÑEZ - 19 hours ago
guys like if you love to ariana and if you love the video.. #teamariana
Alonia Hussain
Alonia Hussain - 19 hours ago
I really love this song Ariana don’t worry we are here for you LOVE YOU LOTS xoxo 💜💙💖
She is actually a doll she is so PRETTY 💜💙💖
Johnny Zhang
Johnny Zhang - 19 hours ago
who likes this song
Evan Williams
Evan Williams - 20 hours ago
Why does Ariana ALAWAYS have her hair like this??!🤦‍♀️😬
Normunds Vantsons
Normunds Vantsons - 20 hours ago
DollyFrom Hell
DollyFrom Hell - 20 hours ago
i really wanna keep breathin, but my asthma says no
Emilija - 20 hours ago
I love you
Merry Cervantes
Merry Cervantes - 20 hours ago
Levente Orbán
Levente Orbán - 20 hours ago
Also EU:
Laura Adamczyk
Laura Adamczyk - 20 hours ago
January 2019??
Karen M
Karen M - 20 hours ago
I don’t think it’s a coincidence this video was released exactly a month after Mac Miller’s passing. She also has “Remember” included and Mac Miller wrote REMember for his friend that passed. She has her head in the clouds-common Mac theme. She’s also wearing a lot of black as an outfit. She was going through a turbulent time. Much love to her and Mac Miller♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Donut Girl
Donut Girl - 21 hour ago
Girls just keep breathin........
Keyshia Floyd
Keyshia Floyd - 21 hour ago
KuteFluffyWeirdo - 21 hour ago
Why did this music video do so bad it’s good but has only 75m views
Luana Butera
Luana Butera - 21 hour ago
7 rings and breathin
Mokhtar H
Mokhtar H - 21 hour ago
Can t control my mind
Odalis sarela Rodriguez Renaylos
2019 ? 🌷
chibisocute - 22 hours ago
God shes so beautiful i have a girl crush
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