Jousting with Jason Sudeikis and Kevin Hart

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369 - 3 hours ago
American knights... A burst of laughter is inevitable even before you read "Kevin Heart".
Take Money
Take Money - 3 hours ago
I could tell they were getting irritated😂😂
Sarmad Khan
Sarmad Khan - 4 hours ago
Kevin Hart everyone, the world's first American cockney accented knighg
sara roll
sara roll - 6 hours ago
bring on
Jennifer anniston or Blake lively on here PLEASE!
blake is very funny and she would connect with you hart!
Brian Fewer
Brian Fewer - 7 hours ago
To paraphrase Joffrey Baratheon:
She's your QUEEN, not your LADY.
Nathan Chi M.
Nathan Chi M. - 7 hours ago
That was great!
Shyamsundar Rajan
Shyamsundar Rajan - 18 hours ago
Goddammit another black guy dies
Shyamsundar Rajan
Shyamsundar Rajan - 18 hours ago
Jk btw
Almaz - 23 hours ago
10:33 посвящение в рыцари не правильное...
Trinci 456378
Trinci 456378 - Day ago
You should do what the fit with Eric Andre
Ty2k83 - Day ago
Wow. Kevin Hart was so melodramatic
Steven Butcher
Steven Butcher - Day ago
Please god before i die let these two be in a movie together
Mr.thatoneguy Gill
Mr.thatoneguy Gill - Day ago
Kevin started tap dancing after he got stabbed😂😂😂
Daniel Kisinger
Daniel Kisinger - Day ago
Jason is a funny funny mofo
save whores
save whores - Day ago
do 1 with joji
InspiringRex - Day ago
I still have a wooden sword that I bought from that place YEARS ago and its signed by the knights and princess’ back then. One of the best memories ever, I also have the red knight shield 🤣
Jorge B.
Jorge B. - Day ago
You two should make a comedy movie together.
21 Savage
21 Savage - Day ago
13:13 longest pause ever
21 Savage
21 Savage - Day ago
When he reversed lmao😂😂😂💀😂😂😂😂😂💀💀😂😂
Real Thing
Real Thing - 2 days ago
Y'all be crazy😂🤣😂🤣😅❣️
no Name
no Name - 2 days ago
Kevin Hart isn’t entertaining or funny in the slightest
Tim - 2 days ago
Yo I think the queen has a thing for Jason ;)
Amber Acree
Amber Acree - 2 days ago
He needs to do boxing,volleyball, and gymnastics cause I really wanna see those. Any one else?
Amber Acree
Amber Acree - 20 hours ago
I had only seen the second season but then I did watch the first but he never did volleyball which I wanna see
save whores
save whores - Day ago
he already has all those in season 1
Matt Pings
Matt Pings - 2 days ago
Haha, those MT knights looking at each other like, 'ok, this is getting old really fast. '
Jason Sudeikis at queen: opens his mouth like he's going to french her hand. Lol!
Tim Stringfellow
Tim Stringfellow - 2 days ago
Too much. Sorry Kevin. Had to turn away.
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
Bicboi0501 KΔϺI - 2 days ago
Kevin is me in all of these situations
Shad Gamer
Shad Gamer - 2 days ago
Kevin running to the d ems in 4:36
Edgar Rocha
Edgar Rocha - 2 days ago
The way he rolled tho
Gerry Hernandez
Gerry Hernandez - 2 days ago
They need to make a movie
PsychoTiger77 - 2 days ago
"Is that a ball gag?" 😂😂😂
R4 - 2 days ago
King Kevin of house Hart
First of his name
King of the Andals amd the first men
Lord of the seven Kingdoms
And protector of the realm
Drew Cook
Drew Cook - 3 days ago
Pulp Fiction reference, nice.
NoPyro NoParty
NoPyro NoParty - 3 days ago
Sorry but Cable Guy ruined this for me...
120starter - 3 days ago
"Jason, Call my Nanna.. Tell her to meet me in the 5th floor bathroom"
Lauren Poland
Lauren Poland - 3 days ago
Honestly though Medieval Times is so fun.
gushanana - 3 days ago
This is not funny
ThothHeart Maat
ThothHeart Maat - 3 days ago
I can't believe you guys jousted.. didn't you see what happened to that guy in game of thrones? The joust broke and went into his neck. He bled all over and died...
ThothHeart Maat
ThothHeart Maat - 3 days ago
I was gonna kill myself till I saw this....

Still might kill myself tho...
ThothHeart Maat
ThothHeart Maat - Day ago
@no Name ...
no Name
no Name - 2 days ago
Tarajae Tracey
Tarajae Tracey - 3 days ago
Funny 😄!!!
Ernest Chavez
Ernest Chavez - 3 days ago
13:33 a moment of silence
Ian van Vuren
Ian van Vuren - 4 days ago
You should bring in Jason Statham
Tristian Quezada
Tristian Quezada - 4 days ago
Jason actually looks like he was supposed to be born in medieval times with his hair 😂
Omar Matias
Omar Matias - 4 days ago
Kevin is so extra 😂tell her I didn't pay the Cable bill I watch So much porn in the summer time Haha
Roberto Fuentes
Roberto Fuentes - 4 days ago
Probably my favorite episode
Yoga bagus
Yoga bagus - 4 days ago
1979-2019 R.I.P
Sir Isaac The 1st
Sir Isaac The 1st - 4 days ago
Is it me or he sounded like stewie griffin from family guy when he said princess at 2:24
ArchNeonPanda - 4 days ago
I’m weak asf 10:11 had me dying bruh🤣🤣
frogstyle101 - 5 days ago
This is what David Blaine has been doing. I wondered where he's been
Kylen Small
Kylen Small - 5 days ago
Kevin is not a knight! He's the court jester!
Raiza Martinez
Raiza Martinez - 5 days ago
How long has this show been out? I've only recently came across What the Fit and it's hilarious. I didn't expect any less with Kevin Hart of course, but I'm enjoying how much I'm learning about other celebrities.
Nathan Alex
Nathan Alex - 5 days ago
Love how Jason is repping KC🤘
Benjamin L0212
Benjamin L0212 - 5 days ago
The lance is twice size of Kevin Hart lmfao
MARCO LOZANO - 5 days ago
Min 13:03 " r u ok? " 😂
Max Kogan
Max Kogan - 5 days ago
5:05 Heyy that's how his grandfather sneezes!
Akili Preston
Akili Preston - 5 days ago
Swear Kevin look like terian
Patrick Song
Patrick Song - 5 days ago
Joustings our state sport!
Lazaro Torres
Lazaro Torres - 6 days ago
Kevin Hart should be in medival movie hands down
Where’s the old times production
Ghoul - 6 days ago
"I dint pay all the cable bills" legendary
Arthur George
Arthur George - 6 days ago
He call Kevin koba, like the app
Ghost man
Ghost man - 6 days ago
Yall should make a comedy movie about yall becoming knights and going on an adventure
Alexander Sippel
Alexander Sippel - 6 days ago
The fake farts 💨 were the best 😂😂😂
Mathias Antol!
Mathias Antol! - 6 days ago
I want kev in the game of thrones reboot 😂😪
The Movie Wolf
The Movie Wolf - 6 days ago
No black Knights
Camilla Rønfeldt
Camilla Rønfeldt - 6 days ago
It should have stated: Lord Kevin Heart
2019 (time of day he was announced) -2019 (time of day he “died”). As it does say “Lord”
Tobin Tan
Tobin Tan - 7 days ago
This reminds me of the old game called oblivion
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes - 7 days ago
10:38 "This is good stuff" thats what you say after you do drugs
BruceBloot - 7 days ago
Now I want a knight movie with these two
FlamingPossum - 7 days ago
i wonder how much the queen gets paid
Zander - 7 days ago
Put Jason in a fantasy war film! I'd follow him in to battle just because his damn hair!
CERO PRIDE - 7 days ago
Omg the way he died at the end 😅😂🤣
EnjoyTheSilenc3 - 7 days ago
This was really funny, but the costumes are absolutely 🔥 🔥
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer - 8 days ago
They should have played some darksouls.
Natas GDZ
Natas GDZ - 4 days ago
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer - 4 days ago
@Natas GDZ yeah, i mean this is already sport, all those steps will burn some calories XD.
Natas GDZ
Natas GDZ - 4 days ago
What, taken 2 steps and died 65 times?
Aaron Portillo
Aaron Portillo - 8 days ago
Is this the same place as Cable Guy
XBLASTER - 8 days ago
Come on an episode with Dwayne.....We all want it to happen...😂😆
Alhussain Aljashamy
Alhussain Aljashamy - 8 days ago
Skill bones: your hair looks gorgeous while riding a horse at the cost of get your balls getting crushed
Rio Vio
Rio Vio - 9 days ago
Kevin was like: Hmm what do white people do in their off time?
Justin Sparks
Justin Sparks - 9 days ago
They just need to make a medieval movie where they act exactly the way they’re acting now.
KSDVLmom - 9 days ago
Um Jason is HAWT
Devonte powell
Devonte powell - 9 days ago
This is the funniest one hands down
Noel McEwen
Noel McEwen - 9 days ago
Kevin the Tiny Hearted
Yolo_YouOnlyLoveOreos - 9 days ago
Bruh i would pay to see kevins face on a knights armour
Train LeChoo
Train LeChoo - 10 days ago
this could 100% be a movie plot. They get knighted half way through after coming from a pig farming family (they don't know they're not full brothers) and have to go to war and end up going back to pig farming after receiving honors with a 'that was some bullshit' attitude towards being a knight
HrTey1 Gjoni
HrTey1 Gjoni - 10 days ago
wtf is this wwe of knights XD
Stan Huisman
Stan Huisman - 10 days ago
At 0:42 he's wearing black shoes and at 0:45 they're red. Just saying
Wanda's Place
Wanda's Place - 10 days ago
Lol you'll stupid!
Ben Heydahosa
Ben Heydahosa - 10 days ago
2:56, kevin just disappears
Unlucky Potato
Unlucky Potato - 10 days ago
Was hoping Kevin would come on a small pony just trotting away
Robb Mitchell
Robb Mitchell - 10 days ago
I wonder if he got this idea from the Gamegrumps, awesome if he did but now they have to duel
Edit: Kevin and Jason vs Arin and Dan
theamazingguzzardo - 9 days ago
Battle music by Starbomb
StealthAssasin 1Day
StealthAssasin 1Day - 10 days ago
She's not a lady, shes the queen bro...
Spectacular Poopfly
Spectacular Poopfly - 10 days ago
That thumbnail makes me think of a buddy cop film that takes place in the Medieval ages
YaBoy Hellrazor
YaBoy Hellrazor - 11 days ago
He really did that OJ joke around white dudes lmao. It got mad awkward haha. You can tell the dudes helping them didn’t like it 😂😂
Journal Blondie
Journal Blondie - 11 days ago
The rolling around the ring had me LOL🤣🤣🤣
Justin Timber
Justin Timber - 11 days ago
Love those longer WTF videos with guests!!! More please :)
Is mayonnaise An instrument
Yooooo Kevin you try out rugby
MrRetlav - 11 days ago
Everybody looks cool when wearing medievel armor... Except Kevin... He looks like he's going trick or treating...
Parker Sorensen
Parker Sorensen - 11 days ago
Kevin looks like he’s wearing a dress
Journey With Bess
Journey With Bess - 11 days ago
KEVIN: dies for 10 min
TEACHER: that death was too long
JASON: dies even more extra than Kevin
Carolina Quinn
Carolina Quinn - 11 days ago
6:03 legend says he’s still rolling to this day.
The k channel
The k channel - 11 days ago
tell her I didn't pay the cable bill
Andreas Syvertsson
Andreas Syvertsson - 12 days ago
Jason < Neymar
katherine taylor
katherine taylor - 12 days ago
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