Jousting with Jason Sudeikis and Kevin Hart

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Happy Hour
Happy Hour - 3 hours ago
Kevin overacting every time🤣
Billy Sunday
Billy Sunday - 3 hours ago
Kevin is a unfunny loud mouth midget
nuwanda 90
nuwanda 90 - 5 hours ago
Don't get any thoughts about the queen, that's Sir Arin's girl.
Scrumptious Pumpkin
Scrumptious Pumpkin - 6 hours ago
Kevin's british accent is 🔥🔥🔥 🤣🤣🤣
latinbeandip - 7 hours ago
Keving should workout with an avenger
latinbeandip - 7 hours ago
Kevin is 40?!
Altered Penguin
Altered Penguin - 9 hours ago
The dude in the blue armor sounds like one of the Californians in the SNL skit.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis - 10 hours ago
Best episode so far
jUsT a PaSsEr By
jUsT a PaSsEr By - 11 hours ago
10 Rs. Kaat overacting ka
remy j
remy j - 11 hours ago
Kevin and jason are so good in this
Ellen _babyyy1
Ellen _babyyy1 - 12 hours ago
The way they both died is cracking me up😂💀
Ellen _babyyy1
Ellen _babyyy1 - 12 hours ago
The way they both died is cracking me up😂💀
Ckid Photography
Ckid Photography - 12 hours ago
5:30 😂😂😂👌
HAMZA SHAAFI - 14 hours ago
These two need to make a movie
Justin - 14 hours ago
Must have been sponsored by Nike
Dale Wyngaard
Dale Wyngaard - 15 hours ago
Please create a movie with these two together
David Moreno
David Moreno - 17 hours ago
Someone get kevin in on one of those 16v16 metal weapon fights.
Anthony Yalon
Anthony Yalon - 18 hours ago
watching kevin do the british accent is one of the most ridiculous thing i've ever witnessed lmfao
Lego Kgoxy
Lego Kgoxy - 19 hours ago
12:27 who else was hoping for an actual serious sword fight, hehe not me 😅😢
WinterSplinterM.II - 20 hours ago
Man I would love to work there. Combines two things that I love. Knights and acting.
SloppyKnob 97
SloppyKnob 97 - 20 hours ago
LMFAO someone please turn 6:00 into a meme!
Nabin B
Nabin B - 20 hours ago
Who else wishes it was Jason Nash instead of Jason Sudeikis

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annalovesvanna - Day ago
Lmao the guide seemed a wee bit irritated by their deaths. Specifically Kevin's 😂😂
The actress playing the queen is very pretty :)
Aditya Maheshwari
Aditya Maheshwari - Day ago
Kevin's death killed me
Kriston Quartz
Kriston Quartz - Day ago
Everyone is taller than Kevin. I can't 🤣🤣🤣
Majianique Monroe Simmons
When Kevin was repeating the audio he sounds like a old old 🤣🤣🤣 British man from the movie Harry Potter
Yo scroll 11
Yo scroll 11 - Day ago
She is gorgeous!
Yo scroll 11
Yo scroll 11 - Day ago
I watch a lot of porn during the summer, who doesn't! Lol
aysha b.
aysha b. - Day ago
Kevin dying 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Dad Is that you?????
Doopa - Day ago
Instantly started laughing, he needs to make a movie based on this. I will take a trip across the country to audition for it.
Seamus Odonoghue
Seamus Odonoghue - Day ago
These guys hate them hahaha
Darth Joosboxx
Darth Joosboxx - Day ago
Would anyone else watch this movie? I love their chemistry together.
Black Knight II
jimin chimchim
jimin chimchim - Day ago
😂 😂 😂 So dramatic. Rip Kevin hart 11th april 2019😔 nah just joking. He's can die i don't care anyway 😂 ok ok sorry but still so funny tho
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz - Day ago
the best one yet !!!!
Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval - Day ago
11:20 ok, im losing my mind over this.... WHO DOES THE ANNOUNCER GUY SOUND LIKE??? i feel like ive heard him somewhere and its eating me alive that i cant remember...
Sherece Brown
Sherece Brown - Day ago
The player guide in jumanji. To me at least.
Marlon Ladd
Marlon Ladd - Day ago
"I'm confused. I saw what he did, but what do you want me and Jason to do?" 😂😂😂
Robert Madera
Robert Madera - Day ago
kevins impression sounds more scottish and australian than english
Sammie2716 - Day ago
Didn't game grumps do this
Stealth NinjaKitty
Stealth NinjaKitty - Day ago
Do what the fit water polo
Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez - Day ago
Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Lauren Gabrielle
Lauren Gabrielle - Day ago
I loled which I guess is the point of this channel so Bravo! hahaha
Bruce Springstien
Bruce Springstien - Day ago
02:16 Drunken Englishman 😅😅
Bruce Springstien
Bruce Springstien - Day ago
01:11 Got the Knight outfit on top of the car like scrap metal 😂😂😂. 01:39
Mental Duck
Mental Duck - Day ago
how is it possible for one man to be as funny as kevin HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE!
Ntete Bassey Duke
Ntete Bassey Duke - Day ago
This is the funniest episode yet. Jason's rolling killed me.
gypzvamp - Day ago
In the beginning, when they were in the car, Jason looked like David Dobrik in like, 20 years.
Battle Beast
Battle Beast - Day ago
They are so mad that kevin is makin fun of them😂🤣👌
Sondaze! - 2 days ago
Jason rolling on the ground after getting slashed has me crying
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose - 4 hours ago
Sondaze! Me too. I’m literally in tears off this
Judahh Wilsonn
Judahh Wilsonn - 2 days ago
Go play rugby 🏉
womanofdestiny - 2 days ago
Stordson - 2 days ago
Anyone else notice that the game grumps went here before
Nitro Carmine
Nitro Carmine - 2 days ago
I’ve been to that exact one before it was so fun but it was 2 years ago
Benjamin Sebonego
Benjamin Sebonego - 2 days ago
Jomadi Navarro
Jomadi Navarro - 2 days ago
1:28 does he not sound like markiplier to you!!!??????
junkyard dog
junkyard dog - 2 days ago
I'm I the only one who don't think Kevin Hart is remotely funny.
Lance Dizon
Lance Dizon - 2 days ago
"you didnt say how much time i had to die" i laughed so hard i swear
Queen Z
Queen Z - 2 days ago
I was watching this class split screen tryna do my work & long story short it was obvious I wasn't working both of them made me really tear up 😂😭
Røsë Estëllä
Røsë Estëllä - 2 days ago
Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana
Haha like from pulp fiction.
NATHAN M. - 2 days ago
Jason looked like a gallant knight. Kevin looked like his horse.
DeepVibes - 2 days ago
Hey I’m grump, I’m not so grump, and we’re the game grumps.
SimoneTV SubscribePleaseKThanks
I’d like to say I watch every episode but I had real tears watching this... in a very quiet public place
ALMFroilanLee - 2 days ago
I am a big fan Kevin/ I have a comedy story for a movie. You and an A-list actress, you will find it very interesting and I believe its promising to become a hit.
Replayys - 2 days ago
They should’ve brought out kevin on a pony😂
Adam Deacon
Adam Deacon - 8 hours ago
I honestly expected that, missed opportunity.
Matt C.
Matt C. - 2 days ago
LMAO!! One of the best what the fit! I dont even know where to begin.....HAHAHAHAHAA!
Thisonetimeat youtube
Thisonetimeat youtube - 2 days ago
missed opportunity to have Cersei walk out as the queen... perfect timing really.
Innes Tunney
Innes Tunney - 2 days ago
Kevin Hart sounds like borres Johnson lmao
el iñor xd
el iñor xd - 2 days ago
Jaja se pasan de verga xd
Amy Alvidrez
Amy Alvidrez - 2 days ago
Why is Jason actually hot with the beard and long!
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah - 2 days ago
Jason is one of the funniest people and underrated
mary buster
mary buster - 2 days ago
funniest one had me rolling
MGTOW Stan - 2 days ago
Joustin shut up!
Music P
Music P - 2 days ago
No Borat to sing the anthem??
Akhil Unnikannan
Akhil Unnikannan - 2 days ago
Who's the queen
Oli Queen
Oli Queen - 2 days ago
Kevin Hart does his own stunts 😹
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter - 2 days ago
12:47 Kevin had me crackin up running around dying
Thomas Larkin
Thomas Larkin - 2 days ago
They need to be the next Role Models 2
TacticalTaxi - 2 days ago
I would watch this movie.
Piranha - 2 days ago
Naah, it is pretty funny that jason is better at looking like getting hit than them. But trying to look like a knight in a sweater, etc.?
DJ Playboi
DJ Playboi - 2 days ago
Now this was funny
Sofia Arsuaga
Sofia Arsuaga - 2 days ago
Lol! Best one!
Jo Jo82
Jo Jo82 - 2 days ago
Jason death scene😂😂😂😂
Y. GF Official Music & Vlogs
😂😂😂😂😂 y’all funny asl
Kitty Gata
Kitty Gata - 2 days ago
U need a lit ul bit uh butta lmaoo
Benjamin Remes
Benjamin Remes - 2 days ago
Bro right when did the practice death my headphones made the out of power noise
Abel Becerra
Abel Becerra - 2 days ago
OMG I really hope these guys make a medieval film together lol
Chris Cadena
Chris Cadena - 2 days ago
Who doesn't??.. lol
SpO0kie Haukip
SpO0kie Haukip - 3 days ago
Kevin sounds so cute 😂♥️
Ann Legaspi
Ann Legaspi - 3 days ago
*would you like some tea?*
Sanglae Lee
Sanglae Lee - 3 days ago
just stupid
Anthony Phoxanalack
Anthony Phoxanalack - 3 days ago
"I gotta roll the other way or I'ma throw up." 😂😂😂
Jasmine Tígre
Jasmine Tígre - 3 days ago
I love mid evil times🖤 no one liked the green guy... trying to remember if my aunt did 🤔
Ify Mayo
Ify Mayo - 3 days ago
Nah kelvin is too much lmao I can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roxy Bootay
Roxy Bootay - 3 days ago
Love love loved this episode. More with Jason
Isileili Paris
Isileili Paris - 3 days ago
What is it american knights and pony tails.
Amanda Sheehan
Amanda Sheehan - 3 days ago
Hey Kevin try out wheelchair basketball or even wheelchair rugby. I bet you’d struggle so bad
A Rose
A Rose - 3 days ago
Why am I laughing so hard at Kevin’s eternal death...? “Miscommunication” lol
Aura Wolf
Aura Wolf - 3 days ago
True chivalry lives on!
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