TOP 100 Dunks | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Ashwin Radhakrishnan
Ashwin Radhakrishnan - 3 hours ago
The disrespect to jayson tatum and timelord
Xav1er __
Xav1er __ - 3 hours ago
Istg if that lebron dunk is number 1 I’m never watching a nba list ever again
Xav1er __
Xav1er __ - 3 hours ago
It was number 1😐
Jon C
Jon C - 5 hours ago
Demar #1
Epic Nathan
Epic Nathan - 7 hours ago
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ramere fauntleroy
ramere fauntleroy - 8 hours ago
#70 dunk he carried the ball
Nezar Gatere
Nezar Gatere - 10 hours ago
Not even one Ben Simmons dunk? Come on NBA
Xavier Morgan
Xavier Morgan - 12 hours ago
Commentator: He's inhuman
Me: of course he is
Xavier Morgan
Xavier Morgan - 12 hours ago
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee - 13 hours ago
This sucks. I love the nba. But they are the worlds biggest human rights hypocrites.
Ultimate Blader
Ultimate Blader - 14 hours ago
I remember that Jarett Culver dunk, my man Robin was MAD.
최정원 - 19 hours ago
where is westbeook???
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 20 hours ago
Zion is a beast!!! WHODAT!!!!
Reynolds Martin
Reynolds Martin - Day ago
My only problem is where are the Robert Williams dunks. Dude had some monster slams this year
HurricaneStarang - Day ago
Aaron Gordon on the right roster could make any team perennial champions.
Marc Fab
Marc Fab - Day ago
Ja’s number two dunk should be one. Lebron dunked on a guy who wasn’t even contesting the shot and ja had to reach over Arron baynes and dunk the ball while he was moving away from the net
Icy Reed
Icy Reed - Day ago
It kinda sucks that some players don’t even try contesting a dunk cuz they are scared of getting posterized and humiliated
MEME_Review Pewdz
MEME_Review Pewdz - Day ago
5:55 is it just me or did westbrook take like 4 steps?
Conor Sloyan
Conor Sloyan - Day ago
Walker 94. Nope
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - Day ago
I don't know why it bothers me so much, but I don't consider it a dunk at all if your hand doesn't even touch the rim. Throwing it in the hoop isn't a dunk. It's just an aggressive shot. You see some of these guys jump from 10 feet out trying to jump over a guy (And they clearly don't) so they just throw the ball at the hoop and everyone goes nuts.
Peter McPhail
Peter McPhail - Day ago
13:25 nice defense Lebron
G P - Day ago
Wow. LeBron, Zion, and Giannis make up 1/3 of the list....
Abraham Dramera
Abraham Dramera - Day ago
the trunk james
Trust -
Trust - - Day ago
lonzo will be one of the best passers ever if he keeps this up ... change my mind
James Harris
James Harris - 2 days ago
#1 should of been up in the 30s somebody's a LBJ lover
SpiritualSoYo - 2 days ago
At least 50 of these clips are either Lakers, Zion, Or Hornets clips with Malik monk.
Also there missing a bunch of dunks and the rankings aren’t the best either
Samuel Guillemette
Samuel Guillemette - 2 days ago
5:55 pretty sure that's a travel from Russ
NNC PRO Playz - 2 days ago
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Kenneth Gallora
Kenneth Gallora - 2 days ago
Ja dunks will be the no.1
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo - 3 days ago
I’m a Lebron fan but Derozan deserved number 1
Wucken Fasted
Wucken Fasted - 3 days ago
It's been a boring season for dunks so far, just look at number 1. Not saying they're bad. Just nothing special. 49 was better then 1
rob feld
rob feld - 3 days ago
At 2:32 that was a weak dunk by Lebron!
zephyr tony
zephyr tony - 3 days ago
- it’s sad Russel Westbrook don’t be in this dunk highlights anymore
zephyr tony
zephyr tony - 3 days ago
- bro lebron unbelievable mans 35 still athletic how 🥺
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard - 3 days ago
This was trash. How Zach only have 1 dunk in here
J T - 3 days ago
How do y’all not have one Westbrook dunk? Trash ass video
Eric Long
Eric Long - 3 days ago
yall ever heard of Robert Williams?
Amulya Shekhar
Amulya Shekhar - 3 days ago
The NBA is too biased towards LeBron. Fuck em.
nhlaka thami
nhlaka thami - 3 days ago
6:40 one of the best dunks you will ever see should have been higher
Elite Ice
Elite Ice - 4 days ago
Where is Aaron Gordon’s dunk in McGee?????
Elite Ice
Elite Ice - 4 days ago
Aaron Gordon had an and 1 dunk over McGee where tf is that????????
Keath Williams
Keath Williams - 4 days ago
Great day in the morning!
Peace Kun
Peace Kun - 4 days ago
22:34 omg look on defender face
¿Qué payasada es esta?, el top 3 me decepcionó mucho, el dunk 3 y 2 son espectaculares, pero el dunk 1 es un dunk normal, cualquiera hace eso, no entiendo porque la NBA se obsesiona mucho con poner a Lebron como el mejor en todo, su tiempo ya pasó, arruinaron un gran top de dunks con poner un dunk bien simple de Lebron, realmente es una decepción.
Albert Baasch
Albert Baasch - 4 days ago
I know that these NBA players can jump but they jump from close to the basket even though they jump high, while NBA players of the 80's and 90's seems to fly because they jump not only high but far from the basket and so they seems to fly. Not anything to pull on today's NBA players, but when I want to see players fly I go see Dominique, Jordan and Kemp old dunks in the 80's and 90's... whom, order than being masters of flight they were even more creative in their dunks in game than today NBA players(Jordan could give 5 different dunks in just a single NBA players knows only how to dunk one way). Beside Vince Carter who is the conjunction between taking the old NBA dunks styles and bringing it to modern times, nobody beat the 3 greatest high flyers and creative dunkers of all times: Jordan, Kemp and Dominique.
Apolo Barreto
Apolo Barreto - 4 days ago
6:07 travel?
WIZDOM TRUST - 4 days ago
Time stamp for every moment that made me say "OH SHIT"
3:54 Ohhh shit
4:52 OH!
6:16 OH WTF!?!
6:54 Hold on Cuz
10:07 Woahh shit man
11:02 I literally said "OW"
11:28 And 1
11:54 He Scared Reggie
14:52 The head bob
15:34 Woahhhh
18:39 OMG
20:32 And I baptize thee in the name of the father...the son...
20:59 Oh NO He DROPPED im an OOOOOOO
21:41 DeAndre Jordan face
21:53 High pitched OOh
22:38 Noooooooooooooo lmao oohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit (dunk of the year) (Not you Bron)
Heather Mackey
Heather Mackey - 4 days ago
Really nba you guys really disrespecting the celtics by only putting 3 in come on man
Victor XU
Victor XU - 5 days ago
I've never seen so many ads for 23 mins video
Matt C
Matt C - 5 days ago
Ja’s is a lot more impressive than bron’s
fdaveokc - 5 days ago
Only ONE Thunder dunk? Pathetic, NBA. Just pathetic.
Ptown - 5 days ago
They stay meat riding Zion 🤦🏾‍♂️
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 5 days ago
11:42, i had no idea larry david started commentating.
thefleuri07 thefleuri07
0:51 if trae kept running he could’ve blocked him
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 5 days ago
Nos 68 and 18 on this list are underrated.
Al Hoops
Al Hoops - 5 days ago
Sad to see that not a single dunk of blake griffin was here, his career was ruined by injuries man...
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips - 5 days ago
Imagine Shaq still in the nba 🤣🤣
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Al Torregosa
Al Torregosa - 5 days ago
Ja morant should be the number 1
KLWeezy1 - 5 days ago
I know his dunk was low, but Lonnie Walker IV had some evil intentions on his dunk at 94.
Mel Oms
Mel Oms - 6 days ago
Should name that video "Travel highlight from 19-20 season" XD
Abraham Batara
Abraham Batara - 6 days ago
How can you forget that ja and jaren's dunk
raschid lander golimlim
Where's AG's dunk over Javale's push off tho
Amber Li
Amber Li - 6 days ago
ПАНДА - 4 days ago
Jeff Fleuridor
Jeff Fleuridor - 6 days ago
jayson duldulao
jayson duldulao - 6 days ago
Look out L!B!J!
Zhilang Huang
Zhilang Huang - 6 days ago
AG looks like Zack Lavine 0:55
Devon Giroux
Devon Giroux - 6 days ago
No ben simmons on markkanen?
ViniXO - 6 days ago
As always the nba sucks Lebron's d**k
King Eric
King Eric - 6 days ago
Sorry, but if your hand doesn’t contact the rim, it’s not a dunk. That means some of these don’t count. A lot of what Griffin was doing a few years back was just hard layups.
Kali - 6 days ago
Nos 68 and 18 on this list are underrated.
Its Zoni
Its Zoni - 6 days ago
Why is that Mitchell dunk at 95......
Smokey Bacon Man
Smokey Bacon Man - 6 days ago
WNBA: ‘top 7 dunks of all time (that’s all we got)’
Greek Freak
Greek Freak - 6 days ago
7:08 well its a freethrow xD
alida flus
alida flus - 6 days ago
You know that it’s gonna be a top 100 dunks when Ginnis and LeBron are in the first 10
123香港人排華 - 6 days ago
i'm come fome hong kong , i love nba so much !
Zenia Combey
Zenia Combey - 6 days ago
I'm these shots it you thought to the opponent
An Tro
An Tro - 6 days ago
alida flus
alida flus - 6 days ago
52 shoulda been 1
Rts - 7 days ago
“Man who are these players those players were signed that morning 🐬🐬🐬🐬aaahaaahaah 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏”
Jaden Hare
Jaden Hare - 7 days ago
the way the raptors commentator speaks tho: tHis yoUng mans goT UUUPS
Kendel Noctor
Kendel Noctor - 7 days ago
It’s not over
Kenjerro Miller
Kenjerro Miller - 7 days ago
Watch all this just to see number 1 what should of been 10
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