Olivia Jade, PewDiePie & Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #163

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tatertotter808 - 2 hours ago
I need them to stop wearing TF on the episodes 😭 I don’t want them till I see them rocking the fire fits
GOREGRL - 2 days ago
dan's amnesiac shirt is sick as hell
Two-Headed Boy
Two-Headed Boy - 8 days ago
I miss the apology podium so much.
Andrew Skoglund
Andrew Skoglund - 24 days ago
From now on any card I send is coming with a slice of ham
Michael Minutti
Michael Minutti - Month ago
Omg where is the time-stamp for Trish? We nEEd Trish, Ethan!
Harrison Trahan
Harrison Trahan - Month ago
Too bad Ethan fucked I’m his card in the first week 😟
Star - Month ago
"We're not going to accept the play deal because it would ruin our career"
Prosecutors: How about I do anyway
Ryan Brewster
Ryan Brewster - Month ago
everyone is NOT a boomer, and their is not scale! it's the name of a generation... if you are born between year x & y, you are a boomer. the insult is being called a boomer when you aren't one for doing something an average boomer would do, or expressing your disapproval with an actual boomer... but if you arent a boomer, you aren't one. "Gallup defines baby boomers as those born from 1946 through 1964"
Chui Ying Chan
Chui Ying Chan - Month ago
the fucking endless sup sup sup sups up with Hila struggling to end the video is the cutest and simplest thing to makes me smile.
Elie Selene Guzman
Elie Selene Guzman - Month ago
Only the wealthy can reject a plea deal and plead not guilty so publicly and not get their asses handed to them by the court.
KILLA MONTE - 2 months ago
They should bring back the Apology Podium
Titanium Wolf
Titanium Wolf - 2 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car on the first day
Plebani Martin
Plebani Martin - 2 months ago
Love the podcast
DarkWestern - 2 months ago
I really miss the soundbite days, please bring them back!
The More You Know
The More You Know - 3 months ago
1:28:00 as usual, New Jersey does food better. Look up a nj sloppy joe
The Pirate
The Pirate - 3 months ago
Hey guys, just wanted to say that I love listening to your podcasts and I really like all these different type of personalities getting involved in the discussion. Keep up the relaxing content, it's great!
Alex Board
Alex Board - 3 months ago
I love these guys and the way hila looks at Ethan now that hes the father of her son.... Woah man. Fuckin intense.
Jesus - 3 months ago
I know I can google this but is this the guy who voices Bobs Burgers
Mike - 3 months ago
To bad ethan fucked up his car in the first week
number 1 enemy of the useless
I can imagine how stupid Olivia Jade is in real life having to donate 500,000$ to get into college... She's could've been a vet and a doctor with that kind of tuition... But I would slam her any day she is such a hottie.
Jackson Spasojevich
Jackson Spasojevich - 4 months ago
Ethan: Being a boomer is like autism
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch - 4 months ago
I can't believe the disrespect towards Scarlet Witch, Dan. Put some respek on my girl's name
Chonky Temmie
Chonky Temmie - 4 months ago
Butchurer me, but I'd eat the shit out of some sloppy joe sandwiches
Bonez Boneville
Bonez Boneville - 4 months ago
I’ve heard his last name is pronounced Chel-Beg
LtDansLegs - 4 months ago
I'm re watching this right now and I forgot how outraged I was over the Sloppy Joe hate. You guys have clearly never had a proper sloppy joe, or you're just wrong.
You're wrong.
Stand strong my sloppy bros.
Morcoroni - 4 months ago
i wish i had known in time to get the shirts :( i had turned out of the podcast for a while rip
DominicFlix - 4 months ago
damn that cheese stick looks god tier
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 4 months ago
too bad ethan fucked up his car on the first week....feel really bad for him :(
Janine Straats
Janine Straats - 4 months ago
too bad ethan fucked up his car :(
Mauricio Recinos
Mauricio Recinos - 4 months ago
Too bad ethan fucked up his car on the first week ☹️
Freeze - 4 months ago
It's H3 Podcast #5163
Ian is just a Soundboard
FXG - 5 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car in the first week... Feel bad for him :(
Claire Hudson
Claire Hudson - 5 months ago
pretty pretty please sell more of zach’s shirts!! PRETTY PLEASEE :’)
Rose Jacqueline
Rose Jacqueline - 5 months ago
I must be a 80 year old man on the inside...I use malarkey all the time...along with other old words...like gobbledygook 😂
The Pigs Are Rebelling
The Pigs Are Rebelling - 5 months ago
Lori has a Karen haircut is one of the photos lmao
FaDe Void
FaDe Void - 5 months ago
too bad ethan fucked up his car on the first week, feel bad for him :(
VukProductions - 5 months ago
best podcast team ever! cheers from Italy!
lori peer
lori peer - 5 months ago
at least i know where the “unamerican” sound bite came from
Soumya Guchait
Soumya Guchait - 5 months ago
It's an Indian after dessert treat called paan and that is a fire paan
kidthebilly - 5 months ago
papa john's instagram is gone
Nurp Nuts
Nurp Nuts - 5 months ago
To bad Ethan fucked up his car on the first week I feel bad for him :(
José Sosa
José Sosa - 5 months ago
Sean Kingston totally broke Cameo's terms of service by soliciting a different deal outside of their platform 😂 I hope he got reported and I hope the guy got his money back.
Žilvinas Žilinskas
Žilvinas Žilinskas - 5 months ago
too bad ethan fucked up his car in the first week I'm really sad for him :(
Mattie Rose Dean
Mattie Rose Dean - 5 months ago
49:19 king
bryant B
bryant B - 5 months ago
Ethan fucked up his car what a boomer thing to do
bryant B
bryant B - 5 months ago
Wow i was literally thinking after the break u would be upside down on the couch or something
jossu - 5 months ago
I love that floss so much too.
Caleb P
Caleb P - 5 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car in the first week. 😟
Dead Memes
Dead Memes - 6 months ago
44:50 Horses at the zoo..?
Michael Moscrop
Michael Moscrop - 6 months ago
Nice radiohead shirt dan
Jonathan Mays
Jonathan Mays - 6 months ago
I frickin cried when he transcribed the speech😂😂😂😂
Roseleen Coyle
Roseleen Coyle - 6 months ago
"They're torturing these people. 10 stars!" 😂 😂
Thomas Africa
Thomas Africa - 6 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car in the first week. That's gotta stuck bro
Wide Stache
Wide Stache - 6 months ago
feel bad ethan fucked up his car in the first week. feel bad for him :(
seam - 6 months ago
hila is so much more interesting than ethan
Ash Emberson
Ash Emberson - 6 months ago
teddy fresh is ugly no offense...
Devin - 6 months ago
Do people really not like sloppy joes? My Niece loves sloppy joes
Nick's Mix Music and More
Nick's Mix Music and More - 6 months ago
Trish Paytas looks like ET if he was never able to phone home
Nick's Mix Music and More
Nick's Mix Music and More - 6 months ago
hmm I don't think I've ever seen a horse at a zoo, let alone a giant horse's c0ck.
but I mean there are farms.
K-KortaCurly. - 6 months ago
Anybody else see the papa John's commercial they made after the papa John's podcast??? They referenced the podcast and h3h3 never addressed it.
cyberlindsey - 6 months ago
i wish i could still get the ian shirt 🥺 honestly it was my fav
DamageIncM - 6 months ago
Best ending. XD
DamageIncM - 6 months ago
The Paytas chick eating video is disgusting...
DamageIncM - 6 months ago
The kid should be McGrath's permanent buddy. Like two characters who don't really like each other but can't do without each other.
DamageIncM - 6 months ago
48:55 Then don't fuckin' eat fish...
Not saying that plastic should be in the ocean anyway, it's horrible, there's more to it than just breaking down and polluting fish. It just pollutes pretty much everything.
But people don't need to eat fish. Frankly, I think it's like a kind of karma. Humans pollute, humans eat animals, humans get poisoned. What goes around comes around. There's your circle of life.
Aaliyah Flett
Aaliyah Flett - 6 months ago
19:30 that aged badly
Lilla Rafii
Lilla Rafii - 7 months ago
I could totally see Ethan in a Jonah Jill movie. Can you imagine him in Superbad
Black Echo
Black Echo - 7 months ago
The NDA is so people don't record and should part of his new material before the special comes out .
Black Echo
Black Echo - 7 months ago
The only place she's rowing is up shits creek.
Teshiku - 7 months ago
27:09 I was walking on the road and that made me think I was finna get ran over by either a truck or a tractor
bloosh - 7 months ago
I learned a new racial slur, and it wasn't "Boomer" thanks
Hooflip - 7 months ago
Get Cody Ko and Noel Miller plz
Christina T
Christina T - 7 months ago
Apology podium ❤️
Christina T
Christina T - 7 months ago
those comments about Ethan were savage 😂
Anthony Doucet
Anthony Doucet - 7 months ago
Most disgusting thing to hear that girl eat a cheese dog ..
Samuraisahsah - 7 months ago
“Un-YouTube-arian” - I’m embarrassed at how genuinely and unironically hard this made me laugh
Juan Alvarado
Juan Alvarado - 7 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car in the first week
Joshua Mavez
Joshua Mavez - 7 months ago
It’s easy to get into UC Irvine?!?! Hah I wish. Every year education is just getting harder and more complicated to get excepted into any university in California. Required GPA can’t be lower than a 3.2, SAT scores gotta be in the 1000s, and don’t forget the other thousands of students in the same high school district trying to compete for the same school. It sucks because our education is all based on competition, if you can’t keep up with it, then schools don’t see you. Call me dumb, but that’s life.
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia - 7 months ago
I enjoy all the Jonah Hill seducing and all, but god I hate to say it...too bad Ethan fucked up his car on the first week
inadere - 7 months ago
_“I’d be an incel without you Hila”_
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon - 7 months ago
Shes a spoilt entilted gremlin brat. They'll all get whats coming to them.
How dare they try and take places from people who have actually worked for it. Disgusting selfish assholes. And who even really needs school when ur already rich with mummy and daddies money?
lil big l
lil big l - 7 months ago
you need melatonin
Nunya Biness
Nunya Biness - 7 months ago
Skip 1:59:56 to end
Sarah Ouadia
Sarah Ouadia - 7 months ago
Ian at 2:08:07 I felt that
Sarah Ouadia
Sarah Ouadia - 7 months ago
No dan and ian at 2:08:05
Kavi - 8 months ago
"its a bunch of dudes watching the show" Ethan shut the fuck up, I exist. Stop acting like my parents.
Kavi - 8 months ago
im a femcel
Justin Hosey
Justin Hosey - 8 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car in the 1st week.
B1izz 18
B1izz 18 - 8 months ago
Too bad ethan fucked up his car on the first week feel really bad for him:(
Takasugi - 8 months ago
help !
Takasugi - 8 months ago
The horns from the final were perfectly used there . Good job Ethan or maybe Zack .

Takasugi - 8 months ago
too bad that Ethan fucked up his car , I feel sorry for him
Tommy Williams
Tommy Williams - 8 months ago
Too bad Ethan fucked up his car on the first week
B1izz 18
B1izz 18 - 8 months ago
Zachs voice is sexy Jesus how have I not noticed until now
Jeremiah Browning
Jeremiah Browning - 8 months ago
Dude I just got a 48 min ad in the middle of this almost 3 hour podcast, of a DIFFERENT PODCAST. WTF YouTube?
Bas - 8 months ago
Sloppy joe's are best served raw.
The Miranda Project
The Miranda Project - 8 months ago
Im a chick and i would get Hilas shirt
The Miranda Project
The Miranda Project - 8 months ago
Zack is .... charming
Tiffany - 8 months ago
read closely lol. it's "how i really feel *after* the H3H3 podcast"
Yeayea - 8 months ago
STOP DRINKING THINGS BY MICROPHONE. I hate the swig-sound. The swallowing sound. So gross and he does it all the time.
ZvaigzMan4u - 8 months ago
I already know enguish.
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