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chad mahan
chad mahan - 3 months ago
the movies were horrible but i really liked them and bought them i dont care if most of the population calls it crap. haven.t seen any of the episodes of the tv series
Ryan Kasik
Ryan Kasik - 3 months ago
So sad it got cancelled . loved it just found out about it too late
Nick Sothep
Nick Sothep - Year ago
I loved this show since episode 1, and at the end of season 3 I haven't changed my mind a single bit, even thou i must admit that season 1 had some of the best dark humor EVER.
I might be slightly partial to it thou, as, as a teenager in the early 90s me and my "gang of psycho friends" were huge fans of stupid gory movies such as Bad Taste, Body Melt, Re-Animator, Brain Dead, Killer Klowns from outer space, and all of the rest of the Splatter B movie galore of that era, Evil Dead being on top of our list, even thou it was (in its own peculiar way) more of a scary flick, becoming dumber and funnier on each further chapter, Army of Darkness taking the cake as an absute absurd genious piece. We liked it so much, that part of the demon dialogues (the possessed friends of Ash) ended up as intro and outro of our own "horror punk" band demotape, called The Ghouls, heavily influenced by The Misfits, if it wasn't clear from the band's name. So, about 20 years later, Ash vs the Evil Dead was, for me and my friends, a fucking great surprise, and the fact that it basically is a dark-ish comedy show dressed up in gore, is only a huge plus to my own, and my friends, grown up self, and I sincerely hope that they will end it by season 4, season 5 at the most, without fucking it all up trying to make profit, and simply making it survive for the time needed to properly end the story line.
Anyways, thanks so much for the fun review, take care bro.
Mahadi Azad
Mahadi Azad - Year ago
im sorry i pirated it :(
Para Dox
Para Dox - Year ago
I just bought the Blu rays.
Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis - Year ago
32 dislikes way more likes! LIKES WIN
Dental boi
Dental boi - Year ago
Come on man wee come on that little controller that looks like a dildoe I ain't tryin to play my games with a dil doe
Darryl Conte
Darryl Conte - Year ago
Do tucker and Dale vs evil next
MrMmnngghh - Year ago
Anyone else notice how Kelly transformed into Joanna Angel in Season 3?
Chainsaw Handiman
Chainsaw Handiman - Year ago
I really hope u make a video on the finale
Ph@tMantv - Year ago
THNX for heads up on the Stars app. AvED is the only show I'm really eager 2 get caught up
Michelle Khin
Michelle Khin - Year ago
Could you do more AVED reviews please?!
Rokaq - Year ago
10:11 "idiot"
fimbulvintrcat - Year ago
I feel Channel Zero would be right up your street!
Garry Williams
Garry Williams - Year ago
it's not on netflix in the UK :(
Justas Juodsnukis
Justas Juodsnukis - Year ago
This is the best horror show ever
Chloè Simonè
Chloè Simonè - Year ago
I was glad when this first came out because I was a fan of the video game 😄✌
Nobility Is A Must
Nobility Is A Must - Year ago
Elk Grove like Elk Grove California? 🤔
And I was watching Starz and Ash vs evil Dead season 3 is not come out the my is not coming out maybe is tomorrow
MSG SHAH - Year ago
starz and netflix both are not present in pakistan and i am the big fan of ash vs evil dead so i download every episode after 2 days of releasing it and it sucks
The Forest Assassin . Shadow 2.0
John Smith
John Smith - Year ago
Honestly didnt know this was a thing
Darkspirit 2000
Darkspirit 2000 - Year ago
its easy to get it free, watch it on the site that you need to pay for, mhmm :]
gohan00dbz - Year ago
I love Evil dead
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - Year ago
Ohh fuck Sam axe fighting some evil dead? Yeah ima watch it.
Inspector Steve
Inspector Steve - Year ago
Do you only do horror films or shows? If not I would love to see the movie "mother" with Jennifer Lawrence explained.
Maag Hest
Maag Hest - Year ago
6:04 where's her belly buttom though... creep
SanderRose - Year ago
"Available on Netflix / StarZ" yeah that's only the case if you live in a country where it actually IS available in the netflix library / only live in the states since StarZ doesn't work outside of the US. THAT'S the reason why people pirated this show, more than likely.
Dankovski Mark4
Dankovski Mark4 - Year ago
Piracy is not stealing!
Tochukwu Udu
Tochukwu Udu - Year ago
I thought that was lil pump at the thumbnail
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ - Year ago
I really think Starz should sell it to Netflix or HBO. A lot more people would see it on there.
lil peep fan
lil peep fan - Year ago
can u do evil dead movie remake
michael white
michael white - Year ago
I've watched the Netflix season one.. loved it so much I BOUGHT season two on iTunes! Haven't seen season three yet.. can't wait!
Matata McCleskey
Matata McCleskey - Year ago
Going to watch it right now!
ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ
This show needs to be an hour long, more episodes and not go so long between seasons. It's only 10 1/2 hour episodes or just 5 hrs per season, not nearly enough.
CrazedHamster99 - Year ago
They made a massive mistake when they sold the license to Virgin media. If they want the show to be successful put it on mainstream sites netflix or amazon. Otherwise people are just going to pirate.
DMG - Year ago
its not on uk netflix x-x
fro-yo -momma
fro-yo -momma - Year ago
Ari the Mermaid
Ari the Mermaid - Year ago
I found this show through your recommendations and just finished S2. This is a great show and can't wait to see more of it! Thank you! :)
joey hernandez
joey hernandez - Year ago
You Need to do the show dark on netflix
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