Coaches Mic'd Up Best Moments of 2019 | NFL Films Presents

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Yaqoob Mahmud
Yaqoob Mahmud - 7 hours ago
I started liking the chiefs the start of the 2019 season.I live in Ohio and I did not have a favorite football team before the 2019 season. As i got more into foot I wanted to have a favorite team.I didnt really care about how good they were bit I cared how there jersey looks.(kinda silly ik)It was either the dolphins or the chiefs(red was on of my favorite colors) I did not know if they were good or bad I chose them becuase there Jersey colors. As the season went on I became a bigger fan. Now scince they won the superb bowl every one is calling me a bandwagon. Just saying if they didnt have anyonegood on the team and lost everysingle game I would still be a huge fan.Am i a bandwagon?
Mister JAM
Mister JAM - 2 days ago
Did anyone else see the dwarf ball boy at 3:30
dansza - 4 days ago
This could totally be bad lip reading.
Thegr8mando Videos
Thegr8mando Videos - 9 days ago
it don’t matter who you go for you can’t not smile at pete carroll’s love and energy when he gets hyped especially at his age
Alex Modesitt
Alex Modesitt - 9 days ago
Tomil coach of the year
Colt 4369
Colt 4369 - 11 days ago
Kingsbury sounds as motivational as wet cardboard.
JPplays - 12 days ago
3:30 there’s a midget
Ben - 17 days ago
I don't think Jason Garrett even realises that his headset probably isn't even turned on. Doesn't say anything anyway
aldo gutierrez
aldo gutierrez - 17 days ago
6:50 Mozart wasnt a painter he was a composer lol
Lord Of Pancakes
Lord Of Pancakes - 18 days ago
I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to hear Rob Saleh mic'd up
James Finn
James Finn - 18 days ago
3:12 Coach McVey is beside himself
Giacomo Esposito
Giacomo Esposito - 18 days ago
I can't believe there wasn't one single clip of Kyle Shanahan! Is he really that quiet during the game?
Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco - 19 days ago
Kliff Kingsberry is a younger, better looking Jason Garrett
new email
new email - 19 days ago
Saints head coach “no limits” maybe their limit should be 18
Dorito - 19 days ago
Harbs: It's four downs territory.
Lamar: We're scoring.
Harbs: Okay, do it that way.
Marco M.
Marco M. - 20 days ago
saflip969 - 21 day ago
6:38 first he steal/copy Andy Reids playbook and not pay credits where it's due?! Now, he cant even be original and steal Andy Reids way of rally up the team? I hate people like Matt Naggy.
Same approach just different wordings. #posers
Spencer Vecchione
Spencer Vecchione - 18 days ago
saflip969 well he worked with him for a few years or so and maybe took his learnings to Chicago for a reason. He thinks Andy Reid’s coaching is really good and shows it by using his tactics. It worked in the 2018-19 season, 12-4
Nathan B.
Nathan B. - 21 day ago
Jon Gruden rubbing it in at the end of the Bears Club Dub really got me lmao as a Bears fan
Random User
Random User - 21 day ago
No kitchens lol
timothy muscato
timothy muscato - 21 day ago
NFL Films should look into new editing. For years we've had the "Mic'd Up" series, and it's the same clips over and over. You have an entire game film of a coach, and aside from a random funny exchange the bulk of the clips are"that's holding" and "let's go". Coach didn't say anything funny or more interesting than that all game?
Erica - 22 days ago
If we're here we might as well kick ass 🤷‍♀️
Nick Aguilar
Nick Aguilar - 22 days ago
3:28 finally found the person who provides all the skittles to marshawn, bet.
Herc08 - 22 days ago
Just curious to see where Jason Garrett was....
JRobCentral TM
JRobCentral TM - 22 days ago
It tells you how bad a coach is when they can’t even make it on this video........Pat Shurmur, I’m talking to you
Eli Diamond
Eli Diamond - 22 days ago
Pete Carroll: We don't wanna have to call time out here
Ref: You wanna time out?
Pete Carroll: Am I a joke to you?
Colin McAulay
Colin McAulay - 22 days ago
Hmmmm. I wonder where Gase was
Izzy 777
Izzy 777 - 22 days ago
Lions fans Patricia isn't on here because he lost the locker room and isn't respected by anyone.
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez - 22 days ago
D money
D money - 23 days ago
3:29 did anyone notice the midget ball boy
J Woe
J Woe - 23 days ago
Andy Reid having a seat next to his protege to compare notes, while his assistants coach the game. Beautiful.
Jasmine McIntosh
Jasmine McIntosh - 23 days ago
This is great and all, but I want to know how many pieces of gum Pete Carrol has swallowed.
CallMe3 - 23 days ago
0:39 I like the connection lol
mason clark
mason clark - 23 days ago
3:29 the ballboy🤣
Brady Ashby
Brady Ashby - 23 days ago
I never knew Mozart was a painter? lol
Alex McCracken
Alex McCracken - 23 days ago
Gotta love the little person being a ball boy!!!
godspeed_6x - 23 days ago
Harbough is funny as hell lol
m d
m d - 23 days ago
For a second I though Vrabel was HUGE, and then I realized it was just a little guy standing next to him..
Andrew R
Andrew R - 23 days ago
Notice that there wasn’t any cowboys clips because if they were it would be no talking just clapping 👏
clg632012 - 23 days ago
No love for the niners
Brian Keaton
Brian Keaton - 24 days ago
Where is the Freddie Kitchens sound bite?
Freddie Malave
Freddie Malave - 24 days ago
This is stupid
Cedric Torry II
Cedric Torry II - 24 days ago
lmaooo ill act like Matt Patricia didnt just look like a damm Mafia boss with a cane telling danny to "take it to em" lol
Toe Moe
Toe Moe - 24 days ago
"Guys we may have to get a little aggressive"
- how to bring your point across in the comment section
My Imorata
My Imorata - 24 days ago
Brian Flores is developing into a great NFL head coach.
Darion Spencer
Darion Spencer - 24 days ago
3:29 🤔🤔🤔🤔👶🏻
ThePhilPhil20 - 24 days ago
Lafleur: "it's all gas, no brake"
Packers Offense: Well yes, but actually no
dveisalive - 24 days ago
Ball in the hand plus grass whooooooahhhh! 🤣
Jacob sprigg
Jacob sprigg - 24 days ago
Was that a midget ball boy?
First Last
First Last - 18 days ago
Yes. Yes it was.
Wax MeOff420
Wax MeOff420 - 24 days ago
1:37 he doesn't sound like he looks like he will sound. 😂
Stanley B
Stanley B - 24 days ago
Tomlin's energy would make anyone hype and want to run through a wall for him. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson sounds the same
VitaminVision - 24 days ago
Sean Payton bout to form the New No Limit in N'awlins
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith - 24 days ago
Tomlin FTW
Kobe Is The Goat
Kobe Is The Goat - 24 days ago
Coach Lafluer is COTY💯🏆
Iddo Henn
Iddo Henn - 24 days ago
2:43 I love it how the dolphins' coach has to clarify to them that their playing to win this time.
Giacomo Esposito
Giacomo Esposito - 18 days ago
Swa Sho
Swa Sho - 25 days ago
If I was a rookie i'd love to play for either Tomlin or Gruden. Just hearing them hypes me up
Logan Brittain
Logan Brittain - 25 days ago
4:36 didn’t know Jesse became an assistant for the Texans
johnmb - 21 day ago
He had to decide whats worse, being in that cage or coaching for the Texans.
VitaminVision - 24 days ago
I thought you meant Jesse from MTV for a second lol
Steel Chin
Steel Chin - 25 days ago
No coach Rivera ?! :(
elver galarga
elver galarga - 25 days ago
Pete Carroll still has incredible energy at 68,000 years old
Cooper Anderson
Cooper Anderson - 20 days ago
He has just as much energy now as he did during the Cretaceous Period.
elver galarga
elver galarga - 25 days ago
After Watching this bill o Brian is the worst at coaching “ we might want to play a little more aggressive “ ... uh ya think ??
Kamaro - 25 days ago
They really should have included Nagy blasting two refs back to back
Ryno Art
Ryno Art - 25 days ago
Andy Reid deserves to bring home the 🏆
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