$10,000 DOG VS. $1 DOG

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primesm - 11 hours ago
I remember watching Will It Blend videos everyday, love the reference
Iron Man
Iron Man - 18 hours ago
They just don’t make dogs like they used to
Scentedd Animated
Scentedd Animated - Day ago
Try using IOS 12 on the 1$ Dog!
Sarcasto - Day ago
Jack:you need to be carful with the box
Also jack:violently impales and stabs the box
Lazar Shot
Lazar Shot - Day ago
Handle without care lol
no soy señor pelo
no soy señor pelo - 2 days ago
0:54 when my mom tells my teachers how am i
Panical - 2 days ago
The 10000 dollar dog knows English as well? Where do I buy it?
Mr. Magistral Malik
Mr. Magistral Malik - 4 days ago
2:18 I laughed at this part.
mercy - 5 days ago
Love the people who don't understand the joke lmao...

*aNiMaL aBuSe*
alex?? - 5 days ago
That title could just be "Jenna's dogs vs Jack's dogs"
FragrantGingerCalamari - 7 days ago
tl; dw $10,000 dog tastes better
Nick’s Game Zøne
Nick’s Game Zøne - 8 days ago
Part 2: Will it blend?
Kit Dandridge
Kit Dandridge - 8 days ago
im here bc of jenna lol
Foodballer456 - 8 days ago
Wait is your dog having sex?
Grizzly dude _
Grizzly dude _ - 9 days ago
The breed are Japanese spitz
PandaManMan !!
PandaManMan !! - 4 days ago
american toy eskimo
Bred Hair
Bred Hair - 9 days ago
That is some first class abuse in this video.

Those boxes did nothing to deserve this.
Cyler LaRocque
Cyler LaRocque - 9 days ago
Did anyone’s Siri activate when he said “hey Siri”?
Cyler LaRocque
Cyler LaRocque - 4 days ago
When you have the “hey Siri” setting on that’s what it does
PandaManMan !!
PandaManMan !! - 4 days ago
that's not how siri works
Neal Chauhan
Neal Chauhan - 9 days ago
When the 10000 dollar dog is in a smaller box then the 1 Dollar dog
Bramusation - 9 days ago
Pure gold
Ild kulen
Ild kulen - 9 days ago
My little brother came storming out of the room saying we can buy dogs from amazon..... until I told him it’s a joke
Dingleen - 9 days ago
I can't tell the difference between Klondike and Sundae anymore. So was Sundae the $1 dog?
Ok, - 8 days ago
Dingleen yeah
Caleb Kemper
Caleb Kemper - 10 days ago
The ok Google thing turned on my speaker
Moonstar79 - 10 days ago
There's also a $100 dollar model, but I recommend attaching microphones to the collars. Cats, though, doesn't matter what they cost, they ain't gonna listen to ya.
Panda4life Pandas
Panda4life Pandas - 10 days ago
What kind of Amazon are you using?
Martin Harris
Martin Harris - 10 days ago
'Aight I'm calling Peta.
Caramel Eevee
Caramel Eevee - 12 days ago
I mean the one dollar dog has clean eyes
Libby Wagner
Libby Wagner - 13 days ago
I thought Kermit was going to be the $1 dog
Jessie Qiu
Jessie Qiu - 14 days ago
Where can I get that one dollar dog? I need that in my life
Zachity - 15 days ago
I hope the dog wasn't in the box
Sydney Ross
Sydney Ross - 15 days ago
0:30 My Alexa heard "Alexa, give me a kiss" and she just friend zoned me ಥ_ಥ
rou - 15 days ago
That hey Siri give me a kiss activated my siri and she said let’s just talk
Dylan Black
Dylan Black - 15 days ago
Have you tried turning it off and back on?
Cyrill Vasquez
Cyrill Vasquez - 15 days ago
You thew the box and shake it lol
Hauntercry - 19 hours ago
Really did he? I didn't see
PETA is upset because they wanted to steal and euthanize those dogs.
Guitarist From Hell
Guitarist From Hell - 17 days ago
poor dog
cebo bait
cebo bait - 4 days ago
EliasMorals - 18 days ago
This is dog command manipulation at its finest
I dunno man I'm just some guy
I do agree that the 1 dollar dog doesn't have the highest specs but seriously, who even needs 10.000 dollars worth of dog output? the 1 dollar one is more than enough for your day to day dog needs.
Tab Tab Team
Tab Tab Team - 19 days ago
I can’t afford the 10K model, but don’t want the 1$ model. Is the 500$ one any good?
TheCaveTater YT
TheCaveTater YT - 19 days ago
With the 1$ you could've said bixby
33n 3l
33n 3l - 12 hours ago
SLF LIVES - 19 days ago
After 12 + years on YouTube.. This is how good his editing is.
Michael Western
Michael Western - 19 days ago
What breed of dog is this?
PandaManMan !!
PandaManMan !! - 4 days ago
american toy eskimo
SpookyTitle Gaming
SpookyTitle Gaming - 19 days ago
That green dildo tho
GERGREEN - 20 days ago
*A lot of dogs were hurt in the making of this*
Ry Sawada
Ry Sawada - 21 day ago
this video set off my siri and sent a text to my sister saying “give me a kiss” I hope your proud of yourself
Wcat03 blu
Wcat03 blu - 21 day ago
Oh yeah, my parents definitely got me a $1 dog
GreaseGun - 21 day ago
I didn't know ok google worked even if I was wearing headphones. No shit Google responded with a nasty dry ass kiss. Thanks Jacksfilms for making me listen to Google's ugly ass kissing sound effect.
Amelia Nikolova
Amelia Nikolova - 21 day ago
About the $1 dog....

have you tried turning it on and off?
shaoka bams
shaoka bams - 19 days ago
Ho- How does that happen ....?
MaxTakeANap - 21 day ago
Otaku- Chan
Otaku- Chan - 21 day ago
The 1$ dollar dog is total trash bc I just got a micro USB and cheap case
TurdingBoxGr - 21 day ago
0:25 haters will say that its fake
Prestige - 21 day ago
This is honestly good stop motion
The Crusader Cheese
The Crusader Cheese - 22 days ago
This kept setting off my Siri
Rosalinda Rubio
Rosalinda Rubio - 22 days ago
My voice assistant turned on when he said hey Google 🤣
Katelynslife 2007
Katelynslife 2007 - 22 days ago
Does anyone else get the guava juice reference?
MarkYuri PH
MarkYuri PH - 10 days ago
He shoutout jacksfilms
bibidi bobidi
bibidi bobidi - 15 days ago
@Katelynslife 2007 owww haha I thought it was like a buzzfeed parody
Katelynslife 2007
Katelynslife 2007 - 15 days ago
This whole video is a guava juice reference. I saw someone review his video, and he was pretending to throw his dogs that he “bought” through editing.
bibidi bobidi
bibidi bobidi - 15 days ago
Elizabeth Sheehan
Elizabeth Sheehan - 22 days ago
If you could buy dogs for $1 I would be the crazy cat lady of dogs
Melinda Kocsi SCP-049‐Plague Doctor Birb
*never* *shop* *,* *adopt*
Good Vibes Story telling
Good Vibes Story telling - 23 days ago
I going report you to cops cuz dog is ded prolly
Rokal Banu
Rokal Banu - 16 days ago
@Pusheen The cat he's joking
Good Vibes Story telling
Good Vibes Story telling - 19 days ago
Pusheen The cat I’m ded
Pusheen The cat
Pusheen The cat - 19 days ago
@Good Vibes Story telling you realise the dog is very much alive? This was edited to look this way If you need proof you can watch his newer videos and see the dogs in there
Good Vibes Story telling
Good Vibes Story telling - 19 days ago
Pusheen The cat yea cops r coming for jacx
Pusheen The cat
Pusheen The cat - 19 days ago
Are you serious?
Amanda Weaver
Amanda Weaver - 23 days ago
My dog does everything but fetches, I guess I need dogtec support
Will Reilly
Will Reilly - 23 days ago
Is there any new updates with the $1 dog?
Lollipop Lily Gaming
Lollipop Lily Gaming - 23 days ago
You’ve met the odds one out and jaddensanimatoins
weaver9511 - 4 days ago
@CallMeBank TheAlternativeOneOut* Jaden Cartoons*
CallMeBank - 18 days ago
UnMenOneGuy Odd1sout* Jaiden Animations* :)
UnMenOneGuy - 22 days ago
Odds1out* JaidenAnimation*
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