$10,000 DOG VS. $1 DOG

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Darius Foo
Darius Foo - 17 minutes ago
Where the dogs sent to your house by delivery?
•Ťŕiçø •
•Ťŕiçø • - 2 hours ago
THE MATT 222 - 2 hours ago
Dead Memes
Dead Memes - 5 hours ago
*peta wants to know your location*
George McLaughlin
George McLaughlin - 7 hours ago
Now there's another one you can buy named Chipwich
Lampcap - 7 hours ago
Just came from Guava Juices version and cringed so hard and I only watched a little but if it. Had to come back to the original.
Mike’s spicy MEMES
Mike’s spicy MEMES - 8 hours ago
I can feel you. I bought a 1$ dog, and when I opened the box with a very sharp knife, all I found was knife wounds! Garbage. 1* review.
Alcaz - 8 hours ago
neri gambarelli
neri gambarelli - 9 hours ago
I LOVE this video!
Averam is awesomely awesome
I'm confused:
°They were on boxes he threw
°Who buys a dog for 1 dollar
°Dog voice recognition
Totally_childsupport - 51 minute ago
This comment confuses me did you not get the joke or
Vemon - 9 hours ago
Are these completes or did you have to set them up first?
Eri Kawaii
Eri Kawaii - 11 hours ago
It’s e m p t y
Hayden Owens
Hayden Owens - 12 hours ago
This is adorableness personified
peepy - 13 hours ago
when you said siri it set off siri on my phone
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 13 hours ago
Who else is just going around in the comments responding to the brain dead eight year olds thinking this is real
Kosaku Kawajiri
Kosaku Kawajiri - 9 hours ago
Arctic Bonnie
Arctic Bonnie - 15 hours ago
You haven't set voice recognition
Burry 21
Burry 21 - 16 hours ago
1:12 Damn you for activating my Google
Cheese - 21 hour ago
The 16k people who disliked probably thought he was actually abusing the dogs
Extinct Voltage
Extinct Voltage - Day ago
"Now you have to be careful when you open it."
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - Day ago
guys this is fake dont wory he put the dog in after he hit the box
rxyth / mark
rxyth / mark - 13 hours ago
wait really? *who couldve known*
CasualSxngPhobia - 15 hours ago
@Oci Stephens How did he get wooshed???
Alyx D.G
Alyx D.G - Day ago
I wonder what price is Chipwich?
rxyth / mark
rxyth / mark - 13 hours ago
free, but you have to wait a day to recharge points to get the dog to learn anything
Grant_2020 - Day ago
Wild Dog
Wild Dog - Day ago
This is so relatable.
Angie Lee
Angie Lee - Day ago
How expensive was Chipwich?
Angie Lee
Angie Lee - Day ago
Johnathan Rivera wow that’s gonna be a painful review
Johnathan Rivera
Johnathan Rivera - Day ago
50 cents
RyGen - Day ago
jbognar222 joco
jbognar222 joco - Day ago
dogs feeling like cortana XD
Yu7Yu7Me7Yume7 - Day ago
I’m watching this on my phone and when he said “okay Siri” that activated my Siri lol
Just Eli
Just Eli - Day ago
I’m very sorry 2:22
Just Eli
Just Eli - Day ago
Phillipa Soo Cinnamon roll
I showed my 8 year old cousin this and she started crying.
Varrondy - Day ago
The problem is the other dog isn't running with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. It's running on Bixby
Fluffy Raine
Fluffy Raine - Day ago
Are you treating them like a device???
Fluffy Raine
Fluffy Raine - 7 hours ago
@Naxxis ‘ im the dumbest person in the whole world of course
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
Of course not! Are you dumb obviously!?
Knotty - Day ago
@Loch Ness Monster Yeah i might try it one day once i get the cash
Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster - Day ago
Knotty I wouldn’t get a $5 dog, I’d get a $50, it’s better in the long run. Decent motion tracking and good voice detection, overall pretty good
Knotty - Day ago
But they are a device tho??? I bought my dog for 5$. It sucks but hey at least it works and its kinda usefull
Watermelon Pug
Watermelon Pug - Day ago
God damn
When ever he says “hey Siri”
Siri comes on
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - 2 days ago
Apparently my Siri thinks we sound alike because you set off my Siri multiple times
Hamivel - 2 days ago
0:32 my alexa went off and she friendzoned me
AuzzieKidPlayzGamez !
AuzzieKidPlayzGamez ! - 2 days ago
you forgot the new $100 chipwich model
*Catastrophic* - 2 days ago
I just noticed when’s he holding the boxes in the beginning that the 1 dollar dog is a frowning Amazon and the 10,000 dollar dog is a smiling amazon.
Polat Aktaş
Polat Aktaş - 2 days ago
I watched this shit (even tho its pretty good) 50,000 times. STOP IT YOUTUBE ALGORITHM!!
ThomasFan 1945
ThomasFan 1945 - 2 days ago
Goddamnit jack, you made my google home say that we should just stay friends. Fuck you
Totally_childsupport - 44 minutes ago
Same here just say you’ll unplug her it works 100% of the time
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
Damn friend zoned by a device. That’s gotta hurt like shit
Drew Day
Drew Day - 2 days ago
Now we have a 1¥ dog
Potato’s Last
Potato’s Last - Day ago
1¥ lunch
Reebesh .Sharma
Reebesh .Sharma - 2 days ago
“I’ve tried rebooting it, I’ve tried software updates” did you try putting it in rice?
Danny Flanagan
Danny Flanagan - 2 days ago
Every time he said “hey Siri” my Siri went off, and that was very annoying
Jaz Carluccio
Jaz Carluccio - 2 days ago
How have i gone this long without seeing this? 😂😂😂😂
Logical_Systems YT
Logical_Systems YT - 2 days ago
Plot twist: The names of the dogs are Siri
LIM LEON KIT - - 3 days ago
A very late comment but why does the dog look like gabe the legend
Zahran oishi
Zahran oishi - 3 days ago
Can you do 100000$ dog vs 100$ dog?
joshua salmeron
joshua salmeron - 3 days ago
You just activated my Alexa, she freindzoned me but hey I got a fren
Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein - 3 days ago
Someone please tell me their breed
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
Bruv - 22 hours ago
It's a Johnerin breed
Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein - 2 days ago
@Anonymous Anonymous thank you
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 2 days ago
American Eskimo
Scott Butler
Scott Butler - 3 days ago
When he said hey Siri it activated my Siri lop
Jnede Plays
Jnede Plays - 3 days ago
The $1 dollar dog must be a android
Narob Sari
Narob Sari - 2 days ago
Yeah. But the 10 000 dollar one will not work after falling down once.
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker - 3 days ago
Damn what happens when you brake it does it come with extra parts or can you just order more parts also did you get it from amazon or eBay or somewhere else I might get the 10k dog
IcySoda - 3 days ago
1:04 Wait, this isn't the kidzbop quiz 2
Musical_trash 4_your_information
Freaking 1 dollar dog is smarter than I could ever hope to be, wanna pass that doggo over? It is much adorbs.^^
Frosted Wheat Thins
Frosted Wheat Thins - 3 days ago
Sundae deserves better
Narob Sari
Narob Sari - 2 days ago
Do you mean "C"lonedike?
Vanz - 3 days ago
16k thousand people thought he kicked the box with a dog inside
IsoqR - 3 days ago
dogs in a box cant breethe
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
IsoqR no shit Sherlock
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 15 hours ago
@IsoqR and why are you not using a pc and remove the sound in the background of a little kid screaming?
IsoqR - 15 hours ago
@Oci Stephens i play tf2 dude.
IsoqR - 15 hours ago
@Oci Stephens same
IsoqR - 15 hours ago
@Oci Stephens no u
Comrade Shibe
Comrade Shibe - 3 days ago
Hol up did he actually return the dog
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 16 hours ago
I would get the $1 one, because the ten thousand doesn't seem worth it, at least he showed us, but yeah he does seem yummy the ten thousand so I guess it is worth it
Comrade Shibe
Comrade Shibe - Day ago
Oh ur right they seemed like yummy marshmellows
Potato’s Last
Potato’s Last - Day ago
No he got lunch out of them
Comrade Shibe
Comrade Shibe - 3 days ago
Plot twist: the dogs were not inside the box when he was opening the box they teleported afterwarss
Comrade Shibe
Comrade Shibe - 15 hours ago
@Oci Stephens yes
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 15 hours ago
Or squishables
RS - 06FJ - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)
Dogs with special powers
Comrade Shibe
Comrade Shibe - 15 hours ago
@RS - 06FJ - Dolphin Sr PS (1553) looking at their fluffness, i look at them like its unreal, they teleported
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 16 hours ago
Or maby they where a squishy toy that then blowed up
Fern - 3 days ago
Now show us the $10,000 Dog, the $1000 dollar dog, and the $1 Dog
There’s no game To play
Quick question how does it charge?
Naxxis ‘
Naxxis ‘ - 14 hours ago
It comes with a butt plug and you just stick it up in there and then there’s a cord
Dead Memes
Dead Memes - 3 days ago
I don’t think the dogs were actually in the box
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 15 hours ago
@Name Balnk geez, he was just telling him the truth
RS - 06FJ - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)
Dead Memes no crap Sherlock
Name Balnk
Name Balnk - 3 days ago
J WOOOOOW your sooo smart for noticing. Like fuck you. Jacksfilms never fakes pranks and hat was clearly realfuck you for saying hedfake a video
J - 3 days ago
They were
Inhale ROBLOX - 3 days ago
Oh no they're coming, the 8 year olds who think this is real.
Gary Yang
Gary Yang - 3 days ago
0:41 2:49 he is killing the dog lol.
Gary Yang
Gary Yang - 3 days ago
I not know that. But i do have dog in box.
J - 3 days ago
@Gary Yang not a joke, but a simple way to check the quality of a premade dog.
Gary Yang
Gary Yang - 3 days ago
I know, but yeah a joke.
BattleCore 706
BattleCore 706 - 3 days ago
Its a joke it just has junk.no dog
peta - 3 days ago
loads lmg
Meme - 3 days ago
Lucciola - 3 days ago
The one dollar dog is kermit
jackthehacker05 - 3 days ago
Bold of you to assume you can put a price on dogs
Wooosh_If_Gay - 18 hours ago
Ummmm What?!!?!?!?!?! 😒😒😒😏😒😟😔
jackthehacker05 - 3 days ago
@narob İras Nah we good lol
narob İras
narob İras - 3 days ago
@jackthehacker05 Also I got rid of that r/ihavereddit on my second comment. It feels rude saying that to someone. Sorry for that.
jackthehacker05 - 3 days ago
narob İras Ight then. Have a good day.
narob İras
narob İras - 3 days ago
@jackthehacker05 No you dont need to. its okay.
Alissa Maxfield
Alissa Maxfield - 3 days ago
Lmaooooo when he said “Alexa give me a kiss” Alexa said I like you... as a friend
Evka - 3 days ago
Brandon Pells
Brandon Pells - 3 days ago
Dear jack,
Would you be able to do another one of these videos so that I can see the newest models
Possibly $1 $100 $1000 I sincerely hope you are able to do this.
Angelina Miller
Angelina Miller - 3 days ago
1:13 set off my Google assistant!
Master Chimichanga
Master Chimichanga - 4 days ago
Too many times my iPad responded to his”Hey Siri”s
bruh what is that dot
bruh what is that dot - 4 days ago
Oci Stephens
Oci Stephens - 15 hours ago
Chill, he then deflates into a marshmello
Luis Ven
Luis Ven - 4 days ago
now we have a $27 dog
James Nolan
James Nolan - 4 days ago
You activated all iPhones in my housse
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 4 days ago
This is a good example of the bond between a man and his dog
Epic Hownds
Epic Hownds - 4 days ago
This video is the highlight of my week thank you so much
Jenny - 4 days ago
dude when ever he says Siri Siri actually just say what do you want?
kash0uX - 4 days ago
Sundae rejected brain
MythicBurger030 - 4 days ago
Why does the 1000 dollar dog have scars at its eyes
Giorno Dubs
Giorno Dubs - 4 days ago
Those are not scars. Those are tear stains, so there is nothing to worry about.
Kaz'k Drzał
Kaz'k Drzał - 4 days ago
How much did the third dog cost u
Narob Sari
Narob Sari - 2 days ago
@James Kilgour LOL
James Kilgour
James Kilgour - 4 days ago
They had to pay him to take it
Suggy Wuggy
Suggy Wuggy - 4 days ago
Kaz'k Drzał oh yeaaaa
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