Melanie Martinez - Play Date [Official Lyric Video]

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Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox - 45 minutes ago
... So fu*k skir
mateo weon
mateo weon - Hour ago
Why are blood ps:i dont talk inglish
Вікторія Синицька
Текст пісні
You call me on the telephone, you feel so far away
You tell me to come over, there's some games you want to play
I'm walking to your house, nobody's home
Just me and you and you and me alone
We're just playing hide and seek
It's getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you
I don't want to play no games
I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after you
I don't give a fuck about you anyways
Whoever said I gave a shit 'bout you?
You never share your toys or communicate
I guess I'm just a play date to you
Wake up in your bedroom and there's nothing left to say
When I try to talk you're always playing board games
I wish I had monopoly over your mind
I wish I didn't care all the time
We're just playing hide and seek
It's getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you
I don't want to play no games
I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after you
I don't give a fuck about you anyways
Whoever said I gave a shit 'bout you?
You never share your toys or communicate
I guess I'm just a play date to you
Ring around the rosy
I never know, I never know what you need
Ring around the rosy, I want to give you, want to give you
What you need
I don't give a fuck about you anyways
Whoever said I gave a shit 'bout you?
You never share your toys or communicate
I guess I'm just a play date to you
You know I give a fuck about you everyday
Guess it's time that I tell you the truth
If I share my toys, will you let me stay?
Don't want to leave this play date with you
Florent John De Fiesta
Fun fact this song made it to tiktok you know.
XXXYûmekø-Elīzäbeth Šøft nãt Øwøxx
Melanie is smart for promoting this song when it’s getting a lot of attention
Min__ Duda
Min__ Duda - 2 hours ago
Eu amo? 🇧🇷
Daniel Prasetyo
Daniel Prasetyo - 2 hours ago
Taek erti ra taek.. Iklan banyak cocot...
lilly_and friends yay
lilly_and friends yay - 2 hours ago
i got the shirt for this song and i got the k-12 braclet!!!
Vinijkbrhue CsuI
Vinijkbrhue CsuI - 2 hours ago
I loved this song it entered my playlist 😉 one of the best I heard thank you for making this song I loved it 🤩
emma UwU
emma UwU - 3 hours ago
Love you melanie martinez 🤩🤩🤩🤩💗💗💗💗
Soocute 1301
Soocute 1301 - 4 hours ago
Im big fan
Soocute 1301
Soocute 1301 - 4 hours ago
I love it
laboratoryYT - 4 hours ago
Callum DaBolt
Callum DaBolt - 4 hours ago
HEY YOU! Yes, you, sitting behind your screen reading this. I don't know you and you certainly don't know me. But I want to tell you something. Everyone has their own story. Yours might be filled with joy and happiness, or it might be clouded with pain and misfortune. I want you to know that you're a beautiful, wonderful, talented person. Even if your life isn't going the way you want it to right now, I know that you'll be able to make it out alright. I want you to do me a favor. I know I'm just a stranger, but just trust me, okay? Every time you see your reflection, be it in the mirror in the bathroom, in a window somewhere, or in a puddle on the street, I want you to look at yourself and give yourself a hug. Because even if you aren't the prettiest or the smartest or the funniest, you're something that no one else can be: you. And you are the greatest thing you can be. Smile at strangers. Be confident in yourself. Cry when you feel like crying, laugh when you feel like laughing. Treat yourself like a god/goddess because you deserve it. Hold your head up and keep your heart open. You're worth everything and then some. And always remember that no matter what, even if it doesn't seem like it, you're everything to someone. I was bullied for so long and was told that I wasn't beautiful, and it broke me down. But I realized that I am beautiful and so is everyone else. I wanted to make sure no one felt upset like I did - hating myself and crying to sleep. You are all special
gala pedroza
gala pedroza - 6 hours ago
i love this music
K-Pooper Crazy
K-Pooper Crazy - 6 hours ago
taylor - 6 hours ago
Mellow_Crisp _
Mellow_Crisp _ - 6 hours ago
The video at first :
Kawaii , Cutesy , Adowable , Animal Dollies
Cutesy Vibes all le way (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
The video when it's about to end :
*gore , bloody , oof*

Me : *tHis iS fiNe–*
มานิตา เยสดรแต่ยนบแใ
Y if Fu a few days to assist with the keys to me and I have a good
Moonpie Stargalaxygirl
Moonpie Stargalaxygirl - 7 hours ago
I think I get the story of the music video it's like you don't want to tell your crush you like them but at the same time you kind of hurt their feelings saying something bad in the end you still really like them
hardcherryblitz - 7 hours ago
( _thanks _*_@melanie martinez_*_ to EXIST!!_
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller - 7 hours ago
This Song was Almost 5 years Ago
Devvvinn902 - 7 hours ago
Those dolls are cute qhwn theyre angry
Deslee Nehanda
Deslee Nehanda - 7 hours ago
Everyone is watching this from tiktok no cap

Even I am🤣🤣
Francielis - 8 hours ago
La voz se me hace súper tierna
Speedee Gamer
Speedee Gamer - 8 hours ago
I thought this was a happy song till I watched this
Melanie Martinez World
Melanie Martinez World - 8 hours ago
Lets get 20M views
Yoongi_i love you jimin BTS
Like si la escuchaste en tik tok
「Addxie 」
「Addxie 」 - 8 hours ago
Melanie’s songs..have a darkside
Sofia Cortez
Sofia Cortez - 8 hours ago
2020 july ?
Moonlight_Elizabeth Plays
I was commenting suddenly it autoplay so it take me back to another video
Star-chan - 9 hours ago
My first full year of listening to mel the only good thing going for me in 2020
sakura uwu
sakura uwu - 9 hours ago
Like si vienes de tik tok jsjaj
Melanie Benites
Melanie Benites - 9 hours ago
Como cuando te llamas Melanie :,v
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez - 9 hours ago
People that make him bullyng:👁👄👁
Silvia Caraballo
Silvia Caraballo - 9 hours ago
Rylee Williams
Rylee Williams - 10 hours ago
I’ve listened since 2015
musics la mejor musicas
musics la mejor musicas - 10 hours ago
musics la mejor musicas
musics la mejor musicas - 10 hours ago
Omar Barahmeh
Omar Barahmeh - 10 hours ago
ryleigh wood
ryleigh wood - 7 hours ago
If you can't handle it, then don't listen to it then
ryleigh wood
ryleigh wood - 7 hours ago
The bad words make it good
Jacob Lescallette
Jacob Lescallette - 10 hours ago
I came here from TiKTok
ala doghmani
ala doghmani - 11 hours ago
【君の名は】 - 11 hours ago
_Escalofriantemente hermoso_ 💖🧁
Anoing - 12 hours ago
0:52 make this frame a meme right now
Sunny Sunflower
Sunny Sunflower - 12 hours ago
Voy a poner esto para ver en donde estaré en 1 año.

V I R U S - 12 hours ago
Elif Torul
Elif Torul - 13 hours ago
We need an animation meme of this. Who wishes to make the original meme?
I'm Denny UwU
I'm Denny UwU - 13 hours ago
Justin Reilly
Justin Reilly - 13 hours ago
Hi Melanie
soldier glir uwu!
soldier glir uwu! - 13 hours ago
I very like diss song REALLI I like it is very perfect for mi
reb wee
reb wee - 13 hours ago
how many other crybabies got her playday merch the minute pre order came out *puts hand up slowly*
Evey Aspaas
Evey Aspaas - 13 hours ago
It’s been YEARS of me jamming to this song and now it’s FINALLY getting the crazy awesome and incredible recognition it deserves!!
PoohBear Freya
PoohBear Freya - 13 hours ago
Omg.... This song is so sad! 😭 I think I'm gonna cry.........
PoohBear Freya
PoohBear Freya - 13 hours ago
I'm not five... 😅
Luzinete Santos
Luzinete Santos - 13 hours ago
Berry xo
Berry xo - 13 hours ago
-Who's here on July 2020 --

_scrap that, i will forever be here_
MrCocas YT
MrCocas YT - 14 hours ago
GACHA/GURL LOL - 14 hours ago
Me : *listens to play date*

Random person : ThIS Is FrOm TiK tOk

「 x • Høney _ ßee • x 」
WTF I cried at the end It felt so sad 😭
KithKatheana R
KithKatheana R - 14 hours ago
Melanie got an old soul.
Amanda Pineda
Amanda Pineda - 15 hours ago
Español? 😐
Eliza Vasquez
Eliza Vasquez - 15 hours ago
syahierah lya
syahierah lya - 15 hours ago
This song is very nice❤ i love it so many edits in tiktok✌️💜 i change it to usual as my live walpaper🤦‍♀️
Megan •studio•
Megan •studio• - 15 hours ago
Alguien que hable español? English:a person we speak spanish?
Maria Beatriz Braga Barbosa
only I thought the clip has nothing to do with the song
craft game
craft game - 16 hours ago
Re satánico no dormiré hoy
Sabrina Balestrero
Sabrina Balestrero - 16 hours ago
Tem br aqui
Shivansh Bhatnagar
Shivansh Bhatnagar - 16 hours ago
2019:stay away from negative people
2020: stay away from positive people
シLɪ̇ᴠʀᴀ - 16 hours ago

On the screen :)
Valentina Gaozea
Valentina Gaozea - 16 hours ago
Melanie Martinez i like you songs
mohammed almahdi
mohammed almahdi - 16 hours ago
why did they cover the dolls with blood?
Dexter The Cat YT
Dexter The Cat YT - 16 hours ago
They look like furrys :/
spider man
spider man - 16 hours ago
Mr. Bunny
Mr. Bunny - 16 hours ago
aestheticx gamer
aestheticx gamer - 16 hours ago
The baby animsls are soooo cute 😍😍😍
Itz Jennie
Itz Jennie - 17 hours ago
Lets be honest here , Without tik tok Some of you wont know this song
luziane azevedo
luziane azevedo - 17 hours ago
Eu sei que vc tá dançando kkkk
Hori Kun
Hori Kun - 17 hours ago
Omeriki 33
Omeriki 33 - 16 hours ago
LiterallyThxughts _
LiterallyThxughts _ - 17 hours ago
The dislikes are probably from the people who think she cant sing.
STEM Insight
STEM Insight - 18 hours ago
wats the age group this song is written for?
zodiace - 18 hours ago
About 4 years I guess
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