Splatoon 2 Final Splatfest + 5.0 Details! (World Championships Trailer)

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smelly rat
smelly rat - 3 months ago
congrats team chaos we did great!
Hellcat060 - 3 months ago
The intro lag: *L aG*
BigWolf YT
BigWolf YT - 4 months ago
There arent 5.0 details...
ply that narn at a 30 degree angle
I just saw the zapfish fly away wtf.
Dank_Meme_Express 442
Dank_Meme_Express 442 - 4 months ago
Ive seen alot of people say Team Chaos, so that probably means that most of Splatoon 2's players now are...questionable...
Dank_Meme_Express 442
Dank_Meme_Express 442 - 3 months ago
@B-ron or yeah maybe that
B-ron - 3 months ago
Or just have their own opinions.
bladewolf VII
bladewolf VII - 4 months ago
I was just about to buy splatoon 2 this week. Now I've noticed that after the final splatfest the update support for the game will end. So should I just wait for splatoon 3?
Master T
Master T - 4 months ago
We’re in the woomygame now.
og name
og name - 5 months ago
Just sayin shoulda been squid vs kid
• DNAmew •
• DNAmew • - 5 months ago
Splatoon: Chaos vs Order
Daigo The Inkling
Daigo The Inkling - 5 months ago
Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice - 5 months ago
We are going to
Daniel Delta
Daniel Delta - 5 months ago
What Team am I on? NEITHER! I, Agent Infinity will try to force to create Balance for each team to tie. #TeamBalance
Arid TheSandwing
Arid TheSandwing - 5 months ago
Imagine, if:

chaos wins, it will be an open world, free for all or teams game

order wins, the game is more organized than it is now, like you cant mix and mach clothing, and you can only play with people with the same weapon and level.

bankaimaster78 - 5 months ago
It will b hard to choose for this final splatfest.get your drums of war cause it’s war now!
desirou - 5 months ago
Chaos because if i went order i’ll be lonely although i wanted to go there
Bebo Angel
Bebo Angel - 5 months ago
Chaos for Salmon run focused game! Splatoon 3: Black COD ops
Cheesy Puff Puff
Cheesy Puff Puff - 5 months ago
If your having a hard time choosing just think about it like this
Live in a world with freedom but no peace or live in a world peace but no freedom

BTW #teamchaosFTW
Ace mcwolf
Ace mcwolf - 5 months ago
"And so I ask you all...What sort of a world would you wish for the Inklings and their friends?"
I really REALLY don't like how that was worded...
What the hell is Nintendo planning.
SourRockCandyGaming - 5 months ago
What the hell? Am I the only one with a unicorn vs narwhal splatfest?!
B-ron - 5 months ago
After Unicorn vs. Narwhal is this one.
MetaMirby - 5 months ago
Team Order - Galeem
Team Chaos - Dharkon (and Jevil)
Coinsidence, I think not.:3
Erik Ramirez
Erik Ramirez - 5 months ago
Grown men play this childish game competitively?? 😂😂😂
B-ron - 5 months ago
Yeah, and?
Kimberley - 5 months ago
We're basically picking the next 'bad guy', hm?
Domiyu _Locked out on mobile_ _Alt_
Ok so basically, +5.0 part of the title is clickbait
:O - 5 months ago
I just want playable jellies....
MasterTJT 56
MasterTJT 56 - 5 months ago
*"Chaos is power, Power is Chaos"*
Lets go Pearl lovers, let's take down Marina once and for all
The hero of hyrule
The hero of hyrule - 5 months ago
Team order
- Indigo -
- Indigo - - 5 months ago
My theory is that chaos is of the past and order is of the future. If order wins Splatoon 3's story will be more futuristic with robots. If chaos wins Splatoon 3's story will be more prehistoric.
NekoKuroNeko - 5 months ago
Philosophy actually states chaos is void because all things have an order including what we call “random”. It seems like you’re choosing your preferred post-apocalyptic scenario.
Jamari Sanders Gaming
Jamari Sanders Gaming - 5 months ago
For splatoon 3 what if the octarians and the Salmonids team up
Octo 007
Octo 007 - 5 months ago
I hope you are able to get both headgears (from chaos and order)!
Juan Carlos Jr Reyes
Juan Carlos Jr Reyes - 5 months ago
This is it the moment I've been waiting for
Waddle 46
Waddle 46 - 5 months ago
An Hoang
An Hoang - 5 months ago
Chaos: Ooga Booga, Oog boog
Order: Hello Fellow Space Woomy
Alexdrii - 5 months ago
I thought this game was family friendly-
Haydo Mo106
Haydo Mo106 - 5 months ago
Woah the art for this splatfest is beautiful~ I can’t wait to play this final splatfest with everyone!
bruh bruh
bruh bruh - 5 months ago
You legally cannot tell me chaos isn't the cooler option.
Ethan Hinton
Ethan Hinton - 5 months ago
Regardless of the outcome: Commander Tartar: I wAs RiGhT! HaHAhahahAhaHahAha!
Garrett Brothers
Garrett Brothers - 5 months ago
Can I please just get that song from the trailer? Please Nintendo?
Swag - 5 months ago
We're in the endgame now!
German Ortiz
German Ortiz - 5 months ago
I’m calling it right now. Splatoon 3 in direct.
Woomy Toons
Woomy Toons - 5 months ago
ꞰOOQƎƆⱯɟ - 5 months ago
Excuse me? Final splatfest?
JoeyGamer53 - 5 months ago
Dear Lord!! Not again!!
Blaze 17457
Blaze 17457 - 5 months ago
疲RedGhost様 - 5 months ago
This Finale will decide Splatoon 3's story!!!
Caittie Cat
Caittie Cat - 5 months ago
Quick question: if there is a tie what do we do? Will there be different locations for people who picked order and for the ones who picked chaos in splatoon 3? That would be pretty cool!
Rusty Fork
Rusty Fork - 5 months ago
Why is the video so jittery?
Skywalker B
Skywalker B - 5 months ago
It should've been
*Chaos* or *Control*
Gold’s Game corner
Gold’s Game corner - 5 months ago
I mean if marina leads team order then I think team chaos would be a better result :P
brice schiele
brice schiele - 5 months ago
Envy ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
Order is definitely not peace it’s mind control and chaos is well freedom

So imprisoned or free order or chaos
Kris Lundell
Kris Lundell - 5 months ago
Well, philosophically i most believe in order. But callie is on team chaos, so i'm going with chaos- as callie is canonically best girl :)
[SC] Dont_Interupt_Boi
[SC] Dont_Interupt_Boi - 5 months ago
TheGamingAnole55 - 5 months ago
Since I'm always on the losing team for Splatfests, I'm not going to join this one. Else I'll fuck it up and Splatoon 3 will be in chaos and it will all be my fault.
// NightWolf \\
// NightWolf \\ - 5 months ago
Awww, the last fest is here?
I can’t find the game, so I’m just going to say this.
Way Bythe
Way Bythe - 5 months ago
Chaos versus Order... must be Shin Megami Tensei! (I usually choose Neutral in SMT though)
Mega Sylveon
Mega Sylveon - 5 months ago
Splatoon Endgame?
GG_NovaStar - 5 months ago
I was hoping for Off the Hook vs Squid Sisters
Grayson Wells
Grayson Wells - 5 months ago
This is just world of light all over again.
CrazyComputer - 5 months ago
Splatvengers: ENDWOOMY
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