The Broken Policing System | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Cioccolateria Veneziana
Cioccolateria Veneziana - 18 hours ago
Another thing that makes the US no place to live at all... Glad to be European. Sorry, not sorry :-)
Cioccolateria Veneziana
Cioccolateria Veneziana - 18 hours ago
Only 27k likes out of 1 milion views??? What, the rest doesn't care about being shot while peacefully driving to the mall?
Florian Paul
Florian Paul - Day ago
The training of US police officers is a joke. Best in the world, sure ... Around the world police officers are trained for years before released onto the public, in the US its on average 21 weeks ...
MoralRichMedia - 3 days ago
Is there an unedited version of the interview available?
Katie Rae
Katie Rae - 3 days ago
Dave Grossman is a psychopath. No wonder our police departments are fucked up.
Commandotoad - 4 days ago
We need cops to catch bad cops
brandowag3 - 4 days ago
I wouldn't bring up Ferguson, where a police officer was hospitalized for injuries before a gun was drawn. Hmm. I agree with your premise, and warrior policing is evil. But c'mon.
Tee Rell
Tee Rell - 4 days ago
America is trash.
a946035 - 5 days ago
And why does the police in US have to act like every dude is holding lethal firepower while other countries that don't have powerful gun lobbies do not? The whole police accountability system is just a defensive measure against the very hostile environment that the police has to work in.
Rue Newbold
Rue Newbold - 6 days ago
Excellent episode. I think that domestic violence needs to be a part of the conversation surrounding police brutality. The system that allows cops to brutalize communities of color and disabled people is the same system that allows them to clock out, go home, and brutalize their spouses, children and elders.
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh - 7 days ago
Do an episode on NGOs
Jashua Tilahun
Jashua Tilahun - 8 days ago
Hasan do more reading about Mike Vick! He only owned the property, his family was the cause of those poor animals being abused the way they were.
Skylake - 9 days ago
Worse Police and justice system in Pakistan. Few months ago police killed innocent family on the road. Only 3 kids survived.
Brett .Ensminger
Brett .Ensminger - 9 days ago
That law professor reminds me of Steve Carrel.
Khushi Wankhade
Khushi Wankhade - 9 days ago
Shaan Azeem
Shaan Azeem - 10 days ago
20:55 scar face poster in the “cops” office says it all!
Jesús CobiánArreola
Jesús CobiánArreola - 10 days ago
you cant be a muslim and a patriot. you are either for the us constitution or shiria law. this man is very weird.
ashish vaishya
ashish vaishya - Day ago
He is a part indian .....and Indians are weird 😂😂😇
General Skipp
General Skipp - 10 days ago
By march or june of 2020. You will have at least 1mil subs. You only got 778k. That sucks
karan pkatarki
karan pkatarki - 10 days ago
You explained it so well.thank you but how do we change the system.
Earth Love
Earth Love - 20 days ago
Just I have to say THANKS BRO because of bringing up good points to analyze in an easy language for everyone in our community 🔻👁‍🗨🔺👍🏻🤗✌🏻😍🇺🇸
and who are you?
and who are you? - 20 days ago
This show was great till he used CNN as a source. So now everything he said is tainted by dangerous Nazi ideals. So sad. What a bright young man being used as the tool he has become.
zxasuk30 - 20 days ago
The system is there to protect the rich white land owners. To protect and serve is just a slogan.
c p
c p - 21 day ago
Cops addresses should be public record
feverm00n - 21 day ago
This, plus some more news' episode on this subject, such an interesting look at police
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell - 23 days ago
Great Show! Although how can still call yourself a Muslim knowing what they're about too?
Sam Lair
Sam Lair - 23 days ago
“Some things are truer than others.”
“It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”
The following are satirical comedy YouTube channels:
“Jonathan Pie” — is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played by British actor and comedian Tom Walker, who formerly co-wrote the character with comedian and journalist Andrew Doyle:
China Uncensored — with as much a focus on solid research as satirical humor, the China Uncensored team does their best to cover interesting stories from China:
Juice Media — is an Australian film and media company that produces contemporary political and social satire. They are known for their Internet series Honest Government Ads and Juice Rap News:
Patriot Act — is one of the more positive, and prominent, instances of ‘infotainment’ that late night-style television has seen in some time:
Ms Allen
Ms Allen - 23 days ago
Hoooow did he tell that finger bang joke with a straight face?
Riley Ambrose
Riley Ambrose - 24 days ago
Police officers are like the President; the ethical and just behaviour of the cop/president is entirely based on their own ethics, not on laws or penalties. These both need to change
Riley Ambrose
Riley Ambrose - 24 days ago
It never occurred to me that Cops don't get charged because the Prosecutors rely on cops. That is so messed up but nobody talks about that
dr. bigfudge
dr. bigfudge - 24 days ago
hey hasan! plz talk about the media crisis happening in india, how every media house is sold to manipulate facts, so that the modi govt looks good
LHolly - 24 days ago
Yeah "No criminal charges" is like "No quid pro quo" lately.
aShura - 25 days ago
How is it that you claim American Police to have the best training in the world and then go on with all the problems that created this mess in the first place...???? Even in the lowest point, the "bragging" doesn't seem to lower down.
Mahrukh Zaidi
Mahrukh Zaidi - 28 days ago
Hasan, please make an episode about Brexit. I would love to see it.
Fact Check
Fact Check - 29 days ago
When the police stop the suspect in dangerous Neighorhood, the police should put their their hands up.
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah - Month ago
Hasan must be scared at the sight of DOA
Sydney Metlae
Sydney Metlae - Month ago
and yet they call America the land of the free
q u i n n
q u i n n - Month ago
How did I not find this show sooner?! I am literally going to purchase Netflix just for Hasan ♥️
akarsh k
akarsh k - Month ago
Because indian journalists don't have the balls.. They just know to praise the law makers or just to increase their ratings by shouting all the day without even deep diving into issues. After watching all these i feeling much safer there in states because of the media freedom that they are having. Just mentioning one incident that Hasan got kicked out from the Howdy Modi event because of his comments on our PM. Why our politicians are such intolerant to media.
ashish vaishya
ashish vaishya - Day ago
If u didn't raise your voice... When a lot of rti activists, journalist got killed... Then u don't deserve to blame others...
Isabel Abdallah
Isabel Abdallah - Month ago
Hi Hasan! You are amazing thank you for sharing! We have an idea for next season/ the Palestine movement needs to be heard!! check us out @Paliroots on Instagram! #palestine
Melissa Wong
Melissa Wong - Month ago
finger banging may seem fun...
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