The Photograph - Official Trailer - In Theaters Valentine's Day

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Monica Lang
Monica Lang - 14 hours ago

දැන් ෂුෂ් කරන්නසාරා ෆිෆිච් කීවායඇගේ කටහ ඇගේ පපුවේ අනුනාද වෙමින්ග්‍රැහැම්ගේ හිස තේජාන්විත සංවේදීතාවයකින් යුතුව කතා කළේය ස්ලැටර් නිහ විය මිනිත්තු කිහිපයකට පසු ඔහු සැහැල්ලුවෙන් ගිලීමට පටන් ගත්තේය
lover Movie
lover Movie - 22 days ago
📌 GRAND ARMY(2020) ⮘ f'u'l'l M'o'V'i'E ⮘
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ ►
✨✨✨This is way better than the first movie
They're bringing Hessa back to life ♥️♥️♥️ can't wait,.......
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Indra Ndra
Indra Ndra - Month ago
⮚ The Photograph (2020) ⮚ f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘
Watch Here :

Falando Coisas
Falando Coisas - Month ago
I love when I can tell by the trailer if I'm gonna cry or not during the movie. This one is gonna be a BIG sob fest.
jali sawer
jali sawer - Month ago
🔴⮚The The Photograph (2020) ⮘🔴 Full Movie

gabriela spanicc
gabriela spanicc - 2 months ago
🔴⮚The Photograph (2020)⮘🔴 Full Movie

Lumkile Edmund Qabaka Sr.
Lumkile Edmund Qabaka Sr. - 2 months ago
Refreshingly wonderful, rich with music too
Sheila hucke
Sheila hucke - 2 months ago
This was a really good movie. Does anyone know the song Lakeith has playing in his car while driving along some water and he pulls to this house and Issa walks out. Something like -please don't push me I'm on the edge, we can go through this together.
Somebody in the comment section
stupid and dumb romance movies. are so tacky
Alitero Gasolini
Alitero Gasolini - 2 months ago
Best movie I’ve watched in donkeys years, Wonderful script, beautifully filmed and I love the way every single person accept the main characters is faded into the background like in real life.
Nice soundtrack no drugs or violence best portrayal of the intricacies of relationships without the usual distractions,.
I think this movie is a first of its kind, BRILLIANT well done.
Jasu Ke
Jasu Ke - 2 months ago
watch Himalaya Kitten
Highlight Nation
Highlight Nation - 3 months ago
Black love
Rebecca Eller
Rebecca Eller - 3 months ago
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Fan akh Da
Fan akh Da - 3 months ago
The only nishani she left for me is The Photograph
Jude Jean
Jude Jean - 3 months ago
Great movie..a must see. #oscar
Veve - 3 months ago
What i loved about this movie was it was real as hell. It didnt seem to be acting at all the way these two interacted with eachother. It was so down to earth and honest. One of the realest movies, like something i havent really seen before. Loved it
Kinouche Lover
Kinouche Lover - 4 months ago
Proud of Issa Rae Diop . She is Senegalese and beautifulllll 💕..
Jonathan MOORice
Jonathan MOORice - 4 months ago
I watched this movie last night...
It has become my second most favorite movie...
Love Jones is my Favorite.
This movie was oustanding. "Black Love is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT" Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.
africanbella28 - 4 months ago
This movie definitely gave me Love Jones vibes. Yes, the dialogue could have been better but it was still a good movie. And kudos to Robert Glasper for an amazing soundtrack😍😍
ROB MAT - 4 months ago
sleeping pill
Karen SalsaliciousBaby
Karen SalsaliciousBaby - 4 months ago
Oooohhhh weeee......chemistry between the actors, the intelligence yet simplicity of the story plot, the humor, the warning of never losing sight on mutual love 💗 and respect ✊!!!! JUST DEEP, like Black love between a man and a woman or for our children!!! THANK YOU ALL WHO CREATED THIS FILM!!!
De'Jaie Walker
De'Jaie Walker - 4 months ago
The trailer made me wanna cry 😢
Dahlia - 4 months ago
H.E.R’s music got me, I’m going to watch this right now. Hard place ♥️
wolfbabe - 4 months ago
The music in this film is beautiful, but I'm sorry Issa and Lakeith had no chemistry which made it boring. Issa is very dull in this film, and Lakeith was acting like his mind was always somewhere else. I wanted to like it, but was disappointed.
Daniel Mokrani
Daniel Mokrani - 4 months ago
the black bestfriend in all Rom-Coms gets his big break and get he own story. Right On Brother.
Sipho Simwanza
Sipho Simwanza - 4 months ago
Hey, it's Turk from Daredevil!
O - 4 months ago
Yep! He is also in Luke cage.
RITESH JAIN - 5 months ago
Movie Sux
comumpintor - 5 months ago
finally a black movie where people are not shooting each other and acting like gangsters or dope fiends.
About time. Looks like a good, classy movie.
Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl - 5 months ago watch the full movie here click it and enjoy
KevGonzales - 5 months ago
yo this guy picks out the best movies to star in, damn lol
dmosill - 5 months ago
Beautiful real black love....and screw the 60 something trolls who gave this a thumbs down!
Shon9tilR - 5 months ago
I only watched this for Lakeith Stanfield 😍 Remind me of a young Tevin Campbell. Cute movie. Very romantic.
Keith Steward
Keith Steward - 5 months ago
Looks okay but I've never watched a love story, just not my thing.
mephisto1025 - 5 months ago
Well I saw the whole movie thru the trailer
DAsaya 1
DAsaya 1 - 5 months ago
DAsaya 1
DAsaya 1 - 5 months ago
Mantwa M.
Mantwa M. - 5 months ago
I busted in tears secs into it, this feels like my life's story. Exactly as is...😥 how I wish I'd known my mom's scent that's all...#Talesinpictureform
tequila washington
tequila washington - 5 months ago
It was a great movie.
Little Peach
Little Peach - 6 months ago
Damn Daniel playing Issas daddy?!
Alejandra Collins
Alejandra Collins - 6 months ago
I can be a mexican with white skin color, but I've always waited in a movie with black people in it, without the typical cheating or getting shot, noe this is what i call a romance movie.
Yvonne P
Yvonne P - 6 months ago
This movie was absolutely amazing. Can't wait for it to be released ❤
Veronica Locke
Veronica Locke - 6 months ago
I'm feeling this kinda love now but I'm terrified.
CoNvERsEKiDd09 - 6 months ago
Darnell Smith
Darnell Smith - 6 months ago
Damn trailer had me ready to pay her college tuition 😓🤒🥵
GagabitchLady - 6 months ago
Soorry WE have A Star is Born with Brad and Gaga.
Compulsive Media
Compulsive Media - 6 months ago
This movie was so good ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Mirrors
Alex Mirrors - 6 months ago
We’ve seen black love
We’ve seen black and white love
We need to see color love ( Latino and black )
Pilo 079
Pilo 079 - 6 months ago
That’s a whole man
winston mcfarlane
winston mcfarlane - 6 months ago
Love jones 2020🔥🔥🔥
ilhan h
ilhan h - 6 months ago
In an age of exaggerated bullshit, this film was a subtle masterpiece... Well done...
Brian Markavitz
Brian Markavitz - 6 months ago
I dont care what race you are. If you havent seen this movie yet, it will move you, make you smile, get a little misty, it may even make you reconsider what is important in life between who you've met or who you already love. Might even help mend something you have going on with family. All I know is it will make you feel...My favorite movie of the year by far. Nominations are deserved. I waited way too long to see this. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
candy girlll
candy girlll - 6 months ago
This movie gives you 10 orgasms in the movie theater. Guaranteed or your money back!
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown - 7 months ago
I was supposed to be in film but my stupid agent screwed things up. Too bad.This would have been the break I was waiting for all these years. Oh, well, maybe next time. See me
Shannon Solomon
Shannon Solomon - 7 months ago
It was so good and the sound track was epic!!!
5 stars A+ movie
D'Andre Manigo
D'Andre Manigo - 7 months ago
Look at them showing that a black man is capable of love and caring about something in a positive light. About time black love is positive and not dramatic and something attainable. Good job to whoever made this move.
Kimmy Vo
Kimmy Vo - 7 months ago
Looks like a beautiful love story that transcends color. Cant wait to see it!
Cameron Blanchard
Cameron Blanchard - 7 months ago
A good film should deepen one’s experience
1:42 🔥💃
MrGabeanator - 7 months ago
this looks very good
doe plu
doe plu - 7 months ago
What is the jazz song playing?
doe plu
doe plu - 7 months ago
Why couldn't larenz Tate play his part and her mother on the movie okay her part???
Odio Tutti
Odio Tutti - 7 months ago
Yes no more white people .
KatelynAvery - 7 months ago
I just saw this. So cute. I highly recommend.
rwanzo1 - 7 months ago
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Michael Leach
Michael Leach - 7 months ago
Leaving a dislike because my girlfriend's dragging me to see this on friday
Ali Dangou
Ali Dangou - 7 months ago
watch and learn Tyler Perry.
Ali Dangou
Ali Dangou - 7 months ago
I feel like there is going to be a twist to make black people look bad,but I need to be positive
DiamondRubyJewel - 7 months ago
Zariaa Sanylaa
Zariaa Sanylaa - 7 months ago
L Carter
L Carter - 7 months ago
Wow! I have to stop being so afraid, of all of the what if’s in my head....😬 Somehow try to throw caution to the wind and begin to date again.... LoL easier said than done though.
EssenceofJa - 7 months ago
That movie “THE PHOTOGRAPH” was not a black love story..there was no love in it. It was about two couples that really liked each other, PERIOD! I didn’t hear the word LOVE, in it not once...nor did we see any acts of love. It was boring.
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
Can tell u didnt watch it because love was mention. It wasnt boring either foh
Hany Gamal
Hany Gamal - 7 months ago
gross, sex scenes have become in every movie and I hate it, and who the hell is that main character, I've never seen her before.
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel - 7 months ago
This is shit
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel - 7 months ago
Two men kissing
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
Troll fucker
SnoopWillPac SkateOn
SnoopWillPac SkateOn - 7 months ago
Derrell J. Thompkins
Derrell J. Thompkins - 7 months ago
Official Kiana Doll
Official Kiana Doll - 7 months ago
i am Yawg Loj
i am Yawg Loj - 7 months ago
My nigga snoop
Aj Jaxon
Aj Jaxon - 7 months ago
I watched this yesterday and for the life of me, I cant understand why people are saying the movie wasnt good. Like, it was a love story twice over. It was funny and the soundtrack is just amaxing. There was nothing about this movie I didnt enjoy. Folks said it was slow and they walked Im ready to watch it again
Aj Jaxon
Aj Jaxon - 7 months ago
@Jay Anderson I wish. These were all black folk. And actually, an author wrote a super bad review. People were saying how we could just watch Love Jones and they were looking for something new...and just all type of bs
Nikki M
Nikki M - 7 months ago
Thank u. Because IMDB had like 9 stars and 2 star reviews so I'm like, which one is it🤔
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
Only hating ass white ppl said that
ENNAHYS WORLD - 7 months ago
I’m the 1,000 comment subscribe to my YouTube please
jackie wayas
jackie wayas - 7 months ago
Yup! Im here for this.
euneta - 7 months ago
Black people is like hurricane in their body. When they come they bring water, rain and. Wind., when they go they take your house, and land, so when it comes to love that can rock the scene.
wanderer - 7 months ago
This movie was absolute trash. Would not recommend it. 4/10. Horrible acting, writing, chemistry etc. Sorry issa rae love you but this just aint it.
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
You dumb it was not trash at all. Stop it
Daniel T
Daniel T - 7 months ago
Who just saw this move and loved it and was glad the trailer didn’t let you down ?
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
The trailer didnt let me down or gave it away
Learn With Asif Nawaz
Learn With Asif Nawaz - 7 months ago
ughhh Copied by Indian movie"the photograph" but in this movie they only Change just lifestyle, culture.
Diasha Henley
Diasha Henley - 7 months ago here is my review on the movie!
Lillian - 7 months ago
LaKeith Stanfield gets finer per movie.
Jamil Goldsmith
Jamil Goldsmith - 7 months ago
My beloved wife and I went to go see this movie last night 2/16/2020. It was simply marvelous. It was straight to the point, funny, passionate, and heartfelt. The music was phenomenal. I will definitely be purchasing this on Blu-Ray. I highly recommend all couples to go see this beautiful movie. I guarantee it!
Kissa MyAzz
Kissa MyAzz - 7 months ago
🤦🏽‍♀️ movies like this is why I’ll stick to horror/gore
JORDYN - 7 months ago
This movie was not good at all.. don’t waste your time yall
JORDYN - 6 months ago
@Nikki M the character development and overall flow of the movie just felt "off".
JORDYN - 6 months ago
@Jay Anderson nah, you're blind if you think that movie was good lol
Nikki M
Nikki M - 7 months ago
What was bad about it?
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson - 7 months ago
U slow.
Harshal Patil
Harshal Patil - 7 months ago
I was waiting for it to go dark .. no pun intended
OfficialBunn_E - 7 months ago
Watch the non spoiler review here
Much love,
LiveLoveLaugh - 7 months ago
Sadly, the characters and the story are underdeveloped. Just long stares...😬😂 I was waiting on the climax of the movie and it never happens. Their dialogue was dry and didnt read as convo leading to two people falling in love. The best part was Lil Rel's scenes. I really wanted to like it. I'm a big fan of LaKeith! He's such a dope actor! But, even the love scene was "whomp, whomp ,whooooomp". It would have been ok going straight to DVD.
Funky Rebel
Funky Rebel - 7 months ago
You’re so right. I was so excited about seeing it but ended up feeling like 😑It was a sweet movie but frankly it was dry and uneventful. Plus it kinda feels like their romantic connection was forced and almost a constant struggle.
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 7 months ago
This is one of those cases when the trailer is way better than the movie itself, the song in it helped
Trishstrawberry Father
Trishstrawberry Father - 7 months ago
Love the fact that this movie is devoid of all the stigma that is been associated with black love. BTW her skin is beautiful.
Kendra Ann
Kendra Ann - 7 months ago
I saw it and enjoyed it. The only issue I had was the pacing because of the vibe of the movie. I think what throws people off is that it wasn't a struggle love story. It's a realistic story of two positive Black people with flaws, and it's more than just a love story but about the relationships between mothers and daughters. A lot of us aren't used to that. It wasn't perfect at all, but refreshing to watch. I think if we continue to support these very stories we've been wanting, they'll do nothing but get better 🙂
Slept On Creatives
Slept On Creatives - 7 months ago
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Hosanna Girl
Hosanna Girl - 7 months ago
What a DISAPPOINTMENT very boring as well
4 eva
4 eva - 7 months ago
rye4ever - 7 months ago
I was extremely excited to see this movie but to be honest, it was boring😔 it had the same tone throughout the entire movie , jazz music throughout the entire movie as well😔. Kept waiting for that one part that makes you feel " WOW" and the ending left me like: " that's it?"
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