The Photograph - Official Trailer - In Theaters Valentine's Day

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Official Kiana Doll
Official Kiana Doll - Hour ago
i am Yawg Loj
i am Yawg Loj - 4 hours ago
My nigga snoop
Aj Jaxon
Aj Jaxon - 5 hours ago
I watched this yesterday and for the life of me, I cant understand why people are saying the movie wasnt good. Like, it was a love story twice over. It was funny and the soundtrack is just amaxing. There was nothing about this movie I didnt enjoy. Folks said it was slow and they walked Im ready to watch it again
ENNAHYS WORLD - 17 hours ago
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jackie wayas
jackie wayas - Day ago
Yup! Im here for this.
euneta - Day ago
Black people is like hurricane in their body. When they come they bring water, rain and. Wind., when they go they take your house, and land, so when it comes to love that can rock the scene.
wanderer - Day ago
This movie was absolute trash. Would not recommend it. 4/10. Horrible acting, writing, chemistry etc. Sorry issa rae love you but this just aint it.
Daniel T
Daniel T - Day ago
Who just saw this move and loved it and was glad the trailer didn’t let you down ?
iZ Views
iZ Views - 2 days ago
ughhh Copied by Indian movie"the photograph" but in this movie they only Change just lifestyle, culture.
Diasha Henley
Diasha Henley - 2 days ago here is my review on the movie!
Lillian - 2 days ago
LaKeith Stanfield gets finer per movie.
Jamil Goldsmith
Jamil Goldsmith - 2 days ago
My beloved wife and I went to go see this movie last night 2/16/2020. It was simply marvelous. It was straight to the point, funny, passionate, and heartfelt. The music was phenomenal. I will definitely be purchasing this on Blu-Ray. I highly recommend all couples to go see this beautiful movie. I guarantee it!
Black Hippie
Black Hippie - 2 days ago
🤦🏽‍♀️ movies like this is why I’ll stick to horror/gore
Black Hippie
Black Hippie - 2 days ago
Issa Rae is so ugly and annoying if she wouldn’t famous trust no one would be checking for her she’s not funny either she’s nothing but a Hollywood puppet claiming to be pro black but is dating a whore person foh stop praising these Hollywood satanist
JORDYN - 2 days ago
This movie was not good at all.. don’t waste your time yall
Harshal Patil
Harshal Patil - 2 days ago
I was waiting for it to go dark .. no pun intended
OfficialBunn_E - 2 days ago
Watch the non spoiler review here
Much love,
Bad Chic
Bad Chic - 2 days ago
Sadly, the characters and the story are underdeveloped. Just long stares...😬😂 I was waiting on the climax of the movie and it never happens. Their dialogue was dry and didnt read as convo leading to two people falling in love. The best part was Lil Rel's scenes. I really wanted to like it. I'm a big fan of LaKeith! He's such a dope actor! But, even the love scene was "whomp, whomp ,whooooomp". It would have been ok going straight to DVD.
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 2 days ago
This is one of those cases when the trailer is way better than the movie itself, the song in it helped
Trishstrawberry Father
Trishstrawberry Father - 2 days ago
Love the fact that this movie is devoid of all the stigma that is been associated with black love. BTW her skin is beautiful.
Kendra Ann
Kendra Ann - 3 days ago
I saw it and enjoyed it. The only issue I had was the pacing because of the vibe of the movie. I think what throws people off is that it wasn't a struggle love story. It's a realistic story of two positive Black people with flaws, and it's more than just a love story but about the relationships between mothers and daughters. A lot of us aren't used to that. It wasn't perfect at all, but refreshing to watch. I think if we continue to support these very stories we've been wanting, they'll do nothing but get better 🙂
Slept On Creatives
Slept On Creatives - 3 days ago
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Hosanna The Highest
Hosanna The Highest - 3 days ago
What a DISAPPOINTMENT very boring as well
4 eva
4 eva - 3 days ago
rye4ever - 3 days ago
I was extremely excited to see this movie but to be honest, it was boring😔 it had the same tone throughout the entire movie , jazz music throughout the entire movie as well😔. Kept waiting for that one part that makes you feel " WOW" and the ending left me like: " that's it?"
Wicked Waiata Official
Wicked Waiata Official - 3 days ago
ooh - my song!!! H.E.R.
Simplyy Gina
Simplyy Gina - 3 days ago
That Man look SO Good baby listen ummm
Jazsy Ali
Jazsy Ali - 3 days ago
First time in a long time that I have seen a movie and it was actually as good as the trailer made it seem. Beautifully written, directed and acted. I LOVED this movie and highly recommend it if you want to see a movie about black love or love period.
Fern Fernis Fernie
Fern Fernis Fernie - 4 days ago
Lakeith. Can. Get. It.
Dr. Edwconr
Dr. Edwconr - 4 days ago
Valentine's weekend opening....and...good attendance at the matinee...good reviews and good storyline:) and more than a few relatable, laugh out loud moments are all good omens for this film; refreshing to see 'sensible yet sensual' love on the silver screen, regardless of the race of the film stars....and even more refreshing to see a 'functional family' depicted as well. Just a thought that I must note here: if this film was titled instead 'why do parents do that' lol, it would have also been accurate...however, trying to understand the 'why' of your own parents' choices is a complex matter and the only ground rules are 'honor your father and your mother so that....' looking forward to 'the photograph 2' sequel for certain:) 4/5 stars.
TeamAfrikaWorldwide - 4 days ago
Saw this today. Such a Beautiful movie. No this was a film (Art). Reminded me of Love Jones. The actors, the cinematography, the music the storyline. This is the first time in years that I don't have a single bad thing to say about a movie, and it is a Black movie. I thank everyone involved. Bring the Black Love genre back. We have two in a row now. We need at least 5 a year.
Anna Cruz-Luciano
Anna Cruz-Luciano - 4 days ago
Boring movie
Jono Langford
Jono Langford - 4 days ago
Was ok. 5 out 10
Ausy - 4 days ago
Go Issa! Go!!!
Theresa Robinson
Theresa Robinson - 4 days ago
A Black Casted movie about Black Love is longgggg overdue 😍😍 seeing it tonight!
Chris V
Chris V - 4 days ago
That’s a man Maury
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey - 4 days ago
this movie was ass
Morpheus X
Morpheus X - 4 days ago
Not gonna lie, I thought this was a transgender love story. I had to Google to find out that that's Issa Rae from Insecure. No hate, but yikes...
Lady Lioness
Lady Lioness - 4 days ago
This movie was EXCELLENT!!! The chemistry between the actors/actresses,the script the music, the settings. How it flawlessly moved between time periods. Just go see it and support. I will definitely purchase this movie once it's out on dvd/ blue ray. Great job. The epitome of black love.
Shotsbymel - 4 days ago
#ThePhotograph was refreshing, I’m tired of the normal story of seeing us struggle to have real love, and the cast was all black with an amazing soundtrack. We really may have gotten our modern day love jones with this one!
sofia tonche
sofia tonche - 4 days ago
don't worry jasmine cephas-jones, i see you
Chala Hannon
Chala Hannon - 4 days ago
*adding it to my collection*
Familiar The Artist
Familiar The Artist - 4 days ago
Saw the movie. It’s dope but I’d wait for Netflix honestly 🤷🏾‍♂️
Derrish M.
Derrish M. - 5 days ago
Love Jones 2 if Nina had a daughter ..... my 80s babies will get that reference.
Keisha St.Catherine
Keisha St.Catherine - 5 days ago
So much better than A Fall From Grace
Fabulusdiva4mga - 5 days ago
Today is Valentine's day(2020)and I'm trying to decide what to go see THE PHOTOGRAPH Or Bad boys for life😲😵😬 I'M TRYING TO BE CONSIDERATE OF MY HUSBAND TOO!😬
Anna Cruz-Luciano
Anna Cruz-Luciano - 5 days ago
He is so sexy
john smith
john smith - 5 days ago
Black people.. not interested in black cinema
Aurora Chanel
Aurora Chanel - 5 days ago
john smith dang, this movie looks boring but bringing that tired racism crap is just stupid. You’re ignorant 😂
Darius Coleman
Darius Coleman - 5 days ago
Gives me “ Love Jones “ vibes 💪🏾💪🏾
angel semien
angel semien - 5 days ago
luckyyyy daaaayyyyeeeee
OhPlease - 5 days ago
Who ready to see it today? So excited!
Joshua Flouse
Joshua Flouse - 5 days ago
I can't wait to see them get it on lol
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks - 6 days ago
Is she transgender?...
Aurora Chanel
Aurora Chanel - 5 days ago
USa-video Sucks no
Lady Willow
Lady Willow - 6 days ago
Beautiful ❤️
thehouseofstrength - 6 days ago
Whack, especially the acting!
Reina Algabri
Reina Algabri - 6 days ago
He’s so not sexy eeeeewwwww!!
Donya’s Corner
Donya’s Corner - 6 days ago
Reina Algabri to you.
shabana - 6 days ago
LaKeith got me swooning....phew!
renewer - 6 days ago
Stop showing a trailer of the trailer, why is that a thing now?!!
Ariee Duhh
Ariee Duhh - 6 days ago
Can't wait to see this
It's Sammi TV
It's Sammi TV - 6 days ago
TOMORROW BABYYYY and I'm taking MYSELF on a DATE to see this movie ALONE I love me enough for the both of us🥰🥰🥰🥰🍷🍷
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