Grouch (Joker Parody) - SNL

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Kelly Hunter
Kelly Hunter - 10 hours ago
What really goes on behind the closed doors of 123 Sesame Street??? (Obviously a grouch knows) just let it sink in. Good Movie🎥
stuff Explained
stuff Explained - Day ago
I would unironicly watch a feature length version of this
Wet Leaf
Wet Leaf - Day ago
Hopper after getting kidnapped by the russians
J David
J David - Day ago
Too much dips to black
Terry Eubanks
Terry Eubanks - 2 days ago
This may be the greatest SNL video of all time.
Ryder Olson
Ryder Olson - 2 days ago
I’d watch this and I’d love it
Reza Zanjani
Reza Zanjani - 6 days ago
Trevor from GTA IV
Reza Zanjani
Reza Zanjani - 6 days ago
Still better than Jared Leto's joker.
RogueAgent007 - 6 days ago
Can you please cut the laugh track, you hacks.
Catherine Stephens
Catherine Stephens - 6 days ago
I'm mad at how much I want to watch this
Isaiah Deleon
Isaiah Deleon - 6 days ago
Wow. The live action Sesame Street movie looks really good. Exactly how I remembered it
Jack Shainbrown
Jack Shainbrown - 6 days ago
they should make this a feature film
Braulio vega
Braulio vega - 6 days ago
my childhood is now ruin
Psycho Skeleton
Psycho Skeleton - 6 days ago
Please someone make this a thing
David Holzer
David Holzer - 6 days ago
Cecily and Kate aren't in this sketch
Gurunath Subrahmanyam
Gurunath Subrahmanyam - 7 days ago
I want to see this
GamerPepperPig99 - 8 days ago
Not gonna lie I would watch this
merlintheclownfish - 8 days ago
Whats the theme called?
Flip Aguirre
Flip Aguirre - 7 days ago
Idk what it is or if it exists just common sense
merlintheclownfish - 7 days ago
@Flip Aguirre I need to find it ;-; gimme link
Flip Aguirre
Flip Aguirre - 7 days ago
It’s the Sesame Street theme slowed down and by and orchestra
Star Gazing Immortal
Star Gazing Immortal - 9 days ago
My childhood!!!!
Zack Grimes
Zack Grimes - 10 days ago
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox - 11 days ago
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
Bloodbane2099 - 12 days ago
No lie I would pay to see this lol
SubjectDelta24 - 14 days ago
*"If everyone calls you trash, and everyone treats you like trash, why not just become trash?"*
I'm pretty sure that Danny Devito's character "Frank Reynolds" said that first in some variation.
Furdinand - 14 days ago
This would immediately get an Oscar
saturn123408 9
saturn123408 9 - 14 days ago
lol the count is a green arrow villian its just perfect
orangequarter - 15 days ago
SNL died years ago.
Jerome King
Jerome King - 15 days ago
I wish they really would make this into a comedy movie 🍿 I would pay to see this 😂
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog - 15 days ago
I would actually see this..
Adonnen Dagmir
Adonnen Dagmir - 15 days ago
2020 in a nutshell
Kelly Hunter
Kelly Hunter - 16 days ago
I don't care how often i watch this sketch it's just so funny. And come on this would be a box office draw. So come on...MOVIE
Amalia ichilov
Amalia ichilov - 16 days ago
Ok but now I want to see this made into a movie
Steve W
Steve W - 17 days ago
Id go see it.
Squidninja - 17 days ago
U know what makes this funnier p is for potty had defects that would say elmo gonna kill u when u push a certain button
Squidninja - 17 days ago
Oh it was actually potty time with elmo and it said who wants to die
Blitz - 18 days ago
That's Camila Cabello? 2:09
devilpupbear09 - 18 days ago
I actually do want to see that Big Bird dance
Ian Gerhart
Ian Gerhart - 18 days ago
One of the funniest things from SNL in a long time
Chasity’s Artistry
Chasity’s Artistry - 18 days ago
Can you make this into a real movie never wanted to see sesame street so bad till I saw this lmaoo
supervegon - 19 days ago
The shot at 1:37 is actuall pretty awsome
Chris’ Corner
Chris’ Corner - 19 days ago
This would be an amazing movie!
Ben Sakschek
Ben Sakschek - 21 day ago
That's just fucked up.
snoobeagle - 21 day ago
Finally, a Sesame Street production that doesn't glorify homosexuality!
Blackatchaproduction - 21 day ago
the on funny skit snl has done in decades
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 21 day ago
I don’t know how to feel about this
Firecrane - 21 day ago
Roses are red bow down to your master the children are fast but Elmo is faster
Black Panther Of Wakanda
I’m mad this isn’t an actual trailer
Kai Kai
Kai Kai - 22 days ago
I lost it at, “Gimme the ducky.”
John Boy
John Boy - 22 days ago
We need Oscar now more than ever.
Seph Ramey
Seph Ramey - 22 days ago
I'll take me some of prairie dog damn she fine.
Nathaniel Hitchborn
Nathaniel Hitchborn - 23 days ago
"Brought to you by the letter 'R'." Does anyone else really want this to be made into a movie?
George Estremera
George Estremera - 24 days ago
Still so beautiful!
Crimson Mask
Crimson Mask - 24 days ago
I gave up on SNL many, many years ago.
This was surprisingly great, though.
Cringecafé - 24 days ago
I would pay to see this
Maddmavic - 24 days ago
This shit was hot
Mr swishaDank
Mr swishaDank - 25 days ago
Three pills for MEEEEE
AFA ESE - 25 days ago
This parody also deserves an Oscar.
Baptized in the LUNA SEA
Baptized in the LUNA SEA - 27 days ago
Okay, but can we take a moment to appreciate the cinematic quality of the camerawork? For a three minute skit, the way this was shot legit looks like an actually movie trailer lol
SarkyBegger - 27 days ago
I'd watch it
M.V. Shulman
M.V. Shulman - 28 days ago
It would be
David Welsh
David Welsh - 29 days ago
The sad party is that in their attempt to rip on _Joker_, a film that defied all attempts to destroy it and made more money honestly than "Cosmic Karen" never did.. this is one of the few sketches that actually is funny. Like one of the ten in over 15 years....
It's Crystal Queer
It's Crystal Queer - Month ago
Wait, so he wasn't in Russia?
cesar verhoeven
cesar verhoeven - Month ago
I want a full movie
Reece Bonehill
Reece Bonehill - Month ago
I’d actually watch it as well
Søren Jørgensen
Søren Jørgensen - Month ago
SNL: Stupid Nerds Laughing
z - Month ago
This reminds me of the joker. Note, not the joaquin Phoenix or jared leto one.
Logan dogan
Logan dogan - Month ago
I would watch the movie
romulusnr - Month ago
There's so much detail in this that's easily missed... "Sesame County Sanitation" on the truck... "Susan Robinson" on the name tag... "Sesame County Police Department"... the numbers in chalk on the bricks next to Count...
clebo99 - Month ago
Chloe is so hot in this sketch.
Nicholas Y
Nicholas Y - Month ago
Nicholas Y
Nicholas Y - Month ago
This is actually genius I wanna see the movie!!!
The Subjection Foundation
I would fr watch that
delta squad4577
delta squad4577 - Month ago
Wait, that wasn't actually Jack Nicholson?
Nicholas Druce
Nicholas Druce - Month ago
Joker - Original
Cuck - Rip Off
Grouch - Parody
Luke Mckenzie
Luke Mckenzie - Month ago
Ok but the Elmo costume is actually a fire outfit
Nikatsu - Month ago
What cracks me up is how many people think this parody would make a good straightforward movie when it actually pinpoints just how bankrupt and insipid are all these "dark" reimaginings of kids' fare.
8bitDayDream - Month ago
lupidoo35 - Month ago
My nightmares as a six year old:
Jow babadook
Jow babadook - Month ago
for graphic violence, nudity, and potty mouth.
Jana Cahill
Jana Cahill - Month ago
I laughed too hard at this.
David Choe
David Choe - Month ago
Yo how’d they do the set reshots they look fantastic
Ernest Holloway
Ernest Holloway - Month ago
This was great
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