Try not to Laugh: Basketball Trick Shot Fails

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Saxon Sharp
Saxon Sharp - Hour ago
I love the fact he has the warriors ball from the vlog forever ago!
charles fortson
charles fortson - 4 hours ago
13:23 OOFED
charles fortson
charles fortson - 4 hours ago
12:23 OOF
Lil_Tiny_Bro - 3 days ago
Noth Ing
Noth Ing - 4 days ago
2:23 Troy says this looks straight out of the 80’s then says this looks like bill russels era even thought he player in the sixties
Zayan Playz
Zayan Playz - 5 days ago
I was spinning a ball on my finger when I was 8
Dimitrios Tzouanopoulos
The guy that u guessed was hitting some1 in the head was speaking Greek. He said I wasn't looking
JAMES GIUNCO - 6 days ago
I laugh where u said that kid just ate a nut and at 9:50
Heather O'Connor
Heather O'Connor - 6 days ago
Troy Dan laughed three times I laughed zero times
RJ Cook
RJ Cook - 7 days ago
That’s Colorado
Mary de Jonge
Mary de Jonge - 7 days ago
your lag
Yeett - 9 days ago
That kid at a nut
Thomas Wadden
Thomas Wadden - 11 days ago
rip kobe
charlie yablon
charlie yablon - 12 days ago
Your face cam lagged
TopShotta idk
TopShotta idk - 12 days ago
6:21 made me die of laughter for atleast 30 minutes
Tasha D
Tasha D - 12 days ago
William Green
William Green - 13 days ago
can we pray for his face
Krystal Nichols
Krystal Nichols - 13 days ago
“Baby gets hit in the head”

Troy “ is that a dog is that a chocolate bar”
Dimka - 20 days ago
We LoVe MoThAs
Vapor Gaming
Vapor Gaming - 20 days ago
Y does Troy have a golden state basketball
LeBron James
LeBron James - 21 day ago
9:57 best part of the vid 🤣
god troys reaction though. Also the noise the guy made. Even just the guy that’s dumb enough to jump into a basketball hoop just cracks me up.
Chris Killoran
Chris Killoran - 22 days ago
Like if Troy should try to win a 2k20 game while spinning a basketball on his finger the whole game
Dizzy boi
Dizzy boi - 23 days ago
So troy is more superior at being a d bag than me
tosh kong
tosh kong - 24 days ago
The videos were actually funny. But Troy's reaction is better
Kyle Nguyen
Kyle Nguyen - 25 days ago
I laugh
Obat Fort
Obat Fort - 25 days ago
I laugh 3times
Kohilan Balanathan
Kohilan Balanathan - 26 days ago
I don’t laugh at the “trickshots”, I laugh at Troydan’s comments. 🤣
Shilpa Patel
Shilpa Patel - 26 days ago
I laughed three times Like troy Dan
Relay - 27 days ago
Little did you know he reacted to pretty much the exact same video on troydan reacts I remember watching it
Corbin Duff
Corbin Duff - 27 days ago
Troy was funnier than the video
TMighty 21
TMighty 21 - 27 days ago
so like you not gonna post this on ya react page?
Kazuma Wit a bat
Kazuma Wit a bat - 27 days ago
The donkey basketball is a michigan thing
Counter_Cris - 27 days ago
At 7:40 when the boy hit the girl in the head tryin to do the backwards shot was the funniest one 😂
basketball 4life
basketball 4life - 27 days ago
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul - 28 days ago
What was wrong wit ur face cam
Nathan Tucker
Nathan Tucker - 28 days ago
When was the last time you did a reaction video
John Jelar
John Jelar - 28 days ago
2:00 a man try’s a mans ass dies
Loridee Ann Fernandez
Loridee Ann Fernandez - 28 days ago
9:31 Troydan:"Dude he just ate a nut"..
10K Subs With No Videos Challenge
At 13:21 I flinched XD
Soldier_Gaming - 29 days ago
So he is superior at being a baby and sucking at basketball
Davonte Waters
Davonte Waters - 29 days ago
12:51 lol
Kenney FC
Kenney FC - 29 days ago
Jakinator Beast
Jakinator Beast - Month ago
Troydan: I hit a girl in the face with a full court shot. I felt terrible but I didn't say sorry
Me: Troydan=No Simp
Swag Pug
Swag Pug - Month ago
11:11 that kid smoked some crack
WhooshMeh - Month ago
Who else thought you were lagging
I want a reply because today I hurt my feels
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez - Month ago
When is the live stream for today bro
K Miller
K Miller - Month ago
I saw fungus on the one that said 2003
BHC Ligma
BHC Ligma - Month ago
13:06 what video is that
zaxra_snxw fn
zaxra_snxw fn - Month ago
White flight reacts lol
isuc gaming
isuc gaming - Month ago
3:03 I've never seen so any asses in one place lmao😂😂😂
Do it with yur Middleton Fingers
pj hermios
pj hermios - Month ago
3:15-3:23 makes me laugh
Admin Operation
Admin Operation - Month ago
He laugh
Blame Cash
Blame Cash - Month ago
It’s all been in the face so it’s not funny
justin weaver
justin weaver - Month ago
While they argued just head dinks her in the head
johnwaynecm - Month ago
Donkey basketball is a southern thing we do it every year as an alumni game in high-school
Baker2k - Month ago
Face cam lagged
James Norman v5
James Norman v5 - Month ago
This is why men get paid more 10:38
Kamari Rogers
Kamari Rogers - Month ago
Did not launch
Lukas - Month ago
Only the ogs remember Troydan Reacts
He needs to do more of these
Troy From YT
Troy From YT - Month ago
Troy You need to react to my video 1v1 irl I swear I’m the best basketball player in the world tbh
Christopher Randall Jr.
Is that with the mountains Utah
Wacky Lazaro
Wacky Lazaro - Month ago
“ThAt KiD JuSt AtE a NuTt”
SneakyJoe - Month ago
11:10 me when I kill someone in fortnite.
Die8 - Month ago
Click it I dare u
Die8 - Month ago
13:21 13:29
Bakin Boi
Bakin Boi - Month ago
12:16 Noted
Young Dinero
Young Dinero - Month ago
Troydan yelling hotdog 12:14
Young Dinero
Young Dinero - Month ago
Troydan failing 5:59
Mitch.scriv - Month ago
Woah were not gonna ignore the fact that he used aWarriors ball to spin it on his finger
Braydon Miller
Braydon Miller - Month ago
the videos aren’t funny, it’s just troydans reactions
Jacob London
Jacob London - Month ago
Hey troydan that’s called OutSide
Shotfluent - Month ago
Yo when we collabing? We’ve got some basketball trick shots
AJ Boyz
AJ Boyz - Month ago
I kept laughing at the fact that Troy kept predicting what was going to happen
Lone - Month ago
I didn't even smirk, then those god damn donkeys appeared
snipercoolpro - Month ago
you face glitched
Cyrus Greco
Cyrus Greco - Month ago
you are superior to me in every way I guess
KKFL- Ghost
KKFL- Ghost - Month ago
You laughed
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