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Aimee King - 2 days ago
are these???
Aimee King
Aimee King - 2 days ago
are those real gun
Aimee King
Aimee King - 2 days ago
are those real gun
Aimee King
Aimee King - 2 days ago
are those real gun
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You can do a better thing about your driving and if ya don’t know how much you can do that you’re gonna it was just like that one day and then I wanna hang in the house I gotta go hang on it I don’t think you know that you mean that you’re going on the way to you I don’t think I can really feel that way I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ was like that you’re going on the road to get a ride home 🏡 I gotta get that I don’t think 🤔 is time for me to come back home 🏠
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0:16 Prediction of Donald Trump’s impeachment.
I am extremely stinky but,
Victor26 yeh
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who waching 2020
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I am extremely stinky but,
Ed Slushie I don’t think so
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This in the title ("diciest") could be a german comment, because if you talk like a german and pronounce this it sounds like "deceased". But I could be completely wrong. (Her name is probably american)
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0:16 he is getting imprached
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Raping VS Rapping, happens way too commonly
One’s a form of music, the other’s a felony
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I raped the whole song class
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I tried to get on this show *thats every friday*
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My best guess for 0:29 “Does Gina Linetti (Brooklyn 99) eat yeast? Gluten isnt good for me.”
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God blast you, he will blast all of the sinners into nothing
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Hey Jack, 2020 boi here. Just wanted to let you know how much pain your video has left me in. I just drank a ton of water and I have a cramp now from laughing so hard.
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I don't think this is a grammatical error.
Unless we're talking about the exclamation point, there is literally nothing wrong with talking like Starfire.
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I Achebe the ten of the ate and I ate of the food of th Whois food
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How long will YouTube
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gina linetti
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0:13 David finally got his wish. Trump's been imprached
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1:04 the me sounds exactly like mario 64 mario
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Truth or is it secret please notify me wheezing it's finished fallen order statue walkthrough count I'm on my tablet right click on the website pictured he was with J. I'm not interested in one bookcase answer my eye
This was autopredict
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This is good to watch when high and on lsd
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When you’re mad, say: 1:52
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That last comment....God how I NEED to know what it was beFORE it was edited
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Cruz is prison do dergs
Malaz Ahmed
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I is no relatable
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welp, Trump has been imprached so i hope that person is happy 😂
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u r suck gay barls
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